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GOKU VS VEGETA! God of Destruction vs Ultra Instinct Fight To Be The Strongest! – Dragon Ball Super


All right so this latest chapter of dragon ball super served to only further my enjoyment of this current arc the satisfaction to be had with this one was immense but at the same time is set to act as a mere precursor to all that is to come in due time i am hype and you should be as well in the previous chapter.

Which feels like forever since we covered it considering all that has transpired with the channel in the meanwhile but yeah granola had his wish granted and effectively became the strongest warrior in the universe at a cost meanwhile on beerus's planet vegeta was.

Practicing the hakai technique possessed by the gods to no avail at some point the oracle fish would mention the rise of the strongest warrior in the universe to come which caused a bit of a stir one that would see vegeta properly use the hakai technique on a mere pebble with all the confidence.

In the world but again granola had done it he was now the strongest warrior in the universe as made evident by his innate use of the hakai technique on an entire boulder as a narrative comparison he'd then eventually make his way back to the heaters and demand to know.

Afrida's current location an inquiry which quickly turned combative with the difference in their powers being pretty drastic granola was absolutely destroying them and afterwards he had detailed the source of his power to be the dragon balls along with the condition that he has but only three.

Years left to live he had traded everything for this chance at revenge but seeing as elec had aspirations of his own having frieza as a business partner he decided to use these saiyans as a means of thwarting granola with this latest chapter we.

Would open up to goku and whis as whis would quiz goku on what exactly differentiates angel kin from himself now goku is far from a smart guy when it comes to anything beyond combat so he didn't have a clue but just then the staff of whis would whiz by as its wielder.

Would narrowly evade his trajectory without even a glance or second of recognition meanwhile goku was struck by the very same staff this was the difference between them angels are perpetually in the state of ultra instinct whereas goku relegates the technique to a solitary transformation.

However with a calm and steady heart his body should be able to move involuntarily at all times and when i think of goku and heart it kind of draws me back to the cell saga which is no good thus making the current goal of this progression the ability to utilize ultra.

Instinct in his base form as to do otherwise is a great loss of stamina which has caused him to be vulnerable at crucial moments however whis would suggest using the transformation aspect as a last resort instead now this would obviously take a while.

But whis would convey the thought that they may not have that much time and would address vegeta as well as he pertained to him also the message of whis was a bit cryptic as to avoid meddling too much into the mortal affairs but he would tell them that they must strive to surpass her previous selves.

From the day before now this was a fine piece of advice but a bit implied with training but we of course knew the reason he was saying this was because of granola's presence goku then excitedly questioned if it was a new enemy on the horizon as whis too.

Would question the notion of this being an enemy much to their collective confusion from here we would shift to the perspective of our questionable enemy granola himself who would now return to the planet cereal he intended to keep his distance from his elderly friend.

Until he had vanquished frieza perhaps to avoid confronting the foolishness of his wish however even from such a substantial distance away granola having had his eye further augmented by the power of his wish was able to see his old friend even still the next perspective change.

Would come quickly as it was elec and his gang he was sending his goons to earth but first they were to question zuno a bit they planned to take advantage of goku and vegeta to deal with granola as previously stated now goss looked to be a bit perturbed the reason being.

That he would have liked to have fought granola now alek would do his best to reassure the guy and tell him that the time for him to fight has yet to come as he is the only one of them that can hope to surpass frieza now i've already expressed my expectations for goss in terms of combat with the.

Previous chapter discussion but with the second part of that i wonder if they're still basing their summations off of frieza's power prior to his death i mean the ability to sense ki is largely exclusive to the frequenters of earth and so i have to question if they're working off of dated information.

Because although we have long since passed the era of namic saga frieza being considered absurdly powerful it's not as if the entirety of the universe is able to progress like our saiyan main characters the heaters profit off of good intel and so perhaps this will be their folly just some food for thought there but.

Yeah elec was confident that they would be the ones to emerge victorious it would then be weeks before they would finally arrive on zuno's planet now maki was furious that she would have to give zuno a kiss before having a question of hers answered an aspect of this guy that i.

Had completely forgotten super ridiculous but he had taken a creepy liking to her and would answer 10 of her questions as a result now in these few weeks the progression of goku and vegeta was astounding goku was evading the accelerated worlds of whis's staff.

With no issue he now possesses a newfound degree of control over the ultra instinct technique on the other hand we would have vegeta facing a waterfall wooden logs would drift over and downwards as he would leap into action and destroy each of them he'd progress onto moving.

Targets and multiple at that and i love the tutelage of beerus so much he was over here sipping on his soda while chucking these logs into the water while goku has the affirming angel whis presenting him with a smiling face vegeta had the feline tsundere beerus who would do everything he could.

