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Guys this latest chapter of one punch man was downright breathtaking with some absolutely monumental developments that will without a shadow of a doubt be major for the future of the series it is a very exciting time to be a fan of one punch man so if you'd like to see more opm content from us be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on your.

Support lately has been mind-blowing so we'll be sure to continue doing our best to bring you the best content we can with the previous chapter king was faced by the many threat level dragon adversaries present on the battlefield an unmoving king being a rather unsettling thing indeed for these monsters as they had absolutely no idea.

How he fought at all and rumor had it that king could make monsters lose consciousness without even touching them and so they simply could not afford to let their guard down homeless emperor would then decide to test king seeing how he'd do against evading his attacks as just before he was able to launch that attack king would stop him and.

Question if he hadn't noticed it yet then telling homeless to look under his feet a sentiment that immediately placed fear into the heart of homeless followed by a rush of confusion which would be responded to by king as according to him the rebel homeless was standing on looked to be pretty unstable and so he figured he should let him know in turn.

Homeless would begin to panic now reading between the lines it surmised that what king truly meant was that he'd be able to not only dodge a spear but make it to him in an instant and so there was no way he'd be able to escape given the state of the ground supporting him homeless was absolutely shaking and quaking king was far too perceptive.

Homeless now believing himself to have discovered the real king would now vow to make it clear to everyone else as well a sentiment which made king wonder if homeless knew that he was just a regular guy which as a result made him panic only managing to express the words just a regular human which made homeless even more nervous as he believed king.

Knew his secret that beyond his light powers in reality he was pretty much on par with the physicality of an average human a truth he absolutely could not allow to get out given the nature of his peers and so he'd attempt to strike in silence king before emerging from below it was zombie man who'd now apprehended homeless and homeless couldn't exactly.

Retaliate as to do so would mean the simultaneous bombardment of himself the black s's would not come to his aid either as they again could not afford to give king any opportunity to get the better of them they've come to the conclusion that king was looking down on them like a bunch of pesky insects and nothing more and so a rage would.

Well up in their collective soul as they wanted nothing more than to kill him meanwhile child emperor expected king to pretty much go super saiyan and annihilate all the monsters in one fell swoop a sentiment only furthered by the sudden fusion of every black s and goldness a combination of 54 trillion in the meanwhile metal bat would kill.

Off the 100 or so stragglers with it now being expressed at once fused the s's can no longer separate making this a simultaneous end of countless lives as well as a birth of the one true them prisoner managed to rescue genos and tatsumaki as finally the entity would triumphantly emerge this was platinum s with this latest chapter we open up to a.

Very cute shot of a librarian tatsumaki welcoming us to the garden of knowledge and superpowers to begin we would firstly have the continuation of our matchup between garo and bang as the forbidden technique has now more accurately been translated to be exploding heart release fist which certainly has a more sinister ring to it.

The two would firmly plant themselves in opposition to one another as it exchanged staggering blows one that bang seemed to suffer the most from with this we'd receive a more in-depth explanation as to why this forbidden technique was so fearsome as it allows one to momentarily surpass the limitations of their body by causing their heart to.

Explosively pulse in coordination with each and every punch a technique with such devastating offensive capabilities that not even the greatest defensive martial arts technique in the hands of its creator could effectively dismiss its damage as the shock waves were beginning to add up against bang garo would go in for a kick as bang.

Would leap and grapple him from behind much to his brother's surprise bang would now reassume the position of a strict master and readjust his stance at his former pupil now questioning if he truly believed he could utilize the power of the water stream in such a state garo would sweep his leg back towards bang yet again as bang would.

Once more leap and this time reap elgara with a kick of his own now calling him a foolish novice as just then garo would be sure to exemplify his expertise this was the whirlwind water stream a master technique we had previously seen bang and bomb used together against elder centipede and so now the two simply could not believe their eyes bang.

Would immediately do his best to repel the onslaught a fallout so massive that a wandering ugly would notice and begin to smile wickedly bang was struggling to keep up previously he and his brother only barely managed to pull the move off together yet here gara was able to do so by his lonesome with shockwaves so violent that they even turned the nearby.

Debris into dust bang would question if this was the power of monsterization as if he were to even sustain a single hit the shockwaves would overwhelm him and subsequently break each and every bone in his body but despite the odds bang refused to back down he was intent on facing his former student head on as this was the.

Entire reason he'd come to the battlefield in the first place as boom in such epic fashion these gladiatorial figures of peak martial arts would exchange one final time as a fist of bang had been firmly placed onto the mug of this dragon level disciple as just then.

Shock waves would ripple throughout bank's body he had been grazed blood would spew from several of his wounds and orifices as bang would begin to fall expressing that he couldn't manage to do it in quite as cool a fashion as his elder brother had as part of garu's hardened exterior would break off and fall off as master bang now.

Defeated would collapse meanwhile masagaro would begin trembling shaking and holding onto his head as from behind now looming over bang's unconscious body it was ugly we would then make our way back to the other heroes as platinum s was in the midst of emerging as far as zombie was concerned such a combination attempt was an exercise in futility as.

They were facing king however an apprehended homeless emperor would wonder about that as to him king was being cautious and observant what's more is that a single black s could easily defeat an a-class hero making the power of one comprised of 54 trillion and unimaginable power then bluffing by saying that they still wouldn't be more.

Powerful than himself however offering zombie man an opportunity to release him however zombie man had no intentions of killing him just yet as he had plenty of questions to ask that once king was done it was over for him as they wanted to know all about his power as if his story was to be believed that the hero association would need to be prepared.

For whomever or whatever was pulling these strings behind the scenes homeless would then look to the moon which if you remember was scarred by saitama and questioned if zombie man wanted to know about god as just then god would speak.

Silence i'm taking them back from there we would begin to receive manga panels colored by murata himself as again the moon was overhead in all its luminescent glory as now reaching from its dark side would be a single hand then further outstretching as soon the entire body would be in clear view.

From this point god would arise atop the moon homeless was now more fearful than ever even more so than when faced by king he was absolutely horrified and was definitely soiling himself a zombie man would wonder what was wrong with him as just then morata would bring tears to the eyes of readers everywhere with his.

Art alone as this was god in the most horrifyingly divine sense in all his glory under blue sky amidst an unending sea of vibrant hills saturated with flowers of varying sorts with a nude homeless gazing in awe god would speak once more your power.

Your life as homeless will begin to scream in horror they are both forfeit as god would instantly claim the villain's life with his flesh now dissolving with his final words being god.

Zombie man was in disbelief homeless emperor was dead it was clear to him that some outside force was to blame for this going on to only further his belief that there was something granting homeless his power as overhead the moon was now unaccompanied and that was the chapter absolutely unreal.

My goodness to be receiving one punch man chapters with such frequency lately is a blessing all its own but to receive content like this is jaw dropping maratha is easily one of the greatest manga artists of all time and with chapters like this it certainly cannot be understated but beyond the art god has emerged and there.

Is nothing more unsettling than that the next stage of challenges in this series are bound to be unreal but despite the insanity of all that let us not overlook the major feat of garo within this chapter he may very well be the greatest martial artist in the world at this point and has definitely surpassed bang who in terms of power at least according.

To us here at plot armor is a top five hero and it would seem as though more is happening to him as we speak there is also the true power of platinum s for us to look forward to so yeah a lot is going on with this series right now and i hope that you'll be here with us to enjoy each and every moment of this incredible series and you can certainly.

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