We opened up to columbus and another galactic patrol member on edieberg moon as goku suddenly appeared following his instant transmission away from jaco's location goku previously taunted goss in regards to his inability to keep up with his inferior version of the technique and so here we'd have ghaz continuing to give chase and upon his appearance goss.

Would suddenly land a kick to the side of goku that was certainly rather damaging he would furthermore follow up with a series of successive hits before yet again goku would teleport elsewhere which goss would follow and by way of instant transmission goku has been locking onto different people he has met over the course of the series and.

Essentially been using them as pit stops across the universe which would then bring us to the location of the referee for the universe 6 vs universe 7 tournament they would exchange blows here quickly before going elsewhere to the location of even more galactic patrol members goku's leg would clash with gosses and yet again the two would.

Go elsewhere this time goss will make it clear that goku could not escape him but while he outcried like this goku would point to the side of his opponent as suddenly a whole heap of rubbish will be dumped onto him as here we would have monica in the driver's seat who if you recall was fabricated to be the hero of his homeworld and the strongest mortal.

Fighter lord beerus had ever faced in reality he was just a simple delivery man and goku would then say that this was ghaza's punishment for warping so recklessly goss would begin to rise from the muck and goku would urge him to clean himself off in the nearby river before they continue their bout but goss was furious so tell goku to be silent as.

The two would again find themselves elsewhere this time at galactic patrol headquarters landing goss in the bathtub of the galactic king much to goku's delight and goss's frustration now back on the planet cereal monaeto was still trying his best to aid granola who had been super violated by the heaters previously having been blinded and shot.

Through the abdomen alec at this point would wonder where goku and gaza had gone as vegeta would recognize that goku was buying them all some time olek would immediately have oil lock onto ghast's position by way of the tracker and his communications device from which point we would have goku and goss going at it inside of galactic prison and very.

Obviously gaz was really frustrated by goku's constant teleportation and you know the more we see from goss the more he reveals himself to be both exceedingly gullible and rather juvenile goku would beg goss once more with the declaration that he is better at instant transmission than goss's which would surely get on the guy's nerves however.

His sudden presence here would immediately catch the attention of several inmates just like you should pay attention to the like and subscribe buttons zou yogi and yunba in particular as former members of the galactic bandit brigade would recognize goss to be the kid brother of the heaters despite his now far more imposing stature from which.

Point xao yogi would propose that gods freed them as they all bear resentment towards goku goss would look to them for a moment recognizing them to have once been the henchman of the lay saganbo and let it be known that he did not care for their aid in the slightest now this would really piss zao yogi off and furthermore prom yunba to recall their.

First meeting where goss was apparently so scared that he wet himself goss would then pause for a bit before denying such claims as goku kinda just awkwardly stood there i mean imagine being in a life or death situation with an absurdly powerful opponent arguably your toughest challenge yet and you find out they peed on themselves in fear of a couple of.

Nobodies but yoonbow would double down on this exposure and furthermore add that goss was pleading with his brother to protect him because he was so scared and at this point goku would simply question if it was true and oh man goss was really pissed off at this point saying that there was no urination involved but considering the wet stain.

On his pants yoonba had to question if this was how his species cried from which point goss would suddenly exclaim in frustration that he did not wet himself that it was only a few drops because he had been holding it in for so long and from this everyone was at a loss for words before goku would confirm that wow yeah goss really did wet.

Himself now at the same time oil was still attempting to get a read on goss's location and finally did manage to pinpoint him to beat in the galactic prison before in an instant being even further away much to elect's dismay now as they landed in a brand new location goku would question if gosh just does everything his older brother says goku.

Was really fishing for an alternative resolution to all this as he expressed that gas is now far stronger than his brother and could make his own decisions at this point however goss would retort that he only ever aspires for power for the sake of elect and elect alone that by following his orders the heaters would in time become the supreme.

Organization in the universe goss would fire off two ki blasts in goku's direction as goku would teleport behind goss confirming that goss must really respect his brother goss would admit that he was previously the weakest among them but elect raised him to be this level of power and he would do anything for him and considering how strong goss.

Was 40 years ago during the time of bardock it looks like goss was the weakest a very long time ago these alien species in dragon ball are especially long lived for sure and the more we see the more earth seems to be incredibly primitive so yeah god's considered the will of elect to be absolute but you know what goku's response to this would.

Be pretty interesting he questioned how sure goss was about that and also how far that trust extended so he's trying to sew in those seeds of doubt not only that but most notably he would address the subject of his own brother raditz who had attempted to kill him a while back stating that granola might just want to watch his own back with rat it's.

