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Gear 5 Luffy vs Awakened Rob Lucci and CP0! Vegapunk’s Death is Here!? – One Piece Chapter 1062


We are on Egghead proper we know what is going on with vegapunk and we got some big fights coming go go go we opened chapter 1062 with the strides reacting to vague upon threatening introduction last time naturally they are over the moon about it vegapunk is surprised by the reaction perhaps a bit annoyed at the noise but no one picks up on that.

The straw hats have always been a bit socially oblivious Frankie is quick to call her his role model beaming at miss this is not a rescue he tells Vega Punk about his experiences at her hometown lab during the time scam apparently even after two years there was still a ton of stuff he did not understand and so he's excited as hell about this chance to.

Question a legendary scientist Rook is just waking up in that rescuer happy for the save and perhaps hoping to inquire about panties later on Usopp is merely freaking out over the giant robot it is just so huge he's looking forward to showing it to Luffy and Chopper later and Sanji Sanji asanji some things just never.

Change vegapunk has to take a second after all that she is clearly not used to people being such big fans of hers and I guess that's what comes from living on such isolated island in the middle of nowhere yet this gives Robin the opportunity to pour metaphorical cold water on her friends as much as the other crew members can get hyped up our.

Archaeologist is always a voice of reason she knows that this does not fit vegapunk has never been referred to as a woman up until now plus she is far too young vegapunk has been active for many years there is no way this woman could be a legendary scientist and vegapunk doesn't deny it for a second instead she clarifies what is going on here the man.

They are referring to is the main vegapunk the Stellar body she is punk O2 Dr vegapunk Lilith and that is all the explanation she feels like giving our crew instead the good doctor turns to practicalities apparently Egghead Island blows through its research funds like there is no tomorrow as such Lilith will allow the straw hats to leave provided.

They hand over all their valuables first Nami is shocked shocked at someone other than her remember that money exists and wants some she calls them without for the overly cold rescue the scientist is starting to get annoyed by this as she pointed out this was never a rescue Egghead Island's waters are supposed to be dangerous and they usually sink.

Travelers without question and we see why soon enough as Lilith reveals her followers the weaponized sea beasts break through the surface teeth Barrack as it turns out these shark from the last chapter was not a one-off we have seen Mechanical Animals before from vegapunk back on Baltimore there they had been intended as a Workforce it is.

Clear Lilith has improved on The Originals given that she has modified land creatures to breathe freely underwater not to mention she has made them all outrageously huge these Robo Critters are bigger than the Vega Force One which is in turn several times bigger than the Sunny the only one that is really below average is the.

Bulldog on the right and that thing is still as big as a ship imagine how overwhelming it must be for the straw hats to look up at all of them Frankie is still just as awestruck as before why wouldn't he be he's getting to see vegapunk science in action usop however has let his fear take hold even by straw hat standards this is a fairly.

Significant level of danger they almost round thanks to one of these things after all now they are surrounded by a dozen of them Zorro is quiet appraising their situation while Nami and Brook shudder in fear but before things can escalate make a punk takes a phone call Global speaker on her ear unit buzzes to life whoever called her is not happy.

With Willis actions The Voice questions why she insists on looting Travelers ordering her to have some pride as a scientist Lilith doesn't take that line down telling Shaka to keep his opinions to himself his pride is not enough to keep Egghead running they need treasure for that research funds they can spend on more material Shaka points out that.

These are the straw hat Pirates they are the crew of a newly dubbed Emperor they are going to Just Surrender Lilith who just seems to have heard the emperor is even more hyped up Pirates like these must be carrying tons of treasure right is he logical shock of that burst or bubble even if these shrines had treasure Lilith isn't going to be.

Claiming it she can't win this fight she has made a crucial mistake Lilith doesn't know what he's talking about she has the Pirates around it from there observing Shaka points out the swordsman he's well informed identifying Zorro and his Bounty Shaka also notices how calm Zorro is he is in range to take out Lilith if he has to so is Nico Robin.

Lilith protests that they can't do anything against the Seabees but Shaka points out that they don't have to they can just attack her she is outside the Vega Force 1 and the Seabees follow her orders she should have been more cautious stay in her cockpit rather than doing the grand introduction as little notes the other shrides lulled her into.

