With the jujutsu kaisen zero movie that was in theaters recently it's only befitting that we talk about the cursed child himself yuta okotsu when he first entered jujutsu high yuta had a haircut similar to megumi fushiguro and tired eyes he wears a typical school uniform except his jacket is white and loose fitting with sleeves that stop halfway.

In the jujutsu kaisen fanbook it's revealed his top was white because he was considered a problem child and white is easy to spot but when yuta makes a cinematic return he has a short slicked back cut along with a more serious stoic expression taking another piece from the fanbook in a q a portion gage mentions that yuta's hairstyle changed because it.

Was too similar to megamies now let's talk about his immense power and curse technique there is a bit of confusion regarding it though originally the loved one he cursed does pass on but the entity then inhabited rika remains it has the same childlike jealous personality of the spirit rika but acts as a storage for cursed tools despite.

Being such a terrifying looking spirit it's an interesting juxtaposition to her bubbly self acting independently of rika's spirit the vessel known as rika can fully manifest when yuta wears his ring but only for 5 minutes but besides being essentially a shinigami and sentient storage rika also lends its practically bottomless curse energy to.

Utah but before we go further don't forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe because as always pod armor has you covered rika can also copy cursed techniques even those that are hereditary but that's not to say yuta himself doesn't have any abilities of his own he is an expert of swordsmanship can channel cursed energy into his.

Weapon and can use reverse curse technique very easily in fact he's able to use it in his first year which is a feat in itself reverse curse technique is very rare and valuable not to mention being able to heal is extremely useful with his close quarters fighting style that being said it was only recently revealed that utah can use a domain.

Expansion we haven't seen much of it in play but it's certainly an ability to must rival other special grades perhaps his innate sorcerer power is due to his michizane swagara relations this ancestry means that he is distantly related to satoru gojo arguably the two share a similar concept regarding their curse energy satoru has practically.

Limitless cursed energy reserves in contrast yuta has almost bottomless curse energy the eureka but can still exhaust himself there are two techniques that operate similarly but with different capacities for curse energy early life pre jjk since we've covered his moveset it's time to discuss how yuta and rika came to be yuta's story.

Begins with tragedy at age 10 he loses his best friend rika orimoto in a tragic car accident to add to the misery this happens on utah's birthday in fact rika gives him a ring he later uses to manifest rika's spirit it becomes very important for him in combat the ring itself acted as a marriage proposal between the two it's a love story that.

Really ties together the theme of undying love however yuta is unable to truly accept her death unable to accept her death yuta curses rika she becomes a special grade cursed spirit powerful enough to be dubbed as the queen of curses rika's spirit follows utah for the next 6 years during which yuta learns to control the massive curse.

Technique rika's overprotective nature is what exactly lands utah into the tokyo jujutsu high branch in november of 2016 rika stuffed several of utah's classmates into a locker causing severe injury one would assume a curse following someone would warrant source or intervention to begin with but apparently not this ends up attracting.

The attention of jiu jitsu higher ups originally the plan was to execute yuta due to how strong his cursed spirit was thankfully satoru rugojo convinces them to allow yuta to attend the school his secret execution and powers he cannot control at first mirrors yuji perfectly in fact it's a common consensus that he was the main character before yuji yuta.

Is unwilling and even attempts to kill himself only satoru persuades him saying he'll be lonely otherwise plus jiu-jitsu high can be a place where he learns how to control his power truthfully satoru is more right about that than he realizes especially later on however his first day didn't go smoothly the other students panda a cursed corpse maki.

Zanin a sorcerer of one of the big three sorcerer families and toge inumaki a user of cursed speech since yuta is cursed and immediately attack him during which maki cheerfully remarks that this is a place to learn about curses not a place for people who are cursed maki isn't wrong but she really can be blunt at times saturday then explains jujutsu.

Hai having not done so before very typical of satoru clearly teacher of the year material to no one's surprise the students are beaten up by rika taturu also reveals their class activity for today this involves the four students splitting into pairs panda and toge are one group while maki and yuta are the other yuza is somewhat apprehensive but.

Still optimistic to work with maki maki though tells yuta she would have bullied him too all despite getting rocked by rika earlier talk about being able to dish it and serve it she lectures him about his place in the school being passive being a victim won't get him anywhere which seems to be a philosophy he carries with him even into a game to.