Largely being a forgotten character at this point mentions and or inclusions like these are really interesting especially coming from goku and i'm curious if you guys foresee any sort of radic's return in the future i mean really the veil between life and death in this series is especially thin so who's to say that uncle raddus does not.

Deserve a do-over but now the heaters knew of their not so little little brother's location elec would propose that with their adversaries all being half dead already that they should exterminate the survivors before proceeding a prospect which certainly excited the likes of oil and maki now on a nearby asteroid goku and gas would.

Beam struggle against one another a back and forth that would see gas as evictor with goku teleporting away just in time as goss left behind a crater with his attack goku is now suddenly on a galactic patrol ship where iriko would be surprised to see him as he was physically struggling at this point with his hands being pretty wrecked on.

Account of his constant defensive front against the overpowering goss and i am a big fan of how they've gone on to incorporate the advances made by way of the previous arcs in regards to this one even if minor i feel like these sagas insisted to be far more isolated than this but anyways goku would suddenly notice something just as gas made it.

Goku was already off to the next location before he could even land a hit which would bring us a leisurely whis on some random planet here he along with the oracle fish look to be enjoying some sort of ice cream like consumable as both gas and goku would find themselves atop massive alien creatures and boy was goku glad to see whis as he was.

Certainly lucky the guy happened to be on this random planet but whis would have to question goku's intentions with this as gaza questioned who whis was as goku would give him the simplified rundown that whis is his master and an angel from there goku would apologize and advance the whis and ask if he could leave gods to him for a moment making.

His escape before any confirmation much of the shock of both these characters and with that goku would backtrack from previous locations to previous location in quick succession while gas unable to get a read on goku's location was in complete and utter disbelief and then finally goku would make it back to the planet cereal just as maki and oil.

Prepared to attack monaeto and man oh man would goku give them a mean look when he got back i mean he really pulled up on them and for the moment it was a pretty good bluff as it made it seem as though goku had somehow triumphed over goss when in reality he had simply outsmarted the guy in an extreme game of intergalactic tag but the fight was not.

Over just yet because of course whis as an angel cannot truly contest against mortals physically and so it wasn't as if he was going to hold goss back by way of combat and in fact he would not hold the guy back at all as while goss questioned goku's whereabouts whis would let him know that goku was back on the planet cereal which was a distance too.

Great for god to warp to directly he didn't have to relinquish his information at all but he is a neutral being so he did to this goss would request the direction of the planet cereal and whis would oblige without issue and just like that full of frustration and rage on accounts of being played for a fool goss would blast.

Off into space racing back to the origin point of this whole debacle gas may be childish but goku is even more so whis would then wonder why gods could not have stuck around for a more calming experience considering how great the desserts of this planet happened to be a sentiment he would convey to the oracle fish however the oracle fish would.

Question who exactly that person was which at first may not seem all too significant considering they had never met before and it's not as if goss is even aware of what things like angels even are but listen the oracle fish four saw the ascension of the strongest in the universe now considering granola so suddenly shot up to the top of the.

Charts on account of the dragon balls we initially presumed this declaration to merely allude to his rise in power especially considering how they lined up narratively but lo and behold goss has done the very same and gone even further beyond that placing him at the top of the charts and now further considering the nature of granola's wish and the.

Circumstance around that it is highly improbable that he will truly grow stronger beyond what we have seen of him growing into his provided power so if the oracle fish places no significance on gas's existence whatsoever in this regard then certainly he is not the figure depicted by the prophecy therefore most likely leaving us with.

Either goku or vegeta as prospects and considering how vegeta continues to be disrespected even throughout this arc i won't hold my breath not to mention things continue to get even crazier for goku as the chapter goes on but now back to the planet cereal goku would come to the aid of granola and the others attempting to make their way to safety.

Just as a vehicle would suddenly make its way towards them all it was oatmeal granola is our official intelligence partner in the form of a robot and it already had vegeta in the back seat and seeing this escape would cause maki to become frantic even going as far as to question if they should unleash their inner natures like goss had for the sake.

Of continuing the fight which is to say that this seems to be an inherent trait of their species as opposed to being exclusive to gas however elect would immediately deny such a proposition as the two of them would never beat sun goku their only proper course of action being to simply wait for goss to make his return as oil would be left to keep.

An eye on them in the meanwhile now as this group drove on elsewhere the voice of whis would suddenly be heard by way of the communication device that he had managed to stash on goku's person during their ever so recent encounter all without goku ever noticing luis was not a fan of goku interrupting his dessert time but would warn him that goss was in.