A false sense of security Sanji and Frankie's over the top simping actually won the day for our crew but rather an attack Zorro is content to talk there is something he wants from megapod if Lois plays nice with the crew they won't have a problem it's not clear what he has in mind yet Luke doesn't have the time to ask Shaka agrees to have the sunny taken.

To Egghead he has an interest in the shria Pirates in this panel we see that he is punk 01 Dr Vega Punk Shaka so yes it's like we just said there are multiple Vega punks before we can dwell on that Revelation however we cut to Luffy's team still in the cave Luffy asked Bonnie about Egghead she sounded familiar with it when she explained it.

To them Luffy wonders if she's been here before Bonnie admits as much she had visited once when she was much younger at the time however it was pretty much just an ordinary lab a regular building with people pursuing science the current crazy state of the island is new to her as well the group walks into the cave while they continue talking heading for.

A ladder that leads into the island proper Luffy wonders why Bonnie came back here she had mentioned having business with Vega punk in the last chapter that question doesn't go over very well Bonnie explains that she is here for answers and that if she doesn't like them she is going to kill vegapunk the mad scientist is the one who turned.

Her dad into a cyborg after all Luffy gasped in awe that sounds awesome Bonnie grimly explains why it is anything but her father lost any sense of self now he is nothing but a living weapon and if there was any doubt we see her thoughts here Bonnie's father is indeed Bartholomew Kuma so yeah Bonnie is a princess what vegapunk did to the former.

Warlord is indeed horrific it's easy to feel for Bonnie here as she tries to hold her tears back the shrides are naturally sympathetic jinbei immediately called it awful Luffy even apologizes for what he said earlier and when Monkey D Luffy realizes that he's been tactless you know the situation is serious so enough though this is all behind the.

Four Pirates they reach the surface and Chopper and luthi are both hyped up the reindeer doctor is just glad to be here but our captain has something more important on his mind food there has to be some around here somewhere but that search is interrupted when the straw hats get a better look at Egghead Island Luffy takes a step back in awe Chopper.

Takes off his hat and appreciation Bonnie and jinbei simply stare at the skyline it is at once glorious and insane this is more like a futuristic city than a laboratory there are Dome buildings that call to mid 50s sci-fi Aesthetics like The Jetsons cartoon one building on the left has a giant NES controller outside above them we see.

Fish swimming under what appears to be a glass Dome it is odd we have had enough exterior views of Egghead to confirm this place should be above sea level is there some kind of giant aquarium above this area a question for later for now dominating the Egghead Skyline we see a giant robot and a dragon ready to square off we told you in our predictions video.

There was going to be a dragon somewhere once again plot armor has you covered jinbei is still trying to process all of this Lucy meanwhile is focusing on the dragon who wants to take it for a ride but it reminds them that they're supposed to be infiltrating this place there are government forces here they can't just go and make a scene there are.

Traps enemies danger Chopper knows better than to stop his captain just giving Luffy a cheery wave and telling her be careful the dragon roar is spitting a gout of flame as Luffy launches himself towards it with a gum gum rocket the dragon looks down at this enthusiastic stranger and bites down swallowing Luffy whole Chopper and.

Bonnie can't believe it Luffy the yonko was eaten just like that but then Luffy just flies through the dragon's closed mouth he hits a building's roof falling to the ground hard his friends went over to check on him Chopper cleared the Smoke by using his hat like a fan thankfully Luffy isn't hurt by this he's used to falling down a great height by.

Now plus you know he's kind of made of rubber still he is as confused as the others he thought he had been eaten and can't explain this before the team can work things out however Bonnie spot something something vital to their mission here a giant parfait just left out for them there are cookies and fruit too a mountain of desserts just waiting.

To be eaten laying around on the ground in the middle of the laboratory complex this might just be the most obvious trap in history Pokemon was making fun of this Trope back in the 90s who would be dumb enough to fall for such blatant bait yeah jinbei tries to warn his friends but these three idiots are the perfect suckers for this trick Luffy.

Chopper and Bonnie all dive into the pile of sweets that they're about to go swimming to the cream and all three fall flat on their faces crashing down hard on these steel floor plates of Egghead Island this gives us a moment of true Unity Luffy Bonnie Chopper they are all enraged by this scowling at the parfaic jinbei just watches trying to work out.