The death later on now what exactly is their classroom activity recently at an elementary school children have gone missing there's been at least two children attacked by curses there their mission is to exercise the curse rescue the children and recover any dead ex-explained schools are breeding grounds for curses due to their strong.

Overwhelmingly negative emotions and memories there creating a curtain satoru swiftly leaves maki takes down several weak curses before the duo head into the school interestingly enough no curses immediately attacked them rather bizarre for a curse-infected area being a keen observer maki realizes it's due to rika she asks to check his id yuta isn't.

Grade 1 he's a special grade a very surprising label for someone who just enrolled for context rays are a numerical system meant to determine a sorcerer's ability the ranking goes from four the weakest to special grades which are considered to be unique destructive forces there are only four registered special grades one of whom utah later.

Squares off against that being said let's dive back into utah's first exorcism both maki and utah are caught off guard and swallowed by a curse yuta is understandably freaked out if anything yuta feels like the average non-sorcerer during zero the jujutsu world is so new and understandably scary but they aren't alone the two children.

Satoru mentioned are there however they're both cursed something maki points out and then promptly passes out this just leaves yuta who is immune to curses interestingly enough this is probably why youtube can tolerate rika's extremely powerful presence maki does regain consciousness though she asks you to why he even enrolled we then get a.

Very epic moment where yuta explains he wants to be helpful in his own words i want to believe that it's okay to keep living it's a testament to how badly yuta wants to do good despite being afflicted with a curse a curse that is violent and unpredictable yuta's answer is admirable he has such a destructive power and yet he wants to harness it.

Learn it and be helpful despite its nature it is safe to say this curse does end up as yuta's best ally speaking of rika though she manifests wants you to where's her ring rika burst through the curse allowing you to escape with the children and maki bringing them to satoru in his first mission yuta is truly the mvp the injured will recover.

But yuta makes a connection between his curse and his past he remembers the marriage promise he made to rika yuta remarks that he may be the one cursing her if only yuta knows how right he is but to that satoru replies that he believes love manifests the worst of curses the young cursed sorcerer then makes a resolution to learn more about.

The nature of rika's curse and this is the first taste of yuta wanting to not only help rika but himself slowly his confidence is returning three months later there is some good news utah's execution has been put on hold regrettably the higher ups do tear into satoru for even letting you to use rika which is fair rika did cause massive.

Damage at utah's old school at this point it's even hard to determine if the young sorcerer can even control her in fact not much is even known about rika considering she comes from a non-sorcerer family clearly yuta is a factor for the queen of curses manifesting in the first place the very nature of how she manifested as a.

Powerful curse is a mystery meanwhile you to learn swordsmanship from maki while trying to master channeling rika through a katana maki gives him a hard time naturally she is skilled with cursed tools after all the eventual bond between them is something that really shows yuta's growth he begins as this introverted scared kid and evolves into.

A capable jujutsu sorcerer however it must be known that a katana becomes yuta's signature weapon after his talk with the higher-ups taturu gives yuta the privilege to accompany toge on what would be a solo mission he is really there to learn more about curses in order to unravel rika's plus he has the added handicap of not being able to use.

Rika during this yuta can only channel her through his sword otherwise both satoru and yuta will be executed a bold gamble that saturu takes on his student their shared assignment takes place in an abandoned shopping mall there youth is exposed to the raw power toge's technique has with just one word he obliterates a group of low-level curses.

Scary to imagine he's ranked lower than utah unfortunately the curtain doesn't fall meaning there's still something that needs to be exercised with that a powerful curse manifests behind them catching the pair off guard the curse has a bizarre look covered in fur and has exaggerated almost comical features which seemingly makes it look almost.

Harmless and yet its strength is even noticed by yuta who notes is different from the bird-like curses before yuta and toge escape but toge decides to head back and face the curse even if he must go alone though yuta does gain the courage to go with him the situation is a bit dire considering they left behind toge's throat medicine and weren't.

Expecting such a high grade curse to begin with this is no longer the simple mission sacharu told yuta it was regardless yuta takes on the curse understandably rika's overwhelming curse energy agitates the curse who immediately begins to attack yuto is able to channel rika into his sword but isn't skilled enough to completely cut.

