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GOKU GETS NEW POWER! Vegeta Gives Goku God of Destruction Energy! – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81


All right so this latest chapter of dragon ball super was honestly a bit of an odd one we had one of if not the most brutal and violating display in all of dragon ball super and especially unique and creative fight for the series and goku yet again taking center stage against his new threat with the previous chapter after being repelled by granola.

Gas was furious he'd power up and charge in against granola repeatedly after being evaded time and time again goss may have become stronger but the simple fact was granola was more skilled and accustomed to his power however granola's blows were not decisive enough allowing goss to close the divide and get used to him enough to get the upper.

Hand yet to offset this granola would just continue to pull out a bunch of tricks which included clones most definitely not a recipe for success by any means as yet again before long gas was able to overcome his tricks creating clones as we'd come to know from his fight against goku splits up granola's power and gas knew this making the whole.

Numbers game less of an issue overall and even this was just a ploy on the part of granola a trick for the sake of finding that perfect opening and obtaining victory no matter how undeserved and this attack would in fact connect sending gas flying however it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for granola either as the sacrifice of those.

Clones was not without its associated pain as the damage felt by his clones ends up being felt by his real body again making the technique rather compromising now as both granola and goss were down a liquid entered the fray elec would express that goss was undeniably the strongest fighter in the universe by a huge margin he would then.

Grip onto the necklace of gas and rip it right off what actually happened to be a ceiling item of sorts that bound goss's inner nature there will be mentions of how this didn't go so well 40 years ago which was when he faced off against bardock what seemed to be a very unsettling bit of history for him but from this goss would go berserk he was.

Now a hulking monstrosity as horns now jettisoned from his forehead from there this newly enriched and enraged gas would charge towards granola at incredible speeds granola would do his best to evade but it was no use goss going onto his leg and tossed him around like a rag doll the exchange should come from this point would be brutal granola.

Did not stand a chance and truly if this went on any longer he would be done for vegeta would question how in the world barrock managed to defeat goss when he was like this but manaeta would admit that he had no idea as he was unconscious at the time gosh's other siblings would commend his ferocity but implore him to get a grip and come back.

To his senses from which point he struck the two of them as well followed by the act of slamming himself headfirst into a nearby rock he was in the midst of a hulking frenzy and was incapable of distinguishing friend from foe yet elect still had faith in him before long goss would make his way to the others and violate vegeta first and foremost he'd.

Bestow upon him the very same brutal punishment afforded to granola that was until goku came to his aid and goss blocked him looking at goku something changed for goss he would remember goku's father bardock and how he had lost to him goku's fist again having been blocked was not so damaging but from it gas would fall back screaming.

And grovel on his hands and knees in fear and panic yet this will conclude once alec reminded him of his promise never to lose again from which point the form of gas would condense with his horns remaining present gas had awakened and was now truly the strongest in the universe with this latest chapter goss would remain still for a moment before.

Looking in the direction of goku and vegeta his eyes would widen and flash and with that suddenly their bodies felt incredibly heavy this was some sort of spell they had placed on them that ran the risk of crushing them outright from there he was ready to kill them at the behest of his elder brother's command however that very same older brother of.

His would be in peril just a moment later as granola appeared behind him intent on exacting his revenge but despite being surprised by this goss would go on to teleport his brother-elect elsewhere in an instant before granola could deliver his fist now lately in dragon ball a bunch of enemies have been making use of some.

Rather strange and unique abilities that if not outright stated are essentially the enactment of magic yet they're not all so consistent in any sort of universal theme and so a lot of it honestly feels a bit silly because it's just out of nowhere i'm curious if you guys feel the same way or not anyways granola was furious as of course elect.

Killed his mother however elek was unfazed and would say that he allowed the boy to live but granola wouldn't hear it as if it wasn't for the heaters none of his people would have been killed grinnell would charge up an attack but elec really didn't care expressing that granola owes him his life after all they could have killed.

Him at any point over the years and this was the case even now as out of nowhere goss would arise kicking granola's arms upwards until they viciously broke as the cerulean cried out in agony goss prepared twin finger beam attacks both of which would target and puncture granola's eyes arguably the most important aspect of.

His power set granola was now blinded as he fell back with the pain now being so severe that he couldn't even cry out elec would catch him the crime lord would thank granola for all his hard work over the years then gifting him with the very same demise provided to his dear mother as he said farewell and shot granola right through the back and.

Out the stomach with a sinister smile on his face this was horribly brutal good lord i seriously don't know what came over toyotaro with this one but wow this was really different dragon ball super as an anime was a whole lot more tame than his predecessors in terms of violence and battle damage but boy oh boy have things changed the moral arc.

Definitely opened up the floodgates and i can't say i mind this is some really interesting stuff and i'm even more curious how this will all be when it makes its way to the anime alec would question if gas minded that he was the ones who finished granola off but goss was unphased as his interest in granola was gone meanwhile goku was horribly.

Frustrated and still unable to move a muscle but from behind him would come a jolt of invigorating energy enough for him to overcome this binding vegeta had without hesitation giving goku the very last bit of his energy and that's because ultimately this was better than the both of them dying without a fight this is two times in a row vegeta has.

