– Can I get a yeah, one time. – [Man 1] Yeah. – We’re shooting a show over here, do you mind lowering your voice a little bit? [upbeat music] What’s up? What’s up? It’s your boy chef Harold, AKA uncle Harold, AKA the food hustler.

We out here in Bronx brewery repping the Bronx one time. Can I get a yeah? – [Man] Yeah. If you love hip hop, you’re gonna really enjoy the little surprise we have later. All right? We’re going to make okonomiyaki pancakes, which is a Japanese style pancake.

The reason why we’re making okonomiyaki pancake today is an owe to a restaurant that I used to work at called fedora in the West village and they couldn’t reopen after the pandemic. So this one’s for them.

All right? Okonomiyaki cake is based out of Japan. It’s a savory pancake, and the best part about this pancake is you can really create your own and it’s just a base to build on top of. What’s so great about the Okonomiyaki pancake is you can have it with a big pint of beer.

The first base of the okonomiyaki pancake is the dashi. The dashi is a flavored stock made out of, kind of the natural products of, Japan. Today, we were trying to source it locally. So this is kelp from maine.

We also have some dried mushrooms and we have just some regular water and it’s going to stay in that position until it comes up to a boil. We’ll take it off and let it steep like tea. Then we’ll use that broth to make the batter for the okonomiyaki pancake.

The next thing that we’re going to make right now is the steak. I love this cut of steak, the New York strip. It’s easy to cook. It has a lot of fat that can protect the meat. Always season from up top so you can see all the salt granules and where they go.

The salt pepper I use, I’m using kosher salt down on amalgam because I got in trouble last time, cause it costs too much money. And what you want to do first. [roaring] So fast. You want to definitely sit it on the fat side first to render off that fat a little bit, okay? You want to press down a little bit right here to make sure that it’s rendering properly.

You see how it’s getting rendered here? Yeah, you want to get it nice and brown, okay? The dashi is turning a different color now. Started smelling like seawater which is why you want it to be up. So I’m gonna check on the meat.

Yeah, lay it down here on the side, okay? We’ll make the Okonomiyaki sauce, okay? There’s ketchup, soy sauce, worcestershire cider sauce, honey, mirin and rice vinegar. So we’ll mix this together right now.

But I made this recipe because I like it a little bit sweeter and then also it helps caramelizing the meat and also it gives a nice crust on the pancake later on. Let’s check on our steaks real quick.

Oh, look at that nice crust. Yeah, there we go. Once it crusts on the other side we’re going to start basting it with a little bit of this okonomiyaki sauce. Kind of just want to taste it real quick, if you need to add salt or anything like that.

Yeah, I think it’s great. You want to have that kind of Umami flavor profile where there’s a little bit of acidity, a little bit of salt, a little bit of spice and a little bit of a fat in it also. We’re going to look at the steaks, okay? You want to feel the, the doneness of the steak, right? You take your palm and this area right here is going to tell you where your doneness of your stake is at.

All right? So, if you go here and it bounces back up to you is medium rare. You go here and it gives you a little pushback, you’re about medium. But if you go up here and it’s stiff as hell that means your steak is overdone and you’ve.

[blips] okay? This is that medium rare and we’re almost there. So what you want to do now is you wanna brush it with the okonomiyaki sauce. And I mean, look at this thing. This is what you call, love.

You continue now brushing it and get it on the other side too. Oh, oh my goodness. Once it gets a crust on the other side from that, you don’t want to cut it to your steaks without resting it, cause all the nice juices are going to come out.

All right? It can start resting. So we’re going to rest this for about 10 minutes. And once again, I trust the griddle. The reason why we have it is for the easy cleanup, right? Mercedes-Benz or pancake griddles, please sponsor us.

[dings] [laughs] Just like when you make regular pancakes, you want to mix your dry ingredients first, okay? So, here we have a couple of cups of AP flour, baking powder, sugar, pinch of salt, okay? It’s nothing too crazy, it’s not like baking where you have to sift it or anything like that.

