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Goku’s Father Bardock!? Vegeta Accepts Death! – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76


Plot armor has finally returned and so has dragon ball super with the previous chapter we had the unbound power of vegeta's ultra ego transformation on full display as he absolutely brutalized granola an unrelenting aggressive force that very much welcomed damage as it only served to make him that much more powerful now during this conflict vegeta.

Would actually express to the cerulean that these saiyans too were pushed to the brink of extinction by frieza but granola's desire for revenge was far too great to listen to any sort of reasoning so much so that when oatmeal began making sense of things in favor of goku and vegeta not being the villains granola painted them out to be granola.

Discarded them oatmeal from there taking control of the ship for the sake of pursuing their own agenda elsewhere but now having found his resolve once more granola would face vegeta again and begin to close the gap between the two of them once more as elsewhere goku was still recuperating now for vegeta this fight between himself and granola was.

Going on for so long the damage was beginning to get to him as his vision and such began to blur and he boarded unconsciousness yet despite his best efforts granola was still standing and prepared to continue fighting and so vegeta would charge up and hurl a massive ball of destruction and urge granola to stop it if he intended to.

Save the planet and in the face of such adversity granola's left eye too would become reddened like the other providing him an additional degree of precision which was just enough for him to counter-strike this incoming attack and now with vegeta grounded granola would thank him for drawing out this new power of his as elsewhere elec and the heaters.

Would venture along their quest to find the dragon balls with this latest chapter we would pick back up within the ruins of granola's former home as vegeta would be pushed through a broken building now tumbling he'd narrowly evade the key based attacks of granola only to be opened up to further assault and granola now slowly approached as he.

Taunted vegeta's lack of enjoyment at this point only to then continue to riddle vegeta with precise ki blasts causing the prince to roll backwards but in what was just absolutely disrespectful granola would move behind vegeta as this happened and firmly plant his boot on the back of this man's head as the ultra ego transformation would.

Fade absolutely vile vegeta fans it's over some of us actually had hope myself included and it seems to have been all for nothing now granola felt his own triumph here was a prophetic telling of the universe the saiyans were doomed to be destroyed but just then vegeta would grip onto granola's leg and tell him that he's getting ahead of himself now.

Refusing to release his grip vegeta would then on the ground mind you claim to be the master of his own fate as granola now agitated by this deviants from reality would just beat into vegeta repeatedly and just as vegeta braced himself for yet another blow goku would return to the battle in his super saiyan blue form and deliver a severe punch.

Onto the face of granola as the two were rather shocked to see him granola would be pushed a bit away as goku would urge vegeta to stick back for the time being as he was willing to take over but to this vegeta in his injured state would deliver a kick to goku hurling him elsewhere goku was certainly confused by this but vegeta would grab onto him and.

Go on to further clarify or at least he would after punching goku in the face he'd expressed that there's no one he'd rather beat the breaks off than goku as goku would respond by speaking of what a bad time it was for vegeta to be regressing in such a way but vegeta would further clarify that he had only ever agreed to fight side by side with.

Goku when there was something for them to mutually protect and to this goku would then question if vegeta's life wasn't worth protecting but vegeta would make it clear that he would prefer to die then team up in regards to such a battle now this is really really dumb to me i mean this was the entire premise behind.

The whole broly situation and they went as far as to fuse in that case so what is this man even talking about whatever as the two were in the midst of talking to one another granola decided to take the opportunity to catch vegeta off guard and as he closed in on vegeta's vitals goku in recognizing the attack would propel him out of harm's way just.

In the nick of time and with that he was sent right into a nearby shed where he passed out which i found to be pretty embarrassing given that prior sentiment but okay to this granola was very surprised by goku's reaction time questioning if he'd simply gotten lucky but goku would express that he'd gotten used to granola's vital targeting and so.

It simply wouldn't work on him anymore granola couldn't help but laugh in disbelief as he swiftly appeared behind goku doing so with such speed and tenacity that he did in fact land a hit onto the back of goku's neck now placing him face down in the water granola would tell goku that he would have been better off staying down the first time that.

He'd be sure to get frieza's location out of him in just a moment but as he turned his back and walked off to finish vegeta he was hit by a ki blast from behind he'd stumble and turn back in disbelief as goku was back on his feet again expressing that the same move wasn't going to work on him forever granola now agitated would try again.

This time hitting him in the abdomen in a way that was identical to how he had finished him off before but to no avail as goku would grab granola's arm and punch him in the gut granola will be pushed away but recover and hover above deducing exactly what goku had been doing shifting his vitals out of danger what.