Been selfless and given someone else a glory in his stead the previous time with granola obviously didn't go so well and at this point it feels a bit invalidating for granola to have eaten the very last ensui bean to then just get super violated but regardless as always it was up to goku to save the day he was all charged up and in his super.

Saiyan blue form rushing towards god with a major kick he ground his adversary gosh would commend goku for breaking free of the binding spell and as god said this goku's anger was clearly visible but he would restrain himself and simply breathe deep this would be followed by a pacifist outlook as he'd admit to having no reason to.

Fight goss now asking him to kindly vacate the planet goss was surprised by this and expected a lot more rage to come from the saiyan following the death of his new friend and goku would admit that he was most definitely furious however anger was an emotion that certainly disturbed his special move what we of course know to be ultra.

Instinct truly the only way goku would stand any chance of winning this the fathered matter being that such angelic powers exceeded the bounds of universal powers but if he couldn't sustain it victory would not be guaranteed at all goss didn't really understand but goku and the others couldn't be allowed to live now that they knew the plans of the.

Heaters so the response would be simple goss would then make use of this fabrication powers materializing spiked walls to attack goku these things would come from all angles and erections and seem to be unending and while goku was preoccupied gaz would take a look at the cerulean ruins and begin to telekinetically hurl them in goku's.

Direction goku would do his best to deal with all of this but just when he began to catch his breath would be struck from behind by a massive train and according to the awards of his siblings this was a brand new capability for goss i still think it's really weird that gaining power by way of the dragon ball simultaneously provides a bunch of new.

Abilities but i suppose according to how the wish is fulfilled these are things that he would have ultimately been able to do if he just trained that much goku would then climb a tothy train and be met by goss who would thank the sane for allowing him to test out his new power and it was very clear that goss held a grudge against goku as barak's son goku.

Would try his best to land a hit on gods here but it was no use goss would land a major punch to goku's stomach and then choke him out all the while being frustrated and perplexed by the fact that he didn't even see a little bit of fire in goku's eyes goku would manage to free himself and attempt to launch a close-range beam attack but just then.

Yet another train would slam into him he was being toyed with and tested gaza began to speak of just how fierce bardock was in combat describing his resolve to be unlike any other if this was something he did not see in goku at all and this is interesting as even beyond power levels and such bardock was just that remarkable to gas wow and i.

Think it's important to note that goku isn't even incorporating ultra instinct into a super saiyan form here it didn't go so well against granola sure but it would certainly be a step up from what he has going on right now and if it's his rage barring him from doing so i find that to be mighty fascinating as to follow the earthly demise of miris goku.

Managed to bypass his aggression and anguish enough to tap into his white-haired ultra instinct form but cannot now despite having trained so thoroughly in terms of its application with whis not to mention the fact that he and miris were a whole lot closer than he is with granola as he kind of just heard granola's sad life story and.

The two decided not to kill each other and so with all that in mind i can't say it's definite by any means but perhaps this may be on account of the conflicting nature of the power he had inherited from vegeta after all the divine principles behind the powers of destruction and ultra instinct are diametrically opposed the simultaneous.

Use of both is what all gods of destruction strive to achieve but to actually make use of such a thing and even master both sides to the fullest extent is as far as we know unheard of the only entity presumably being representative of such dual mastery being the omni king zeno themselves again very interesting stuff but to.

Respond to gas goku would make it clear that he hit his head when he was small and lost all his memories so he didn't remember anything about his dad or any other saiyans which made sense to gaz as he now understood that goku can comprehend who he truly is and because of that he would never win gaz would then directly train goku's on into the.

Water and submerge him goku would now be unable to breathe which god found amusing as his species possessed no such fragility proposing that goku be provided such a pathetic death as suffocation but such a thing would not be satisfying for either of them goku would launch a beam attack and gaz would then catch and send it right back goku.

At this point was not being violated like all the others were but he was being made a fool of and he had no idea how he could possibly win at this rate at which point goss would notice monaeto and understand that it was because of his namekian magic that everyone kept recovering thanks to him granola was still just barely alive now mind you.

Minato's healing is pretty mediocre and couldn't save granola's mother from the very same sort of injury so things aren't looking so great but to make matters worse goss would now set his sights on monato decided that he should be the first to die but thankfully goku would intercept this attack and grab hold of goss from behind which he would.

Follow up with a hostage instant transmission and they were gone from there we would have jaco on some random planet talking to a shopkeeper and eventually changing a light bulb for him and in the next instant goku and goss would land in the middle of this domestic farmer's market goku locked on to jaco's position and brought goss.

Along with him he had no idea where they were but he would express that goss would not be able to follow along with his version of the instant transmission as goku had been using the move for ages and it wasn't a simple one to master the two of them then continued to fight and goku would question if goss could truly follow him wherever he goes as he would.

Then teleport again taunting him obviously goss would accept this challenge and teleport as well so yeah goku has now resorted to a mixed game of hide and seek and tag this arc of the story has certainly taken a rather bold turn and i'm not really sure how i feel about it entirely so i'll reserve my judgment for a later date and you can be.

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