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Download Cash App from the App Store, or Google Play Store today to add your cash tag to the80 million and counting. (upbeat exciting music) (jazz music) – All right. So now, we're standing. – We're standing. – We must be on my show now.- Yeah. – Oh okay, hey, welcome to my show.

– I'm excited. Real food! – Yeah, dude. Whole ingredients. We made all this ourselves. We wanted to make healthier versions of the stuff that we tasted, particularly the Crunchwrap Supreme. The breakfast one, andthe classic Crunchwrap.

We wanted to make them tasty, but packed with more nutrients, made with whole ingredients, not loaded with, I can'tremember any of those words. Propylene something. And also, pretty easy to make. And meal prepped, so you canwrap them up, freeze them. – Are you telling me we've created the healthier more practical,.

The more consumable, the moreportable version of Taco Bell? – And you get to throw meal prep in there, which people love. – Ooh, I love the word meal prep. – Yeah. – That's an SEO word. – An SEO word? – Yeah. – Let's add that to the, uh, SEO. So, the procedure ofwrapping a Crunchwrap,.

I have never done. Have you ever wrapped a Crunchwrap? – Never.- Okay. I watched the instructional video. – There's an instructional video? – Yeah, and it's weird. There's this CGI, she looks like a Sim from the first Sims. – (laughs) Okay.- Just being like-.

– Now let's foldthe Crunchwrap Supreme. – And you do it with a mouse. I watched how it's made. The folds are very simple. We just have to keep a cool head about it. – Okay.- Everything's gonna be fine. – I'm gonna bring all mymedical expertise in this to try and not fail. – Medical expertise in the kitchen.

This is a first for me. – There are knives.- Oh okay. So, I'm gonna heat up this griddle, because no matter whattortillas you're using, you wanna heat them up a little bit first, 'cause– Okay. – Oop. – And this feels wholewheat. Is this whole wheat? – Yeah. Now we wanted to makeit as healthy as possible.

So we went for wholewheat, we went for flax. – Well you've got some Omega-3s here. – Oh yeah. – Got some fiber. – Flax seed. I think that'sgood for regrowing hair or something, I don't know. And what we're gonna do, iswarm 'em up on a flat top. Just like this. – I'm not gonna put this one on,.

Because this is the onethat was on the floor. – True. – I'll just eat this one, right now. All right so we start with the beef then. This is 94% lean beef. – Okay that's great. – 93%. – It's 93% lean beef. – You were only a percent off.

– The leanest beef we could find. Obviously not gonna have asmuch flavor as a fattier beef, so we made our own tacoseasoning, we added tomato paste, we added something we think Taco Bell does which is bouillon base. It's got a little more beefy flavor. All right so I'm gonnaput down a layer of beef, and then on top of thatgoes some cheese sauce. Now, I'm super proud of this cheese sauce.

We put everything in theblender, except for the cheese. Blitz it for five minutesto make a perfect bechamel, and then we added cheese andblitz for another minute. And this is hours old andit's still smooth as hell. – Wow.- Yes it is. – Did you wanna wear aprons. – Oh yeah let's wear aprons. – Can you knight me?- Oh absolutely. – Is this like a knighting ceremony?.

– Finally we're the same height. Welcome to the BCU.- Oh wow! Is this pocket for accessories? – Sure.- Okay. – What do you wanna put in there? – I don't know, fork? In case I get hungry. – That's very smart. On top of that we're gonnado some of our queso.

It's real cheese saucemade from butter, flour, skimmed milk, and cheese. – These are whole food. Natural ingredients.- Yeah. – This isn't paste madewith 35 questionable lab quality ingredients. – These are an add-on, butyou love beans so much. These are– Ooh! – Refried black beans.

– Oh yes! – We heard that you like black beans. – I love black beans. – This is a little bit of onions sauteed in some light oliveoil, add beans and their juices. Let the juices cook down,mash 'em up and that's it. – I love it. It's a healthy bean dish. – Now on top of that goesthat titular ingredient, other than the wrap part ofthis, which is the crunch.

And instead of a deep fried corn tortilla, we just spray it with non-stick spray, which is just aerosolized vegetable oil. And just baked it in aconvection oven or an air fryer, if that's your thing, tomake 'em nice and crisp, and probably a lot less fat than you'd get from deep frying. – Look at that. – Perfect. Now on top ofthat goes lettuce, tomato,.

And our sauce options. – Ooh we have options.- Yes. For sauces we have two options. First up we have oursour cream alternative. This is Icelandic greek yogurt, which is very, very thick. Very, very good for as I understand. – Yes. We've got some goodcultures, some probiotics, our guts are gonna be happy.

– Then we have our approximationof the ever popular creamy jalapeno sauce. This is also yogurt, but we've also quickpickled some jalapenos, added some of the picklingjuice, some chopped jalapenos, and a bunch of spices- – One to ten how spicy? – I'll test it for you. Hmm, okay. – It's spicy?.

– It's a step beyond Tabasco I would say. It is one step beyond Tabasco. – I'm gonna put a little bit on. – So now this, this is off menu. – This is off menu. – You can't get this at Taco Bell. – Where do you get this? Where does one go to get a poblano. – Any grocery store.- Oh.

– You've probably seenthese in the grocery store, and they taste amazing. – Really? – This is just peppers roasted. If you'd like to try it. – I would. – They're very mildly spicy, but they have more flavorthan you'd imagine. – Mm.- Especially the green pepper.

Tastes like grass. (muffled chatter) (suspenseful music) – (coughs) Spicy. – Okay, I'm gonna do the poblanos. And you already tried with the hot sauce. (Dr. Mike clears throat) Let's hold it there. So now we've filled our crunch wrap.

