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Gol D. Roger’s True Power DESTROYS God Valley & The Rocks Pirates! – One Piece Chapter 1096


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1096 titled kumachi features zoro's crushing defeat against a pack of chihuahuas during a game of musical chairs and it looks like our boy might have gotten lost going from chair to chair and thanks to that they've won his sword wad ichimonji not only is this one of the 21 great grade swords and the one he's had.

The longest it's also his only momento of his late friend Kina yikes Zoros gambled his own arm against a cursed Blade with no hesitation and won but this time he wasn't so lucky from there either he gambles ketsu and enma next or he'll have to get used to two sword style because you really don't want to make chihuahuas mad also do you.

Guys think there's a Zan douu model for every dog breed I mean we've already seen a daund and yam's mythical version shba enu are native to Japan so maybe there's a doge fruit somewhere out there anyways we return to our god Valley flashback with the Celestial Dragon speaking about rabbits instead of dogs the native cleansing Festival was close.

To starting as their targets ran the announcer let everyone know that there were 150 rare rabbits or people for them to hunt down there were also 13 super rare rabbits among them that were each worth 10,000 points the space suit wearing monsters were also reminded that one hit kills would also land them bonus points for scale the winners of this.

Event were then promised amazing rewards B Garland Garling couldn't look more like Shanks if he tried as he told his competition to sit back and watch him dominate another Celestial Dragon with a large gun and hat with obscured eyes claimed that the man mayor family would be the winners now excuse me for sounding like one of those red circle.

One piece theorists but the shape of this person's face and outstretched tongue totally remind me of Vega Punk York taking a shot in the dark and assuming that there is some level of connection here this could explain why York was violent enough to betray her fellow Vega punks in pursuit of becoming a Celestial Dragon we know surprisingly.

Little about the individual ual Vega Punk satellites well maybe it's not that surprising since Oda tends to remind us of how little we know about this world on a weekly basis we've got biological Vega punks robotic Vega punks big Vega punks and small Vega punks there's next to no consistency or similarity between their appearances we don't know if they.

Were all made at the same time when they were made or which ones came first but we do know that Vega Punk is no stranger to manipulating lineage factors and creating clones we know that Celestial dragons aren't all in inherently evil thanks to characters like corazone and miard but we also know that lineage factors contain elements well beyond our.

Current understanding of DNA as snake has an inherent crush on Luffy and obeys his orders because Boa Hancock does it might sound foolish of Stella not to have considered that when making her one of his satellites but maybe the value of this person's lineage Factor was too useful to pass up VAP Punk York's entire job was to eat sleep and release so the.

Other Vega punks wouldn't have to and could keep working this could be an inherent ability of the man mayor family the power of an unknown devil fruit or the celestial dragon's power and up until recently Vega Punk had no problem working with the world government's backing so it might not have ever crossed his mind as a conflict of.

Interest I honestly hope this is the connection because it sounds really cool to me but let me know what you guys think next up we have a guy with an aurat Toyama gas mask on that tells Garling not to expect an easy Victory here now this is pretty crazy we've seen this character designed before one of the House of Lamb's orphans that grew up.

With big mom always wore a mask just like this we know that mother caramel planned on selling all of them to the world government but her and all the Lambs were believed to have been eaten by linlin during a Feeding Frenzy could this be a Survivor that managed to be collected by the world government well even if that is the case how the heck.

Did he end up being a Celestial Dragon expanded Theory aside the five Elders are willing to consider Vega Punk York a Sol AAL Dragon if they manage to secure her so you could argue that that a person can be accepted as a Celestial Dragon if they weren't outright born one but for York that's in exchange for producing more of the mother flame for.

Them a weapon of mass destruction that totally wiped an island off the map caused natural disasters all over the world and is believed to be able to end all wars forever it's hard to imagine some random orphan offering anything on that level but if he was somehow an orphan Celestial Dragon to begin with that mother caramel got her hands on.

That could suffice but surviving a big mom Massacre is just as hard to believe the final Celestial Dragon here is just smiling and doesn't say anything at all however the design of their face kind of looks a bit like an old school manga character you might see from someone like Osama tzuka known as The Godfather of manga he created plenty of stories.

Like Astro Boy and is pretty much Japan's version of Walt Disney between this guy and the one that kind of looks like the creator of dragon Ball's mascot some of the Holy Knights could very well be a homage to a few of oda's greatest Inspirations the so-called rabbits were in turmoil and praying that this was all some horrible nightmare they wondered.

