Right now Goku is on the verge of unlocking a whole new power the likes of which has never been seen before what's about to happen to Goku is something not even the angels are prepared for this latest Arc of Dragon Ball super has for a lack of better words been a controlled mess it has somewhat been all over the place Shifting the spotlight from.

Characters to character only to inevitably find its way back to Goku that being said despite all these shifts the central focus of the arc has Remain the very same despite each protagonist serving to tackle a different aspect of it and this Central topic I'm referring to is a recognition of the past and he sent to granola the character is a.

Survivor of genocide much like the other two but more than anything else is angry in regards to it furthermore seeking revenge against those responsible the core of which was once Frieza and by extension his former Saiyan lackeys who had executed such atrocities yet on a constantly Revelation that the healers were largest to blame for such.

Unfortunate events and furthermore that a Saiyan as he recently survived the target of his revenge has changed with Frieza hardly being a at all and the situation for granola is a rather fascinating thing as despite suffering a similar fate at the hands of Frieza directly Vegeta did not Harbor thoughts of Revenge nearly on par with those of.

Granola he certainly bore resentment towards Frieza and his forces but he knew his place well enough to not possess such a dangerous Outlook and at that Vegeta in this Arc has dealt with the past inversely by way of acceptance when beginning his training under Lord beerus Vegeta initially regarded people's way of life as sinful and that.

It was their Destiny to be wiped out as a result Vegeta has long since atoned for his own wrongdoing but as a principal Saiyans he felt the need to also accept the guilt of all Saiyans yet for the sake of moving on he needed to eliminate that guilt and find acceptance which then finally brings us to Goku up until just recently the past was of no.

Consequence and or relevance to him and this is precisely why he was largely cast to The Wayside for a great deal of this Arc prior Goku has already been down for the count twice in this Arc therefore allowing Vegeta someone who could actually comprehend granola's grief and resentment all all being punished for the prior actions of his.

People to have his moment Goku had no stakes in the past and only knew of his sane lineage by way of others telling him as much but with the mention of Goku's father Bardock who he had never heard of before things began to gradually become more and more personal all of which culminated into an event decades in the making Goku's.

Recollection of a Saiyan Origins the likes of which evoked a particularly interesting display from the character visually now just before this Goku exchanged some words with his Angelic Master whis truthfully Goku's grasp over Ultra Instinct has certainly come a very long way the extent of which we do actually have a whole video dedicated to.

Already so check that out for more knowledge on that front but yeah thanks to his training and experiences Goku has come a long way however admittedly Goku's greatest struggle when it comes to maintaining the power is the fundamental requirement of a tranquil heart now for the likes of the angels as the progenitors of the technique.

Fundamentally differ from all beings that may seek to emulate their capabilities we say that by going about things as if he were an angel Goku would never truly make proper use of the technique and so for the sake of truly going beyond for advancement it is imperative that he creates his very own unique version of ultra Instinct but.

Being unsure of how to go about doing such a thing Reese's advice to Goku would be to listen to The Voice Within himself furthermore questioning deep down what is Goku really which brings up yet another great question how do you get this far into the video without subscribing to the channel now for someone like Goku that has pretty much.

Always worn his heart on his sleeves this question from whis was a perplexing one however upon hearing the voices lay father Bardock I wave his abandon scouter's audio recordings urging someone to stay alive Goku would begin to recall his Saiyan Origins the instinctual planetary Invader disposition of Kakarot had long since.

Been lost at Academy's early head injury yet after all this time Goku is finally whole now why would simply recalling such a thing make this much of a difference well as Goss put it Goku cannot comprehend who and as a result would never be able to defeat him which is to say that by knowing such a thing the possibility of.

Victory then arises for him now there are of course certain parallels between Goku and the likes of Superman frankly Clark Kent would never be Superman as we know him if he did not also Embrace his identity as a Kryptonian Kal-El and it would seemed the same as now true for Goku accepting his same lineage as Kakarot now to begin understanding what.

Goku will gain from this we must first consider what he lacked which conveniently enough is provided to us by way of Goss yet again during their bout he points out a lack of fire in Goku's eyes he furthermore spoke of Goku's father Bardock and the overwhelming ferocity of his resolve the likes of which he saw none of in Goku which is.

Really interesting considering we have seen Goku push Beyond his limitations time and time again for the sake of achieving Victory and such and so although it may be narratively written like this in Canon I truly have to wonder how such a ferocity will be properly exemplified by this character without just having him be a scarless.

