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Garou’s Future Revealed! One Punch Man’s Next Arc Is Here – One Punch Man Chapter 170


In the latest chapter of one punch man the ark comes to a close with a bang pun intended after the heroes previously wanted to punish garford's actions and crimes saitama and a few others stood up for him and allowed him to escape now we get to see where he went which turned out to be a waterfall and how everyone else is doing including tario.

And waganma well let's not waste any more time and get right into it oh and it is going to be a long wait until the next chapter a month so enjoy this one the cover page for chapter 170 titled what was gained features what looks like a serene vacation with saitama genos and these psychic sisters on a staircase leading to the sea on the side gara and.

Bang are chilling on her umbrella with sunglasses on looking just as calm and peaceful i don't think i ever really noticed how much the two look alike despite not being blood related but it becomes more obvious throughout this chapter how much they have in common also in many ways this image reflects a group and what is going on for them but.

You'll see why later on the chapter itself starts with garo monologging something he has in common with jenos about why he chose to become a human monster hero hunter because as he puts it the world needs absolute unbiased evil or so he thought his thinking was that if heroes couldn't save everyone then he would make everyone fear this.

One person to create a unity between them nara also points out that humans despite doing evil as well aren't always punished for the misdeeds getting more riled up garlic explains that the way things are is an imperfect fake brand of peace and that's because it allows people to become complacent and come to evil though on a smaller scale than.

Monsters and of course he has to bring up patio who he has saved multiple times from both humans and monsters it seems as though he was the trigger for garl's plan to be put in motion seeing as the ugly little brat was constantly picked on and heroes nearly killed him when they didn't realize he was in the shed screaming his lungs out garo announces.

That is why he needed to become the absolute strongest monster that no hero could ever take down meanwhile the balding man with glasses he's telling this to has no clue why he's getting so riled up they're actually just disgustingly done and dash he did that's why tama ultimately punished him for due to his own dine and dashing but whatever.

With a closed fist bang strikes gara hard enough for stars to show up and tells him to answer the man's question he might just be as intolerant of long speeches as saitama is who knows eventually garo must answer the questions because they are shown outside the police station the bank forcing garo to bow his head an apology as they walk.

Down the street bangla reveals that there has already been an investigation into all the damage garo's caused the week prior this also means that it has been at least a week since he disappeared from his execution at the hands of sweet masks we find out their next stop on the road to goro salvation is to have him apologize to all the.

Victims of his hero hunt and man are those a lot of people but seriously how can you possibly make up for someone whose arm you took off either way gara is still sporting his trademark bratty attitude and acting like he won't do it but ultimately he will even goes as far as saying don't tell me what to do you're not my dad at that the narrator.

Informs us how absent his parents were in his life which would explain his rebellious behavior but bang just quietly ignores that comment like a proper teacher would as always the old master offers some sound advice saying that even if he's not good for much he can still bow his head since it is still attached and honestly if bang would have.

Died during this arc i would have rioted i think garo might have felt the same he clearly has a soft spot for him and as if bang himself had experience with neglectful parents he says all it takes to become a parent is to have children while he is dropping some gems left and right at that even garl's eyes widen and pay attention knowing that his sensei is.

Fine with just being a teacher to him if it means keeping him on the right path garo then laughs and bang jokes that his student gave him a hard time what an understatement if only he knew he died in a previous version of events but before we continue with these two make sure to subscribe to the channel notifications on and smash that like.

Button if you too want a sensei like bang in your life we then get a flashback to how the two reunited after his escape bang shows us a memory of a raging waterfall and garo sitting underneath it as a means of training himself a very common image for martial arts sitting there cross-legged and naked gara opens one eye when he.

Realizes someone is there his ex-master ben comes into view with a walking stick and a bag tied around himself huffing from having climbed all the way there it makes sense that if anyone could find him it would be his master who was continuously wanted to take the blame for his actions even so bang reveals that he was the one who had shown the.

Secret play cigar originally which explains why he was able to find him here so easily he is the only one who could have known and i suppose saitama could have found him too but he's too busy looking for his demolish apartment right now interestingly bang wonders if garu chose such a specific place because deep down he wants to be found by him.

