This is an emotion! This is the sea in one plate… I need a fork! I wantto taste it, where's the fork? That was good catch. Mmm! Hi lovely people,let me show you how to do a simple recipe, cockles and mussels, called vongole, withlinguine. It's so easy, so beautiful, so tasty! First of all you need a couplecloves of garlic, crush them a little bit, that'll get all the lovely flavour out. And thenyou slice it. But why it's so big, the slice? Perhaps because you like the flavour of garlicbut you don't like the texture, this way you can always remove it. You're gonna chilli, a drychilli. Sometimes chilli can be so strong. Just bang it on top, olive oil in a pan,blended olive oil. Garlic and chilli.

How simple is this? Let's cook it. This is soquick. First of all I'm gonna put some salt in water and lovely linguine straight in. Beautiful.Let's cover it for a minute and the same time the garlic and the chilli, let it cook a littlebit. I've got the cockles and the mussels here, look how fresh they are look. The mussels all haveto be alive which I've checked every single one. You can check if they open a little bit youjust move it around and they all close it. The mussels the cockles as well, lovely, soclean which I've already prepared it. Now you have everything inside. Fantastico! Move thema little bit. At this stage don't put any salt inside because cockles and mussels they come fromthe sea, they already have that liquid salt which is wonderful. The pasta is screaming nicely.Now I'm gonna put inside half a glass of wine.

And half a glass of water,and full of chopped parsley. Cover and shake 'em a little bit. I removethe griddle you can see, because I need a very strong heat, right to make sure they openup properly. They start to open look at that! Oh yes. My god. Now those they're done,you don't have to overcook so I remove it. And in a pan you can see I'vegot a little colander there. Just drain everything. Fantasticlook the way they all open. We let it cool down a little bitand you will start to remove it, the shells you can actually use as a tong. Don't put them straight inside as well.Cockles, it's just got to be a few minutes,.

Not much. Oh yes, look at this chilli, it'llgive a lovely flavour so I'll leave them inside, you don't have to remove the shells but I want toremove it because I'm gonna cook the pasta inside this beautiful broth and then I will last-minuteI will put the cockles and the mussels on top because I don't want it overcooked. There we golook at me while I do it, oh yes. You could see it bubbling. Now let's put it, this pasta. Thisis al dente which I'm going to finish inside. Oh my goodness me, all the linguinethey sucked it up all the lovely juice, and the chilli's still there! I need to taste this sorry I need to tasteit, just a little bit! With a mussel. Oh my God. Chilli so hot! Right at thisstage remove the chilli. Get the mussels and.

Everything else you can see look they're allhere I left some more. Just stir them a bit. Oh yes. I'm gonna put a knob of butter to creamit up a little bit. You need a quite high heat because you want the juice of the mussels thatcooked up and the pasta that sucks everything up. Oh my goodness me this is what I'm talkingabout, perfectly cooked, beautiful. Juice of cockle and mussels. It's the flavour of the seainside here, let's plate it. Look at this. Oh my goodness me look at this, look at that creamy!Alright this is what I'm talking about. Oh yes. Mussels and cockle right on top. Fantastico. Oh my god. This is an emotion! This is the sea in one plate, Iwant to taste it! Just for now.

Oh my god. If somebody make better, I don't want to know. Arrivederci, try to make it it'squite easy, it's simple it's nice! Mm!


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