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Goku’s New Ultra Instinct Attack and Form Revealed! – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86


The battle with gus and the heaters is over and wow it took our protagonist through the ringer it has been a long tough fight but this chapter is where it finally ends we open up on the now all-out gas causing the ground to rumble with his power a satisfied looking elect flies off a short distance content to watch his show with the other heaters.

Opening up with a familiar move against goku goss raises the hand and goes for the fourth choke again this time plans to escalate it to a next snap apparently going all out means he's given up on making goku's death satisfying this proves quite effective though while goku is able to escape via instant transmission it is clear that using it.

Was tough on him goku immediately goes behind gas intended to get the jump on him while running a fist only to be effortlessly thwarted by gas who certainly saw goku coming because of this goku would recoil for a moment but ghast does not give our hero any room to breathe teleporting right behind the saiyan and trying to jump scare him with.

A crazed grin he declares that he has never felt better this new form is burning away every cell in goss's body yet he claims to feel ecstatic firmly gripping onto goku's head he tosses them into the distance only to then call forth a tornado to trap him and fire off a fuselage of blasts each of which is increasingly damaging and could prove.

Fatal to goku if he's not careful goku tries to push back against ghast's attack weathering it as best as he can but ultimately he falls back to earth with a slam alec is predictably smug claiming that goss was certain to win once he was trying maki acknowledges that their brother was in fact winning for the moment but even still she could.

Never be worried about him she can tell something is wrong with him i mean he looks absolutely atrocious and at that i must say for a character with like six different versions of his design between his younger and different forms despite these many versions of the character gosh just doesn't do it for me i'm curious how you guys may feel about him.

But for me yeah goss is honestly pretty lame and that's not even getting started on his weak mentality but anyways goss continues to beat down on goku but now oil recognizes the issue too vassa's new form looks downright ancient his eyes are sunken in and his brow is wrinkled alex sees nothing wrong with this claiming that goss's power is not only.

Intact but greater than ever now considering the lifespan reduction imparted onto granola with the acquisition of a dragon ball based power boost it would only make sense for these scenes to apply to goss as well which is to say that his beloved older brother lek was willing to sacrifice his kid brother's entire life for the sake of.

His devilish exploits that is downright cold in the battle goku recognizes that there is something off of gothic's new form but he denies that it is a problem to him his power has been liberated from his flesh he is quite willing to do what he like asked and burn himself out dying to take down his opponent gas managed to deliver a rather severe kick projection.

Onto goku setting him way up high but once goku regained control over himself he began to rock it back down to god's location which god prepared for with his fist projections intending to meet the man halfway if just the two were on the verge of colliding they would be interrupted by a sudden key blast shot between them to the shock of everyone.

Present it was granola finally recovered from his injuries his arrival gets a welcome assault from goku and a scowl from a lack of course being angered by the sudden intrusion before the heaters can act however granola shockingly charges goku knocking him away from goss assuming his foes who have turned on each other elect laughs pleased by.

Granola's continued grudge against the saiyans the oldest heater calls out to gradola congratulating him on making a smart choice he even offers to employ him again if he kills goku a prospect which caused a spark of jealousy to emerge from gods although not bothering to listen to the condescending crime boss granola talks to goku now that they.

Are away from goss for a moment as it turns out he had heard barak's voice in his sleep and was here to help he asked goku if he was willing to trust in his strength when the dust clears goss is confronted by a united granola and goku ready to battle him together as a united front the two have a simple plan goku was still making use of ultra instinct.

Sine form as granola charged up an attack and goku would keep god's busy for as long as it took to get the attack to be as powerful enough to take down the villain enraged god charges forward intends on stopping the cerulean but goku moves to intercept the heater god still in motion would project a fist and not the same away but resiliently goku.

Would catch a attack and even managed to deliver a powerful projection kick of his own goss clearly didn't see this coming as goku had actually managed to make him draw blood goku's saying lineage was certainly on full display as he continued to get stronger over the course of their continued clash however this rate of development wasn't nearly.

Fast enough as they pissed off gossip reject each of his limbs for extended striking range sending goku hurdling down to the ground and as if that wasn't enough goss will project a pair of fufu tims just to curb stomp the man goku looked like a bug embedded in the pavement but damned that last hit from goku hurt goss was bleeding from his.

Abdomen but was satisfied to know that goku was out of the picture only to then remember the target he had been extracted from that was still in the process of charging up granola had already built up an impressive amount of energy leaving god's wide-eyed in disbelief that the guy still possessed such power the heater tried to intercept.

Granola's charge hurling a quick energy blast at him but just in time this attempt would be denied by goku who would manage to project a protective barrier around granola be grounded saying chai's goss telling him that none of them have given up on beating him down in his anger goss decided to continue his assault against goku by.

