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HE KILLED GOJO! Megumi’s FATHER Toji Fushiguro’s Life and Death EXPLAINED! – Jujutsu Kaisen


One of the most sadistic brutal villains in jiu jitsu kaisen is none other than toji fushiguro today we'll be diving into the story within the series toji is about the same height as gojo with a muscular frame he has shaggy black hair with the same spiky texture as megumi's they also share the same eye color green toji's most distinguishable feature is.

Perhaps his facial scar which runs over the right side of his lips when not doing mercenary work he wears rather casual attire a matching long sleeve pants set with sandals once on the job pogi wears a black shirt somewhat baggy tan pants and black slippers he also sports his cursed spirit worm which is typically wrapped around him speaking of.

The spirit let's go over togi's abilities and arsenal unlike his family toji was born with no cursed energy of course this also means no curse technique instead he was gifted with heavenly restriction heavenly restriction can refer to someone having immense cursed energy and a weak body or in toji's case a body completely free of.

Curse energy in exchange for enhanced senses and physical capabilities it's interesting to note that being a twin can hamper heavenly restriction speaking of this isn't exclusive to toji his cousin maki zanin originally possessed a less realized heavenly restricted body like toji she is physically gifted in such a way that she can fight.

Non-sorcerers through her the lineage of heavenly restriction of toji lives on but that's enough about maki let's dive back into toji toji was fast enough to keep up with sorcerers and could trail people via smell and footprints alone his body itself was also mildly resistant to damage at one point he is blasted into a building and doesn't even.

Break any bones but before we go any further don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe for some polymer today we're approaching 500 000 subscribers and could use all the help we can get now back to toji toji is also well stacked in cursed tools he has tamed the cursed spirit worm and they act in a master servant relationship in.

The fanbook it's mentioned that toji achieved this by training it like a pet however there isn't a mutual trust between the two this is interesting and sort of bizarre considering toji transports the spirit by swallowing it swallowing a curse also seems to not negatively affect toji which is the complete opposite for other sorcerers.

Sugurugento refers to eating a curse like ingesting a rag used to wipe up vomit yet toji does so without any discomfort it's possible that this is due to toji's heavenly restriction no curse energy could nullify the negative effects of swallowing the curse that being said the worm carries traditional weapons and cursed tools for doji being.

Skilled in weapons toji has a variety of weapons within his arsenal not only that but toji has such honed senses he can detect immediate danger within a fight finally he also possesses an analytical tactical mind allowing him to come up with counter plans on the fly lastly he also of course uses other resources creatively to wear down his targets.

Early life according to gege akutami in the q a of the jujutsu kaisen fanbook toshi's childhood was rather rough due to his lack of any cursed energy and being unable to exercise spirits koji was subject to harsh abuse for example he was thrown into the disciplinary pit which is a room with grade 2 and lower cursed spirits the room is meant to act.

As a training ground and a means for punishment in fact toji's scar is from it this very treatment is the reason that at some point toji leaves the xanan family even changing his name to toji fushiguro like his cousin maki he completely breaks off from the family after he leaves toji makes money via mercenary work usually for questionable.

Clients but at one point toji is curious about the gojo child that possesses six eyes this meeting is remarkable to him because satya rugojo was the first and last person to notice toji behind them this is because toji lacks cursed energy making him practically invisible this won't be the only time koji and saturu meet rather their next and final and.

Conor would be deadly for toji that being said the relations between the zainan family and gojo clan are bad enough that toji most likely broke in to see satoru of course this won't be their only meeting later on saturu serves as an end for toji but before we get into that let's cover what we know of toji's life beforehand the timeline itself is.

Blurry considering the dates introduced to kaisen however there are events that are confirmed to have happened around megami's birth in late 2002 and his first wife's death toji left the zainan family it's noted that during his time in the clan toji was unstable granted the abuse he faced as a child most likely continued into adulthood in fact.

His cousin nayazhanen who was a child of the time is even aware of toji's australization but in spite of his black sheep status toji still comes across as intimidating and downright dangerous this is due to his heavily restriction as explained earlier sometime after megami's birth toji offers to sell him back into the zainan family this.

Couldn't be long after megami's birth considering toji mentions megami could manifest his curse technique as early as four years old go joe's past arc let's get back to him leaving the zainan family though after he leaves toji begins to take jobs from unsavory individuals typically he burns through money spending money from his big job.

Until it's gone his lack of budgeting skills probably comes from his love of gambling later on toshi casually gambles while other assassins wear down second-year jiu-jitsu high students satoru gojo and suguru ghetto however toji also supplements his income via surfing from woman to woman speaking of toji and women let's discuss what toji.

Was up to in 2006. by then he had remarried to another woman toji also takes her name now going by toji fushiguro both toji and his new wife weren't active parents megami himself remarks that both got married quickly and split just as fast toji is around this time contacted by the time vessel association there are a religious group.

That worships a pure master tengen as their god the association offers toji money to assassinate the next star plasma vessel of course he takes the job unfortunately toji isn't quick to act he uses the money to create an ad on a dark website meant for sorcerers the ad itself has a deadline of 40 hours while at a horse race toji tells the mediator.