What is going on his friends are trying to investigate the parfait Luffy and Bonnie waved their hands over it while Chopper tries furiously to bite into the non-existent dessert the three don't understand this how can they see food and not eat it Luffy is the first to come to a conclusion they must be ghosts they did all nearly die earlier with the.

Whole drowning thing and the giant mechanical shark perhaps they did die and simply didn't notice he checked his arm trying to confirm if he can pass his hand through his other hand Bonnie however has a more grounded take this parfait must be a hologram she hasn't seen one before but she is familiar with the idea Luffy is angry at the idea that.

This thing is a fake and is not sure what a hologram is he even looks like he's ready to wreck the whole island over this Bonnie explains that it is basically an image made of light there's something you see in sci-fi Comics the explanation does help Luffy calm down starting to put things together he realizes the dragon has to have been a.

Hologram too that's why he went right through it Jim May suggests the robot must be won as well no one could build a thing that big right hard to be sure if he's right it would fit with the other Holograms in this area but we have seen the bigger Force One this robot could be legit too while they ponder that Choppers found something new there is a.

Big device behind the team with a ton of buttons Each of which has a picture of a food Bonnie tells the little reindeer not to get his hopes up everything they've seen on this island has been a sham why should this food machine be any different jinbei has hit on something more important the temperature is strange everything was freezing outside.

We hear an egghead things seem much warmer before you can theorize about why that is however a helpful stranger arrives to explain she looks like a gigantic child with curly split colored hair and a jet pack on her back more bizarrely she's also sporting sheep's ears the Shoto Todoroki hairstyle is one thing but it's clear this little lady.

Isn't entirely human this new arrival who has Punk on her outfit is happy to confirm jinbe's thoughts the temperature here is set to Tropical thanks to our Island aircon invention it even keeps the soil warm allow them to grow plants that wouldn't normally be viable in this climate Luffy sees the gigantic child and is down to punch her he's still a.

Bit confused but this thing is as big as kaido it has to be another hollow hollow whatever like the one that tricked him into thinking it was food he hits the new rival right in the stomach to prove it unfortunately his fist lands and this new Punk isn't happy about the unsolicited violence she kicks Luffy with one of those Hefty steel boots.

Followed up with a slap this newer rifle is strong enough to knock Luffy back he falls against the food machine trying to apologize thankfully he got knocked into one of those food buttons the machine starts to activate beeping happily as it dispenses a slice of bread a dollop of sauce Luffy and his friends watches a meal as a symbol right in front of them.

Piece by piece a quarter pounder burger fries and a refreshing cup of Vega Cola because even a scientific genius needs an on-point branding game Bonnie picks up the Vega meal and it is real the three Pirates aren't sure who made it but don't really care their Overjoyed to finally have food they start chowing down on the first meal and it is as.

Tasty as these gluttons would want soon enough they are trying out the other buttons this device can make all kinds of food steak omelette rice cotton candy cake Ramen in fried chicken hot dogs these three are like kids having an elevator party hitting every button they can soon enough they have a feast laid out for.

Them the giant Punk comes down a fish satisfies these three scenes to respect her work this is her unmanned cooking device our new inventor starts to get a little angry as she talks about it she is proud of her creation this machine can make 500 unique dishes in under a minute all it needs is the raw ingredients however this thing can be.

Mass produced they haven't been able to find competent Engineers who can replicate the blueprints and going off of what Vega Punk Lilith said earlier that's a problem if a device can't be reproduced Egghead Island cannot profit off of it no research funds are coming out of the automatic food machine and so on some levels it is a failure the.

Little punk is furious at this outcome she hits her jet pack taking to the sky and punching the dragon right in the jaw for a seeming kid she's got one hell of a left hook she keeps venting to her new friends the Island's air conditioning is in the same situation it's got a ton of potential it can monitor living creatures it contain the weather they.

Just need a bit more money to get it down there are endless ideas on a cat Island but not of resources to make all of them real Bonnie looks up from her food to realize that this kid just did something that they couldn't she punched a hologram sheep Punk explains that it is due to her photonic gloves and if the invention that lets her interact.

Physically with light a new Hollow figure Fizzles into life a girl with p28 on her top she gives a giant girl a high five as the scientist explains something is only real if you can perceive it but she can touch light that makes what is real a bit more complicated for her she can physically interact with all these dreams and possibilities Luffy doesn't.