Through the curse it does provide a good distraction though at least enough for you to grab toge's throat spray and throw it to him toge uses a speech command destroying the curse for now afterwards yuta reflects on the fact that once he unravels rika's curse he'll return to being just a normal human but until that happens he'll do his best to.

Help others as previously mentioned yuta's origin story really has him grow into such a capable sorcerer he's bonded with such a powerful violent curse but still wants to do good in spite of that during the fight suguru ghetto another special great sorcerer picked up you to student id interestingly enough the two will clash during a rather violent.

Attack later he seemingly takes an interest in yuta's curse which is pretty typical for suguru's curse technique suguru's ability allows him to control curses a curse manipulation technique but more on the correlation between suguru's power and his interest in yuta later once yuta is back in jujutsu high he's subjected to more harsh training.

With maki training that will soon come in handy several days later yuta is the first to notice suguru's presence however is disregarded by his fellow students with maki suggesting his curse detection is faulty from rika's immense cursed energy suguru and his fellow sorcerers then make a flashy entrance suguru would then make a b-line for utah.

Introducing himself and pushing his almost genocidal ideals his friendly nature is such a strange contradiction to the fact that he all but campaigns for the eradication of non-sorcerers as if he believed he could reach utah through charm through the very fact both are considered special grades youtube finds it disgusting sugru outright tells.

The young sorcerer he wants to kill all non-sorcerers suguru is also aware of the other students even referring to maki as the zainan family failure and in typical subaru behavior he also calls her a monkey this is the last straw for utah he tells suguru he won't help him because the sorcerer is demeaning his friends admirable to see you to sticking.

Up for his classmates even if they attacked him on his first day right after suguru declares war at sundown on december 24th suguru's attack will take place something he dubs as the night parade of a hundred demons before jumping into the attack itself i'll just say it's interesting suguru seemingly takes the name from japanese folklore.

This event involves a thousand curses to be released at both shinjuku and kyoto the curses will be commanded to kill an obviously tall order for the sorcerers to take care of but just as quickly as he arrived suguru leaves to get crepes at the behest of his group a very anticlimactic departure you can't say suguru isn't a gift giver though he.

Leaves the school to deal with several curses however let's swing back to suguru his curse technique and utah suguru himself recognizes that his attack has a strong chance of failure unless he's able to kill yuta and take his curse rika as his own really suguru with rika's power would be a combo to rival even satoru suguru's true.

Intention is to isolate utah forcing the rookie sorcerer into a fight subaru believes yuta cannot win several months later on the day of sugru's attack maki yuta are the only first years at the school they have a brief conversation pertaining to maki's family her determination to prove them wrong and the fact she cannot see curses of course.

Yuta sees her as someone to look up to despite her lack of natural talent and a toxic xanan family maki is still resilient yuta even offers to help maki in her endeavor against her family it's a sweet moment we see between two people who had a rocky start you could say unfortunately for them though suguru would then drop a curtain over the.

School signaling the knight of a hundred demons has begun the darkness the curtain provides is so thematic to the battle at hand maki is the first to confront sugaru who makes quick work of her meanwhile in shinjuku suguru's associates prepare to keep saturday busy though satoru is able to work out that sugurus after utah so he sends toge and.

Panda to assist it comes across as a move to help utah he is new to the sorcerer world but really they're just meant as motivators emotional investment for yuta to bring out rika's true power in fact both toge and panda are bodied by suguru yuto would then arrive to see the aftermath his friends are greatly injured and just lying at his feet toge.

Even tells yuta to run remarkably yuta doesn't he's so overcome with rage manifesting rika fully for a second time with tears in his eyes he tells suguru i'm gonna kill you the two special grades clash but yuta is able to use reverse curse technique on his friends suguru commands him for it reverse curse technique is a rather complex hard to.

Use ability therefore it is a feat in itself especially considering utah is only a first year but the fight isn't over suguru unleashes a horde of curses copying toge's cursed speech yuta dispels the curses interestingly enough rika is able to mimic techniques even ones that are inherited through bloodlines however yuta knows toge's.

