foreign man you've got to love San Diego lookat this town great weather cool people in unique restaurants so I'm here inthe Hillcrest neighborhood to check out a joint that has healthy heartycomfort food this is the crest Cafe this neighborhood is sort of a 24-hourneighborhood and that's the same here at the crest where's your creme brulee french toast youcan have any dish on the menu at any time of day butter burger with fries and a pulled pork ricottacheese up let's go like wow what do I want I mean that looks good that looks good and it's just likeyou're amongst family because you are this joint's.

Been run by the same family since 85. and todayowner Cecilia Moreno and Chef Reuben Medina are leading the charge you guys are cousins we areReuben actually grew up with my grandparents in San Diego and Grandma's the one responsible forcook so she came in and saw the recipes that she taught you how to make and is she okayed themshe okayed them yes so you have Grandma's seal of approval yes even the rest of the recipe withall by himself like the chicken apple hash pumpkin gingerbread pancakes for this straight up out ofbound sweet treat are we gonna creme brulee French toast up it's totally just like getting dessertfor breakfast it's absolutely fantastic let's get into making this heavy cream I'm over here justchecking the bacon buddy honey darling sweetheart vanilla orange sauce and this is allgoing to go for the creme brulee French toast got.

What are we making creme bruleesauce so we melt butter brown sugar then you add the maple syrup so you mix all thistill the sauce thickens then you add the vanilla make a nice little caramel yep and Reduce by aboutwhat a third all right so this is done the whipped cream's done now we make the French toast okaywe're gonna use what type of bread challah bread challah bread holla holla okay the dredge forthe creme brulee French toast scrambled eggs heavy cream cinnamon and sugarvanilla extract mix it all up slice the bread we're gonna add a little bit of oil and then we're gonna let it cook so itgets a little crushed on both sides .

Okay so we cut it up diagonally then we'regonna hit it with the uh whipped cream it's fresh strawberries and thenthe creme brulee sauce that's it huh pretty good I mean that's like half dessert half breakfastit's excellent right amount of French toast right thickness of it it's not soggy not toosweet the whipped cream with the ricotta in it gives it a richness a little bitof Tang yes with the zest of the orange it's gray balance goodjob buddy thanks guys


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