Foreign I think one of the bigmisunderstandings about Diners Drive-Ins and Dives is that I eat a burger joints like all thetime which is not really the case so when I do eat at a burger joint it's got to be a place that'syou know outside the box so here I am outside of Boston in Summerville Mass to check out the BostonBurger Company homemade fresh you don't feel like you're eating something out of a box handmadeand grilled up daily by owner Paul malgoni table two hot mess who mailed in a job at the postoffice to get back to his restaurant groups got the pilgrim Burger turkey burger stuffingcranberry Mayo it's basically Thanksgiving dinner in your mouth but he's got this oneBurger the Mac attack that's the dictionary definition of comfort food mac and cheese anda burger two best things you totally recommend.

It to anybody that's a burger highly recommendit it's wicked awesome I'm gonna make some mac and cheese I'm gonna make the cheese saucetake out chopped onions the butter sweat up I'm just gonna throw the flour right inOkay so we've got the ruble cooked out the flour got the onions in there now we're gonna go withsome milk we're gonna go with some milk Jesus American and throw some cheddar ah we're gonnadefinitely get the accent going we'll we'll work on that okay we're gonna throw some shreddedcheddar jack cheese so Stir It Up get it done all right a few sauce is made gonna throw a littlehot sauce on the lane all right let's throw some Parmesan a little pecorino Romano how you doingthat right there and we're gonna throw in some salt and pepper we're just gonna mix this rightup it's like a workout you got a champion you.

Couldn't do it man workout harder now you dump itin the pan let it set up overnight absolutely okay nice 80 20. never Frozen never Frozen wemake every one of these by hand every day we'll throw on some bacon the Bacon's cookedto order each time yes sir this way it comes out nice gonna be nice and pliable buns onwe supposed to all our buns and the buns are local the buns are local throw that righton the grill put some chair jack cheese on I'm gonna get like one of thoseroad construction signs on my heart look at this I've seen ridiculous in theBurger World this might have to be a contender back attack give me that goodnesson the flat top I'm telling you what free rocking mac and cheesebro .

Really good meat in the burger it'sgot good tooth to it good chew good texture good fat the bun does agreat part where it just kind of absorbs into all these flavors if you're gonnago for a big burger put mac and cheese on it's pretty gangster hope [__] gohome we'll come here and go home big


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