With s class heroes being considered the strongest in the world ngaro intending to be the strongest monster in the world who would come out on top it's not such an easy question to answer in some cases since gar hasn't faced many of the heroes such as pig god and blast but before we get into how he'd match up against each hero let's first define.

Each of garl's forms as he evolved that way even if a hero is no match for garo's newest monsterized body we can still get a sense of how they would have fared against his earlier forms so here's a breakdown of garo's forms base form this refers to garo being a martial arts genius able to defeat nearly 100 lower level heroes with his bare hands.

And on par with an s-class hero at this time he primarily uses the water stream rock smashing fists fighting style partial transformation after facing genos bang and bomb garo begins to develop his resilience and adaptability with his appearance starting to change in response to his mental state he can also replicate watchdog man's wild.

Fighting style half monster after he's left for dead by royal ripper and bug god he's referred to as a half monster by gyorogyoro this life-threatening damage took mere hours to recover from his adaptability is even further advanced and he can replicate bomb's whirlwind iron cutting fist from experiencing it just once his appetite.

Also grows and pushes him to consume monster flesh to recover from injuries his senses are home to the point of being able to fight even while asleep awaken garo this form is when his body turns more and more monster-like and he can easily overpower most heroes and dragon level monsters with very little effort his body recovers in minutes at.

This point and no longer requires sustenance he uses the combined fighting style of bang and bombs martial arts along with the more brutal exploding heart release fist his limiter has also broken to allow for unlimited growth and garo's mind is in a kind of daze while he evolves he can also create after images through his speed fully.

Monsterized garo's techniques are now complete as he defeats sage centipede and he takes on a much larger monster form to face saitama next he creates his own martial arts called monster calamity godslayer fist while still being able to apply a dozen other fighting styles his regeneration allows him to regrow body parts after he loses his hand and it is.

Here that garo claims he is a disaster level god now with that out of the way since there's been some swapping of places between heroes depending on how much they participate in life-threatening hero work they will instead be ranked in order of how well they would do against garo and the order might surprise you more than you think.

But before we get into this exciting list of heroes be sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel with notifications on because when it comes to bringing some of the best one punch man content on the platform plot armor has you covered number 17 king our first candidate or should i say last on the list is the hero's hero king as a.

Character and in terms of reputation he is well loved but realistically he stands very little chance against garro with the ability to bluff his way out of situations in a humorous fashion king has survived this long purely by chance and coincidence and now being a friend of saitama's his chances of survival have grown exponentially however that in.

No way factors in with a one-on-one battle against garo seihu was out looking for another dating sim on his own and came across a hero hunter what would happen then well for one guard would see it as an opportunity to test king's skills though his king engine does well to intimidate lesser opponents and even pushes them to an accidental.

Death it would only spur on someone like garo who cease to become stronger through challenging skilled fighters not only that but if king were to use his bluffing and intimidating stare that would likely just encourage garo even more let's just say for argument's sake they do agree on a fight with king using all the bluffing techniques he can think.

Of within a couple minutes king would have to start running away to avoid any direct attacks on his untrained body but because he's mostly a gamer and a homebody king has extremely poor cardio skills even worse would be if he had to run upstairs to get away from garo pretending to go to the bathroom like king did with g4 wouldn't have much.

Success either because i can't really imagine garo letting him go off by himself he'd be impatiently waiting outside the stall door tapping his foot the only option left for king to survive against garo would be to prostrate himself in front of the hero hunter like he had planned in the face of homeless emperor's overwhelming power either way.

King would be heavily injured while garo would barely have a scratch on him unless king's luck went to overdrive and dropped a meteor on garo somehow and if it wasn't clear already this is king against base form garo he would stand no chance against him when he begins to monsterize unfortunately for king life is not a video game number 16 metal.

Knight up next we have one of the older heroes in the s-class ranking metal knight aka dr bofoy if we look at his achievements metalknight is a very capable scientist who creates defensive and offensive weapons not only for himself but for the hero association the structure he built for hq survived boros's ship attack during the alien.

Conqueror's ark while the surrounding area was completely destroyed he is also rumored to have a robot army at his disposal and took boros's ship to develop new technologies for himself aside from melonite's intellect though not much else is known about him even the hero association has no raiding on him in terms of strength endurance or.

Stamina but it's clearly dr bufoy the man himself wants to avoid direct confrontation with monsters and prefers to hide in his laboratory instead in fact after his robot is captured and taken apart by orochi and the monster association he goes deeper into hiding and even refuses to lend a hand to child emperor when he contacts him the fear he.

Experiences prevents him from attending any further research or hero work during the raid on the monster association another weakness of his would be his refusal to team up with other heroes like when jenos asked for his help he insists on working alone or not participating at all this leads us to wonder if he would use his robot army.

Against a threat legaro in order to protect his base and not have to get his hands dirty i think this would be the case but at the same time if garo were fully monsterized or even just awakened it doesn't seem like dr bufoy would hold him back for very long there's also the whole theory that people like drive night have of dr bofoy hiding nefarious.

Plans he could either be working alongside the monster association or planning to take over the world with his robot army and his hidden arsenal of technological weapons that no one knows about not that this really changes the fact that if garrow comes across metal knight he certainly wants to engage him in battle would he want to fight a.

Scared possibly weak old man in his hideout though highly unlikely it's possible that if gar were to find out that dr bofoy had no fighting talents beyond the technology he created it could save his life the fight would be long tedious even with garo having to face hundreds or thousands of machines but it may not be much fun in the end or.

Worst case scenario the rumor about dr bofoy having an army is completely wrong and the fight would be over faster than garo punching royal ripper's head off number 15 puri pudi prisoner let's move on to a hero that has actually faced garo now prisoner with a large frame and a loving personality is he a good matchup against garrow in some ways yes.

Because of his tendency to take care of others even monsters he might turn garo off from trying to face him besides the inmates from his prison prisoner also felt compassion for those inhaled by bakuma when he fought the elephant monster when bakumo was defeated and a monster couple was reunited prisoner didn't worry about chasing after them he.

Just continued on his mission to rescue the hostage heroes like sweet mask would have shown no mercy and slaughtered them all without blicking an eye as a fighter prisoner considers himself the weakest among the s-class which isn't to say he's weak at all i'd even argue that he could be one of the stronger s-class heroes if he weren't so concerned with.

Taking care of others he faces both monsters and humans with a parental love wanting to embrace rather than to shield like a regular hero would between his angel bristle armor that appeared after accumulating physical damage and building up a resistance his ability to absorb poison freezing electricity anesthetic gas parasitic eggs ultrasonic.

Waves and even venom thanks to his angel hog his creation of the vibration angel descends style to reflect it all back of the monsters as well as his skill to convince his body that it can keep going even when it is way beyond its limit prisoner is certainly worthy of being part of the s-class but most of those talents wouldn't hold garo back for long.

He doesn't need to resort to using outside tricks nor does he want to all he wants to use is his martial arts his strength and his strong will to keep fighting as long as it takes to win a base form guard without any damage might have been difficult for prisoners to challenge but there's still a chance he could have won with all his abilities.

Combined however prisoner does not have the privilege to encounter garo at his base form nor even when he only began monsterizing he faces garo while he is unconscious and deep in his fourth form inside the monster association for us who have been following guard's journey up to this point it is clear before the fight even starts who is going to win.

Not only is prisoner caught off guard because of garo being chained and injured but he has no idea the evolution the hero hunter has been through on autopilot and not even using any of his flashy moves garrow absolutely destroys the anime hero and all we can do is hope for backup to arrive which does in the form of super alloy dark shine but that.

Comes later at this point gurl had already gone against he likes of overgrown rover and orochi and survived and even bang joseph lee when he encountered the monster association's guard dog sadly there's just no way prisoner would defeat garo beyond his lower forums and that might still require help from a-class heroes number.

14 tank top master here we have another hero who has gone against garo but with mixed results this time in case you need a refresher at the beginning of his hero hunting gorilla came across hangton master as well as his followers and charanco hiding behind a tree from their first fight tanktop master sense that garo was hiding something dangerous it.

Wasn't only about avenging his members he needed to get rid of a threat that would rival most other monsters he'd gone up against he wasn't wrong during their fight tank top masters surprisingly overpowered garo with a tackle and a monstrous punch afterwards that left him bleeding from his nose and mouth he intended to end the fight with.

The next attack when women rider jumped in because he thought it unethical for him to fight other humans with that interruption garrow won by using his strongest move at that point water stream rock smashing fist that he'd learn from bang if it wasn't for moomin writer tank top master would have most likely won and perhaps would have.

Sullied his super reputation with the brutality of it on the other hand having lost he fight and had time to reflect in the hospital alongside all the other fallen heroes he knew it was best he had an endagaro both garu's additional resilience his gaining of more fighting styles as well as monsterization another encounter with tank top master would.

Have spelled trouble for the hero sure he's able to lift entire cell towers and swing for me like tarzan and it's true he survived being pummeled by ugly's punches being unrecognizable and nearly eaten by gums and yeah there's that one time he threw a building as psychos as well not to mention he came back to life just by having his tank top snapped.

Against his neck by bang but in the end he needed help from fubuki's healing and other people around to get out of those tough situations like how pig god transferred his life energy to him so he could keep helping during the confrontation with the monster executives with garro having gained more power and skills and defeating those.

Same executives easily with his fourth form there's no chance that tank top master could have survived going against his later forms i know he keeps talking about tank top magic but what is that exactly if it's revealed at some point that his tank top makes him immortal then maybe he stand a chance against garo's higher levels number 13 super.

Alloy dark shine at its core super alloy dark shine is just a guy who was tired of being skinny and weak and eventually became massive and extremely strong through bodybuilding in a way similar to suitor they both never met someone they couldn't beat with their skills and because of that became overconfident and underestimated opponents for dark shine.

He knows his body inside and out there isn't a part of himself that he hasn't worked on and paid close attention to when destro cleridium tries to pierce his hard skin it is impossible even with his steel drills as a massive section 8-bit building brace often comes crashing towards him he barely reacts as it breaks in half over his head and.

Shoulders he even shrugs it off like he was just dirt falling he is also shown lifting an entire section of a train and using it during the battle against the monster association additionally if a monster is low level enough he just has to run by them and they die without him even needed to throw a punch but the real question still stands how would he.

Do against garrow well lucky for us he does face him within the monster association as he is trying to defend pewdiepie prisoner from his attacks this is once again when girl is close to reaching full monsterization and is in his awakened form at this point super alloy darkshine is confident he can take down garo because of how easily he took.