Covering the ground with a massive blanket of ki blast it is a big enough attack for even goku to be taken aback he would cry out as the attacks connected still unable to move yet over the course of this goku's demeanor would begin to shift it almost looked like ghaz meant to finish his job and kill goku outright but then you remember the.

Primary target here turning back it is clear granola is still charging his blast the cerulean calls out to his impromptu allies admitting that he is not ready to fire his attack yet a revelation to delight's goss before he can try and kill granola again however vegeta re-enters the battle with a full body tackle bringing the heater brother.

Down to the ground and almost pitifully this is all vegeta can manage to do vegeta yells out for gordon to hurry up and finish his charging it doesn't look like he'll be able to keep god's pinned down for long finally resolving to help his brother maki and oil make their way to the fight elect is annoyed at this either due to their defiance of his.

Orders or just because he finds his sentiment distasteful still he doesn't try to stop them however the pair are intercepted by monaeto the namekian stands right in their way swearing that he won't let them interfere this amuses the two heaters who have no problem with the idea of beating up an older man however monaeto simply waves his hands.

And mocking and oil falls to the ground immediately rendered unconscious having not managed to throw so much as a punch for his entire fight monito boasts that this hypnosis is his one battle skill smiling monitor turns to granola asking if his adoptive son is ready for his attack so which granola would confirm that he is with a grin boasting that he.

Is gathering more energy than goth could possibly handle vegeta started maneuvering goss into cordola's line of fire ready to finally end the fight elect meanwhile chuckling the eldest heater cries out to granola reminding him that firing off such a powerful blast as close to the ground would destroy his beloved planet cereal goss.

Breaks straight from vegeta's grip at this point running towards granola before lisa really can decide what to do and this is when goku would reawaken newly enriched by the power of a tranquil heart goku would re-enter his perfected ultra instinct state and with this similarly the conclusive sequence against the dreaded moro a giant energy.

Construct of goku formed above the sprawled out saiyan goss looked behind himself looking a little afraid of this new development energy goku grabs the swarming heater easily ignoring ghasa's best efforts to escape his grip the construct took a second to look upwards before tossing gas high into planet's cereal's atmosphere giving granola more.

Than enough leeway to fire the decisive blast it is at this point this really reveals that his vision is deteriorating making it difficult to make out his now distant target thankfully oatmeal is here to assist granola's targeting computer lines up the shot for him as vegeta monaeto and goku tell him to fire finally finding his mark the last of the.

Ceruleans lets his blast go the great ball of energy soaring towards a terrified gas on the ground the effect is blinding elect looks stunned while goku and vegeta wins at the aftershock of the blast the ripples intensify blasting the two saiyans and monitor away before granola steps in to catch them with his.

Remaining allies grounded alec is not so lucky by the time maki and oil regain consciousness there is no sign of their brothers vegeta and goku get to their feet goku proudly confirming that granola has pulled through up above we see god still falling towards the ground before finally impacting on the other side of a nearby mountain range the two.

Remaining heaters call their brother's name surprised and worried granola however confirms that he didn't kill gaz that cataclysmic all-consuming energy blast just left him unconscious guerrilla claims he is no longer seeking revenge and is willing to let the heaters go provided they never return to planet cereal machia and oil look angry.

But seem willing to play along for now headed over to check on their brother we then have granola finally apologizing to vegeta and goku for his initial fight with a bear while goss lies in the massive crater this isn't quite the end of the granola saga but it is the end of the battle between him the heaters and our heroes for the moment the ark could.

Very well begin wrapping up the next chapter with our heroes returning back to beerus's world to inform him and whis of their new abilities we still have one major unanswered plot point to resolve however a lack it's telling that the heater's leader has seemingly disappeared following the final confrontation between his brother and.

Our heroes while he has always let his siblings and underlings do his dirty work the loss of goss might push elect extremes when gosh failed up until now alec has always responded by simply pushing his brother harder now however goss is physically incapable of considering the fight and mocking an oil seem willing to withdraw prioritizing.

Their brother's safety over destroying granola and the saiyans but what if elec wants to keep going what if he wants to take another shot at winning this fight despite everything that has happened well he still has the dragon radar and the planet cereal only has two dragon balls will he be willing to put his own neck on the line or will he join his.

Siblings in retreat elect's choice could keep the granola saga going or serve to set up the next story in super like 73's head did before although i must admit that despite being interested in the heaters and particularly elec as antagonists at the beginning more so utilizing the power of intelligence and or conniving rather.

Than brute force the execution of such elements has left me a bit underwhelmed and unenthused with such a prospect i also don't feel like goku has truly uncovered the uniqueness of his own ultra instinct just yet despite at the very least becoming closer to it than he was before but one way or another the next chapter of dragon ball super has me.

Curious as always i'm slicing otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you