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Gon Awakens His New Nen Type and Breaks Every Limitation


Gone freaks will never be an enhancer again and by the end of this video you'll know exactly why and all about the nen monster he's becoming gon's new nen type starting with the big thing that could radically shake up how Gohan's Powers even work at this point he's lost all use of his Nan as a side effect of taking down nephropito he used up all of his existing potential Aura during that fight even with nautica's healing guns no longer awaken to net he burned himself up while nanika's wish has given going a new lease on life he's back to an early State prior to Awakening the life force he threw away has returned to him but that instinctive command of Aura is gone but that's not necessarily the end of our young Hunter's story going isn't cursed in any way that would prevent him from ever using Aura again it's just as Jing said he's returned to normal he's back.

In the state he was in when the story began he could awaken his nun again just like he did before however if it were that simple this restoration would run the risk of feeling narratively cheap going went through a lot in the Chimera antarct even beyond that he gave up everything without full potential blast even with all that kilua went through to get him back just letting go and recover his name like nothing happened would feel shallow lowering the impact of that moment but there is potentially a compromise what if when he reawakens to his Nan his proficiency shift all of that aura was spent in his last battle going was tapped out all the potential he had with his past path is gone he gave up a whole life's worth of energy there's no guarantee that the rejuvenated energy nanika gave him will flow in the same way he's back to square zero after all.

Nem has always been influenced by personality and with a traumatic event and his Aura reset to zero gone May develop very differently this time around almighty's new net abilities be different well gon has demonstrated a strong command of multiple men types jejanken Blends three together enhancement transmutation and emission that gives us two very different options for how Gohan's Nan might develop which could justify his abilities being very different in the future switching his power setup like this would be a nice compromise narratively speaking and this fits with what we know about how Gohan's oath worked he used up all of his potential as an enhancer in that one bout having to explore different ways of wielding his Nan would sidestep that he would have to figure out how to get over his injury and get used to net again as well as find a new way to.

Use his powers the whole process would Echo the real-life Physical Therapy routines people who suffer injuries go through rather than returning to normal as if nothing had happened he'd be working to adapt to and overcome the damage he'd sustained but hey drop a like to make Hunter Hunter theories the norm on this channel transmuter gone this is clearly the best possible option for gone after all it would put him in the same classification as kilua being a transmuter would not be that much of a shift from Going's fighting style Kila has already shown us how capable a transmuter can be in hand-to-hand combat while they retain some of the sheer brute force of an enhancer transmuters can apply their Aura in more creative ways making use of electricity or threads to accomplish creative Feats that's not really how gone used this aspect of his.

Nan however he's traditionally been a bit more direct with it making constructs directly out of his Aura that's how the scissors form of judgment and works it's very reminiscent of the Elder zoldx techniques like Silva's auraspheres or xeno's Dragon dive that focus on power those are just longer range techniques drawing more on a mission but perhaps Going's version might get a bit more creative manipulation of his Aura would allow God to form a variety of energy projections while this option would lack the raw power gun is known for it'd enable him to become a lot more versatile in combat always having the right tool for the job even out of combat making constructs from Aura like this would be extremely useful shifting gun's abilities more towards semi-conjuration imagine grapples that could pull going from point to point in walls that could offer Battlefield.

Control there's a lot of potential with this however transmuters tend to see much sharper limits than this unlike conjurers the things they manifest don't stick around they're formed from energy they're just here long enough to accomplish something specific what's more their abilities tend to be much more specific than what we've outlined here we haven't met a transmuter who could make Aura into anything they wanted just like every other nen user they'll usually have a specific technique that guides what they can do in Gohan's case the most likely limitation on what he'd be able to use his Aura for would come from jajon Ken just as that took its form from a children's game a transmuter gun might be able to manifest battle-ready versions of children's toys you could form a yoyo out of Aura even using it to Grapple he might be able to form a baseball bat.

Due to its sporting connotations but he couldn't just make a big gun or explosives there is one other path that could potentially happen however a transmuter can affect their own form that's how biscuit keeps up her adorable facade while gone hasn't done this much we saw it happen during his battle with nephropito taking this forward perhaps gone would perfect that ability that adult going for him was specific to that fight and doesn't fit with anything crucial to his personality but there is a clear alternate option for a shape-shifting gun to draw from the Animal Kingdom the story hasn't emphasized it in a long time but gun's always gotten along well with natural creatures this is a kid who can take a clawing bear attack without flinching to try and comfort the Creature if he were to develop as a transmuter taking on some beast-like characteristics might make.