Down previous monsters he does manage to take a barrage of attacks from garo and even rams him through a wall but this is still when girl was unconscious in other words he wasn't using any planning or counter-attacks his body was just moving on its own and defending itself likely because a self-preservation switch had triggered from being overwhelmed by.

Orochi and rover eventually when garo does wake up thanks to super alloy dark shine shoving into a wall the real fight begins he easily dodges and counts as the attacks now and super alloy dark shine has to resort to expanding himself and his muscles towering over the hero hunter like a monster himself internally garl thinks a direct hit from this order.

Form would mean instant death for him but he does take it and obviously he does not die darkshine's attack breaks all the bones in his ribs and chest cavity in an instant but somehow garo survives this is when darkshine's true weakness kicks in if he doesn't believe he can win he starts to lose power the more confident he was in himself the.

Better he was doing but now seeing as garu survived a ferocious attack from him he's starting to doubt himself as he uses super alloy bazooka to try and take garo down it's no use the hero hunter is evolving as broken is limited thanks to dark shine his attacks are now faster and sharper feeling like dozens of martial artists striking at the same.

Time as the barrage continues it is clear super alloy dark shine has lost all his confidence and can't do anything but wins in fear and be burdened by his insecurity he wasn't even that injured if gaura were truly the monster you wanted to be he would have taken that chance to deal a killing blow instead he sees himself reflecting in the terrified.

Hero and bats away without having to fiddly injure super alloy darkshine garo has won the trauma being so overpowered and feeling so weak stays into the massive hero and furthermore pushes him to lose against vomited ugly and golden s afterward by the way garo beat both of those monsters as well so clearly the victor should still be him but let's say.

For argument's sake that he encounter garo in his base form instead of it being tanked out master would he have hesitated to end him as well removing movement rider from the equation would super alloy darkshine sense that garo is becoming too powerful and need to be stopped there's no way to know for sure but i have a feeling that he would have.

Tried to beat him enough to at least take him in for holding and if you paid attention to garl's reasoning in the past one of the heroes he was thinking about encountering was in fact super alloy dark shine however i don't think human girl could have survived that monsters from dark shawn took on without a bit of evolving through combat.

Beforehand too bad super alloy dark shine is still the skinny weak kid deep down he could have made it higher on this list otherwise number 12 watchdog man i know what you're thinking why is watchdog man so low down on the list well for one he never released his territory which is city q this means if evergara wants to confront the dog hero.

He has to go to him specifically and he has in his beginner days as a hero hunter but since watchhawk man has never been defeated and was used to fighting numerous attacks in the city with the average threat level being decently high it was easy for him to chase and unprepare garo away during the monster raid on the surface he effortlessly.

Killed no less than 30 monsters and then sat at the pile of their bones proudly he was so reliable during that time that people evacuated from other cities and came to hide in his knowing they'd be safe if any monsters showed up though he doesn't say much watchdog man is a fierce and agile fighter despite being human as far as we know he employs a.

Beast like fighting style using all four limbs that is both powerful and fast it was efficient against someone like garu who had his background in martial arts a human fighting style whereas watchdog man fought more like an animal at first garo underestimated him for this assuming his style would be easily countered by a more sophisticated and.

Thought out fighting style but he lost and badly not only did he lose but he was beaten off screen with us only finding out through garo's thoughts as he dragged himself away in pain the craziest part though gar could tell that watchdog man wasn't even using his full strength against him but how would watchdog man do against garo and his.

Evolution towards full monsterization that's where things get a bit more difficult most of the tougher monster opponents like the aliens were outside of the city so we didn't get a chance to see how he fares against demon or dragon level threats we have no indication what girl's level was when he encountered watchdog man either assuming it was at.

Least demon level we get a sense that evil agar reaching the next level on his way to monsterizing might not be that difficult for watchdog man however we also have to take into account that gar wouldn't be surprised by his fighting style anymore and would have gotten used to it then again there's also the fact that the hero not having used his full.

Power and that's where even more questions come in just what else can he do does watchdog man have some secret technique he's not had to take out yet there's also the fact that he ripped off a monster's head before even reaching s-class could he somehow have a great untapped power that he could use against awaken garo and win there are too many.

Unknowns to take into account the only thing we can say for certain is that if god doesn't come to him he won't fight him maybe in the future he'll expand his territory and will get a better sense of his power but as it stands garl is most likely to win number 11 pig god in a battle resilience someone like pig god could fare very well as long as he has.

An abundance of edible things nearby and his definition of edible defies human logic as well he can consume monsters massive amounts of human food venom and poisons and still be perfectly fine besides his unbreakable stomach pig god has highly developed strength and enhanced speed often pig guy comes across enemies who claim they can eat as.

Much if not more than he can like the great food tub and most of the time they cannot interestingly garro also has a huge appetite that helps replenish his stamina and heal him when he's heavily injured as soon when he orders a steak and then dashes out of the restaurant without paying but let's use pig god's battle against another big eaters to.

Theorize on their battle gums one of the executives of the monster association came for pig god and tries to consume him whole the same way the hungry hero usually does with monsters not only was gum's body larger than his but he seemed to be nothing but said stomach he had no face to speak of and didn't seem to care about anything beyond eating pig god.

When faced with such a similar opponent was able to show off what separated the two for one after he was swallowed he managed to break out of the massive stomach and free himself afterwards the fight turned into something of a sumo wrestling match though the majority of the fight was not shown there was a sense that piga would have had to use.