Before it gets to sog, wegotta fold it up and fry it. So you start with a single fold here. I'm gonna do it towards the camera. And then you just start grabbing corners. You grab this corner.- Okay. – And fold it in.- Okay. – Oh this looks- – Oh this is almost likewrapping a newborn baby. – What? Is this how you wrap a newborn?.

– Yes! (coughs) It'scalled a burrito wrap. – Yeah, you just grabthem corners folding. And cnce you get to the lasttwo, you just keep going and that's that. Tell me that's not a Crunchwrap Supreme, and I'll punch you right in the mouth. Not you, I wouldn't do that to you. – That's okay, I'm used tobeing punched in the face. – Ugh.

– Now yours is tearingso I wanna move fast on this.- Okay. – All right so we're just gonna lay down just a sheen of oil. Here do you wanna do it? – Okay, yeah how do I do it? Just throw it?- Just put it fold side down. – Fold side down. – Yeah, yeah. And just put it down.

– And that's it?- That's it. – So I'm like a chef? – You're not like a chef, you are a chef. – Wow! – We're just gonna cook 'emvery slowly and very lowly, so that they heat through. I want these to look good inside. And here are out healthierCrunchwrap Supremes. – (sniffs) Ah that smells so good.

– So, okay I'm gonna do cross-section. – Okay do a cross-section. – Let's take a look. (inhales) I mean look.- Some veg in there. There's more veg in this one, than anything we've triedat Taco Bell before. – Okay let's try it out. (tacos crunch) – Wow.

– So, that's our healthy versionof the Crunchwrap Supreme. What do you think? – I mean, honestly I hate givingratings that are too good, but this is a 10 out of 10. – Oh my god. He's just a nice guy.- No, no, no. The ingredients are fire,there's beans, it's whole wheat, there's true vegetables in here, the sauces are made responsibly.

What more could I ask of a meal. – Wow, I'm flattered. Thank you so much.- Cheers. – Cheers. – So, let's make the leasthealthy item at Taco Bell. Which you taught me is the- – Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme. – So.- Ooh. – In place of the breakfast sausage,.

We have some chicken breakfast sausage. – Okay. – The only sugar in this isa teaspoon of brown sugar, just 'cause breakfast sausage likes that. The rest is spices andherbs and these guys. So we took a can of chickpeas,we drained and dried them, and then we mashed 'em up witha quarter of a grated onion and an egg. And then seasoned it witha little bit of salt,.

And then we just sprayedit with spray oil. And roasted it in a convection oven 'til it got nice an crisp. And I'll take a sacrificial one, but as you can see these guys are crisp. – Crisp. – So these are giving us a lotof protein, a lot of fiber. Chickpeas are wonderful.- Great source of both. – And for cheese becausethe breakfast crunchwrap.

Doesn't have the cheesesauce as straight up cheese. – Hm. – We went with a mild Swiss. – Okay. – Because it's much lower in calories. It's aged a little bit, sothere's less lactose in it. Nicer for me, and it's generally consideredone of the healthier cheeses. – Okay.

Yeah, sharper cheese.- Sharper, yeah. Is that not healthier? Swiss? – It's healthy in moderation. – (laughs) The thing hisvoice did when he said that. (Dr. Mike laughs) It's healthy um. – It's upgraded. – We're upgrading. We'remaking it taste better, and we're making it not so goddal.

– You're making it whole food. – Yeah. – A whole food Crunchwrap Supreme. – All right, hash brown. – Hash brown, chickpea hashbrown. Chickpea hash brown, chicken hash brown. – And then we have instead of boring eggs, we have egg whites. – Ooh.

– Which are higher, lower instuff and higher in others. – Lower in cholesterol,good protein content. – So now on top of this, I'mgonna go with a light Swiss. Which I thought was healthier,I don't think it is. – I need to look that up. I've never, to be honest, I've never compared the nutrition facts of different cheeses. – That's interesting.

And once our cheese, that isat least lower in calories than most other cheeses, is laid down, all that's left to do is close and cook the crunchwrap identicallyto the first version. And so we have our breakfast. – Ooh.- Crunchwrap Supremes. – They're thick.- Oh can you do mine? – Oh yeah. (Babish and Dr. Mike laugh).

– You don't wanna– No you do it so good. It's fun to watch. Oh god. – I'm sure you do thesame thing in surgery. – It's like watching a surgeon. – I know exactly. – This look so nice. – It's a pretty nicecross-section right? That works. Let's try it. (tacos crunch).

– What's your reaction? I can't tell. – I think it was really good, and then the chickpeas kindof confused me a little bit. – Agreed. – Have a secondbite. I say this because the first time I ate the chickpea patty, I said I don't care for that. I had a second bite and I cared for it. – Okay.

(tacos crunch) – You know I wonder if it's necessary? – I would just go sans chickpeas. – They're strange. – It's dryness.- They have graininess too. – Graininess. – All right so forget thechickpeas. Forget we did that. – No, but I mean you have to swing. You can't hit a home run unless you swing.

– You gotta swing, all right. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. – Who said that? – Michael Scott.- Oh. – Well look man, thank youso much for coming by today. Not only was I reallyexcited to cook for you, I learned a lot about nutrition. About some things I thought were healthy, some things I thought wereunhealthy, you filled me in.

– Generally you'realready doing a great job, there's not much for me to add. Whole food ingredients,healthy ingredients. Making it on your own, asyou said, is the way to go. – I was about to say, I think we can both agree on the fact that cooking for yourself is anunequivocally health activity. – Yes. – It burns calories. It makesyou feel good about yourself.

It's a skill to learn, and you have controlover what you are eating. – And you forgot the most important part. It's healthy for the soul. – It's healthy for the soul. So, get on out there. You gotta shoot, you gotta swing. (laughs) – You gotta swing. – Thanks again to Cash App.That's money, that's Cash App.

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