Cursed speech is hard to use that being said yuta is most likely only able to copy toge's ability due to the insane amount of curse energy rika has suguru is impressed but nonetheless continues to fight yuta the rookie sorcerer begins to pick up speed keeping up with suguru unfortunately his sword breaks the amount of cursed energy utah was flowing.

Through the sword proved to be too much but this doesn't stop utah he punches suguru the force is enough to knock the special grade down subaru then prepares to launch a massive amount of curses at utah specifically 4461 curses rolled into one subaru is so sure that this will kill yuta that he says it's a good thing i came to kill.

You before you learn how to use rika properly if anything his comment is foreshadowing youtube creates a binding vow with rika he expresses his undying love for her then he says he'll follow her into the afterlife in exchange she must unleash her full power to defeat suguru rika is brought into a frenzy and fires off a blast that not only mortally.

Wounds uguru but destroys his mob of curses this is perhaps the most defining moment for yuta this is when he grows into his special grade label when yuta comes too he is surrounded by his fellow classmates due to his healing they're all relatively unharmed panda is missing both arms though that aside yuta sees rika and realizes what he must do he.

Prepares to join rika but to everyone's surprise her monstrous appearance disintegrates all that's left is rika before her death finally the curse from rika has been lifted in fact satoru arrives and explains just that yuta was the one who cursed her because he was unable to accept her death having now come to terms with it rika is able to.

Pass on yuta is distraught at first because he was the one who cursed her however rika doesn't let him hold blame before she fully passes on she hugs him rika comforts him by saying she was happier the last six years than when she was alive the spirit known as rika orimoto then passes on later yuta is seen still wearing the ring rika gave.

Him it's a sweet ending to the origin of utah before he appears as yuji itadori's executioner studying abroad yuji's extermination arc before he is appointed to kill yuji yuta studies abroad for a time with miguel who was one of subaru's commanders while in africa yoota not only learns how to utilize his cursed energy but he also looks for any.

Remnants of miguel's black rope this cursed tool is used to nullify the effects of any curse technique it encounters due to miguel's fight with satoru and how long it took to weave black rope there isn't any more which spells trouble for satoru and his students later on speaking of which let's dive into more recent events.

Because of the shibuya incident curses are released in tokyo and with that comes yuta's return he swiftly dispatches a curse saving a little girl yuta keeps a calm cheerful demeanor and leads her away now what's interesting is that rika still accompanies him this is because the vessel for rika stayed with yuta becoming his innate technique.

Afterwards yuta meets with the higher ups his expression drops to a serious stoic demeanor a stark contrast to earlier that being said yuta expresses his desire to kill yuji in revenge for toge losing an arm in shibuya his return feels as if yuta has been hardened in his time abroad he seemingly has no issue with killing another student the.

Now second year sorcerer is able to catch up with yuji who is accompanied by the death painting whom cho so as the two fight nawya zenin like suguru his presence is felt before yuta has even seen all three combatants sense his overwhelming cursed energy yuji comments that it's like satoru's except only creepier yuta does make quite an.

Entrance though he jumps from his perch literally shattering concrete and creating a massive crater realizing utah is his executioner yuji tries to escape however yuto is able to keep up with him in desperation yuji punches a car at a special great sorcerer but being yuto kotsu he survives yuta then gloats that he has more cursed energy than even.

Satoru rugojo but he can still exhaust his curse energy reserves to further enforce this yuji knows that yuta's entire being including his sword are constantly radiating cursed energy the very ominous nature of it feels almost like a call back to the monstrous energy rika radiated during their fight yuji barely manages to avoid yuta's sword.

Swings however yuji is able to break yuta's katana just before he can try and escape a second time rika traps yuji in his place and boy was yuji surprised by this this allows you to finally stab yuji seemingly killing him he brings yuriji's body back to the fight between chozo and nauya he knocks chozo out and offers to heal nawya in exchange now you.

Must tell the higher-ups of yuji's death the request is relatively simple at least until yuji regains consciousness having been revived by yuta perfect preparation arc yuta explains to him that saturu visited him while he was abroad satsuru told utah that if anything were to happen to him youth has to look over the first and second year.

Students he especially mentions his concern for yuji or ago he had to put on an emotionless mask in order to be yuji's pseudo executioner to kill yuji youtube had to enter a binding vow besides yuji being important to saturu yuta also somewhat relates to yuji's situation he has a great power that has been forced upon him especially in.

