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Gojo vs Sukuna Destroys The Earth!? What If The Greatest Sorcerers Fought? – Jujutsu Kaisen


Jiu jitsu kaisen has dozens of sorcerers with insane otherworldly powers that i'd be terrified to get into a fight with but then there are two entities that stand out from the pack two of the most feared yet well-renowned jiu-jitsu sorcerers in the manga or saturday gojo the strongest sorcerer alive according to almost anybody and ryoman tsukuna the.

King of curses these two have been established as incredibly strong fighters in the beginning of the series and they serve as a solid point of reference for what a strong introduced to sorcerer looks like in battle both of them have had several chances to show off their battle prowess but never against someone that was quite on their.

Level and so we here at plot armor want to know what would a fight between two of the most powerful sorcerers in existence look like and more importantly who would come out on top so today we're going to be exploring what would happen if or perhaps when gojo and sakuna get into an all-out brawl context before getting into the hypothetical battle of.

The century there is an important question that must be answered why exactly are gojo and sukuna considered to be some of the most powerful figures in the history of the jutsu world saturnogojo was born into one of the three leading clans in jiu-jitsu society he is the first member of the gojo clan to inherit both the limitless and sick.

Size techniques in 400 years this basically set him up to be one of the most well-known sorcerers of his time even without the tireless training to hone his skills limitless is the technique inherent to the gojo clan it essentially grants user the ability to manipulate time and space this technique has three components to it the neutral.

Infinity is what keeps attack from hitting the user or neutralizes an opponent's technique curse technique lapse blue increases the output of curse energy to the point where it can implode an opponent's body with a direct hit and curse technique reversal red his like the name suggests a reversal of infinity and allows the user to repel attacks.

Away would double the curse energy output of blue while the technique in its many forms are powerful enough on their own the amount of curse energy required to use any form of limitless makes it difficult to handle gojo's secret weapon is the six eyes an even more rare inherited technique in the gojo clan it is so rare and so powerful.

That kenjaku has spent centuries trying to eliminate those that have the power six odds doesn't just make gojo look like a furby as well grant him a nearly infinite amount of cursed energy it also allows him to see the flow of curse energy and gives him an insane range of vision this basically means he can perceive literally everything anywhere.

At any given moment but perhaps the most terrifying thing about gojo is is the main expansion a limited void speaking of everything everywhere and all at once someone stuck in unlimited void is bombarded with non-stop information and stimuli for as long as it is activated this leaves the victim catatonic once released regardless of how long gojo has.

Activated the domain it is nigh impossible to let anything get passed up to the gojo it's equally as difficult to leave a fight with him unscathed much like gojo sukuna has a pretty infamous origin story as a human he was one of the most feared sorcerers in heian era japan known as the golden age of jiujutsu outside the fact that he was a.

Killing machine the only knowledge about human sakuna was that he had enough curse energy to classify him as a special great sorcerer by modern jiu jitsu standards this is why he became a cursed spirit when he died however compared to riko orimoto the queen of curses was brought back with immense love sakuna's cursed energy is seeked in.

Negative vibes as a curse we haven't seen much of sukuna in terms of his curse technique most of his fights have been purely physical and with only an infinitesimal portion of his power three of his five battles including his battle with gojo were done at less than a quarter of his potential strength what we have seen from sakuna has been pretty.

Impressive regardless of his current limitations even gojo had to put out a little effort to defeat a newly reincarnated sakuna at 1 20th of his power the current information on his curse technique seems to relate to his preference for hand-to-hand combat with both dismantle and cleave being incredibly versatile for the kruger.

Style slashing attacks tsukuna also employs an incredibly strong series of firebase attacks against jogo during the shibuya incident the end of killing one of the most visible secondary antagonists of the series i believe this isn't zakun's curse technique there is a chance that kun is somehow capable of copying other users abilities and the.

Only reason he hasn't done it up until now is because he has been stuck at a quarter of his power joe go force feeding yuji 10 fingers double the amount of fighting strength sakuna has but his domain expansion beloved in the shrine is the most menacing thing about the king of curses by far unlike other domain expansions malevolent shrine does.

Not create a separate barrier meaning once someone is caught in it there is no way out unless they make a binding vowel sakuna it is also powerful enough to override other domain expansions immediately making opponents unprotected from a wrathful king whether he's got a tiny fraction or the entirety of his full power ryoman tsukuna is not to be.