So we’re going to go ahead and create the wedge cabbage, shred it. I think I’m going to shred it to like one inch of thickness. So I don’t really use this part right here, it gets too rough when you put it inside the pancake or you still have a little bit of crunch.

So we’re going to cut up the scallions, you know, it doesn’t have to be perfect, okay? So just take the green part of the scallions. Use your knuckles as a guide, okay? Basically it’s like one bunch of scallions and we can’t really do this pancake without this herb, yeah.

So you want to take a little bit of your sca’s go ahead and mix it in the bowl and save maybe one third of it for the garnish later. So you can just put it right here on the side. Your eggs want to go right into the bowl, beat the eggs.

So it’s going to add some of this dashi. The dashi has great earthy, hue to it. Add our dry. We need it to be a little bit more malleable. This is a little too sticky right now. So come and take a little bit of this liquid just to loosen it up a little bit more.

Loose pancake batter [indistinct] All right. Yeah, that’s where you want it right there. You also add like toasted tempura, a bits in this tool, if you want to be a traditionalist. For us, you know we’re just doing it for the home.

So, we’re just going to make it home-style all right? So once all of that is mixed. Take the cabbage and scallion mix, into your pancake better. We can do the whole thing. You want to coat every little single leaf of cabbage.

When you put it into the pan, create that nice crust on the outside. We’re going to start making the pancake now and you want to use a non-stick pan because that’ll be easier for you to control and flip.

There’s a cup and a half batter to go into the six inch pan. It’s going to take about three to four minutes on each side to cook, okay? Of course you know his uncle Harold style, so we want to take it up a notch.

[dings ] We want to start layering here in one side. I’m not eating pork for my kind of personal reasons. So we’re going to use turkey bacon instead. Right? You want to give it a nice brush of your okonomiyaki sauce right here.

So when we flip it over to the other side later it’s going to have a nice crust though. So while we wait for that to come together, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Why am at BA. when we first met, I spoke about the three pillars that I live by that the Bronx kind of gave me, which was history, service and compassion.

Asking Bradley on, on Instagram. I slid into his DM’S and I asked him, how can I be there to help? And it’s really about creating the platform to talk about the narrative of making the change. So if you got any questions or anything like that, come holla at me.

And what I’m going to do now too, is imma flip this. You take a plate and let’s pray real quick. Let’s pray to God that this thing does not break. Okay? All right. So let’s go one, two, I go like this, boom.

All right? I’m going back into the pan with the pancake, looking to toast that bottom part with the bacon. We’re going to brush this with a little bit more of the okonomiyaki sauce. And what you wanna do is you want to trim down the steak.

Okay? The stake has been resting for about 10 minutes. You want to just take a little bit of the fat off. Let’s put it on the griddle in chicharon style. All right, Yeah. And when you slice steaks, you want to go against the grain, cut it like two centimeters thickness.

And we’re just going to lay it on top of the Okonomiyaki pancake. Now add a little bit more of that okonomiyaki sauce on top. Just to add a little bit more flavor. Take some of this fat that we’ve been rendering here.

Oh my goodness. We’ll add a little bit of the steak fat on top. Little bites of chicharon on there. That’s a little crunch here. Our pancake has been cooking on this one side for about three or four minutes now.

You want to slide it off. That’s why you want to use a non-stick pan. You want to add a little bit of your condiments, okay? First, our leftover green scallions. It’ll make it look nice, make it look festive.

You want to add a little bit of kewpie mayo, Japanese mayo. Right? Take some of your nori. You want to just slice it a little bit. Nori is dried seaweed and you can eat as a snack but also it gives a little bit more of umami flavor profile right over the top, okay? Okonomiyaki pancake with strips steak, Kewpie Mayo and nori.

Okonomiyaki pancake as you can tell, you can really make anything with it you know. You can have different types of toppings. You can also do it with prawns, you can do it with, you know bonito flakes usually goes on top of this.