His secret technique that we haven't seen yet back to garo now would a sumo type match interesting martial artist who prides himself on his agility and complicated techniques including countering strong opponents maybe in fact he might be interested in testing just how resilient pig god's stomach would be up against an onslaught of.

Attacks aimed directly there on the other hand i haven't seen pig god fight anyone but monsters and even then i wouldn't consider it much of a fight when all he does is force him inside his expansive mouth and digest them instead of focusing on technique let's pretend that garrow was monsterized enough like in his fourth or fifth form for pig god.

To confuse him with a mysterious being to munch on a downside to that would be that garo at that stage is already stronger than all the executives of the monster association in other words if pig gods couldn't eat gums then there's certainly no way he'd be able to get garu in his stomach let's dead rewind to angara was a simple hero hunter reading.

A guidebook he comes across a massive hero with a big appetite pig god gives him one look and doesn't have any interest in fighting the lean martial artist since he's just a human or would it be a one-sided attack from garo with pig god taking the hits and not feeling much maybe a fight against a living punching bag wouldn't interest the hero.

Hunter at all wagara eventually switched styles to match pig god's more sumo-s fighting abilities and perhaps he fight goes on for a long while because they both have high amounts of endurance pig god would start losing some of his fat and need to replenish it likewise garo might be in need of sustenance to heal any injuries he gets while fighting the.

S-class hero but it's a battle of survival there's no food for either of them within reach they start to get exhausted bloody hungry what then when pig god is in a slimmer form he has no choice but to consume large amounts of food to regain his energy and skills while fergaro he does his most evolving as a fighter when he is put in a corner.

And forced to fight life-or-death situations pig god might have no choice but use his secret technique against the growing threat that is garo but what is that since we don't know what it is or how effective it would be i gotta give this fight to garrow at least for his half monster form number 10 genos here we arrive at the newest edition of the.

S-class heroes demon cyborg himself at first genocide's response to being overwhelmed by a monstrous power such as a mosquito girl was his self-destruct in order to end the fight disregarding his own life in his later fights generous realizes that ending his life also means cutting shortage chances save more people in the future but how does geno's.

Fare against other opponents after understanding the importance of survival well he's had some exciting wins like his battle against g4 which ended with him getting new parts to upgrade himself and although he openly admits that super fast opponents are a problem for him like speedo's sound sonic or awaken cockroach he found a solution in the.

Weight of glue to slow them down eventually sfacey ever speed agaro lucky for him the hero hunter had already faced a team of well-coordinated a-class heroes and accumulated quite some damage as he'd also been trying to protect tareo from being killed and doesn't that sound pretty similar to how genus was melted when he blocked a little girl.

Janus was now facing garo who partially transformed interestingly gara had said prize to generous arrival that if the a-class heroes had called for an s-class to help them the fight would have gone differently with jenno's having learned new ways to fool enemies he tried garo to be hit point blank with a blast his cannon and as much as garo says he's.

Good at dealing with machinery and especially breaking it that doesn't help him much in his confrontation with jenno's in fact most of genesis parts are removable and equipped with his new upgrades his body can be repaired and replaced for the most part besides maybe his face brain and heart but even that is questionable the fight was frankly.

Easy for genos until bang showed up and insisted he needed to take care of his people on his own and later when garo was taken away by phoenix man generals intends to kill the hero hunter which caused his bang to look upset and we'll come back to this later when we get to the master student relationship having lost a chance to continue the fight no.

Wonder can really be decided but consider this gino's gains more upgrades such as being able to cooperate with other robotic heroes like drive knight and altering his body to be heavily geared towards attack power and not balanced though the later modification only helps him in shorter battles what if he were to use his new and improved.

Battle power against a strong gagaro would he even injure the monsterized man at the very least if jenos had come across here hunter prior to his monsterizations i'm sure he would have come out on top but as it stands with his increasing survivability and relentless will to keep fighting jenos doesn't stand much of a chance he.

Himself curses his non-human body sometimes for his weakness and considering the kind of world that one punch man is i think genos is right to feel that way number 9 flashy flash as one of the fastest characters in the series flashy flash prides himself not only on his ninja skills but his speed referred to as a speedster this.

Character is not only fast but even leaves after images and overcomes the fastest of opponents in the same way when garo reaches further into his monsterization he is able to surpass himself and leave after images as well if we consider just how fast flashy flash is even other ninjas from other villages can't keep up with him so much.

So that another ninja hero who had seen him slice a group of monsters in front of her eyes couldn't even see it happen even heroes like atomic samurai were outdone by flashy flash's speed when using a sword later we get another sense of how fast the speed hero is when he has to face his two seniors along with their monsterized forms as humans their.

Level is equal to demon threats but when they transformed they were both dragon level monsters we can't overlook the fact that they were still getting used to their powers but regardless not many heroes can go up against two dragon level enemies and come out on top while on their human forms they even admit that he's superior to them has no.

Disadvantages they can see in terms of ninja techniques and power in the end flashy flash slices the two ninjas clean in half and leaves him for dead as he continues on his way after using flashy slash in terms of speed this ninja is clearly one of the fastest but he comes to realize that there are still others above him besides saitama blasts and.

Awaken garo even platinum s can surpass his top speed not only does this hurt his pride as a speed ninja but it makes him have to consider what else he should focus on in order to be successful horgaro fully in his waking state flashy flash and platinum as began a three-way battle unfortunately having lost his weapon our feminist speedster cannot.