How something like this could possibly happen how could the world Nobles so callously toy with the lives of their fellow men but as they fired their guns the celestials made it clear that they viewed themselves as Superior beings on every level these two were reprimanded however since the event hadn't actually started yet and were told to consider.

The other 200 participants as if prey worried about their young there was only 1 hour left before the f would officially commence and the celestial dragons all look forward to a good hunt meanwhile over at Navy headquarters GARP was on a denden Mushi call with the fleet Admiral he wondered why his boss was trying to send him out to the.

Boonies to fight while he's on vacation the answer to that question was classified but they absolutely needed GARP to be there and of course the fleet Admiral at the time was none other than Kong this guy is still such a mystery but it's nice to be able to see him in his prime here he admitted that the reports hadn't been verified just yet.

But it was looking like this was going to be a major disaster seeing as this was connected to the celestial dragons quote little field trip GARP didn't see much of a reason to care whether or not they were in trouble GARP pulled and I told you so over clashing with aosu because he knew it would eventually come back to bite them after all you can't.

Just steal the crown jewel of pirate island and expect no retaliation okay so the Rocks Pirates went to God Valley to take back something very important that was stolen from them that's why they seem to be in such a and Rush during kaido's flashback but whatever this thing is the question of how they stole it in the first place also remains it.

Would certainly be one hell of a Twist if they abducted his son teacher something Kong was shocked that GARP knew about it and questioned where he'd gotten the information ignoring the question as he reclined with a smile on his face gar was sure that they assigned Extra Protection to the world Nobles for being so stupid so he didn't really see.

Why the big man was so worked up Kong then admitted that there was one thing they didn't account for at all gold d Roger was headed there too now that got garp's attention immediately Kong definitely should have started with that because GARP was quick to say that he was on his way over it's pretty crazy that GAR was totally sleeping on rocks.

But the moment Roger was mentioned it was like Vegeta hearing that Goku is doing some secret training then Goku described rocks as being Roger's first and possibly his greatest foe so is the power differential between these two men that big or is garp's rivalry with Roger just that strong over haosu a bunch of pirates were bickering about the rock.

Pirates beating them to the punch and setting sail to God Valley they even planned on heading over themselves they already knew that this was going to shake the pirate world to its very core so there were even more pirate Crews headed to the island damn this is already making Marine Ford look like a family picnic back over a god Valley.

There were an unprecedented number of marine ships surrounding the island while panting for breath I vanov let his fellow slaves know that they were were all trapped in this hellish reality and nobody would be able to escape he already knew that one day this entire page of History would be lost that's pretty damn insightful for a kid he's.

Totally right only a few members of the old generation are left to even remember it by then the celestial dragons had finally begun their Slaughter even knew that they chose God Valley for the sake of later plundering its abundant natural resources 10,000 civilians now had Targets on their backs and were Marked for Death this Rampage of their was.

Planted Goan for a total of 3 weeks and by the end of it there wouldn't be a single Survivor he cursed the unfairness of the world they live in the scene was utterly horrific one of the older rabbits mentioned that they were told that they would be set free if they managed to survive until the end this only infuriated Eva more since there.

Were never any survivors of their previous hunts they would be fools to think that this time would be any different another man would question why the world Nobles would lie and give them false hope that's when when Eva delivered the harsh truth killing people that have already given up on life wouldn't be any fun for the freaks they.

Wanted the people to desperately cling to hope for the sake of having an enjoyable hunt winning this stadistic game was never a possibility for the slaves to begin with instead their only chance of survival would be escaping altogether and what a rampage scarling body count here would be enough to make even big mom blush he carved into his.

Prey on the back of what looked like an ostrich with goggles Des fite what should have been a detrimental negative 10,000 points for killing the Island's King before the start Garling had already made his way up to 10,000 points the announcer alluded to going after high value targets as his strategy he may have already killed two super rares.

The whole thing was being recorded thanks to denden Mushi surveillance and it seemed like the ladies back at the Holy Land were loving what they saw from him at the same time Evo was in the middle appraising a shark fish man for being able to bite through his restraints the man wasn't exactly used to receiving compliments however jinny.

Who was now wearing glasses was monitoring the situation thanks to a trio of world government denen Mushi she let the people around her know that the tournament's prizes would be the key to their escape much of the confusion of the others continuing jinny exclaimed that one of them was a devil fruit of the highest caliber one that would allow.

