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Garp Reveals His Power After 25 Years


Don't let the silly cover page fool you chapter 1080 of One Piece titled legendary hero gave us a ton of answers and plenty more reveals I didn't notice any Easter eggs from this cover but if you pause the video and notice anything let me know we kicked things off far away from Egghead Island and instead on the Pirate Island hachinosu headquarters.

Of the Blackbeard Pirates and Captain Kobe has just escaped a decoration that the Riff Raff pirate population wasn't all too bothered by after all Kobe was only captain rank not rear Admiral some would wonder how much his head is worth so they would use cross Guild's Marine bounty system to check which would finally give us a better idea of how.

These things work and wow Kobe's sure is expensive despite his rank wearing his original glasses on his wanted poster Kobe has a staggering five-star Bounty that's worth five treasure boxes or 500 million berries that's huge captains are usually only worth one star to the Pirates Kobe is on par with Luffy after defeating doflamingo but I'd argue that.

Kobe is only around alabasta level you'll see what I mean soon but what's even more shocking is that the rocky skull of the island suddenly began speaking because he left side of their chest began to tickle which is where all the slaves were kept ahead of sales this thing suddenly realized the slaves must be escaping hearing this some of the.

Loser Pirates started to think they could go buck wild and do as they please with the slaves but the island would be quick to reprimand them and have them bring kogi back alive seemingly upset it would threaten to tell Blackbeard if they did otherwise which was terrifying alone but to have the threat delivered by a giant rock must have been even.

Worse from there we would see Kobe lugging around his chains urging the other slaves to hurry now Kobe's Ormond hockey must not be all that impressive if he wasn't able to easily destroy this thing instead of keeping it I mean it's not like he's a devil fruit user or anything but regardless instead of running off on his own Kobe decides to.

Help the other people in captivity by acting as bait something they were all incredibly grateful for clearly showing why the people are such fans of Kobe I bet even Fleet Admiral Akainu would at least think twice before threatening his life now and as you'll soon see Blackbeard intends to take advantage of that as well now among these slaves we.

Have long arms long necks children and even what looks to be a mink to follow this we would have the likes of shiryu and Avila Pizarro two of the 10 Titanic captains according to shirayu Pizarro can easily catch Kobe but Pizarro whose face took form from the wooden floor wasn't eager to do so since Blackbeard gets mad at him when he causes too much.

Damage so Pizarro apparently ate the island island owl fruit which let him take control of the skull from earlier it seems to be a bit similar to pika's stone fruit but perhaps with even greater versatility floating on a bubble vasco's shot would wonder if he could get involved instead his fellow captains were willing to hear him out but when he.

Revealed his plan to burn down the entire town so that there would be nowhere left for them to run Pizarro wasn't exactly happy with him I can see why this guy was an impel down so apparently vasco's devil fruit the Glock glug fruit turned him into a booze man yet another really cool concept with tons of potential applications so what.

Do you guys think paramecia or logia type either way for some reason it looks like vasco's nose might have Armament hockey on it from there we'd see perhaps the most Titanic captain of them all the Colossal Battleship San Juan wolf in the midst of sleep a giant that ate the big big fruit Otis decided to push his weird size.

Proportions to the next level here as he rode the Giants floating snot bubbles Vasco was sure that he'd at least do a better job than wolf elsewhere Kobe's plan to act as bait was working as several pirate grunts began eagerly chasing after him exhausted and likely malnourished Kobe soon realized that escaping on foot would be next to.

Impossible but at the very least he insisted on by the others enough time to set sail as he ran Kobe reflected on his prior meeting with Blackbeard himself here the Diabolical tease would wonder what Kobe thinks about his plan to make hashinosu an official country he was even willing to have it be affiliated with the world government so long as he.

Could be its king he loved the sound of the Blackbeard Kingdom however Kobe showed knowing no fear at all we'll point out the Ridiculousness of such a plan according to him the world government would never acknowledge a country of criminals and in a way he's kind of right they definitely didn't pay much attention to alabasta or dressrosa.

But Blackbeard was in too good of a mood to have it be ruined as he'd remind Kobe how rude it is to trample on another person's dreams not to mention the fact that he planned to use Kobe's Life as a bargaining chip against them Kobe wasn't backing down here he believed the world government and navy would sooner collapse than give in to such.

Terroristic demands but even more than that Blackbeard was wasting his time using Kobe as a hostage since he's a member of Sword a mentioned which got the attention of the former Admiral turn pirate kuzan now surprisingly Blackbeard despite his familiarity with things as secretive as the lunarian race had no idea about sword at all kuzan would then.

Explain that if Kobe is serious he'll be of no use to them since members of Sword are Marine means were no longer officially recognized on paper furthermore every member of Sword has officially resigned from the Marines this lets them ignore certain commands and protocols such as engaging against an emperor like Blackbeard without.

Permission since the Navy can always disown them at any point which might just be what kuzan himself is doing a super super secret member of Sword maybe it would be called Hilt or something but wouldn't it be crazy if this fight against Akainu for the fleet Admiral position was just a clever cover-up from the missing leg to the disgrace on his.

Name that would be one bold move either way Blackbeard was quick to understand and could immediately rationalize the actions of certain marines that they had encountered in the past clearly preferring one type over the other but he refused to back down now and at least wanted to see how far this little plan would take them side note did you guys.

Notice that shiryu is here but invisible special conditions or not Blackbeard is a master manipulator and wasn't willing to believe that the world government would write Kobe that easily since he's such a beloved hero to the public even if they don't do as he pleases he'll at least be able to deliver a blow to them one way or another until then they would.