And as if hearing bang's thoughts garo tells him not to get the wrong idea the only reason he came back with bang was because he wants to remember his fist if you recall that was a martial art style that garland created after learning and combining all the techniques he saw as well as gaining power through monsterization he called it monster.

Calamity godslayer fist i find it fascinating that he called his technique that then purposely turned down god's power ended up on the side of the heroes as if knowing beforehand that he needed to slay god but that's another topic what's fascinating is that goro also mentions that he has tried sparring with other heroes but none were good enough.

To go against him on a daily basis like bang is who were these heroes who accepted to fight him i wonder i'd be surprised if it was any s-class ones have jokingly the old hero closes his eyes and almost seems to bow his head and thanks for the compliment at the same time garo thinks about how he lost everything he had gained when his power.

Seeped out apparently he no longer has access to anything since being punched by saitama whoops we're starting back from square one i guess then gara asks bang about young tario who i believe helps save his soul rather than his body banks says that he's been doing well and we're shown exactly how well in a park tario and some other kids are playing.

Rock paper scissors to decide who will play the monster in their game but the kids being kids purposely planned for tareo to lose so they can beat on him however tario happily agrees to be the monster with a smile even and this is clearly because of how much he looks up to garo and his beliefs as predicted the other boys stomp on tareo and use hero.

Moves while laughing but tareo is no longer the same little coward albeit covered in dirt and dust he gets back up with a fierce look in his eyes and a smile he denies that he's a monster all while striking a very familiar pose because he is actually garo man the hero with determination in his eyes he tells him to come at him as many times as they.

Want because he'll keep on getting back up the little touch of him calling them fake heroes really cements how much hario admires garo not that he's wrong considering how they conspired against him the boys inevitably get irritated by this change in the status quo of heroes versus monsters and argue that he should just die because they beat him up.

Already but before he can explain who inspired that character wagonra calls his name from his father's car with an energetic wave from waganma tario's face lights up as he sees his friend of course his playmates are shocked by such a rich kid being friends with someone like dario ogama actually came to invitario over to play king muso and who.

Wouldn't want that the three kids from earlier still shocked couldn't help but ask if he's really friends with ganma by the way these three kids are the same ones who shared the secret base with tareo and left him to get nearly killed by the hero saronigaro anyways tareo the generous soul that he.

Is wonders if they can come over to play too although they seem hesitant the boys agree to come along in the end and rush over to oganma and dario i'm not so sure why they had to think about going over to a super rich kid's house to play video games but you know how kids are funnily enough child emperor also gave bogama a backpack like his own and he.

Shows it off for them i wonder if the hero thought it would be a good idea for him to protect himself in case no one could save him fast enough and that's why he provided it for him anyway with these spiderlings popping out all over wagama's father narinki smiles inside the car at his interaction with them beaming with pride at his son's growth.

Narinki admits that he can barely recognize his son ever since he went through all that while ghana's gotten so mature in such a short period of time a long way from the spoiled selfish boy he was during his kidnapping narenki even goes as far as saying like father like son which i don't see how they went through anything even remotely similar.

But alright at that all the kids bum rushed and rinky for space inside the car squeezing him into one side so they can all play king musho together a thoughtful shot of garo comes next smiling as he hopes fortario to do his best because he is also on the road to better himself with that in mind garo asked bang if he could arrange a.

Fighting contest for him against his strongest heroes he then lists who he wants his master bomb flashy flash blast and saitama even though he's lost all his gain power he thinks if he fights them all in order he will get them back without needing to monsterize i do somewhat agree with the order but good luck beating saitama garrow dang just.

Laughs at him for thinking he could even beat him as he is right now which i suppose is true not to mention in the previous chapter metal knight had them all go through physical examinations and detoxification because of the radiation and now bang's back is feeling quite good if silver fang is already that strong while dealing with constant pain.

Imagine when he has nothing holding him back yikes of course gar just tells him to bring it on always ready for a challenge the scene changes next to the hero association and a discussion between sikhinggar and sich apparently ben gave his resignation intending to retire as a hero but also appointed a successor not.