A lot of sense we haven't seen a transmuter fully shift into an animal before but imagine more limited Transformations a clawed arm for fighting a leg fight for better sight the Chimera ants and that in the wild you must not be subscribed to plot armor because our next possibility is even crazier emitter gone this is a much more radical [__] for gone while it's also an adjacent proficiency to enhancement emission is all about separating your aura from yourself classically this has been a weak spot for gone with paper estimated at one quarter of the strength of rock along this path his past weaknesses would become his new strengths this gun would probably become more of a stealthy agile fighter he would count on zetsu and N to stay hidden instead of going into a fight with a quick barrage of punches we've seen that gun has the.

Skills to pull this off however he's been stealthy enough to elude hisoka and grew up walking the woods in some ways this would be going returning to his roots rather than completely changing things up the really fascinating thing though is how much this idea would pivot away from Shonen Norms the genre is defined by main characters that are big strong and solve their problems by being strong and determined while we've seen a few Burly emitters like Silva zoldick making Gohan favor this proficiency could be a step towards turning him into a subverter of Shonen Norms he'd be more of a guile hero relying on Deception to defeat his opponents rather than confronting them directly you know like a hunt her emission goes beyond blasting your opponents though it can definitely do that but so can transmutation the big difference between the two is that an.

Emitter specializes in keeping Aura separated from their body these net users tend to be those who specialize in traps potentially powerful abilities like paired destruction in God's case however the most likely basis for an emitter gun to draw upon is his fishing rod it's a visual representation of him casting his Aura away from himself imagine simply being able to lay a mine down with a tap from his hook or strengthening the line to better trip up his foes he might even use emission and transmutation together to turn a patch of ground into water which would let him fish for his opponents transmuter gun or emitter gun ah which do you think is cooler on second thought just wait until you hear about this next possibility gone's new abilities let's put this idea of Shifting proficiency aside however whether gun changes his overall nen type or not it seems likely that.

He'll try and develop some new abilities expanding outward is the best way to develop and grow giving you more options in a fight rather than just hitting harder even as an enhancer a variable arsenal of abilities is highly useful it would let go and fight with more creativity something always useful against opponents who rely on pure physical strength however going being able to get any kind of new power is far from guaranteed a vast majority of combatants in this world basically just have one ability Specialists like Kurapika who have a wide variety of unique techniques are very much the exception even Fighters like crolo and hisoka technically have one core ability they simply develop it in multiple ways taking that core idea and working outward from it hisoka is an excellent example his only real ability is bungee gum if gun is going to get another ability we.

Should start with the one he already has jajonkin gone was able to adapt rock paper scissors into a form of combat why stop there nen is inherently personal so that love of simple games is something going could expand outward Ken kenpa or Hopscotch could help him boost his Mobility that might give us a short range teleport something akin to Instant Transmission bidama Marvels would provide him with an alternative mission-based attack one more focused on knocking his opponents away than on on dealing damage nawatobi jump rope would give him a new way to trip people up that could fit neatly as a transmutation technique just needing a short expenditure of Aura before dematerializing then again perhaps he's ultimately forced before to start from scratch with gun's Nan gone for good we no longer have any solid proof that jajon can is still possible for him maybe.

Everything Going's been put through has left him with a darker mindset while we've gone over some of the most likely possibilities they're by no means exhaustive a specialist gun might be able to recreate some of the Greed Island rules in miniature form a manipulator gun might be able to force his opponents to fight honestly avoiding dirty tricks or civilian casualties gone as a conjurer could mimic kite's ability by Conjuring his own weapon set nen bends to character and right now gone is still trying to decide who he wants to be once he does we'll have a better sense of what his abilities might look like going forward Going's judge on Ken potential let's turn this around new nen type and new abilities or not don't shouldn't have forgotten how to perform a signature move jajonkin will likely still be in his Arsenal likely remaining as his signature.

Move yet as cool as his rendition of rock paper scissors is it's got some problems with it as poten does jajunken is it's difficult for going to use in a fight the charge up is simply too long the enemy will always have a chance to react before he completes the chance Going's gotten pretty good at dodging blows to let him make the attack regardless but this is a consistent problem if he's going to grow as a combatant trying to find a better way to use this charging period should be a priority the simplest option is for him to work more closely with his allies having someone else run interference gives going the perfect setup for his big attack kilua's electricity generation is almost perfect for this causing little damage but inflicting pain and diverting his enemy's attention but that's not always going to be an option when forced.

Into a one-on-one fight how could gon reliably reach a point where he's able to make the call and deploy his signature move well what about traps we brought them up in this section on emitter gone but maybe he doesn't need a whole new nen type and specialized ability to create a trap simple tools can go a long way towards briefly incapacitating your enemies caltrops to the feed a tripwire to pull them to the floor even something as simple as a firecracker thrown behind them to create a loud noise none of these tricks will turn the tide of battle on their own but when you're trying to buy a few precious seconds to pull your ability off they could make a massive difference even without physical props going could adopt a more trap-oriented fighting style we've already seen a taste of him trying to take this approach with his development of a more.

