Alright so i for one am certainly a fan of the latest developments to come to the dragon ball super manga as it currently stands this granola arc as we'll refer to it for the time being looks to be providing the series with some rather fascinating concepts chief among them to me being the further development.

Of prince vegeta now as i've come to notice with the dragon ball super series as a whole there seems to be an increased effort to satiate vegeta fans and or keep him in contention with goku no longer does it feel like he is always leaps and bounds behind as these days it usually just comes down.

To the final blow being that of goku's as with him being the main character he is provided superior focus which is to be expected beginning with the tournament of power goku would explore the power of ultra instinct an incredible technique which somewhat defies the bounds of mortality.

Making it inherently difficult to keep up with and now that goku may freely use the power at will vegeta is certainly due for an upgrade one which lord beerus aims to bestow in the form of signature god of destruction techniques an.

Incredibly fascinating development considering ultra instinct is the technique of the angels now something that has really helped public perception of vegeta's growth has been the fact that he has carved his own path even when goku reaches further heights and paves the way towards new abilities.

Vegeta now finds and claims his own a point made expressively clear with his training on planet yardrat this was a feat goku had accomplished all the way back during the android saga yet vegeta went about it rather differently ultimately yes he does possess the ability to use.

Instant transmission what is considered to be a rather rudimentary technique but refuses to use it outright in defiance of goku's influence instead his spiritual control is just far superior allowing for the use of spirit fission a rather forceful technique that is the bane of all absorption.

And based powers as vegeta can simply take that power away from them this is by and large one of the most devastating abilities in the entire series as it is not simply removal based such energy may be reallocated and redistributed as he so chooses.

Posing to simultaneously drain his opponent and empower himself however admittedly reduction would be the more likely of the two on account of his sometimes debilitating pride this high level of energy manipulation allows for even the most minor of key emissions.

To be absurdly powerful and or sizable and if done swiftly enough has the potential to be regenerative of life itself and in addition to everything else this power may be used either in melee or at a range it is just insane but be that as it may it's simply not.

Enough to remain in league with the ever evasive capabilities and uncanny damage provided by ultra instinct mastery however what beerus hopes vegeta will be able to possess is an unbelievable power we have seen white beings from existence.

And obliterate whole planets in an instant what is as told by beerus to be just the tip of the iceberg this is really exciting stuff but at the same time i have to wonder the intent behind all this the position of god of destruction may.

At first come across as sinister or malicious but as we've come to know it is merely a necessary force as where there exists creation there must also be destruction i mean consider the name of vegeta's signature big bang attack whis and beerus aren't opposed to the notion of goku and vegeta.

Becoming gods of destruction at all in fact we know this sort of preparation to be a typical rite of passage as displayed by toppo of the pride troopers you see unlike their divine guides or counterparts angels or supreme kaioshin gods of destruction may be.

Any manner of formerly mortal being however certain questions may be proposed therefore in regards to lifespan and the like angels are immortal and kaioshin may live for tens of thousands of years unabated so does one's life expectancy increase.

Upon being deemed a god obstruction or do they simply remain mortal in that regard the finding of a successor doesn't exactly seem to be a pressing matter for the likes of beerus but rather an accepted fascination so i wonder now when it comes to goku perhaps he.

Is making use of an inherently angelic technique but be that as it may we also know ultra instinct to be a power bestowed onto gods of destruction through tutelage and so the path is his to walk as well it's not like he'll be an angel instead and so unfortunately this may perhaps be one of those instances.

Where vegeta's pride is debilitating as we know goku isn't nearly as picky and would gladly soak up god of destruction and ultra instinct techniques all the same i mean we have literally seen him attempt it against the nefarious zamasu and see pretty fruitful results prior to interruption.

This is a very very peculiar point of progression for these two characters that i'm sure we'll all have our eyes on for the foreseeable future and hopefully you see plot armor in your future enough to subscribe to the channel with notifications on over on twitter.

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As well because when it comes to bringing you some of the best dragon ball super content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.