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GOJO’S RETURN!? Death Flags EVERYWHERE! – Jujutsu Kaisen


Alright so the previous chapter of jujutsu kaizen was pretty information heavy and with this chapter two continues that trend we pick up where we left off with the sorcerers in the presence of master tengen discussing the so-called angel with the ability to extinguish any curse.

Technique tengen would go on to confirm that the angel's curse technique can open the back of the prison realm the back being the second part of the item used to capture gojo which we were just introduced to in the previous chapter the location of this angel would be said.

To be in the colony in the east side of tokyo however because of the game's barrier rejecting him master tangent had no more information to offer on that now things would be a bit tricky here because tengen would explain that there are 10 colonies around japan.

Which are connected by barriers that form a line that sends humans in japan to the other side itadori's mental image of this would be shown and what it looks like here is two outer points which would move and cover the map however excluding the northern part of japan hokkaido.

Hokkaido would be excluded because of the jujutsu society barrier it's already established as a vast sacred area which i suppose is cool because hey hokkaido is a pretty great place the home of great sushi now anyway as for the ritual tangent would confirm that this would take about two months to.

Complete but it would of course depend on the game the chapter would then run through the rules of the game establishing a few things as they went along for starters because of rule number one regarding declaring participation for the game within 19 days.

After awaking a curse technique tsumiki now as of this moment in the chapter has roughly 10 days and 15 hours to declare her participation then there's rule number two about a player who breaks rule number one being subjected to curse technique removal it's believed that this isn't achieved.

Through idle transfiguration it's not prescription but removal meaning there is no binding vowel which would mean something happens to the brain of said individual which implies that the individual would of course die otherwise of course everyone would refuse to participate in these games.

Because of this sorcerers like maki who don't have a cursed technique are not at risk and that raises the question of itadori he technically does not have a curse technique unless you consider that to be sukuna so there should be a case where certain rules do not apply to both maki.

And potentially itadori as well and following all that new information maki would have to wonder about panda because she's not even sure he has a brain which i'm not wondering about because to me of course he does but now that it's been brought into question i'm starting to lose confidence in that.

What do you guys think does panda have a brain but continuing on we have rule number three non-players who enter the colony become players at the moment of entry and are considered to have declared participation however as for the civilians who are already inside they'll be given at least.

One chance to exit very kind of brain kun i suppose he's not a total madman maybe uh there's a certain emphasis on it though being the player's own choice to have entered the game the rules of earning points would then come up and a standout point for conversation would be the fact that.

As a general rule sorcerers are worth 5 points and non-sorcerers are worth one point itadori would point out that this seemed vague again gege would throw us off for a bit at least me hey maybe all of this stuff is abc for some of you guys but anyway tangent would establish that each player.

Will receive a shikigami called a kogane they're said to be less game master than interface the game master can be thought of as the culling games program and my reaction to that is about the same as the todori's because what up next would be the rule about negotiating with the game master.

To add a new rule to the game there would of course be no way to subtract a rule but maybe ways can be found to counteract other rules which i imagine is how this will play out the new rule of course must be accepted by the game master which sounds unfair but according to tangent an equitable decision.

Should be expected rule number eight would be next and i expected this one to last longer in conversation however it was simply itadore stating that he again needs to kill people followed by fushigoro stating that no he has a few ideas to work this out let me know down in the comments what you guys think these ideas.

Might be that was all the info they had to work off of and with that said it would again be confirmed that chozo and yuki would stay to guard master tengen as for maki she would return to the zainin clan to collect cursed tools which is exciting because at this point of the story we might see something pretty.

Crazy brought out itadori here would find out that fushiguro is the new zeinan clan leader but now wouldn't be the time to talk about that in detail this was a big deal though for things to work out in that way it's just amazing i guess for fushiguro surely it's more of a bother for him than.

Anything but it's pretty cool of course and thanks to this it'll be possible to search the zanen warehouse at length for items but first a place known as jozo kumiya's workshop would be mentioned this was subtle between maki and tangent but it sounded.

Like something important so hopefully we can get the full details on that later as for yuta he would directly go to a colony and partake in the game to gather information before the others participate as well he'd also plan to avoid nearby colonies that way they don't end up killing each other then it would also be.

Mentioned that barriers may block phone reception meaning they'll probably be out of touch for a while unfortunately because i'd like to see more interactions between utah and itadori but hopefully later in the arc they end up in the same location again suddenly though both itadori and yuto.

Remember the agreement to kelly todori if he ever switches with sukuna again which would not be impossible if they of course split up fushigoro would pause that thinking and reassure itsedory that everything will be alright which i hope is true but with sukuna anything is possible and regardless even.

If that happens in the words of fushiguro they can just have yuta kill it todori anyway which would of course be meaningless because the whole point is for fushigoro to not get hurt so stopping sukuna after the fact doesn't really make sense but hey it's fushiguro so we let it rock maki.

Would note that fushiguro and itadori should go to kenji the suspended third-year student kinji hakari a guy that utah would label as moody the group would now after planning begin to split up but just then itadoria would call out to cho so thanking him for the help.

To which choso would simply respond to by asking yuji not to die itadori would wave and the group would now be split i am seeing major death flags for cho so and i'm just choosing to ignore them i hope it doesn't happen and i don't even want to consider it he's too good a character to just kill off so.

Hoping for the best meanwhile somewhere else in the city a show would be concluding a show by takaba a poor 35 year old stand-up comedian and poor meaning bad at his job not poor meaning poverty he'd get toasted after the show told he should just quit because he's not funny.

At all and being 35 years old certainly doesn't help his case another man would speak up in this room once the other left stating that he doesn't dislike the jokes and that even a man who's not funny can make it there are two types of comedians which can be funny.

Those that are funny and those that think they're funny acaba would say that he's probably both split about 50 50 or 70 30. he'd be revealed suddenly to be another player in the culling games fumihiko takaba yet another chapter to prepare us for what's to come the culling games are lining up to be an amazing arc with a lot on the line.

The shibuya incident will be a hard arc to top but i wouldn't put it past gege especially with how this arc is setting up so far i don't imagine we'll see gojo anytime soon because of course when he is present things are dealt with rather swiftly however when he does return i already know the fandom will go.

Crazy and i myself am included in that but yeah what do you think about this chapter leave your thoughts in the comments below and drop a like to let us know you want more jjk content lastly if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to plot.

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