Yuta's case it was inevitable due to his sorcerer ancestry then megami fushiguro would arrive yuta watches as megami tries to persuade yuji to go back to juju too high yuji adamantly refuses yuta's inner monologue reveals that yuji held back when they fought truthfully an all-out battle between the two would have been quite the brawl but anyway he.

Thinks yuji is still indecisive as to whether or not he deserves to live megami would explain noritoshikamo the most evil sorcerer in jujutsu history has enacted a dangerous battle royale the culling game his sister tsumiki is one of the unknowing participants in it yuji agrees to help and asks us to kill him if sukuna an extremely powerful.

Cursed spirit yuji is host to takes over again to help sumiki the group makes contact with master tengen a very old immortal sorcerer tengen proves to be a valuable ally he explains the culling game which is actually a ritual meant to merge humanity with tengen and the fact that it has been orchestrated by kenjaku an ancient evil sorcerer stopping this.

Dangerous act against jiujitsu requires entering the game and adding new rules to nullify the old ones that being said yuta enters the culling game first in order to obtain information unfortunately though the barriers stop cell service cutting each sorcerer off from one another tokyo number one colony sendai colony arc while inside the.

Culling game yuta has already scored 35 points which he has gained via killing other sorcerers for example they reanimated dhruv lac dawala who had scored 91 points themselves currently utah is within the sendai colony there he is also protecting a group of civilians not only that but he also must fight off other ancient threats namely.

The special great cursed spirit kuro roshi who takes the form of a giant cockroach his technique allows him to produce a swarm of cockroaches that can eat people but have individually reinforced curse energy as well just before their fight begins yuta works out that his group will need to find a way to travel between colonies and a way to.

Communicate which means with megami's proposed rules youtube believes it'll be four in total meaning he plans to gather 400 points himself this is a tall order in itself however yuta also plans to kill kenjaku if only to spare satoru the grief of killing suguru a second time during his bout with kuro rushi youtube realizes he's being watched by two of.

Their participants he theorizes them to be skilled players who carry high scores really he's not wrong one is an ancient resurrected sorcerer and the other has the highest curse energy output in order to hide the fact that he can use reverse curse energy youtube ends up biting into kuro roshi sending reverse curse energy as an output straight into his brain.

Effectively killing it quite possibly one of the most insane moments so far to say the least it was very savage unfortunately his technique doesn't go unnoticed by takako urum a reincarnated sorcerer with the ability of sky manipulation understandably another resurrected sorcerer who can fire off his immense curse energy like a beam ryu.

Ishigori joins the brawl between takako and yuta due to the fact that ryu's technique works best at long range yuta gets into close quarters combat with the ancient sorcerer unfortunately ryu is a capable fighter even in close combat yuta compares the sorcerer's bodily composition to a water tank even he sends you to flying and fires off a.

Blast however you to deflex it with his bare hands but with fighting two powerful sorcerers yuta finds himself expanding a lot of cursed energy so he decides to summon rika from rika's storage yuta picks out steel arms he wears over his own he zeroes in on takako first forcing her to stay still with toge's cursed speech and hits her.

With a barrage of fists yuta continues to fight her rika turns his attention to ryu as the fight reaches at kirsendo all three sorcerers unleash their domain expansion all at the same time but their barriers break fear only rising in japan gave way to a resurrected kurorushi ryu takes this moment of confusion to hit takako with a blast that kills her and.

Severely wounds kurorushi the cursed spirit is then finished off once more by yuta which leaves only ryu and utah to face off against one another yuta uses not only ryu's own curse technique but takako's as well however ryu takes the blows in stride he even manages to dispel rika with a powerful enough attack that being said yuzu utilizes.

Takako's technique once more to redirect ryu's blast back at him effectively defeating him beyond that we don't know what yuta is currently up to in the colony but we can assume he is bent on protecting others and collecting enough points to negate some rules despite the grueling nature of the culling game yutu has managed to retain his humanity and.

Who he is at least so far hopefully there will be more developments for him soon his original story arc in zero was insane and immensely entertaining but with that being said thank you so much for watching to the end until next time keep that plumber on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye