Spicy Mexican eggs this is a very classic Mexican style brunch dish bold Kick-Ass flavors slice the chili seeds in garlic sliced nice and thinly tablespoon of olive oil I'm a big fan of brunches and if you get it right a great brunch you can see you're right through to dinner now to.

Start the sort of spicy fragrant tomato sauce get your cumin in there garlic chili roasted cumin red onions already sounds Mexican once that starts getting really nice and crispy in with your tomatoes never embarrassed using good canned tomatoes I do it all the time cooking at home.

Now by reducing that sort of come down to a delicious paste leave that to simmer next canned beans called black beans these are authentically Mexican but cannellini beans or chickpeas will work just fine just rinse them a little bit of water that is beautiful turn off the gas and.

Just let it absorb leaving the dense beans to luxuriate in the spicy tomato sauce will allow them to soften and soak up all the flavor next oil and season and oven proof dish for my spicy egg crunch to baking I'll just get some of that oil around the outside take your corn tortillas slice them in.

Half and then just stick them to the side these are a staple in Mexico take one replace that in the center get your mix and place that on top of the tortilla spread that out nice and smoothly lift up those little flaps I want that crisp shell on the outside.

Now your eggs and cheese get the base of the egg and just make a little hole in there and then crack the egg into the again use a little point put your egg in there one two three four five and one in the middle.

Gently crack and get the egg to sit inside almost like it's a little dug out and then one for the center get a really nice rich delicious strong Montgomery cheddar I want a grape the tortilla shell as well so get generous with it on the top and we'll season that with these little babies little chili flakes they're my little.

Secret weapon and they're going to spice up that egg which is salt such a pepper sit that in the oven to bake for eight to ten minutes and 180. that smells incredible just a little bit of coriander to finish.

It off and that for me is what brunch is all about let's go a fantastic fiery brunch to get your party started spicy Mexican eggs in a crispy tortilla shell mouth-watering Smoky pulled pork with a spicy chipotle mayonnaise.

That is the most amazing pork butt that's the way that's away now this is incredible there's the shoulder yeah and look there's the shoulder blade if you go through here there's a knuckle there that's connecting the top and that's why it's called a butt the slow you cook it the more juice it is and it's great for big parties because you just come along.

And get your fork and shred it a delicious Smoky mayonnaise and in a way onions into half and half again okay I'm Gonna Leave the roots on okay because I want this to sit underneath the pool it gives a chance to cook evenly it doesn't get dry on the bottom really important okay now I'll peel the garlic okay I'd like you to crush the garlic.

We're going to make a really nice little paste okay come on come on come on nice good girl one more Crush come on biggie okay cut there now this there's a beauty.

Paprika smoke paprika I love it so three nice tablespoons in okay two large tablespoons of brown sugar salt please and pepper good girl so I'm going to form a nice paste now olive oil in.

Mix that some thyme in there so we got a sort of fragrant rub time stalks underneath so that's even more flavor going on the bottom pour that all over it now this is where you've got to be really quick.

Okay sort of rub that massage it in almost that's exactly that smells amazing we'll see let's drizzle a little touch of olive oil on top of that for me keep the pork nice and moist lovely like some of the best party dishes the marinating the pork shoulder.

Can be done days in advance so if I was doing this for a Sunday and start marinating Thursday Friday so it gets even tastier right it's quite easy as well to make it's very easy five and a half to six hours in the oven at 140. while our pork butt slowly roasts Meg and I are gonna pimp some shop bought mayonnaise.

I don't like just plain mayonnaise there's so many things you can twist yeah there's so many things so many exciting you can do with it right salt pepper and a little touch of Honey sweetness yeah sweetness but there's some heat coming okay and I've got a little bit of you.

Know this Chipotle smoked Chipotle paste I love that once you've made this dressing you know it can sit in the fridge great for open sandwiches yeah you can use it for any sandwiches really any sandwiches but goes brilliantly well with pork now just have a little taste I've never had this before it's so good a nice spoon of mustard.

that's a nice spicy mayonnaise after five and a half hours in the oven our pork is nearly ready just time to knock up a couple of tried and tested party favorites first deliciously simple cheesy crushed potatoes cut potatoes into even chunks and submerge in salted boiling water skins and all.

Meanwhile finally diced sweet pickled gherkins or cornichons trim and finely chop spring onions and Grate some nutty gruya cheese when the potatoes are cooked through drain roughly crush and add your spring onions and gherkins season to taste and gently combined before a final sprinkling of grated.

Greer potatoes are equally delicious served hot or cold now I want something sort of raw like a slaw something quite refreshing yeah so I'm going to make a really nice fresh broccoli salad now these are called florets that's the best part of the broccoli okay the bit everybody wants.

Once they're off I'm going to slice the broccoli okay never had raw broccoli before it's always been cooked when you dress this with the dressing it's incredible now little Seasons early on yeah okay now for the dressing fresh yogurt in teaspoon of sugar please die a little small.

Cider vinegar there you go finely chopped it up in with the broccoli so delicious roasted almonds into the broccoli carrots I love them that gives that nice sort of chewy texture right lift up your bowl please nice and gently half of that in the middle please thank.