Only does bang intend to be garl's guardian but he will eventually introduce him to the association so he can take over this makes sense considering how they use the same style of fighting and if ben can thoroughly change the way a student thinks he could be a great hero he surprised him once before he could do it again and the.

Right way this time sakingar regardless feels like a big hole will be left behind in bangs leaving and i have to agree he is a number three hero and is always in his shot to the best of his abilities even at the ripe old age of 81. not many heroes can say that as of now so khingar seems hopeful though that if bang recommended someone they must be.

Good obviously he wasn't told it was garo and when he asked about the person since remains tight-lipped knowing it might cause a strong reaction although sick seems uncertain it is a good idea he trusts that ban can turn garl's behavior around enough for him to become a good replacement hero that aside he knows and we know that the heroes will.

Likely freak out over the decision to let someone like garu become a hero or join the association on the other hand with all that has happened and everyone who's injured in the massive fight against the monster association they need all the help they can get not only that but situary calls a great prophecy that shibabawa left before she'd pass on.

About the earth being in trouble as he ponders this we see large dents in the ground representing both the upcoming dangers and what has already occurred from the monster association switching back to garo and bang the retired hero wonders what they could do together considering his student is still underaged and can't drink he decides.

That they can just have a chat instead so they can get to know each other with that in mind the first question that pops into bang's head is are there any girls you like talk about an unexpected topic and from garo's cartoonishly bulging eyes and shock expression he was also taken aback he doesn't end there though even tells ben that he's creeping.

Him out his arm's filling with disbelief bang doesn't relent though probing to know who he might like even if it is someone famous but grudgingly garo tightens up his eyes sharp with annoyance and a mitzi light scout yellow in gao ranger clearly a parody of the power rangers her name is kiro which also means yellow by the way it's bang's.

Turn to be surprised now not expecting garo to like an actress from a sentai show in case you're wondering sentai can mean task force group or military unit for us in the west the easiest comparison would again be power rangers so bang is likely to surprise that garo likes someone who basically works as a fictional professional hero saving lives.

And protecting people from monsters the thing he openly hated for so long bang then wonders if she's the big strong curry loving type because that's what the yellow ones usually are i can't say that i have any experience with that kind of character but i suppose he must have seen it in his youth garo just laughed at him saying his information is.

Outdated which yeah but because of that he has a lot to discuss with him about and how these sentai shows have changed nowadays as they continue to chat they walk through the crowd garo talking expressively and bang glad to have made him open up even if it's only because of gao rangers finally we go to our main heroes saitama and jenos they're at the.

Place where their home was destroyed still looking for any items they can find that might have survived the fights oh and jenos has his missing limbs back his arm even says salt proof on it likely because he is digging around a lot of seawater and the salt would otherwise damage the material dressed like old gardeners they dig with tools.

That wouldn't break the items should there be any to find jenos lights up as he finds something and saitama can't hide his glee at the huge clan that jenna shows off behind them the waves of the ocean rush loudly creating a vacation feel for the duo genos continues to dig now more fiercely as saitama prepares to lift a huge rock.

They hope to find a pot still in the right shape so they can use it i guess that means they found a lot of clams so far poor guys in the final shot there is a shadow rustling behind some debris watching them as they dig for their lost possession now this could be two things spoil is ahead for anyone who hasn't read the webcomic it is either rover who.

Lost quite a lot of power and shrunk to a more compact size or it is a single cell of black ass that survive the battle against the heroes but bringing that monster up what happened to monaco this sweet mask end up killing the one-eyed creature or did she get away with flashy flash in the end on the very last page there is a bonus image and it.

Is of kiro the girl garo has a crush on unsurprisingly she is very pretty and likely has blonde hair and there is a note saying that she looks like his mom but unlike her this lady seems like a kind person in other words gara wishes his mom would have been like her and that's why he likes this actress at the same time this lets us know that garo.

Likely had a bad upbringing at least when it comes to his mother and that's a chapter guys that is the end of the arc but best believe that one punch man hype is not over just yet because we have the announcement of season three finally coming through it is in production the time is now one punch man is coming back on the map and apparently it's a.

Different studio so no more complaints hopefully we are going to the promised land here so yeah if you are hype and furthermore if you guys want us to cover the anime when it comes back on the channel please let us know down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

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