Shiyukong he's using the hitman drawn to the bounty to wear down the vessel's bodyguards toji also admits he's aware that one of them is satoru going on to say we're talking about the gojo family boy here can't just nonchalantly walk in which is a fair assumption to make as a child saturu could sense toji despite his lack of cursed energy making the.

Second year student a formidable opponent after all toji relies on his invisibility as shiu leaves he refers to toji as sorcerer killer he also asks about megami but let's address toji's line of work first toji has clearly made a name for himself with sorcerer assassinations yet in the jujutsu world toji doesn't have a grade because.

There's no interest in those gifted with heavenly restriction that aside toji is still able to keep up with sorcerers even without cursed tools now regarding mega meme by this time toji has all but forgotten about his son when shiu asks about him toji is confused if not completely disinterested the trauma of losing his first love obviously had an.

Impact he could not even remember his own son despite having a part in naming him the amnesia could also be related to toji wanted to forget anything that had to do with his own family he was ostracized lost his wife and decided to leave effectively going on his own despite remarrying the idea of family seems like something togi wants but the.

Emotional turmoil from the zen in household stays with him shiu is rather apprehensive about toji's plan he later calls the mercenary to remind him that if the bounty is claimed toji is out of 30 million yen perhaps being a little overconfident toji rebuffs him and hangs up claiming bad reception this interaction proves two things firstly.

Toji is extremely arrogant in his own ability and secondly he reacts negatively to criticism interestingly enough killing satoru and the vessel alliance with toji's gold despite the money his ostracization from the sorcerer world left toshi with the desire to destroy it what better way than killing the first person in 100.

Years to use both six eyes and limitless as well as master tankin's vessel those two acts would surely shake up the jujutsu world leading to instability thankfully for toji his plan is working both suguru and satoru are kept busy by rogue curse users and the duo are also lulled into letting their guards down so suguru and satoru have a beach day in.

The exact area they rescued the vessel's caretaker misato koroy toji's plan goes perfectly allowing him to sneak attack 4 hours after the bounty was lifted an attack that takes place within jujutsu high toji is able to stab satoru right through the chest without saturu even noticing his presence to achieve this toji used a regular katana instead of a.

Cursed tool despite having no cursed energy a curse tool would still deactivate his invisibility the sword through the chest isn't what kills satoru though toji didn't hit any vital organs and satoru reinforced himself with cursed energy realizing the threat suguru summons a massive worm curse that swallows toji now it's gotten.

Interesting koji easily cuts through the curse with a cursed tool that looks similar to dragon bone just minus the three engines not much is known about that sword but it is worth 500 000 yen it's important to note that toji wears a cursed spirit in the shape of a worm around him the curse acts as a weapon cache yet to avoid going undetected toji.

Will swallow the curse for transportation satoru and suguru decide to split up and satoru will take togeon while suguru takes the vessel to merge with master tengen however this will all be in vain after destroying the worm curse toji gloats he was the one who set up the bounty this was all part of his plan he does prove to be a thorn in.

Saturu's side though toji dodges satoru's attack and satoru himself is unable to locate the sorcerer killer he uses his technique to clear space but is unable to find toji being of a keen tactical mind toji sends a horde of fly heads to further obscure saturu's vision even toji knows satoru is a difficult opponent despite the fact that toji has.

Heavenly restriction with this distraction toji gets in close and fatally stabs ataru through the neck taking the sorcerer by surprise he uses the curse tool the inverted spear of heaven which is a special great tool meant to nullify curse techniques upon contact meaning once stabbed saturu can't use his limitless technique satoru.

Is understandably shocked simply standing as toji repeatedly stabs him toji finishes the job by stabbing satoru directly in the head remarking i'm starting to remember how to do this originally toji had planned for the single chess staff to take down satoru being toji he has no qualms whatsoever about killing sataru in his mind satoru.

Probably presented the very sorcerer world he was rejected from in a way is payback also he most likely wasn't expecting such a fight but nonetheless moves on to find suguru and the vessel next which he does is part of the tombs of the star corridor being so well hidden that does raise the question how did toji find the tombs the answer is.

Quite simple toji's five senses are well trained enough that he was able to follow via footprints and odor that being said his entrance to the tombs is rather explosive he immediately shoots the vessel killing them suguru is enraged not only has toji found one of their biggest kept secrets he gloats about killing the vessel in satoru.

Besides that toshi also explains his cursed spirit weapons cache and why he used a normal weapon to begin with he doesn't do it in an educated manner he's still gloating and talking down to suguru after all toji must despise sorcerers it's a world he's been forced out of a world he was told he didn't belong in suguru unleashes one of his.

Most powerful curses the rainbow dragon rather easily toji cuts through the curse which is a feat in itself considering suguru is shocked the dragon has the toughest skin out of all his curses an imaginary vengeful spirit is then brought out fun fact this spirit is actually based on a japanese urban legend but regardless toji is able to.

Deflect the spirit's attack filled with desperation suguru even attempts to steal toji's worm he is unable to do it because he would need to kill the spirit's master first which is toji speaking of toji he bisexual cutting down the curse user with just a simple katana he comments he'd kill the sorcerer's student but is unsure if that.