Apparently there's a pause between granola locking on and delivering his attack sure but shifting his vitals what the hell does that even mean like seriously how goku would express that he can't manage to dodge the attacks outright but at the very least he could move the targets enough to ensure he didn't get hit too badly again how for.

As impressed as granola was by this the fact of the matter still remained such a strategy was entirely reliant on defense and so without any substantial attacks of his own goku had no chance of victory and was simply delaying the inevitable a sentiment which goku could not argue with meanwhile vegeta would awaken from his slumber and quickly rush out of the.

Rubble above he would see goku and granola going below for blow and during this goku would land a mean hit to granola's face yet again but it wasn't nearly enough as granola would retort with a mighty kick that knocked goku back to the ground and out of his transformation goku was clearly struggling here yet.

Granola was still going on strong despite having fought these two by his lonesome for so long and at that the divide to be found between them is all too substantial considering granola's restless performance here however vegeta wanted back in and to this goku had to question why vegeta was so fixated on handling things by his lonesome here.

Vegeta didn't exactly have an answer to give but instead pointed to his pride as a saiyan although with everything else in mind i'd more so likened it to be his guilt as a saiyan goku would then ask if vegeta was sure he could win as granola from above was looking a bit worn out and tired vegito expressed granola was still new to his own power and wouldn't.

Be able to last much longer as he was nearing his limitations which would ultimately serve as vegeta's opening to finish things vegeta would then ask for goku to please let him handle this alone please please who is this man goku would let him be but tell him to try not to die but there was a certain conviction on.

Vegeta's face here as he wouldn't respond and would instead jettison over to granola's location now granola was surprised to see vegeta backed by his lonesome and would question the thought process behind such a thing however vegito retort by saying that granola was one to talk given how his desire for revenge seems to have taken away his.

Rationality entirely vegeta would also question the notion of granola having lived all this time only for the sake of revenge and nothing more then saying that he wouldn't deny this grand mission of granolas telling him to come at him with all that he's got vegeta would then again call forth the wellspring of egotistical.

Power from within and transform granola could not believe this considering vegeta should have already hit his limitations but as vegeta had said before this power was unbound and limitless as he would extend an arm and shoot out at granola and just as he just settled from this he was there to headbutt granola who would then rapidly.

Fall downwards now landing on the barrier of the sugarian city vegeta wasn't done with him just yet as he would kick granola right through it now hitting the streets as gordolo would call for vegeta to wait a moment saying that they should not fight here what was a pretty interesting sentiment to vegeta as granola previously expressed a lack.

Of care for anything beyond revenge granola would then defend himself while clearly being concerned for his surroundings as he would punch vegeta back only to then have his arm bitten into by the savage and boy oh boy was vegeta biting down hard granola would then fling him down to the ground disgusted by this display vegeta now.

Laughing on the ground with taunt granola about being unable to use his rapid fire moves in such a location just as granola would stand directly over him and aimed directly at him as he city would be just fine if he shot at point blank range and he would do just that absolutely blasting vegeta repeatedly he continued this onslaught until vegeta.

Passed out and was out of the transformation once more but now clearly hitting his limitations granola would clutch onto his arm and back away having a seat on the ground out of sheer fatigue now asking vegeta if he'd learned his lesson just yet and as he said that the side of a building would collapse to reveal a mother clutching.

Onto her fearful child it's a wonder why they're still here but they were here and terrified nonetheless and this visual was enough to trigger granola's ptsd as he would recall running from the invading great apes and into a cathedral of sorts on the inside he would meet his mother who would hold on to him tightly as he would tell her.

That the others helped him get away from there it would seem someone would come to discover the two much to the dismay but now recognizing himself to be a perpetrator of a similar sort granola was clearly distraught as from behind vegeta would get back onto his feet and admit to granola that his grudges towards his saiyans are well deserved.

And so he could not object to granola seeking to take his life however by doing so he would pretty much just be perpetuating a horrible cycle vegeta would then say that the ceruleans were never so savage anyways which really infuriated granola as he would respond by saying that the planet was always a peaceful one until the saiyans took.

Everything away from them and that is something that he will never be able to get over as he would shove vegeta away from him and out of the city's protective barrier granola now claiming to have found his true resolve was prepared to give his life for the sake of taking vegeta's calling forth all his power for the sake of killing him and as.