A person to transform into an Azure Dragon what we know to be the uomi modeled seru the mythical zoan type that would eventually be eaten by kaido additionally there was also the niku niku me which was said to be able to launch oneself and others to distant lands obviously this one ends up being Kuma's fruit but it's interesting to see.

His bare Motif instead be represented by a cat here totally reminds me of good old Captain Kuro Evo was sure that if any of them managed to eat one of those fruits they would be able to escape both the festival and navy blockade even if there were only a dozen of them but A man among them didn't see how any of this would be possible on account of the.

Prizes being kept at the center of the island that's when jinny chimed in to let them know that she's both a professional thief and wiretapper in fact 2 weeks ago she leaked all this information to the outside world and was sure that her message managed to get at least someone's attention she concluded that a plan like this needed plenty of.

Decoys and distractions to take some of the heat off of them so wow jinny is directly responsible for one of the biggest events in one piece history despite being presented with this opportunity most of the people among them were still too afraid to act that's when volunteered himself for the job he claimed that his size and build would.

Allow him to survive longer than most others when he admitted his desire not to see anyone else Die Trying jinny couldn't help but stare at him with wide eyes hearing this totally fired Ivanov up he refused to let any of them be killed and proclaimed that they would all be escaping God valley together soon after the Navy ships were suddenly.

Attacked just off the east coast they could see it the Rocks Pirates were here they weren't sure why but didn't have any any time to lose they were about to be swarmed by several pirate Crews one of the higher ranking Marines among them commanded their forces to return fire as he wondered why this was the first time he was hearing about this this may have.

Done a number on the small fres surrounding them but Rox was confident in his and his crew Victory here and just like the Super Smash Bros roster everyone is here we've got the prime rocks pirates on full display Whitebeard has Stuy riding his shoulder with what looks like a puffer fish fish man on his left and streusen tucked in the corner.

To the right was the former Empress of Amazon Lily gloriosa Shiki bad era big mom and Prometheus Captain John and a teenage kaido among a few others that are harder to see apparently rocks had already rushed ahead of them and Whitebeard wasn't happy about it neither are we he also questioned when he agreed to let an idiot like rocks give him.

Orders Stuy was spawning over the big guy while gloriosa told her to back off and stop making a fool of herself the fact that the old Empress was once a member of this legendary crew is actually insane and she's looking damn good too now you might be thinking that as a proud Kuja and inherently their strongest Warrior on account of being an.

Empress she was scolding Stuy for clinging so tightly to a man but actually we know that she left Amazon Lily after coming down with a sometimes fatal disease it's the same one that BOA hanok contracted because of Luffy love sickness so was gloriosa in love with Whitebeard well that sounds pretty rough considering the guy is all about having.

A bunch of sons while as a cuja gloriosa could only care for daughters but then again we know that she somehow managed to avoid dying to love sickness unlike her predecessors so maybe she was in love with rocks and after he died her problem was solved whatever the case suy was quick to call the woman a total hypocrite Shiki figured that they should.

All abide by the rules of Finders Keepers on that note big mom was ready to claim all the treasure for for herself Jon was excited too but kaido insisted that it would be pointless for linlin to grab it and that's because she already has double fruit powers and unless you're like Blackbeard one is supposed to be the limit Whitebeard was.

Sure that rocks would be dumb enough to lose sight of their main objective as far as he was concerned they needed to confirm that the primary target was here first and foremost Oda is really teasing this mysterious treasure I guess we can call this the two-piece the Golden Lion yelled at Newgate wondering who died and made him their leader and promised to.

Knock them all out of his way big mom was certain that the treasure would be hers and that she'd grab it before anyone else kaido knew that Roger was on his way too he looked pretty angry and was about to say something about the future pirate king but was interrupted by big mom telling the rookie to hold his horses Stuy claimed that this would.

Be the decisive battle and Jon agreed wholeheartedly as he downed a drink Glorioso was sure that this would be the day they finally settle things with the Roger pirates from there we would also have two other mysterious figures one could be the silver Axe and the other is probably Wang shei two members of The Rock Pirates the sang Goku mentioned.

Before but we didn't have bases to connect with and crazy enough this isn't our first time seeing silver Axe by the looks of things he was one of Moria zombies along with Captain John now the guy we saw next to him certainly fits the name silver axe a lot more I mean he was in a completely silver suit of armor and had an axe with him but at the same.