Get it our captain is a simple Soul after all he asked if p28 is not real like the other Holograms she Punk clearly takes his question extremely seriously that's an old question and one everyone has to decide for themselves however she considers the matter settled that's good enough for Luffy and Bonnie neither of whom care too much and are.

Happy with their very real food jinbei however has been following more closely he asks the stranger who she is and raising her fists the young sheep girl proclaims herself a scientific genius For Hire she too is Dr vegapunk and thanks to a convenient caption we see that this is punk 06 Dr vegapunk Atlas that Revelation makes Bonnie swallow her.

Food as far as she's concerned this is an outright lie she has met Vega Punk she was a kid back then but her memory is decent this little brat couldn't possibly be him Luffy and Chopper however are far more awestruck they try not to spit out their food in shock Luffy mentions Kobe having told him about being a punk way back in water 7.

He knows that the good doctor is a big deal though he has seemingly forgotten what Bonnie just told him about Kuma still cut Luffy a break it's hard for him to associate evil and gave me food here however is where we get some clarification of what exactly is going on with vegapunk we cut to the oceans where we see a world government ship.

Sailing to turbulent Waters aboard we find some familiar faces seducy Rob Lucci and Kaku the three members of Cipher pole are now sporting the white outfits of Egypt zero not needing any disguises here Kaku ever diligent is trying to explain what the deal is here to Luchi Vega Punk is technically a single individual however he is.

Extremely busy he has an endless supply of ideas and only so much time to work on them one man can only be in one place at a time hence vegapunk's idea he split himself up into six people Kaku has even brought a convenient chart to explain it we have the original Dr vegapunk the one earlier referred to as the Stellar body that would be Vega Punk double o or Dr.

Vegapunk on this diagram but there are six satellite Vega punks too each one has a number a name and a trait we know of punk01 Shaka who is associated with knowledge Punk O2 Lilith whose trait is evil so hence the rudeness we also know Punk zero six Atlas whose trait is wrath though kaku's chart labels her as punk05 clearly spandam was the one who made the.

Diagram that leaves us with three additional Vega punks to meet Punk 03 Edison who is the Flair of this family Punk 04 Pythagoras who is tied to wisdom and punk 05 York who's listed as desire and when they come together alongside their father they give us the Six Paths of punk however they aren't the ones invading a village at the moment instead.

That is Lucci and his cp0 Pals Rob comments that this all sounds impossible to him still he can buy it Geniuses are a pain to deal with Kaku gets back to the plan cp0's Mission here is simple they are going to kill vegapunk all of them they're going to have to be careful not to damage any of the valuable equipment on naked island but that is.

The one limitation they also have backup in the form of their own seraphim this one looks like Kuma though unlike the two that attack Amazon Lily it is not a child stupid cp0 have clearly mucked up the design here this seraphim is far less cute and marketable than those past designs but he gives them the perfect excuse for infiltration they can return.

This difficult seraphim to Egghead for maintenance that gets he three assassins onto the island in Prime position to take down all seven Vega punks interestingly Luchi isn't all that excited about this Mission I mean he's never excited he's Rob Lucci but he's actually questioning the assignment here as he points out being a punk is the.

Most useful man in the world killing him seems like an unusual decision for the world government why get rid of the man who gave you the power to pass through the calm belt Luchi speculates that it may have something to do with the destruction of La Lucia whatever's going on it seems like their superiors want to keep some Dark Secret Under Wraps.

However Kaku and stusi aren't in the mood for questions they are professionals here to do a job not to think it through stucy snarks that someone with Lucci's instincts should know better than to have some doubts about an assignment Kaku agrees employing the leopard man not to get them into any trouble we left the seat.

In the times ahead if Rob can be good on that we now know the basic setup for Egghead Island Vega pug Mixie straw hats talking to them all friendly like meanwhile cp0 shows up to try and kill the legendary scientist it's quite possible that we were going to get Luffy versus Rob Luchi round two and at this point if Rob Lucci is upgraded from cp9.

To cp0 I would like to think that he may have awakened his devil fruit as well so let's now sleep on him entirely but how will the Marines nearby play into this will Bonnie be able to fight the kuma seraphim throughout your predictions in the comments down below as always I'm slash otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.