He charged his blast he would say that his revenge against frieza would just have to wait until they were both in hell which is kind of ridiculous to me i mean the guy only just learned about these two saiyans and up until then he'd place his entire desire for revenge on the prospect of facing frieza the fact that he's satisfied with just killing.

One of the two what from his perspective are simply lackeys is ridiculous but perhaps that's just how far he has gone but anyways vegeta now laid out would begin speaking to himself he'd apologize to lord beerus for failing to revert to his once callous and uncaring self for the sake of tapping into the true power of a god of destruction he was at peace.

And willing to accept his fate on behalf of the saiyans and the many grave sins they had perpetrated now i can't help but feel strangely about this considering the guy has two children and a wife at home waiting for him so to die here isn't something he should entertain let alone accept and beerus tried to tell him that he shouldn't be remorseful.

For the actions of his people but he couldn't help it goku not recognizing the severity of the situation would call for them both to stop and as he ran towards them granola's ship piloted by oatmeal would speed past him inside was granola's elderly namekian friend who was shocked to see goku now properly receiving confirmation that it was in.

Fact the saiyans granola was engaged with but again granola was hell-bent on destroying vegeta here and try as he might goku could not penetrate the pressure surrounding granola as just then monaeto would call outsignola telling him to stop this at once which shocked everyone but with this opportunity goku would rush in and slam.

Right into granola goku of all people would then tell the two not to be stupid but now on the ground granola was pissed at oatmeal for interrupting but from the ship came monaeto with a serious expression on his face goku and vegeta couldn't believe their eyes as it was incredibly strange for a namekian to have made it out this far.

Granola would then yell out for his friend to leave as he needed to finish things that all he wanted was for it to all be over but monaeto with a lowered head would tell granola that he was mistaken about some things apologizing as it was apparently due to a lie of his that brought granola to this point as.

Apparently there was one saiyan in particular that did not deserve granola's vengeance a statement which of course confused granola and prompted him to ask for a proper explanation and after a bit of pause monito would do so as it turns out 40 years ago when the planet was invaded the one who saved them both was actually a saiyan by the.

Name of bardock the manga refers to him as burdock but that's just how they treat his name in the manga there was a bit of confusion from goku and shocked from vegeta at the prospect of such a saiyan as granola there seemed to be a sort of vexing confusion wrapped in disbelief as he wasn't sure he had heard correctly and that was the chapter wow i.

Am going to be completely honest with you i am not the biggest fan of this chapter now to be fair both vegeta and goku got bodied by granola but vegeta just felt especially delusional the fact that simply being pushed by goku and grazed by granola was enough to push him over the edge and knock him out was disappointing he did a lot of talking in.

This one desiring the fight to be all his but it was like seeing someone setting up to bench the heaviest weights in the gym possible knowing damn well they are not ready for all of that it was simply unbecoming and sure i could understand the desire to become who he once was for the sake of truly utilizing this power but he couldn't even do that.

As again it was all too clear that his investment here was all built upon a guilty conscience so suffice to say he was doomed to fail from the start additionally ultra ego served no purpose in this chapter he did in fact use it but that was for flavor more than anything else as he got brutalized anyways and made no headway with it at.

All i also don't understand why granola suddenly shifted to a kamikaze strategy considering vegeta was already knocked out of it and in a terrible state really and truly for me at least this chapter somewhat ruined what was otherwise a great conflict in ongoing battle but at the very least i will say that this bardock prospect is a damn intriguing.

One i mean it has been 30 years since barack's addition to the series all the way back during the frieza saga of z i wasn't even born yet and yet goku still knows nothing about the guy so this is a pretty major development can't say i'm exactly expecting much from goku in this regard but is something to look forward to regardless i'm also wondering if they.

Might end up making episode of bardock canon back before super was the thing when we were starving for dragon ball content i was still a kid i couldn't get enough of that story i thought it was the coolest thing ever and if tarble is canon i see no reason why barlock vs chilled cannot be as well if even just reworked like our current broly now in.

The comments i really want you guys to let us know how you feel about this chapter because at this point i am trying to just focus on the prospect of bardock more than anything else but in other news yeah plot armor is back we unfortunately got hit with another wave of false strikes which of course cleared up because they were empty threats and.

Thankfully this time we managed to clear things up far sooner than before but we will definitely need the power of the plot army to get things moving how they should as soon as possible so please if you did enjoy the video drop a like share it around whatever the case may be we really appreciate it the plot army soldiers sticking around with us.

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