Time the zombie can't be went she since that guy was at least alive for Blackbeard to steal haosu from him in the modern era hard to say and I'm not sure why Odo would still be keeping the shouted in mystery but I'm sure he has his reasons also the forearmed guy you can just barely see with the other rocks Pirates also ended up being one of Moria.

Zombies before long the Rocks Pirates had made landfall the celestial dragons were not happy about this at all and were quick to reprimand the Marines that were meant to protect them but again there were plenty of other pirate Crews to worry about out here they had no idea how their location was leaked or what the Pirates were after but while the.

Rock Pirates invaded from the East the West Coast was now in danger too because the Roger Pirates have finally docked and man seeing Roger here as a captain without his signature mustache is unreal he looks a lot like oda's drawing of a 40-year-old Ace like father like son I suppose but without the facial hair I wonder what their Cru Jolly Roger even.

Looked like at this point Roger was really excited to get in on the action after quite the year rley admitted that the situation looked rough while gaban insisted that Roger not pull the captain card when it comes to calling dibs here now that the Roger Pirates were here Garling ordered the Marines to pull back and ensure that the celestial dragons.

Are protected a person behind him with an animal skull over their head believed their current predicament to be a disgrace considering they went to the trouble of surrounding the entire island with ships besides them there was also a dark-haired woman Garling told his fellow Knights to stand by and they were all prepared I really wonder if the holy.

Knights are just a bunch of old people at this point the folks who are being hunted could only see things going from bad to worse here between the Roger Pirates and the Rock Pirates not even the Marines were sure that they would be able to survive but just then Marine reinforcements had arrived and were led by vice admiral GARP suddenly their.

Chance of survival had risen GARP only cared about one thing here he wanted to know where he would be able to find Roger but bro what has Bogard been eating this man hasn't aged a single day but thanks to all this chaos Eva and the others were given a golden opportunity and made their way to the middle of the island opening up the chest they managed.

To find the two devil fruits they were looking for although Evo wasn't really sure which was which so they were both just going to eat them and find out but just before they could Evo was attacked by big mom and she grabbed the devil fruit right out of his hands I must say blue dragon Eva would have been quite the funny sight to behold I really hope.

Oda lets us see what that would have looked like at some point but it's only natural that the fruit was taken from him considering what we know about Zan types having a will of their own and sort of choosing their wielders also based on what we've seen from os's use of the power their plan to fly away on the back of a dragon probably wouldn't.

Have gone very well Momo may have only had an artificial version of it but the only real difference is the fact that it turns in pink instead of blue it took Momo a while to m to the whole flame Cloud thing and before he went from being 3' 7 to more than 12 ft tall like his dad his Dragon form was Tiny so it's likely that only the dragon's head would.

Have been big if Eva got it linlin wanted the Paw fruit too so Eva told his friend not to think and just to eat it and unlike most Kuma ate the entire thing whole Eva insisted that his friend needed to save them that if they could manage to get even a single person off of this hellish Island alive then they'd be able to call this a true victory over.

Their captors but just then Kuma was struck by the overpowering glare of St J Garcia Saturn of the five Elders as black lightning and Flame surrounded him he recognized Kuma to be the buccaneer child he explained that either the boy can live as a slave or die absolutely nothing else will be tolerated for a member of his kind that this was what.

The tides of Time had decided to this Kuma asked the old man if he was someone important he couldn't understand how someone could be born to be more or less than someone else if a person could be born to be a slave he wanted to know what was the point of being born in the first place despite the pain he was in and the obvious struggle to move which.

We even saw restrict Sanji in the present day Kuma insisted that if he had some kind of power he would use it to save as many people as he possibly could just like the sun god and Warrior of Liberation NAA the Declaration of which only seemed to further infuriate the Elder Star apparently this was exactly why his race needed to be erased.

Elsewhere Roger planned on stopping rocks who in turn told Roger to get out of his way and I know that everyone and their mother wants to see more but unfortunately the remainder of this world shaking event would be obscured by the shadows of history but thankfully it's just the beginning of many others and we are definitely coming back to.

This there's no way that we're just skipping over the rest of God Valley we still need to see rocks and there are plenty of secrets yet to uncover Kuma managed to take himself and his friends from the West Blue to the South Blue namely the island of his birth the sorb kingdom the only other place he was familiar with EVO was annoyed to see.

