When I do my pizza it means Italy.Territory, history, flavour, people, culture. And everything else. Mozzarella, basil, parmesan! Hi lovely people! It is pizza time. What pizza?Pizza margherita, in a wood-fired oven! First of all, if you want to see how to make the doughjust click on the link. But now let's do the pizza. Lovely dough on the table just presson the middle. Just lift him up and slowly, slowly, let it go down. Beauty. Now do youwant to see me put them on the air? Yes? No, that is a play I'll make the proper one myself!Turn them around again. You see you let the professional pizza people do all those, they'reunbelievable, but I'm a cook. Look you spread it, you pull it, this is the way. Oh my goodnessme. Right, I make with big lips, I love it..

Just a little bit of olive oil make sure it'snice and extra virgin olive oil. Inside, lovely passata. Ah yes. Look at this, oh my goodness me.And then you spread it, good. A little salt, just a little bit salt. Mozzarella, you can cut youcan chop you can do anything. Plenty mozzarella, plenty, plenty. You can see how simple andeasy. Then I get some basil, basiiil! Oh yes. Just tear it, a nice little bit. Oh I forgot!But don't worry, still in time – parmesan. Big grating of parmesan I love parmesan. And let's finish off again with some more basil, okay. Again another littlebit of extra virgin olive oil. Get a pallet. Look at the way I'm holding.

Because you need somebody tohelp me I don't have anyone, ah! Let me clean a little bit. I'm gonna do 'em again. There it goes. This is not the large pizzathis is a small pizza full of love and passion. Slowly slowly slowly… It is going to go right inside there. My god that was good! I need to turn it. Oh look at this, this is magnificent! Again… oh my gosh! I want to turn them a little bit more. Look atthat thick pizza! One, two, three is done…

George oh yeah, ohhh my my. Wow, here itis, look at that. Perfectly cooked look underneath there! Oh my goodness me! Lovely andthick like the neapolitan pizza with big lips. Oh my god, to be or not to be to eat ornot to eat, what shall I do. I eat it! Look at that look! This is what I'm talkingabout. Like a wallet you close 'em like that. Buon appetito. Happy every day with pizza. When I do mypizza it means Italy, territory, history, flavour, people, culture… and everythingelse. Mozzarella, basil, parmesan! Yeah. Oh my god why I'm cooking so good! Why?Sorry, arrivederci, I take this one with me.