You and stop and then mix that up with me take care a little taste so good and it's a kind of salad that doesn't Wilt a couple of hours later it's still crunchy because the broccoli's raw raw broccoli salad Chipotle now let me get a pork out for.

This look at this Megan honestly that is amazing it's beautiful that is incredible now that goes to the table like that a delicious I have a tiny bit just before we go to the table just a little bit honestly don't tell mum thank you.

I'm gonna do it now so yeah you promised me you don't give the recipe to your boyfriend let's go this is my ultimate easy party dinner melt in your mouth slow cooked Smoky pulled pork with a spicy chipoli mayonnaise I'm quick simple size of crushed cheesy.

Potatoes and a light and healthy broccoli slaw deliciously yummy dishes that will have your family friends and work buddies coming back for more the perfect side dish for my fantastic Fried Chicken Jack hi mate gonna help with some piglet please oh definitely no you love pickles right love pickles um favorite pickle.

What is it I like pickled onions we're gonna do pickled celery it's a nice little snack and great for plowman's great for salads first thing I'm going to pick the celery for me so you see where the next one's going to be it's in there yeah okay I'll figure one I'm hungry today is this all we're having for dinner Jack come on I wouldn't do.

That too you know that there's more coming now because we're picking it we want to sort of make it look a little bit more attractive so we go around like that okay on an angle so when you pick all the food does it does it preserve it that's exactly what it does but also it gives it a really nice salty soury flavor yeah okay now a splash of water.

And then with the sugar okay so we've got to bring that up to the ball get this little crate almost like a little syrup yeah okay A little teaspoon of Peppercorns in mustard seeds in quite generous on the mustard seeds that gives a bit of sort of spice now those you must know.

Clothes excellent clothes in now Touch of salt in there okay so from there white wine vinegar now in order for all that to actually pickle you need to boil it so by boiling it okay it brings all the ingredients together it chooses all the spices and helps cook the celery have a little.

Taste see I put some hands on your chest yes it will look boom it's working already now see hmm nice all right celery is ready yep yep okay let's go up to the ball now yeah turn that off now from there.

Start placing the celery into that jar so when you pick one other foods can you use that same recipe exactly that 100 percent once it's pickled it doesn't really go off okay now put them in there so can we eat this straight away when it's in here do you know what as soon as it's cooled down.

You can definitely eat that straight away can't wait to dig into it didn't it only delicious yes we'll leave that to cool down our pickles are ready and cooling now to marinate the chicken on the Fried Chicken traditionally it's always going to be done with the dark meat the brown meat so you've got that nice sort of drum here and this bit that.

Thigh cooking on the bone as well keeps it even more moist so first things first Salt and Pepper please buttermilk in it's brilliant for marinating the chicken if you can put this buttermilk over your chicken the night before the more it tenderizes the chicken and starts to sort of really relax the chicken and puts a really nice.

Sort of creamy soury flavor in there so I might stick that in the fridge first please and we'll start the dolce de leche biscuits call these shortbreads Alpha Jorge and they're the favorite sweet treat on the streets of Buenos Aires they're light crumbly shortbread biscuits sandwiched with gloriously golden cowly dolce de.

Leche sauce for the shortbread beat together softened butter granulated sugar and beat until light and fluffy add one egg sliced vanilla pods grape other seeds add to the mix and.

Beat again sift plain flour corn flour and baking powder then fold the mixture together using floured hands roll into small balls flatten into discs and place on a baking tray.

Chill for 10 minutes until firm to touch then simply bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until pale golden once cooled sandwich two biscuits together with a calmly dolce de leche sauce finish with a dusting of icing sugar my dessert and pickles are ready the.

Buttermilk should have worked its magic on the chicken all that's left is to fry it now we're gonna roll the chicken out of the buttermilk into the flour so that's why it's nice and crispy and blistery on the outside Okay cool so what we've got to make sure because the flour is the last coat yes this is nicely seasoned.

Yeah okay so salt and pepper in there nice and this is smoked paprika so that gives a little bit of sort of uh maybe it's yeah a little bit Yeah spice let's try a little bit of heat and this one my favorites what's that cayenne pepper that's right again slightly spicy but the heat works brilliantly well.

Garlic powder traditionally I used a lot in the steaks onion powder garlic powder just run your fingers through that please cool I want to get the pan on now two centimeters of oil this is a really good mix for fish as well goujons biting a nice spicy texture helps fish so first thing is we just shake off some of the buttermilk.

Lay that down yeah okay really important to get them covered completely okay in the flour yeah okay so but I love fried chicken do you now lift that up there first one and you place it in there away from you nice and gently okay and lay away good.

If any stage you think the oil is getting too hot yeah just add a touch of cold oil in there yeah or turn off the gas good gently fry the chicken for 25 to 30 minutes or until cooked through now very carefully turn them over please yeah every day Jack Fried Chicken every day no definitely not it's a treat and it's.

Shallow fried so once every three weeks yeah sounds great to me yeah now offer the gas okay yeah paper ready okay onto the paper seven oh nice I love fried chicken pretty sure I love it look here's the best bit delicious now Fried Chicken.

Pickles if you pick up um Dolton electric cakes we are ready bud very nice let's go delicious mom Divine dolce de leche biscuits my pickled celery and buttermilk fried chicken A Soulful street food Feast if there ever was one