Last as long as the other two and gets knocked out of the fight by platinum s it was honestly a feat and of itself that he managed to hang on for that long especially since garrow begins using his monster calamity god slasher fist his own style to fight against them the pinnacle of his martial arts knowledge were flashy flash still equipped with.

Instant death his precious sword would he have lasted longer if it were only garrow and him fighting would he stand a better chance of winning considering the ease of this gara ended platinum s in his battle against the mysterious being i don't think it would have changed much had garo been in his earlier stages i think it would have been a different.

Story likely base form garo would have been a piece of cake since he gained more speed the more he monsterized plus flashy flash has a number of ultimate techniques he could have tried out on garo to ensure he won although standing no chance against garrosh awake himself at least he was fast enough to be praised by saitama whose top speed is.

Still a mystery number 8 drive knight let's dive into another technological hero drive knight sporting a multifunctional robotic body names his multiple forms after chess terms and pieces that alone gives us a sense of how much this hero thinks and plans during each battle to guarantee the optimal conclusion of his forms the ones.

We've seen on display are chariot knight and gold which he used to end his battle against nion the gold form of drive knight employs extreme heat that not even the dragon level monster can handle with a body that can easily be repaired and modified to fit most situations drive knight doesn't seem to have many weaknesses his robotic body can also.

Produce a number of abilities such as poison gas and acid when needed among his feats he is yet to be defeated in battle similarly to watchdog man and he easily kills seven monstrous beings during their raid on the surface but that's not all due to not much being known about drive knight he is unpredictable in battle and can.

Overwhelm most enemies at the same time being an intellectual hero he also knows his success against nion was because he collected sufficient data drive knight if nothing else would never underestimate an opponent unless he thoroughly studied them beforehand in fact he doesn't mind letting other heroes die if it increases his chance of.

Victory against monsters along with those strengths drive night can also function for dozens of hours without taking a break but that also leads him to being unable to move afterwards due to needing to recharge thankfully if there's enough electricity around say that destroys city's power current he can use that to refill his energy for a.

Short period of time and if that isn't enough he can combine with other robotic types such as genos to continue battling but drive knight in the scenario we're creating will be fighting on his own with only his body could this technological hero the figaro in the hero hunter's base form it could be a cinch plus he can use his checkmate.

Capture device to take garo back or simply just to restrain him so far we haven't seen garo face many metal heroes besides jenno's whom he fought when he was already heavily damaged but let's go with that picture this drive knight is fully charged and has gathered all the information he needs on garo and the hero hunter is completely uninjured.

Considering that drive knight has multiple forms and unknown tricks up his sleeve the battle wouldn't be easy on the other hand garo is highly skilled at adapting and using whatever he learns against his opponent plus drive knight seems to be hiding things from the hero association perhaps in accounts regardless spell a bad time for everyone.

Else perhaps drive knight would even want to help garo to reach his goals of growing even stronger in exchange for getting the chance to set a human going through these stages of monsterization but let's get back to the battle awaken garo would be a struggle for drive knight simply because even when heavily injured garrow can continue to fight and.

Grow even during said fight on the other hand drive knight could try to use his entire battery charge until eventually tyrangarro out which sounds easier said than done not to mention when awaken gar was getting close to being fully monsterized he ripped the core out of safe centipede and threw it into space easily if you were to do that to drive.

Knight i can't say if the hero would have a replacement piece on hand the hero's cautiousness and needing to be fully prepared and informed his opponent would take too much time against someone as adaptable and skilled as garo number 7 atomic samurai our next entry on the list is ikaki swordsman named kamikaze aka atomic samurai the same way that.

This man considers bang his rival in terms of martial arts i think garo would be happy to test his skills against his sword-wielding hero in terms of sword skills atomic samurai is among the best he's part of a group called the council of swordsmen but it seems that he stands at the top of even his peers when one of them haragiri ate monster cells and.

Threatened to slice them faster than the speed of sound tomic samurai went even faster he didn't hesitate to take him down slicing him into tiny pieces most monsters that he faces he'll be able to slice faster they can dodge or perceive like his fight against rhino wrestler which was over in less than a second even more impressive was him using his.

Toothpick to slice up the lower level monsters who thought they could win by outnumbering him one of his main issues though is his tendency to overestimate himself in regards to others be it monsters or fellow heroes in turn this sets him up for some dangerous fights where he has to dig deep within himself and find new ways to win besides simply.

Using his speedy slicing attacks facing an opponent like melzer guard an alien no less along with other s-class heroes should have humbled him somewhat but it did not he took his same cocky attitude again when facing black s because he thought he could just slash him into pieces and be done with it but that's not how it went in fact were enough for.

Tatumaki saving the heroes was in the monster association who knows who atomic samurai would have lived to fight again but since he did get away there was more for him to use in his next fights like the sunblade that gets passed down to him from nichiren apparently it's part of a set with the other being moonblade and when a worthy swordsman wields both.

Of them he becomes unimaginably strong so if garu in any of his forms were to go up against atomic samurai who would come out on top if it's just the vanilla version of the hero hunter the samurai likely wins without needing any special blade however there is a chance he'd underestimate garo as per usual and would somehow trigger his monsterization.

During the fight in the same way that bang and bomb did in that case the fight is less certain the fact that garrow can heal from things like shattered ribs and having a hole pierced through him with rochi's horns makes it a little difficult to picture someone like atomic samurai defeating him instead let's focus on the use of the sunblade and.

Garo's half monster form in this way both sides have a bluff but not their full power the problem is even in his third form garl can survive a frankly disgusting amount of damage meanwhile even armed with the epic sunblade atomic samurai hasn't trained long enough with it to be able to wield it long it is a massive drain on his stamina also i.

Can't help but mention the age factor garu is barely an adult only 18 years old an atomic samurai is well into his 30s their stamina just wouldn't be equivalent it does help that the swordsman has many years of experience fighting numerous opponents but as he faced the prodigy legaro i doubt it in the end atomic samurai only wins if he.

Can finish the hero hunter before he triggers his monsterization but what are the odds of that number 6 metal bat as shocking as it may be the next candidate is younger than garu himself bad most known by his hero named metal bat is already an s-class hero at the age of 17 and still not the youngest dressed like a delinquent and always carrying his.

Trusty metal bat with him it's hard not to find this hero interesting much like some of the previous entries metal bat was hunted by garu before his monsterization began at that time our young hero had already destroyed two demon level monsters with one hit and was focused on getting rid of elder centipede to protect waganma and narinki.

When metal bat was thrown across the city and landed near garrow the hero hunter assumed he was dead and lost his chance to fight him interestingly this was the first time that metal bat took him by surprise not only was he alive but he was ready as ever to keep fighting their crossing of pass seems inevitable in the way that they both.

Fight in fact the longer the fight went on against garrow the stronger and faster metal bat was getting due to his indomitable will it's similar to how even on the verge of death garrow can overcome his injuries and keep fighting and eventually win as much as metal bat was able to keep up and kept swinging in hopes of ending the fight so he could.

Fight the giant centipede garl got him down i wouldn't say garo won though far from it i'd say zenko metal bass little sister save the hero hunter from experiencing a very bad outcome not only did metal battle look like he was possessed by a demon as he stood up and prepared to swing magaro completely let his guard down after the last attack on.

Him the shock wave caused by his bat swing cracked the ground beneath their feet and would have definitely caused some serious damage had it hit even prior to this gar thought that had a single hit landed metal bat would have won and truly it's funny how many of his fights are interrupted by another person let's give the win against base form.

Garrow to meddle bat due to outside influences having stopped the fight plus metal banana just finished fighting two monsters and was attacked by a third while garo was in peak condition on the other hand after the encounter the teenage hero had to stay in the hospital to recover from his injuries he left and joined up with the others easily killing.

A monster like black ass that had overwhelmed atomic samurai sword skills but it doesn't mean he was ready to face garo he wasn't as much as the two are alike they're also the same when it comes to saving innocent children so instead of fighting they end up working together against sage centipede but without garo creating a resonance for.

Metal bats to grow stronger and build up his resilience i don't think he would have been able to face a massive monster their fighting wills work off of each other and make them stronger now does that mean it would also push them to new heights if they were facing each other i think so but at this point garo is already awakened and on his way to being.

Fully monsterized and there's no chance for an injured metal bat to go up against a monster like that the only way i can see metal back coming out on top is if he were to evolve at the same speed as garo through his will it doesn't seem like metal bat has the same kind of healing factor as garo since it requires him days instead of hours to.

Recover from injuries too bad he doesn't have a way to build that up number five silver fang bang we move on now to one of the oldest heroes in the s class the 81 year old silver fang going mostly by bang but also referred to as the greatest treasure of martial arts it's easy to see why atomic samurai chose him as a rival there's a lot of history.

Between garo and bang seeing as the hero hunter used to be his top student because of that there's also a lot of instances where they face each other one of the most important moments in their relationship was bang beating garo and kicking him out of his dojo after he injured all the other students the next time they fought garo had already faced.

A group of a-class heroes and genos he also didn't fight a student alone having bomb his older brother along for the confrontation however even a martial arts layman like jenno's could tell that bang was better at using water stream rock smashing fist than garo i mean he is the one who created it after all and let's talk about this for a second what.

If garo wasn't already weakened when he faced his master what a bomb wasn't there to aid bang would the fight have been so one-sided in spite of all those things against him garo began to monsterize even when he was overwhelmed by them his power spiked incredibly due to his life-threatening injuries yet if it were just him and garo speaking with.

His fizz might have been enough to turn the monsterization around when garo reaches his half monster form he is already too far past bang in terms of resilience stamina and strength he is able to face rover and survive while bang and his brother had to flee for their lives surviving only because a giant dog had responded to their command.

To sit and behave on the surface finally out of the monster association it was time for their ultimate showdown as garu improved and began increasing his strength in his awakened form he could keep up with his former master and even surpassed him at this point garo also had a number of different fighting styles in his repertoire and could even.

Perform a combo attack that bang and bomb had done all on his own this fight is deeper than just taking down a monster though bang wanted to speak to garrow through his fist the same way his brother had for him when he was out of control on top of that bang wanted to keep these shockwaves from their fight away from bomb who was lying injured on.

The ground if that wasn't enough of a handicap bang also refused to use his old style exploding heart release fist knowing it would have been efficient at taking down this stronger version of garrow it was also used to kill rather than subdue though and he wasn't willing to do that he chose instead to perform the attack his brother had used on him.

All those decades ago magara was too fast and too young for it to work the same he lost but he did successfully get through to his student with his fists having faced garo three times bang was the one most likely to overcome him but still ended up losing beyond things mentioned above there was also the age factor his back issues and the knowledge.