Bluff-focused fighting style against knuckle still going hasn't really had time to perfect that technique just yet with some instruction he could develop to a point where his attacks help him set up Jojo imagine a quick Flurry of Blows from go not doing damage but forcing the opponent to back away and withdraw that gives him time to make the jajonkin call that even turns it into a strength with an opponent at mid-range going should have time to see how they react to the call alternating between rock scissors and paper is appropriate it's the perfect Fork whatever choice they make gone will be able to respond but all that is parallel development these are just better ways of using the string gone already has it begs the question could gon get even stronger could he push jajan can Beyond its current limits and yes yes he very much could gon's perfect judge.

On Ken there's an easy misconception about adult gone given some of the lines said about him a lot of people assume that this is Going's total peak of power something he could never surpass this is how good he could get if he spent decades working out the truth is a little more complicated this is Going's Max Aura output the strongest he's ever managed to reach in this state he was capable of pushing an outstanding amount of raw power into his moves but he lacked the knowledge and training of other legendary Nan users his techniques weren't refined to their Peak efficiency we've already heard about how prone gone is to wasting Aura knuckle estimated his expenditure was at about 60 percent efficiency for every 10 points of Oregon spent only six were applied to his blow adult gun does not bypass that problem he just generates way more raw power to get around.

It and that opens up a path for going to grow stronger than this supposed Peak strong enough to destroy hisoka with ease even more on that soon even if he never again manages to Muster that much raw Aura generation greater control could give gun more effective power his judging could grow even stronger than what we've seen imagine if he could achieve one-to-one or efficiency or even better each piece of Aura spent resonating like two we've got two existing examples of someone clearly perfecting their tax through extensive training with their existing abilities xenozolic and Isaac Nero their Feats are so grandiose that they feel like examples of this post one-to-one Aura style and we've seen some fighting from both old men can their ultimate techniques offer us any insight about Going's further development nettero spent many years perfecting his punch.

Ultimately defying physics itself with how quickly he delivers it going Zone jajon can as Reliant as it is on charge time could be reduced somewhat by this method with enough training guns should be able to deliver it with a very limited charge up quickly reciting that chance should be enough the bigger question comes in multiplicity that's something that both Zeno and Isaac demonstrate with their ultimate techniques Silva's energy blasts were bigger than his father's dragons but he could only manifest too Zeno drowned out the sky with a barrage of dragons during the palace raid with training gold could potentially match this scope imagine if instead of one blow each raw caused a repeated echoed impact assorted one hit if you will but there is another approach to how training might help go and perfect his move netaro's 100 type was able to deliver blows with.

Ridiculous speed the great Buddha echoed every strike Isaac himself made could we see a similar multiplicity from perfect jajonkin imagine a variant in which gon manages to throw all three signs at once for example that might allow gone to combine the three aspects of jajonken into a single attack the range of paper the broad Edge and cutting power of scissors and the raw strength of rock training and dedication work wonders in this world but just how high could gun go what could he accomplish with this sort of power gone vs hisoka so let's take a step back and look at this practically what abilities would go neat to take on hisoka for example he's gone's longest standing antagonist and a powerful opponent even chrola one of the mightiest Nan users in the world couldn't permanently kill hisoka what would it take to bring him down transmuter gun would have.

Some advantages here being able to form blades from his Aura would be advantageous against bungee gum he could cut it more or less freely severing hisoka's body parts would bypass the bungee young Resurrection it relies on his body being mostly intact the main question becomes if going can keep up with isoka for long enough to strike that final blow if he's no longer able to utilize his enhancer-based physical boost as effectively there will be more of a gap between them he absolutely needs some physical training to make sure he's able to keep up emitter gun is in a more Curious place due to hisoka's final technique with that bungee gum powered Resurrection blunt trauma is going to be less effective against hisoka so explosions aren't going to be a good strategy any sort of impact can be simply bounced back however we've seen gun's command of ananzetsu is effective.

Against the murderous magician what's more crolo's defeat of hisoka utilize a very similar strategy focus on stealth and strike devastating hits when you can a stealthy trap focused gun is primed to follow in his footsteps outwitting hisoka will be difficult but it seems possible if gon is able to find a working restraint it'd nullify the mobility bungee gum affords the murder Hunter crolo tried this in his fight with the dummies but saw minimal success with it at first with wisdom gone might make better use of this idea and a regular enhancer gun who is able to remain largely unchanged from the way we saw him prior to the Palace raid it's a hard call kisoka's reserves of strength and gon's enduring toughness are both excessive right now the gap between them is more about their power level than any incompatibility in their talents both are strong both are tough.

Hisoka likely retains an edge but don't is very familiar with how bungee gum works if he's able to come up with a decent plan it may not take him that much more training to stand a chance against the unkillable hunter but what do you think share your thoughts in the comments below thank you so much for watching I've been Jack Stansberry and I hope you have an awesome day