Have Kobe locked up and kept with these slaves to avoid ruining Blackbeard's plan and as he low-level Pirates continues to give Chase Kobe recalled how he gained his freedom to begin with it was perona she was willing to free Kobe if he promised a free Moria from one of the deeper cells so there we go it looks like Moria is still alive but.

Why his devil fruit is pretty damn capable so what's Blackbeard's plan for him we're not really sure yet but despite working together with a pirate here he knew what he needed to do but just then the situation would become even more hectic as reports have come in that three Marines were attacking the port the same port they recently fixed.

Blackbeard's not going to be happy about this at all and apparently these marines were incredibly powerful too now Kobe despite his Newfound Fame as a hero is in some ways still the same Bash full and humble kid we've known since the beginning he stopped himself from believing the Marines were there to save him personally trying not to be too full.

Of himself and the Marines in question for some reason were impervious to gunfire and were easily overwhelming the Pirates as they pushed them back to the town center it was clear that they had some sort of plan in mind hoping to end things one of the Pirates would decapitate the biggest Marine with a clean cut but even after it had rolled.

The same man would begin to reform seconds later away from it the terrified Pirates would wonder if he was made of clay soon coming to the realization that they must be up against a logia user but what's weird about that is that this guy pointed out that the sword attacks stung very very weird for a lokia user but keep watching to understand why that's.

The case and listen things would only get weirder as one of the Pirates would notice and wonder if one of these rounding buildings just moved a concept to ridiculous for His companion to truly acknowledge as anything more than drunken foolishness as they lost track of Kobe's location soon after two Pirates would notice a woman speaking to.

And whipping the side of a building telling it to get a move on this weirdo was getting naughty with a building much of the confusion turning her attention to the two onlookers she was revealed to be rear Admiral kujaku a member of sword that ate the whip whip fruit making her a Tamer woman she's also the granddaughter of vice admiral suru which.

I think is really cool after calling the two men cute she'd urged him to get a bit closer fully prepared to break them in which seemed to both shock and excite them eventually Kobe unfortunately found himself surrounded by these idiot Pirates Who instead of capturing the guy that they were told to decide to sentence him to death by firing squad.

Which honestly reflects poorly on Kobe's observation hockey but as they shot instead of bullets they released flowers one of the Pirates was completely enraptured by their beauty before quickly coming to his senses and wondering what was going on apparently these things are known as gunpowder flowers which immediately caught the.

Attention of Kobe who recognize you flowers and knew his Junior a Woman by the name of hibari was responsible and there she was perched on a rooftop quickly telling her senior to make his way over to her revealed to be a commander and member of Sword hibari is also quite the sun today as she told Kobe not to get the wrong idea instead.

Of being here to save him she insisted that she was here for lunch and just so happened to be in the area when in reality she was begging to go save him with tears in her eyes not too long ago despite her obvious lie by using her flower bullets The Guns of the Pirates will be useful for a while with Kobe secured the operation will be moved to.

Its next phase as hibari spoke with a man by the name of Prince over denden Mushi this is the guy hibari and how mepo were begging to go see Kobe since his rank is vice admiral this guy has more cap on him than the average anime thumbnail apparently he ate these squelch squelch fruit which turned him into a clay man so it looks like those.

Logia guys from earlier we're actually just clay Golems created by Prince gross I feel like paramecia is a safe bet but if you think he's a logia type you better be able to explain it in the comments and to continue one of the most well organized attacks we've ever seen in one piece gross would assess the various situations of the comrades to.

Ensure that everything was in place as the many Pirates remain bewildered by the layout of their newly remodeled Town Center now noticing a blockade of buildings barring their escape elsewhere we'd have tashiki confirm the completion of their preparations as hell mepo urged everyone to hold on for dear life as GARP laughed to himself before his.

Entire ship launched into the air like the Thousand Sunny now if the Shiki is here where is smoker well imma go out on a limb here and say that Oda might just be preparing something big for him we all know how much Oda loves the foreshadow future events with his cover pages like I said earlier this chapter's cover isn't too crazy but that does not.

Stop older ones from being relevant to current events instead way back with chapter 951 Oda had a very strange combination of characters come together for a color spread we've got Luffy Sabo law buggy Rob Lucci Boa Hancock and finally smoker now if you notice each and every one of these characters has received some sort of major Focus post.

Wano except for smoker as a mangaka Oda is not only notorious for these sorts of Easter eggs but also for the fact that he works so far ahead of where the story is currently let me know if you see the vision and what you think might happen with smoker now as this massive Battleship flew overhead nobody including Kobe could believe their eyes.

An unbelievable sight that was made even more alarming by the appearance of a single man standing on top of it try as they might to flee there was no Escape left for these pirates from there it wouldn't be long before this mysterious figure will be recognized as a legendary hero himself as lying of laughter with his arm prepped it was Luffy's.

Grandfather vice admiral GARP as he lets her Pirates scramble like ants under a searing magnifying glass Blackbeard's captains became increasingly serious from there GARP would suddenly Leaf off the face of his Battleship as Conker's hockey began crackling from his fist calling out to the Pirates he'd let them know how stupid it was to kidnap Kobe.

The future of the Marines Kobe could not understand why garpa and the others would go this far just for him as the various Pirates prepare for their final voyage to the afterlife GARP would also add that Kobe is his Irreplaceable Protege this was Galaxy fist a cataclysmic collision between conquerors hockey and the Very Sky itself delivered.

Like a nuclear blast not only has garpin added to the list of conquerors but even at 78 years old old this man is clearly one of the strongest figures in one piece this is yet another chapter of odor revealing the power of His most legendary characters and we haven't even gotten to egghead's war just yet one piece is really killing the game right.

Now this chapter served as an introduction to several characters and their respective devil fruits and abilities which can only mean that Oda is preparing to run a muck with them soon which is way too exciting as always I'm celestevotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.