He was planning to retire as a hero at the back of his mind there were just too many complications for it to be a simple fight if on the other hand bang would have been willing to put garo down it might have seen his victory i say this with a certain amount of confidence seeing as a hero hunter has very few weaknesses but his master is one of them.

If he wasn't then vomited ugly wouldn't have ended up killed at garo's hand also if bang were younger even a decade or so i think the confrontation between them would have gone very differently regardless the fact that bang was able to keep up with awaken garro closer to fully monsterized and in his 80s no less is beyond impressive number 4 tatsumaki.

The top expert in the world most likely comes in at number four despite being second in s-class tornado of terror lives up to her name in many ways though she doesn't have any special move names or physical attacks to speak of tatsumaki doesn't need anything beyond her otherworldly psychic abilities physical attacks and strength mean.

Nothing to her and all she needs is the stamina and telekinetic power to defeat her opponents not only can she crush monsters like the giant octopus she faced but she easily withstands 300 times normal gravity and says it is a nice massage with her monstrous power comes her big ego because she's used to defeating everything on her own she.

Never wants to receive any help and because most monsters she fights can't even hold a candle to her she has a habit of holding back on her power because she knows she'll win it's not as if her confidence is undeserved tatsumaki was able to move the entire monster association base to the surface along with all the heroes inside she.

Even created a city-sized double-layer barrier with opposing directions of resistance like it was a cakewalk to the point where sometimes i wonder if she just does things because she can and not because she needs to but even an overpowered psychic like tatumaki has her flaws besides her overconfidence and now wants to work with others she also.

Refuses to give up even when she's way past her mental limit she would rather fight unconscious than let anyone else come help and for the most part this is due to her trauma as a child she had been waiting for someone to come save her in a research lab and when no one was showing up she was going to let herself die if blast hadn't shown up and.

Told her to never expect others to come save her maybe her mindset would have been different all this is to say tatsumaki would certainly want to face garo without anyone else getting involved interestingly not many espers come after the hero hunter except gyorogyoro who tries to control his movements and failed not only was garo.

Able to get used to her psychic powers but he broke free from the hold and moved past it and maybe the fact that saikos was controlling a puppet from 1 500 meters below made it easier i certainly can't picture garo doing this while he was busy prawning the streets for heroes to fight if he had gone up against hatumaki it might have been game.

Over then and there or maybe she would have helped him be able to resist psychic abilities later on either way tatamaki doesn't seem to like getting her hands dirty and that's all garu does their styles clash in all the wrong ways and as reckless as the hero hunter is he's not stupid i don't think he'd want to fight the number two hero if he had a.

Choice if gar were further along in his monstrous form for example around the time where he was squeezed into rochi's palm he might do well even if tatumaki tries to bring him out or crush him like she has other monsters i believe garu would recover in spite of the heavy damage it would cause that's the thing with him it's hard to picture him not.

Bouncing back from any kind of pain and later almost fully monsterized he is able to chop sage centipede who was ridiculously tall mind you in half then i think he'd be able to face down tatsumaki in his own way without the extensive injuries from psychos and orochi merging tatsumaki stands a better chance against garrow and fully monstros.

Garo having overcome all the monster executives along with bang would definitely give tornado of terror a good fight but who do you think would win in this battle of endurance number three zombie man finally we've reached the top three and we have none other than the smoking undying detective zombie man armed with an axe and multiple guns this.

Former house of evolution product has gone on to become one of the best heroes in the s-class if it wasn't for his escape from dr genius a decade ago who knows where zombie man would have ended up but as it is he's considered the doctor's only successful immortality experiment now what does that mean well besides not dying from injuries that.

Would be fatal to even the strongest heroes it means he can put weapons inside his body he can be attacked fatally 200 times and still survive as long as he's not completely minced up he can come back to life which was confirmed by the creator of the series one in an interview and he also said it took zombie man 15 minutes to regenerate.

A loss arm but that seems to not be the case anymore as this controversy fight he has up against the maple monsters after facing vampire pure blood after that fight he was missing part of his skull and his arm fell off and all he did was light a cigarette wait a couple minutes and then continue on his way similarly when he's blasted by homeless.

Emperor's energy balls and barely has anybody left it still doesn't seem to take him that long to recover his destroyed body parts even when he only had a head and arm left from the barrage of light attacks and was stepped on by ugly leaving him with just an arm and a traumatized child emperor zombie man still survived aside from the obvious.

Zombie-like characteristics zombie mad describes his strengths as scouting spying and investigating monster bases but none of those things would come in handy against someone likaro who doesn't hide his monster's needs with regeneration that most monsters wish they had zombie man would endure a long and tedious fight against the hero.

Hunter in his base form garl would probably be exhausted before he could even take him down and considering how many weapons zombie man carries he could catch him off guard then again zombie man isn't known for being strong or fast he's just a quick thinker and good at reviving himself this isn't to say he doesn't have enhanced strength though he.

Just isn't the strongest of the s but because of that garrow could overwhelm the undead hero and attack him quick and powerfully enough to ensure his own escape because we all know zombie man would rather bring him in than kill him but as mentioned earlier if zombie man isn't reduced to mincemeat then he could still come back to life it.

Is just a matter of how long it would take also with someone like gara who acts more villainous than he really is be able to really kill a hero like that he may look like a monster but he's no ugly i just can't picture garo waking up one day and deciding it is okay to pummel a hero into mashed potatoes to prove he's stronger for that alone i.