To strengthen his pupil while refusing to outright acknowledge his own involvement and care it's such a fitting dissonance but just then beerus would really kick it up a notch and have a gigantic log piece fall from here vegeta would not falter and would immediately go to.

Destroy it as well and destroy he did even shaving off a major portion of the mountain itself removing the waterfall along with it much of the dismay of beerus but this this i love to see granola is in for a rude awakening perhaps he was the strongest yesterday but today.

Is a new day indeed splitting godly and angelic techniques among goku and vegeta was certainly an interesting approach that i feel benefits them both really well as both are equally cool in their own rights but after some time oil and maki would make their way to earth after asking their questions of.

Zuno and discovering the weaknesses of goku and vegeta weaknesses revealed to be their wives as they would firstly pay chichi a visit they would request that she call for her husband as they had a job for him to fulfill they would then involve bulma in the.

Conversation under the guise of nefarious villain being out there to defeat now chichi chichi was about to bag so if fighting men goku would bring in a bit of change for a change she was all for it goku was already quaking in his boots agreeing to come home.

But then bulma would mention that this threat was apparently the strongest in the universe which of course garnered the immediate attention of our two main characters which i gotta tell you is so nice to say vegeta at this point shares the spotlight just as much as goku and so i can say with.

Confidence that dragon ball super has two main characters they'd wonder if this was the same entity the oracle fish had divined and would subsequently agree to face them as such the two would then return to earth meanwhile maki and oil would make their.

Way elsewhere in bulma's estate being up to no good now just before returning to earth goku would speak of how much he has progressed recently which caught the ear and annoyance of lord beerus and so beerus would call out to vegeta passing on to him.

An earring a signifier of those capable of using hakai then telling him to go and prove that the signature technique of the gods of destruction is superior to that of the angels to which vegeta would gladly accept now treating this as a sort of challenge.

Whis would again provide a signature to goku's ghee very petty indeed but listen friends let you and i be a bit honest here is there a single serious fight in the series where goku's ghee remains fully intact throughout the entire duration i don't think so and listen in comparison to the astronomical levels of.

Drip bestowed upon the principal saints vegeta by this one earring it's just too great to compare to this was so simple but when i tell you that it is probably the most satisfying thing we have gotten for this character throughout this entire series i am not exaggerating the progression of vegeta.

Especially in this arc is far more compelling than that of his rival goku this is more than just a struggle of power and drive to achieve which is great on its own this is emotional growth and a triumph over one's troubled past this alone has enriched my experience reading this.

Manga so tremendously that i cannot just gloss over it not to mention that we have beerus over here like a black mama on christmas when you unwrap that console she told you you weren't getting from here however whis would implore them to exercise caution with this threat goku would.

Question if their opponent was really that nasty but whis couldn't exactly label him to be nasty and again to go into any further detail for him would be too much meddling and so he would have to leave it at that now as for what maki and oil were up to they had stolen the dragon radar which.

Wasn't detecting anything as the dragon balls on earth were presently dormant however the ones on the planet cereal were still available now these two criminals would narrowly avoid being busted by chichi but she had only come to further inquire about their payment situation.

Because chichi does not play about her chips goku and vegeta would meet the two and be ready to depart immediately at this point their wives would caution them as well and here goku would mention how at least the earth isn't in peril yet again which i for one am really grateful for dragon ball isn't exactly a series i go.

To for radical ingenuity rather it's a bastion of a familiar and straightforward shonen approach but even then it's not to say i don't appreciate a good switch up in fact i would like to think that such a thing is even more apparent in such a case from here they would find themselves.

Within the heater ship which was rather luxurious the trip would take them approximately 18 days vegeta would then express a bit of skepticism with such a dazzling ship being possessed by a tribe in need but no matter goku would be enjoying the endless buffet whereas vegeta would be engaged in a bit.

Of underwater training definitely not on par with the gravity training he is so well known for but even still it is something and we work with the tools that we have available to us from here the devious maki would contact granola whose patience was running a bit thin.

She would begin her lie by saying that frieza was onto them and was sending two of his faithful goons to the planet cereal as they speak a challenge granola would welcome as it would be an opportunity to beat the answers out of them however maki would then include that the two assassins.

Were members of the now extinct saiyan race a convention that would utterly blow the mind of granola as he saiyans were the ones who slaughter his people by frieza's decree with this granola would exit his ship and await the arrival of the two it's been 50 long years but here and now.

He planned to have his revenge and that was the chapter now 50 years is a very long time and certainly has nothing to do with goku and vegeta so seeing how this will turn out will be very exciting indeed dragon ball super is at this point a monthly pleasure for me.

And i cannot stop saying it so far i am enjoying this arc several times more than the morrow one and i hope to see things continue along in this regard still waiting on that frieza appearance but there's plenty more fun to be had hopefully you guys enjoyed the chapter and video as well and if you did.

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