Trifled with but before we go any further if you want to avoid being stuck in an unlimited void of anime content be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on or miss and upload and smash that like button for some polymer today where and how now that gojo sakuna's reputations and powers are laid out it is time to establish the current.

State of our fighters at this point in the narrative there is really no way the two can fight gojo is stuck in the personal hell that is the prison realm and sakuna has been dormant inside yuji since defeating maharaga in the shibuya incident obviously both fighters have to be unrestrained and not trapped in a box to battle so we have to get both of them.

In the same place at once sakuna is the easier of the two to release yuji either has to consume another finger or accidentally release the beast with the binding vow the two maid since akuna is 15 fingers or potentially 16 strong now the chances he can take control of his vessel regardless of his indomitable will are presumably higher i think that.

His aggressiveness might vary slightly depending on how he is released because it affects how present yuji is in the fight the binding vow is usually essentially non-present while eating more fingers simply pushes our boy into the background he's also been dormant for at least a month post shibuya which is the longest he has been quiet since.

He possessed yuji his sadistic tendencies have been tampered down for far too long and we already know how ready he was to slaughter upon his release in shibuya i can only imagine how feral he'd be after seeing the strongest standing in front of him for a fight zakuna is still ready for a rumble especially against a powerful opponent.

Like gojo gojo is a bit more difficult to free at this point in the manga there are only two ways to escape the prison realm end your life or find the back entrance and nullify the cursed energy of the box i'm gonna just ignore the possibility of gojo dying in the box since a dead gojo can't fight however i think there is a possible third option.

For gojo to release himself since the prison realm bars though stuck inside from using their curse energy if there was some way for goja to completely remove or even largely decrease his current's energy output he could escape while grants gojo immense amounts of curse energy and what made him a target for getting sealed in the first place is.

His six eyes if he were to intentionally blind himself i think there is a small chance that the prison rome would register this as goto's death and he would be released it would remove him from the position of the strongest but it could be a quick way for him to leave the box regardless of how he gets out gojo's mental state might be a little.

Worse for wear we don't know exactly what the prison realm can do to a person's psyche but i'm sure seeing his dead best friend possessed by an evil brain definitely made his mental health take a slight downturn despite his incredibly persistent egotistic persona gojo is still a human with regrets and empathy at the start of the series he.

Claimed that he could defeat sakuna at full strength but after the events in shibuya i surmise that his resolve to kill yuji to stop saguna might be weakened world star so after all that buildup let's finally get to the fight well more like fights since this is such an epic battle with so many unsolved variables i thought.

Creating a single fight scenario would be an incredible disservice after countless hours of analysis and running trials in super smash bros i decided on three possible scenarios on how a gojo versus akuna battle would play out the assumed constants are going to be the location the time we'll call it post calling game even though the arc is.

Still ongoing and the associated mental states zakuno wants to kick ass and take names while gojo is on edge from the circumstances of getting sealed battle 1 is what i am calling the optimus scenario it assumes gojo is released from the box unscathed presumably from either a cursed object nullifying the curse energy or by the mysterious.

Hanakurusu if master tengen's time for the culling game plays out sukuna is released by yuji consuming another finger meaning should things get too rowdy there is a chance that kuna can be subdued back into his little timeout bone pile so we have a fully powered gojo against a sakuna that is not quite at his full strength but close enough to.

Still have a fighting chance still the two have very different fighting styles which adds a bit of more variability to the battle because of the nature of limitless especially infinity gojo is a ranged fighter for both offense and defense on the other hand sukuna seems to prefer close range hand-to-hand combat and doesn't seem to have a.

Specific defensive fighting style this might sound like an unstoppable force versus an immovable object situation but really gojo probably has the upper hand basically as long as hakuna can't get close to gojo the strongest has the advantage because infinity and hollow purple gojo has enough powerful defensive maneuvers to keep sakuna's.

Claws at more than arm's length should his opponent get too close one blast of blue should put the cursed spirit down the only slight snag and uncontested win for gojo is it malevolent shrine is activated immediately because sakuta has total control of the size he can decrease he radius his domain to a size where he could land a blow on gojo.

However malevolent shrine does not limit the curse energy of the opponent trapped inside if any domain expansion can beat malevolent shrine it would be unlimited void if gojo just releases his domain expansion for a few seconds i think sekuna would at least be distracted enough to let down his guard between his ability to keep an opponent far enough.

Away and the sheer power of some of his attacks i think gojo would win this one by a landslide battle 2 is sensitively called the bad ending hazukuna gets released in this scenario either by yugi eating a finger or by usually slipping up and activating the binding vow doesn't really matter he'll have the upper hand regardless this is because in.

This scenario gojo blinds himself to get out of the prison realm the six eyes are gone and with it goes a lot of his advantages his god to your vision his nearly endless supply of curse energy and his mastery of limitless he still has limitless but he has to be careful when to use it or else his curse energy will deplete this means infinity has to.

Be used sparingly and he's actually susceptible since lagoon is slashing attacks he also has to be careful with using his ranged attacks blue and red and basically can't use hollow purple at all this whole battle is his akuna's carefully manicured hands he can drag it out with a bunch of cleve attacks or cut it incredibly short by trapping gojo and.

Malevolent shrine if he really wanted to saquina could literally just slide his opponent on fire without any consistent way to keep tsukuna at more than arm's length gojo is completely vulnerable to any attack the king of curses might throw at him while gojo might be able to land a hit or two this round goes to zakuna by a landslide however probably.

The most evenly matched scenario is battle 3 or as i'd like to call it psychological warfare gohcho is once again out of the prison realm unscathed and has his full range of powers sukuna additionally is at his full power somehow yuji consumes the remaining five fingers and sekuna is completely in control of his vessel granted i don't.

Think this means he'll transform back into his original forearm form the body and soul are two separate entities after all but it does mean he can access his full arsenal powers including those gojo doesn't know about regardless of how he looks after consuming all 20 fingers a fully powered sakura is the closest thing to an evenly matched battle gojo's.

Had in decades is segundo's cursed technique at full strength he's just cleaved with increased range or damage gojo is just going to have to increase the effectiveness of infinity and make sure he doesn't get distracted however i think some of sakuta's inherent curse technique might be closest to guru ghetto's curse manipulation both involve.

Emulating a technique but sakuna picks them up by watching while ghetto has to actually consume a curse like i said before his battle with joko was the first time he fought with the majority of his power and the fact that he was able to launch fireballs immediately seems more like copying an opponent's technique rather than something inherent.

Plus curse techniques usually relate to one core element and there's really no link between slashing attacks and long range fire blasts basically i think there's an opportunity for sakuna to at least pick up on blue or red which pose a threat to gojo especially because sekuna doesn't have cursed energy limitations either on top of the.

Possibility that gojo can be fought with his own technique there is the confirmed fact that a fully power supuna doesn't have the influence of yugi lingering in the back of his head threatening to take back control it is sakuna at his full sadistic potential i wouldn't put it past him to hold yushi's body hostage in the same way he did during his battle.

With megami he knows that yuji is someone special to gojo and would not be above psychological manipulation to guarantee a victory if this battle happens to be pre-planned zakuta is also sadistic enough to temporarily ally with kenjaku in ghetto's body not as backup before an added dose of distraction to bring his opponent to his knees gocho.

Who's probably been through psychological hell and back would probably be more affected by sekuna's brutal taunts now than earlier in the series which might throw him off his game i don't think it'd be enough for him to do something rash like switch off infinity but he'd definitely be less focused on the battle this fight would.

Probably come down to some absolutely brutal hand-to-hand combat because each fighter's long-range attacks would probably cancel each other out while gojo's hand-hand combat is still stellar because he's literally good at everything it's also how you receive this only recorded defeat against sorcerer killer toji fushiguro to his.

Credit it was over a decade ago and he didn't have infinity constantly turned on so he's definitely got more of a chance now in close range combat he is still less practice than sukuna though as akuna does have his claws to cause extra damage this is definitely a fight that would rage for hours going into days on end the deciding factor would be.

How sekuna decides to mentally torture gojo instead of how the two physically brawl with a fully developed battle arsenal no limitations from his vessel and an innate knowledge of what makes gojo squirm and what makes him horrifically guilty i think that sakuna would drag his weight to victory and so after all the analysis i've done between.

The manga fan theories and a lot of super smash bros simulation trials it looks like sakuna will come out on top in this battle of the ages but what do you think would zakuna truly crush gojo if or when the two go head to head let us know in the comments down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome.

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