Think zombie man could win that would be the only way to end the fight and garo just doesn't work that way not against another human although i will admit it was pretty brutal when he ripped off blue fire's arm but he never really went that dark again number two blast or getting close to the top hero for guard to beat this time we have the ever.

Mysterious blast in his war power faster than flashy flash respected by tatsumaki and working alongside a mysterious group of heroes blast comes in second place against garo even with barely anything known about him just the fact that blaspher surpasses most heroes and despite being sent by retired constantly remaining in the number one spot makes.

Him a deserving of this place on the list as a hero blast is not only a physical type super strength speed and stamina but he has additional power to create warp portals in time and space he is very secretive and works alongside what looked to be other heroes who seem to be in another world and this is likely the main reason he is retired as.

A hero he is too busy dealing with world-leading threats rather than city-wide ones and the fact that he knows about god and is constantly trying to keep him from interacting with people must take up a lot of time as well especially since the entity can also shapeshift in order to speak with heroes like tatsumaki rather than using other.

Monsters as a reference with blast his abilities would have to be compared to someone like saitama if he's anywhere near close to him in terms of speed or strength then garo would stand no chance and who's to say he isn't with how little we know about him for one his work is way beyond the regular hero work of others who just deal with day-to-day.

Threats and the tasks of blasting to be similar to saitama's when he had to destroy a meteor and an overpowered alien lord jumping way beyond base form garrow let's get right to awaken garro could blast win seeing as we're lacking critical information on him it's hard to tell we do however know that blast defeated elder centipede on his own when.

The monster was stronger and bigger with nothing but giant monsters to go by gar was simply able to destroy sage centipede who was even larger and stronger than elder but we also had to take into account that he also had some help from metal bat and their ability to empower each other either way both gara and blast were able to overcome massive.

Creatures since blast is known for defending the world though i think we'd just have to assume he'd be stronger than garo in most forms except maybe his fully monsterized one but even then it might be a close fight if only we had more information about blast but to top the list we have number one child emperor with genius level.

Intellect his own laboratory and the courage to face any fight child emperor prevails besides being dr bofoy metal knight's former assistant this 10 year old hero has proved that he is beyond deserving of being part of the s-class of heroes not only does the technology invents cover his imagine deficit and strength but his planning and counter.

Strategies also come in clutch even though he feels like he's weak he's stronger than some a-class heroes and as long as he has enough sugar handy he can think his way out of most situations garu's main issue with heroes is he blatant ignorance towards being an actual hero and also the immediate killing of monsters regardless of.

Whether or not they deserve to die or not the only hero who really takes on to speak with monsters because he's so strong that he has the liberty to do so is saitama in the same way one of the few other heroes who took the time to speak with a monster was child emperor when he discussed his inadequacy with phoenix man in phoenix face as a child.

He felt like he wasn't being acknowledged or appreciated but still continued to do his job because his goal was to save people and help hostages not to kill the most monsters or show off his own strength it has never been about strength to him even when he created the match technology that could calculate levels of people and monsters it was.

About being able to know how powerful a threat was in order to take it down properly child emperor's accomplishments were not recognized and he felt sad because of it similarly garo fell upset because he was overwhelmed by the so-called heroes ganging up on him because he was a monster the only heroes who appreciate child emperor regardless.

Of his age are zombie man who barely even considers himself a hero and saitama and they should respect him because his brain his strength and his respectable character as a hero though child emperor goes above and beyond during his rescue of organma and the ensuing fights he demonstrates his priorities as a hero and these skills.

Will accomplish whatever goal he wanted to for example if guard were to try and face child emperor head on he would likely deploy his underdog man robots to occupy him or at least distract him while he thought of his next step against the hero hunter this is similar to how he got away from g5 when he was escaping with oganma from the monster.

Association if child emperor had a sense beforehand that he would be the next hunted hero he might have set up the parts for his brave giant mech in the vicinity of their encounter at the very least he could lead guard to where he wanted to ensure he could survive their encounter by using his backpack's flying ability or spider legs seeing as gar.

Wouldn't be much for using extreme heat or even personal attacks child emperor would simply have to make sure his gadgets and shields could work sufficiently against a hero hunter strength and stamina having the octo tank nearby might also help in case garo manages to slip through the numerous tech machines and close in on him.

Additionally there is a chance that tickle bug number three could be used to bregaro out of his monstrous exterior since it seems to be just an extra layer of shell that formed around his human skin and body this weapon is also a non-lethal way to end the fight it was an effective way to neutralize a costume monster while also keeping them alive.

Like in the case of resurrected phoenix man if that isn't a true hero then i don't know what is considering how well child emperor did against poison sneak attacks and even having his hands burnt it seems obvious that he could find a way to avoid a brawl with a skilled fighter legaro he should be smart enough to realize that wouldn't be a very good.

Idea needless to say none of that matters since he is still a child i mean it's in the name and garo if nothing else has a very big soft spot for children due to how he was treated as a child the feeling of being helpless and unheard would resonate with him and he wouldn't be able to fight child emperor at full power nor would he want to end.

His hero career even though he dislikes heroes and of course garo's power hinges upon the will to fight child emperor would win by default and as an understanding hero he wouldn't try to eradicate garo like some others would he would simply take him in for holding and that would be that as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for.

Watching and have an awesome day i love you you