Would unleash his stored curses as suguru bleeds toji continues to mock him telling suguru that despite his gifts he lost to a non-sorcerer these words will go on to create a monster in suguru this dialogue does jog toji's memory though he remembers his son and the fact he gave megami his name which means blessings the name itself feels almost.

Ironic considering toji is seen as the opposite tochi would then bring the vessel's corpse to the time association headquarters and after he receives his money for the assassination toji is greeted by none other than satoru the sorcerer student has a mad look to him and is still covered in his own blood toji is extremely surprised to be face.

To face with the sorcerer he surely killed he was so sure he had eradicated the six eyes yet satoru stands before him delirious and alive satoru explains how he survived by using reverse curse technique to no one's surprise toshi regains his cool demeanor surely if he could kill the most powerful sorcerer once he can do it again the two then.

Fight toji uses his immense speed and the inverted spear of heaven unfortunately none of his attacks land saturn was able to effortlessly avoid him instead toji is the one who takes a blow the impact itself is insane and yet toji somehow survives even without broken bones to which satoru says you're a monster it's a comment that fits toji.

Perfectly his heavenly restriction gives him such ridiculous physical prowess and durability not to mention he was able to use just his senses to locate master tengen's tomb after he recovers from the attack toji combines the spear and another cursed tool the chain of a thousand miles in order to create a makeshift chain sickle despite saturu.

Practically returning from the dead toji is still overly confident he has already formed a counter plan against satoru unfortunately his battle sense gives way to unease his own home body is telling him something is off toji disregards it which proves to be fatal sataru combines his red and blue techniques to create something totally different toji is hit.

With saturu's hollow technique purple the attack itself surprises toji but more importantly is unavoidable toji is almost cut in half losing his arm and a big chunk of his torso as toji dies saturu asks him if he has any last words toji declines this however he does tell saturu that in a few years megami will be sold off to the zainan family he then.

Passes away leaving saturu to track down megami with toji's passing saturu is originally disillusioned this was most likely the first time sathuru killed someone else a non-sorcerer that he doesn't experience any guilt or joy satoru is empty at least the guilt doesn't hit him unless he visits megami but that's probably a whole other video.

Shibuya incident arc unfortunately the dead don't stay dead years later during the catastrophic shibuya incident toji is resurrected the curse user ogami an old woman with a saiyan's technique is tasked with guarding commissioned curtains alongside ogami's grandson there is no blood relation ogami kidnaps children to raise and act as her.

Grandchildren but perhaps they're also meant to be vessels for ogami's technique sans allows ogami or another person to transform into a dead person though there is a catch the technique ends once the transform runs out of curse energy as we know toji lacks exactly that so when ogami transforms her grandson with toji's body.

Information the grandson soul is overwritten being given a new life koji takes ogami's order to kill sorcerers to heart killing her first he goes on a rampage fighting his old toji nose in fact toshi will keep fighting with his newfound body until it physically can't anymore it's a twisted version of toji in life he was a violent and ruthless.

Mercenary and in death he's a killing machine with no real goal he's only a marionette for murder his revival in itself serves as a prelude to maki achieving fully realized heavenly restriction as well as megami finally meeting his dad unfortunately another tragedy in toji's life or afterlife really this programmed rampage is what.

Leads toji to enter dagon's domain viejo created by megami his appearance is now somewhat different he wears the same clothing as ogami's grandson but the sclera of his eyes are black most likely this is a side effect of the saiyan's technique immediately toji takes the curse tool playful cloud from maki zenon his cousin and fights dagon the cursed.

Spirit can barely keep up with toji noting his attacks only increase in speed truthfully playful cloud is the perfect weapon for toji to wield it doesn't have a cursed technique therefore the power of playful cloud correlates to the user's raw strength to further augment his lethality toji sharpens playful cloud by rubbing the.

Three-quarter staff against itself he impales dagon repeatedly with it exercising the curse this puppet of carnage then turns his attention to megami maki nabito zainan toji's uncle and kento nanami he takes megumi outside so fast that megami doesn't have time to react toji speed reminds megami of sukuna now outside megami tries to evade.

Him using rabid escape shikigami regrettably his smoke screen is no match for toji megami then runs and toji gives chase the two end up in an alleyway where toji sets off a shadow trap by megami unfortunately his sukuna like reflexes completely avoid megami's attack for whatever reason seeing megami so determined jump starts a memory for.

Doji he remembers when he met with naobita to discuss sally megami back into the family toji asks for megami's name of course he replies fushiguro seemingly relieved and out of his murderous rampage toji says it's good he didn't take the zainan name and then takes his own knife stabbing himself in the head laying dead at megami's feet.

It's a tragic moment in a way toji dies so he won't be used as an instrument against his own son someone who he couldn't even remember during his life and yet now seemingly recognized megami is shocked and rather confused he doesn't even remember his dad he was too young and toji wasn't around however he does seemingly connect the dots but.

Decides to ignore it because he's injured and that about covers the life and rebirth of toji thank you so much for watching to the very end until next time keep that farmer on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye