You've got to dig TripleD in northern California, especially one ofjust three blocks from AT&T Park where theSan Francisco Giants play. And I cruise throughthis area quite a bit and this funky little jointdidn't come up on my radar. It's a coffee shop. A coffee shop is what you calla diner on the West Coast. But not just any coffee shop. It's one that's spikedwith Asian fusion.

This is HRD Coffee Shop. – All right, there you go.- I'm Chinese. – You're Chinese.- Jojo's Korean. Hey, how are you? (VOICEOVER) Thatis the Jojo Banks. Put in more spicy salt. (VOICEOVER) Who partneredup with her pal, David Yeung. How long is the line? (VOICEOVER) When he decidedto buy his uncle's coffee shop.

Wanted to make a menu thatkind of combine all the flavors that we like to eat. What do people saywhen they walk in and then find kimchifried rice burrito? They just scratchtheir head, like you do. Spicy pork kimchi burrito. (VOICEOVER) Oh yeah,they also order it. Korean barbecue and a burrito. Two best foods smashed together.

And then you putkimchi on anything. It's just awesome. Kimchi into a burrito. Yes. First thing we do iswe take Napa cabbage. Cut it in quarters. Cut in quarters. After this, Korean sea salt. So this will pullall the moisture out.

How long is this going tosit with the salt on it? Overnight. We rinse it and thenmake a sauce for it. Give it to me. – A sweet rice flour.- Sweet rice powder. I'm going to put alittle water in there. Now we mix it up. This is just kind ofthe binding agent? Binding agent.

Red crushed pepper. All of that? – All of that, OK.- [whistles] Korean anchovies. Anchovy sauce. We got some sugar. Get the nice paste in there. Leeks? Yup, julienned leeks.

Sliced daikon. And then we got some carrots. You smell the flavorscoming off from there? How pungent it is? This is seriouslysome of the stuff I love more than anything. Rub everything insidereally, really well. Put this in here. Let it ferment.

How long does kimchi ferment? A day. All right, whatare we going to make? Korean spicy pork sauce. Chopped onions. Chopped ginger. Garlic. Put a little water in there. Kiwi.

That little bit ofkiwi makes a difference? Yes. Putting this much garlicand this much ginger. Not much kiwi. And then we'regoing to blend it. We're going to breakit all the way down. – Really?- Yeah. And we're gonna putall this stuff in there. Sugar.Soy sauce.

Korean bean paste. I gotta try this. That's awesome! A little sweet,spicy miso paste. Korean peanut butter. Korean red pepper flakes. Is that hot? It's very hot. OK.

OK. And then we'll mix it again. This is what thepork gets marinated in? Exactly. That is awesome. Now what do we do? We're going totake the pork butt. – The regular old pork butt.- Slice it thin. Now we take our sliced pork.- Got it.

You get that marinated. It's going to soakup the marinade. Uh-huh. Which the marinadeis the bomb. For how long will it marinate? For at least a day. Fire it up. So we got the spicy pork. Let's sear a little bit.

A little caramelizationon the outside, yeah. Put a littlesesame oil in there. – Got it.- Kimchi will go. Chopped it up andmix it all in there. All the flavor's coming out. So good. Jasmine rice. This is the sauce that weneed to flavor the rice. Lot of work fora burrito, bro!.

Exactly. And then scallions. Give us a nice color. Take the tortillas shell. Get that nice and heated up. The whole mixture, right there. – That's it.- Mung beans. Love 'em. Julienned cucumbers.

A little bit of hot sauce. Sour cream. This I don't get. And then a little bit of nori. This is the oddestburrito I've ever seen. Roll that up, right there. Parchment paper. I'll eat right throughthe parchment paper. And then we wrap in the foil,just keep it nice and hot.

Look at that! Mmm, brother. That's out of bounds! The kimchi , a little bitsour, a little bit spicy. The meat's got tons offlavor, a real chew. And the mung bean. Mmm. Dude, that isseriously the bomb! Great job.

Rocked it, bruh.


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