Bardock whatever the case may may be ultra Instinct will most definitely be a factor at play it's not all too different to surmise of this recollection of Goku's will be a catalyst in discovering himself at his core to not only be a Saiyan but the son of Bardock with the beginning of his time on the planet cereal to follow his.

Training alongside whis Goku demonstrated his Newfound use of Super Saiyan and tandem with ultra Instinct and in certain respects his combination would be seen as beneficial in momentary bursts after all Goku's original issue with ultra Instinct back when it was in his sign form was a lack of offensive power Goku certainly possesses this in.

His perfected Ultra Instinct form but since he cannot manage to maintain it for too long he is simply left to work with what he has available now that being said the simultaneous use of Super Saiyan aggression and Ultra Instinct neutrality is like the mixture of oil and water and so to use them together in such a way was most definitely a.

Herculean undertaking yet even still may very well be on the right track now admittedly one might argue that they've been stole of a brand new transformation onto Goku in this particular Arc would serve to undermine that of a is in the way of alter ego and if that is a belief you possess we can't fault you because you are absolutely correct but as.

Unfortunate as it may be Vegeta will always play second fiddle to Goku if the Decades of this franchise's history did not make that clear enough the events of this Arc have absolutely solidified it the prospect of Dragon Ball super being different from his predecessor Series in this regard is a fallacy that I truly try to hold on to until The Bitter End.

It is a woefully disappointing truth but it is a truth nevertheless and one which may assist us in breaking down what is to come Vegeta has and will continue to perpetually lag behind Goku to varying degrees Vegeta acquiring his Ultra ego transformation during this Arc placed him somewhat on par with Goku granted Goku has had plenty more time to master.

His transformation but regardless they now share a stage of power and again as unfortunate as it may be that cannot be the case for very long at all as we continue to see throughout virtually the entirety of the Dragon Ball super story even in the event of Vegeta making major strike the progression of his capabilities Goku will always manage to.

Somehow upstage him and truly for as amazing as mastered Ultra Instinct may be presently it is far too much of a stopping point for Goku's progression in the hypothetical event there were to be no biological hurdle in place and Goku could stand to make use of the power just as any Angel could then this silver-haired form of his would be it.

The end-all be-all Goku's final transformation which for the monetary Mecca that Izzy Dragon Ball franchise would be a major fumble every transformation Goku has ever had has been a step ahead of the next such as the case even for master Ultra Instinct by way of ultra Instinct sign being prior for instance and so I feel it is.

Safe to presume that this new frontier of power for Goku may be akin to what Super Saiyan blue is to Super Saiyan God truly Dragon Ball super has largely made canonizing extra content its Mission this has been seen in the case of films by way of characters like Broly and also in regards to certain contents from Dragon Ball GT for example muru Universe.

3's got a destruction Pilots a ROM robot named Moscow which Bears somewhat of a resemblance of machine mutant lewd from GT described in that series to be quote a God of destruction now obviously when most people think of Dragon Ball GT one thing in particular most likely comes to mind that of Super Saiyan 4 GT or not the transformation has a special place.

In the hearts of many myself included now in regards to its origin series acquiring said power may have been pretty silly in hindsight but regardless it embraced a degree of never before seen saying savagery that for me at least at times Mega who feel like a whole different character entirely Super Saiyan 4 although unlikely to literally.

Make its way into Dragon Ball super on account of Transformations transcending beyond the bounds of mere Super Saiyan ascensions of power is very much still present in pretty much all modern Dragon Ball video and trading card games and is especially featured in The Dragon Ball Heroes anime frankly if nothing else makes its way into Dragon Ball super.

From Dragon Ball GT at least in a modernized stage I am willing to bet the Super Saiyan 4 will be the one and I would imagine they have waiting to bust this one out in some way shape or form and it would seem as though by tapping into his last saying Heritage that opportunity may very well have appeared the Oracle fish failed to recognize Goss.

Despite his previous heralding of the new strongest in the universe and with Goku fulfilling me prerequisite for victory according to gossip's Prior sentiments it would seem he will soon become this very figure Goku will become the strongest mortal in Universe 7 which therefore very much invites the prospects of advancing Beyond Universe 7.

For even greater competition which is definitely exciting and something I and plenty of others have been looking forward to for years now unless we forget The Man Behind Dragon Ball super is the very same mind Behind The Unofficial Dragon Ball AF spin-off what is at this point a classic in his own right as far as many Dragon Ball.

Enthusiasts are concerned and what is that series especially known for Super Saiyan 5. and just looking at it is essentially a cross between Super Saiyan 4 and what we presently know to be the silver-haired message of ultra Instinct so yeah prepare yourselves as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.