Right now dragon ball super has a whole lot of people excited or at the very least intrigued by its upcoming movie dragon ball super super heroes however on the manga side of things as well things are getting pretty insane and are certainly worth talking about for a variety of reasons.

But more than anything from here on now it is all too clear that dragon ball super will never be the same and the very moment that solidified this belief for us here at plot armor happened to be the highlight of dragon ball super chapter 74 after a heated struggle against granola.

Vegeta unveiled a new yet unnamed power a state that he had adopted following his tutelage under the god of destruction beerus now although we do not yet know the true capabilities of the transformation at the very least knowing the source of its origin is more than enough.

For our speculations not to mention the precedent that it sets as throughout their shared history vegeta has for the most part always remained in goku's shadow his lonesome power was undeniably vast but at the very same time it was always a step below not to mention that with his inferior.

Brand of plot armor he had been subjected to all manner of disrespect on a multitude of occasions and this mostly accounts for dragon ball z as thankfully with dragon ball super we have certainly taken a step away from the inherent disrespect.

But even then there still remained two issues with vegeta despite now coming to effectively share the main character role with goku again for a long time he would just receive transformations like goku's hand-me-downs and secondly he had never been given the opportunity.

To deliver the final blow by his lonesome now to that first point courtesy of the dragon ball super anime we did in fact receive a transformation exclusive to vegeta during the tournament of power known as super saiyan blue evolved however this ended up being an.

Anime exclusive transformation although to be fair this transformation was in the manga made to be the completed version of super saiyan blue which although not vegeta exclusive was achieved by vegeta firstly and later adopted by goku and so a shift of sorts was no doubt.

Underway from there we have the fact that during the moral arc while goku further honed his ultra instinct technique alongside miros vegeta went off to the planet yardrat the very same planet goku had learned the instant transmission technique on which was just after the namic saga but.

Even still although vegeta did in fact learn the very same technique which was now clarified to be the basics he'd largely refuse to use it instead mastering the four spirit fission technique thus providing vegeta the ability to undo fusion and or absorption techniques.

As well as gather and direct energy elsewhere what is just so perfect for a character that so thoroughly detest cheap tricks and gimmicks and this was all his and so when it comes to spirit control vegeta is now superior to goku by leaps and bounds but listen for as strong as vegeta was.

Becoming at the end of the day goku had been training a technique derived from some of the most powerful beings in existence itself not to mention that it was explicitly stated that vegeta simply was not well suited for the technique of ultra instinct at all being a technique intrinsic to.

The angels beings of intended neutrality it requires a certain degree of passivity that is downright incomprehensible to someone like vegeta it is against his better nature this is a character that prior to his introduction in the series had apparently fought thousands of.

Battles throughout space and so as opposed to angelic techniques what he would come to learn would be destructive ones beerus taking vegeta on as a student was major the mere prospect is enough to place him on an equal playing field as goku but furthermore establishes his very own.

Path of progression independent of goku he is now finally his own man but in regards to finishing a fight on his own although we have yet to see the conclusion of this fight against granola and a whole lot of fans are skeptical right now considering our points prior i think he has a very solid chance of.

Winning goku has already lost her granola twice in the span of time that they have been engaged in this conflict and although vegeta was clearly outmatched all the same the narrative was very different vegeta was not being overly confident or stroking his own ego.

I mean he openly admitted that granola was more powerful than him but even still he had enough confidence in his battle experience that he would win out in the end and if there is one readily perpetuated message to be found in just about any shonen story it is at hard work trump's natural.

Talent it is one of the very doctrines inscribed on the inside of every set of plot armor it is why we work so hard on this channel it is why vegeta had always lost a goku despite being a prodigy and beyond that vegeta stakes in this particular fight are far.

Greater than goku's even the fact that this battle isn't a thor to the earth and is instead just a grudge match is a testament to that point vegeta is certainly a changed man he has a family now and with his time on nunamic his repentance for his past atrocities was made clear but even still.

With the start of his tutelage beerus expressed that the biggest thing holding vegeta back was the weight of his people's sins which he had for some reason taken on as his own destruction is inevitable and is no more evil nor good than creation they are simply.