That only garp's heroism ended up being reported to him Morgans was just a total hack that just prints whatever the world government wants ultimately they still had no idea what really happened on the island after they left or who ended up responding responding to Jenny's information leag but on the point of Morgan's it's crazy to think that he.

Would have this level of pull considering he should only be around 15 years old right now is the newspaper maybe a family business we know that big bird sometimes goes off script and publishes information that upsets the goray but maybe his predecessor wasn't as liberal Eva wondered how long Kuma planned on praying but the big fow.

Couldn't help but think about the fact that he might have been able to save more people back then but Evo was quick to tell his friend not to be so hard on himself after all he managed to save more than 500 people during all that Mayhem 500 out of more than 10,000 might not sound like much but considering the circumstances it's pretty damn.

Impressive not only did he just get his hands on the devil fruit power and never been in a fight before in his life but he was also facing Saint Saturn Jenny also complimented him and was now calling him kumachi or Teddy which is just adorable everyone he saved cried tears of sincere gratitude herself included which wasn't hard to imagine.

Since she was doing that right now we know that Celestial dragons gathered more people to be hunted than just the people of God Valley so some of them may have ended up becoming revolutionaries or their allies Eva proclaimed that Kuma's hands could bless people with freedom he even called them the hands of Liberation which really seemed to.

Resonate with the ever faithful Kuma niku and nikah are pretty similar names speaking of which Kuma now planned on living in a church it was a bit strange to him but Eva had to admit that it fit his friend's personality pretty well later on Eva told them that he would be going off to Sea and planned on basking in his own Freedom Kuma smiled and told.

His friend that he would never forget his face for as long as he lives and man OD you didn't need to do that one that that really hurt Kuma is such a sweetheart man I feel like I'm going to be pissed every time I see a pacifista from now on Eva let him know that nobody ever forgets a face like his jny was smiling too but apologized to her big.

Bro since she wasn't planning on joining him she wanted to stay with Kuma while she figures out what to do with her life from there they said their goodbyes but would one day meet again after that seeing as she was 4 years older than him making her 13 she insisted that Kuma let her figure out how they're going to get their hands on some food remember she's.

A professional Thief together the two of them chopped wood which lines up with oda's original depiction of a young Kuma but from now on they were were going to work hard and buy their own food legitimately soon after two kids were throwing rocks at Kuma and mocking him for claiming to be 9 years old despite being so big but that just scored them a.

Beating from jinny using the power of His fruit Kuma removed the pain from their beating and if you notice these same kids eventually grow up to be members of the Bonnie Pirates Kuma was happy to help them while they believed he used some kind of magic or something after that they all became friends and even helped out as jinny sang a song.

About Kuma that seemed to be a reference to the theme of Winnie the Pooh which totally blew my mind Kuma is Winnie the Pooh and Bonnie is Piglet after returning to their home the two enjoyed a well-deserved meal but even after eating Jenny had to admit that she was still hungry with that Kuma touched her heart by offering his food and filling.

Her stomach jinny was having a great time seeing that she was such a glutton Kuma wanted them to keep up the good work looking out the window jinny asked Kuma how old he was when became a slave when he told her he was four she replied that it was the same for her with a ton of enthusiasm but Kuma wasn't sure that that was something to be excited about.

With that in mind I really wonder where and how she managed to gain her wiretapping and theft skills jinnie struggled to speak as she mentioned the fact that her belly was actually full for once Kuma looked over his shoulder and wondered what was wrong jinny broke down into tears as she called out to him this only made him begin to cry just as.

Much as he told her not to but she couldn't help it she was just so happy this was their first taste of peace and hope Bonnie's mom is jinny is pretty much confirmed one piece is really a special kind of series usually Shonen villains are so cool that despite all the terrible things they do you can't help but be a fan but not these.

Celestial dragons man I need to see each and every one of them get clapped I don't care about garlin's connection to Shanks I need to see that man dragged by that reverse Jessie from Pokemon hair do he has I don't even know how you'd begin to get retribution for all the world Nobles have done but I do know that we need to get it started no monkeyd dragon.

In all of this but I need to see Luffy's pops pop off real soon it's about damn time after all they've done Tuma we need to see what the so-called world's worst criminal can really do but yeah guys this was one hell of a chapter with plenty to break down the spoiler folks might have gassed this one up a little too much but it absolute Flames either.

Way as always I'm Cel Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you