When I used to work in the lower east side of the restaurant called Riley Wella, it’s closed now and we used to go to this place in St. Marks, where okonomiyaki pancakes were flowing. I mean, obviously we were young, so we were getting blasted.

[blasting] I ordered every single one that they had on the menu and literally ate all six. Yeah, yeah. – [Twelvyy] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Twelvyy] Yeah. – That’s my man right here A$AP Twelvyy. You already know, yeah.

– [A$ap twelvyy] Yeah. [laughs] – We changing this shit up, all right? – Very iconic. – That’s right. – The birth place of Hip hop. – That’s right. – That’s right. – You feel me? If you know nothing about the ASAP mob, this is one of the originators right here.

– Being ahead on hip hop, you know what I’m saying? I got a lot of good friends in this area. I recorded my album about three out, three blocks away. You know the album 12. You know what I’m saying? Gauchos is not too far.

– Kind of the Mecca of basketball. We were just talking about Gauchos. So I made this okonomiyaki pancake – Okonomiyaki? – Yeah, that’s right from Japan. – [indistinct] You know what am saying? I tried it, I tried it.

– So Twelvyy, while I start making the pancake, let’s talk about your new album man. – Just dropped my independent album Noon Yung, last Friday, my second independent album of the year. Perfect time to eat.

– That’s right. – The first time to chef up. [Chef Harold laughs] You know what am saying? – I know your diet now is no beef. So for the okonomiyaki pancake. – Okonomiyaki, man that’s crazy. – It’s basically a savory pancake and we’re using turkey bacon obviously.

cause I don’t eat pork. – I have never seen that type of turkey bacon. Where did you get that from? – This is the expensive shit. [dings] [A$ap Twelvyy cheers] The smoked turkey bacon. We’re going to flip this thing.

So by flipping you take the little lid and you just flip it real quick. [Twelvyy cheers] Then you just put it back and let that other side toast up. Right? – I got the munches I ain’t even gonna front.

[Chef Harold laughs] The okonomiyaki. – That’s right. You’ve been to Japan, right? – Yeah. That’s one of my favorite places. – So it’s big over there and glaze this top part real quick. – The vibe of the day okonomiyaki sauce.

[Harold laughs] Yeah. – Word. So what we’re going to do is, we gonna slide this off real quick, real quick. – You know I might take three quarters of that home. [Harold laughs] – This is Kewpie mayo. This is a Japanese style mayo.

Let me put some this way too. It’s very important to have this on that. Little dried seaweed called Nori. I’ll drop that a little bit on top right there. And I will drop a little bit more of the sauce on top.

– I ain’t eat all day for this, you feel me? – All right Twelvyy it’s time to eat. You’re going to try the one that I just made for you with turkey and I’m gonna try the one that I made earlier with beef.

– Okay man, let’s go. This is my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner. – The steak itself, it’s cooked perfectly. The pancake is still fluffy, it has cabbage in it and also you can taste the Kewpie mayo.

It gives it kind of the balance that it needs. – Kewpie mayo crazy. – You can also taste the Nori, which is it gives a little bit more umami flavor and the saltiness that he needs in the dish. Bronx brewery.

You too fancy bro. – That’s some real Bronx shit, smile my guy. – It has a little bit of hoppiness, a little bit of acidity citrus and it goes well with bar food. and it really goes well with late night okonomiyaki pancakes in Japan town or wherever you at in the world nowadays.

– That’s like Bronx in Japan. That’s like Noon Yung. You feel me? Definitely. – Twelvyy thank you so much for being here with us man, spending time with Bon Appetit, Bronx brewery you already know. So like we always say never forget where you come from otherwise become [blips] [Twelvyy cheering] BX all day you already know.

– You heard, yeah. – Yeah [laughs] – Bro you know what am saying? But watching like Ninja turtles as a kid got me in some pizza, you know what I’m saying? Like Casey Jones is my favorite character so it’s just like being in that world, you’re seeing the pizza, the pizza looked perfect in the [indistinct]