Fact making his way back at incredible speeds which goku was surprised by but like goss had previously established his people do not need to breathe weeks would furthermore provide an approximation of 20 minutes until goss made his way back and hearing this would certainly be cause for concern for monato as 20 minutes was not nearly.

Enough time for him to heal granola beyond this though whis would inquire as to how goku's training had been thus far as goku would admit that he was still having some trouble he simply could not keep his heart calm like we could which as far as whis was concerned made sense as by being an angel he was fundamentally different from goku as a.

Saiyan goku had questioned what he could do to alleviate this issue and whis would repeat a previous sentiment that it's up to goku to uncover his own version of ultra instinct that was unique to him he would then be told to listen to the voice from within himself and to question what he really is deep down which confused goku but he wouldn't.

Exactly have the time to go back and forth here as mineito would suddenly call out to him as the son of bardock and express that there is something he should show him now that they have made it back to his abode goku and vegeta would lay granola down as minaj would return with something for goku which would be uncovered to be a damage.

Scouter a scouter left behind by bardock which monaeto would now give to goku and with that goku held the scouter in his hands somewhat nervously and in awe but of course they were working on limited time right now and so vegeta would request to see it for a moment and after a bit of tinkering surmise that the thing was broken however he would notice.

Traces of audio files on it files which despite having the thing for 40 years monito was never able to get the thing to play and more specifically on it were audio recordings of bardock's fight against goss which should in theory give them an idea of how exactly barrock managed to win their battle that being said goss was most definitely far weaker.

Than he is right now so this plan of theirs at least within the realm of this particular story may not be all too clever it's like trying to apply how future trunks took down mcafreeza to a plot against golden frieza but whatever vegeta would note that bulma could repair it but of course they were a long way from home which would prompt oatmeal.

To step in claiming to be able to directly access the audio by weight of the device's circuitry something they would only have so much time available for as gas was making his way back at breakneck speeds i mean we are talking faster than a spaceship but yeah oatmeal would continue to tinker with the thing until it finally booted back up the.

Audio would then begin to play it was barrock's voice he'd explained that his attack had to have some effect he would then urge manito to take the opportunity to get as far away as he could he would offer to slow goss down then saying that the two of them monaeto and granola have to stay alive and it is this particular statement that would invoke a change in.

Goku the words stay alive they rang through his head until finally after decades both in canon and as a franchise goku would remember goku would remember his parents sending him off world he would remember them urging him to stay alive and this recognition would spark a very major change in goku which we will certainly go into depth with in a whole.

Video of its own considering just how substantial this happens to be but things are not over just yet as we would be taken back 40 years as barrock faced goss in protection of granola and mineto here we would have a battle damage barlock charging up a fist against his opponent who let me just say looks a whole lot less threatening at this point.

In time he looks like an alien combination of stewie griffin and riley freeman definitely a menace to society no doubt but a far cry from the presence he later becomes but anyways bardock would punch his unmoving kid in the face as if he were a cabbage patch doll and ground him goss would skid back and discern that his opponent was a saiyan.

On account of his tail he would also come to the conclusion that barack was actually rather powerful despite them previously believing the planet to have been invaded by only low class foot soldiers but as opposed to a sun situation in the present bardock would have goss entirely on the defensive gaso creates some distance between the two.

Before reeling back and chucking a ball of destructive energy which would swiftly be knocked away by bardock and followed up by a stomach caving fist to the gut then continued by a nasty kick to send him elsewhere and this is where the audio recording began as barlock would express that attack had to have had some effect furthermore telling.

Minato to get out of dodge and for the two of them to stay alive now if you recall monaeto did express that when barack defeated goss he was unconscious so for the sake of this complete story we will have to get to that at some point during this flashback goss will also need to unleash his true nature over the course of this bout as maka.

Described such a thing going poorly in the past and we got to see a glimpse of that as well that being said at the time goss did not yet possess the ceiling accessory he and his siblings all eventually come to wear and interestingly enough 40 years ago he was the only one without one perhaps on accounts of their age difference and not.

To mention bardock will also need to have his scouter be damaged and pass on to monato as well and speaking of bardock's scouter would suddenly go off like crazy as gas would re-emerge letting the saiyan know that escape was not an option for him and boy was barrock wrong about that last attack having effect as unbelievably despite.

Barack's best efforts this little monster did not even have a scratch on him and gas was ready to get serious at this point as he refused to disappoint and lose elect's faith in him as he was ordered to handle this problem without delay i am and i'm sure you are very excited to see what is up with goku but the next chapter is most definitely.

Going to be a whole lot of barrack action as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you