The fundamental aspects of existence itself and in knowing that vegeta has now been able to simply depend on his instincts and whereas goku is instinctually passive vegeta is instinctually ravenous and destructive now this is all well and good but beyond.

Simply being yet another transformation added into the mix how does this relate to our encompassing point of things never being the same in the story of dragon ball super well to reiterate goku and vegeta are now undergoing divergent paths of progression but at the same time these two paths are.

In fact parallel to one another as for every god of destruction there is in fact an angel attendant but here's where things get a bit more interesting when it comes to the gods of destruction these are the only entities of universal importance that are not literally born for the position angels and kaioshin are.

A species dedicated to their roles whereas gods of destruction are all formerly mortal entities of varying species and backgrounds that being said aside from the angels these roles are not eternal kai's can become elderly and decrepit and the prospect of assuming the role of.

God instruction at the end of beerus's term was proposed by whis during battle of gods despite the ability to sleep for decades at a time that and belmod the god of destruction from universe 11 has been confirmed to have held the position for over a quarter meganum.

Or more than 250 000 years additionally one could argue that although removal is very unlikely angels in training are in fact a thing as made evident by mirus so perhaps there is a path of ascension to be had there either as a replacement on standby or.

The establishment of more universes although one might further rebut that last bit as he powers that beast how to eradicate many of the known universes for a time prior to the torment of power's conclusion but as beerus said before creation comes destruction anyways gods of destruction seem to take.

On proteges to succeed them as was the case with belmod and toppo that being said it is not as if power alone is a prerequisite for the position or at the very least this degree of consideration as toppo for as powerful as he is is certainly dwarfed by jiren with the.

Fact that granola was able to inherently achieve destruction techniques upon becoming the strongest mortal in universe 7 it is very possible that upon succeeding a certain power prerequisite and or threshold you're pretty much good to go in that regard so it makes a little difference in the.

Case of belmod and toppo belmod was once a pride trooper himself and so to promote the current leader of the organization makes sense now what's interesting is that although the closest counterparts to vegeta's new transformation would more than likely be that of toppo's destroyer form.

That state of being for toppo was anime exclusive and did not make its way into the manga that's not to say that there is no connection but i figure it is something worth taking note of now beerus is quite the tsundere with a tsundere of a protege but in the case of belmod he had taken.

Toppo under his wing because he intended on retiring from his position as god of destruction relatively soon the same has not been expressed to be the case by beerus at all but even if this were to be true for him as well i doubt that he would be very vocal about it.

But either way vegeta is right now the person most poised for the position whereas on the other hand you have goku who in following along the angelic path doesn't exactly have much of a cosmic role to fulfill again angels are all children of the grand priest and so unless goku were to get a rule.

Change courtesy of zen osama themselves such a thing is an impossibility then again i can't see why goku would want any sort of responsibility like that at all least of all one that requires abstinence from any involvement in worldly affairs with all this being said however i don't believe either of the two are in.

Any way desiring such positioning however it is undeniable that in the eventual triumph and or demise of granola along with the further honing other techniques and skills the two will be the strongest mortals in universe 7 by a long shot and maybe that lack of.

Adversity can work well for stories like one punch man but when it comes to dragon ball there is always another challenge right over the horizon which to me naturally brings us to the yet uncharted universes we have universe 6 which vegeta desires to visit as there are saiyans present.

Which would certainly make for plenty of intrigue you have wherever the namekians came from as they are apparently not native to either universe 6 nor universe 7. for them to have not only traversed across universes in this way but also splintered off to the point.

Where they are unaware of where their own kin may have settled tells me at least that they were running from something and lastly the universe is said to be so strong that they were naturally exempt from participating in the tournament of power universes 1 5 8.

And 12 to which any manner of insanity could possibly stem from with the upcoming dragon ball super film although it seems to take place a few years beyond our current point in the manga it is also not intended to be nearly as serious as the other films of the series and.

With such a glaring lack of a challenge remaining in universe 7 and the anime only fans being completely oblivious to the events of this current arc as well as immoral one before it it only makes sense truly the writing of dragon ball super has only improved with time.

And for as ridiculed as dragon ball may at times be for its simplicity there is also a timeless beauty to it that just keeps us coming back and i have really been enjoying both the subversion of old habits as well as the nostalgia to be found with certain callbacks in the comments let us know if you feel.

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