Pan roasted turkey let's talk about uh the the have you have you had four Kenneth right you've had porchetta yeah so I want to make turketta hi it's Thanksgiving time I don't want to make I'd love to have some more kind of right now but I'm gonna make turkey so I've got this beautiful turkey breast skin on and what I'm going.

To do is make a rub for the inside of it and then kind of pull the skin back and right well you'll see how this is going to go together so excuse me that kind of working amongst Giants um we're gonna get yeah no kidding get a little bit of garlic um a little Sage little fresh Sage you want to pull me some Rosemary do we drop.

That in dusk there anyhow here I'll give you this desk you start I get to do it oh yeah let me throw some fat on there this is awesome this is really great I mean I love having Hunter here to help me but I got four people that know way more than it is okay uh yeah a little uh oh now you're just ad-libbing you're just gonna start throwing in that's how.

Ryder does it he stands on the steps all right some fennel seed a little chili flake some salt some pepper some garlic some Sage uh and you know what let's start working that out and who took yellow there's yellow you got it I got it pay attention so back to this whole porchetta thing you've had porchetta yes you've had.

Porchetta I love pork chops okay so porchetta is where you take the pork loin you wrap it in the belly so basically you're wrapping it in all this bacon uh and then you roast it off you get this nice cracked one on the outside of it so you get tender meat you get juicy fat I'm gonna do the same thing what I'm gonna do with a turkey breast.

So the bone is out but the skin is on so the first thing I'm going to do is kind of peel a little bit of this skin away because what I don't want to do is roll the skin into the turkey okay how are we doing all my great rub by the way you got it got it fantastic well Dusky does that I'm going to show you this little butterflying method on this.

Turkey breast so now what happens is I'm butterflying this open and that's just so I can get all these nooks and crannies in here filled with a little bit of this great rub okay so butterfly into that don't want to pierce through the skin okay there we go so now we'll drop this in so.

The Rosemary of the time a little Sage The Garlic the salt the pepper okay there we go here babe smear this all inside of it and this is like we're doing a real porchetta but we're doing it with the turkey okay hit a little bit of salt a little extra pepper Just a Touch there we go now this is the side that has the skin connected so I'm.

Going to roll from here uh dust could you find me some twine it's around here somewhere look at this over the top over the top into itself and then I bring the skin with it okay so it's all wrapped in the skin with a loop but right up here in the center of the top of the breast.

Okay got it you want to tie it or you want me to tie it okay let's talk about turkey has got some time in there it's got some Sage some garlic some salt and some pepper so on to the skin that's what we're talking about okay so put a little sear on this all the way.

Around then go to the oven with it so there's no bone in this but we kept the skin did a nice job trusting it what do you think of that dude that is golden that is gorgeous watch out coming through all right hot oh that's gonna rock and here comes Roxy the dog she's just looking for some pickup.

Um but I gotta hit a little chicken stock in here because I'm making a little panjou uh but this turquetta talk about a fantastic piece typically it's you know I have a bunch of folks over here did you uh oh oh he returns what's up Bub how are you so my son Hunter has been off at school at UNLV where I went to college and uh he returns in time.

Fantastic take that slice it up I'll be at the table no I'm just kidding um Hunter this is a beautiful turkey falling in the form of porchetta and I trust it so here we go hunter this is all skin this is all white meat there's a platter right back there if you wouldn't mind grabbing that for me trust this up really nice so this Cooks.

Even so it Cooks evenly I think I might have trust it with a little extra twine I don't last thing I want to do is serve somebody a big piece of twine okay looking good what do you think there we go.

Nice slices I mean you know how people will fight for that I want the breast I want the white meat this is it baby this is all white meat and you're just looking at some fantastic color inside of this do we have to serve it if we just eat it over here now they're standing there waiting for me I can see them they sound like they.

Sound like our dogs were ready to feed them that these guys are sitting over there so hungry and what a star-studded cast as chefs to have show up G Garvin coming all the way from Atlanta Dusky traveling all the way from Sebastopol what was that I saw a 15-minute Drive solid 15 minutes all the way here okay Hunter lift her up watch yourself oh.

This is gorgeous that turned out just perfect look at that shingle out like that and last thing I got here Bubba hold tight is I deglazed that pan with just a little bit oh that's hot a little bit of chicken stock right over the top I won't get you I don't think was it a little warm a.

Little bit you're welcome all right son stay to the table they're gonna love this


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