It’s the biggest best I mean it’s the anniversary so we went all no-holds-barred here you are going to see one of Andrews single most popular items of all time lowest price per capsule so stay tuned that’s coming up in 60 your monitor over there is crooked I see that so I see myself a monitor I think I think I’m standing sideways or.

Something else I am Stansberry you’re dating yourself now you know so what else is new you know what I’m sorry to admit that I did yes okay Wow all right here we go we’re now gonna talk about the healthy hair skin and nails and this is for those of us who take it this is our favorite beauty product and this is the.

Only presentation scheduled for the visit it’s an amazing product you will see the difference in your hair in your skin and in your nails the billions of dollars women spend in this country on beauty and the fact that this goes directly to the source so you grow healthier more beautiful thicker hair your nails will grow out your skin will.

Look better it’s just the most exciting beauty product and you will absolutely notice the difference when you take it so for the anniversary I’ll show you the choices here because everything is anniversary priced everything is free shipping and handling of course you get now not just a 30-day money-back guarantee it’s almost a 100 day.

Money-back guarantee if you’re shopping for gifts a 50 a 100 a 250 or 500 capsule supply your two capsules daily you do not need to take more than two capsules okay so that 500 is either more than an eight month supply or it’s about a year and a half supply almost I only take one a day now and really I mean it’s if you’re taking one of my.

Multivitamins or things like that you’re getting additional biotin and things and other ingredients you could do that so one or two capsules a day is plenty and you could see it at one capsule a day you’re talking about something that literally is about 20 cents a day so it’s incredibly affordable and it’s a it’s an ingredient I think that there’s.

It’s a product that I think there’s almost 3000 reviews if I’m not mistaken I think it’s a thousand seven hundred why I think it’s rated about four and a half stars yes it’s almost 90% four and five star review no there’s over 2000 perfect five star yeah 2000 perfect five star reviews that time but it’s a truly an amazing.

Amazing product and and what’s amazing is how simple and straightforward it is how in since we introduced this product and now it’s probably about 15 years ago since we introduced this product all we’ve done is improve it all we’ve done is increase the potency and all we’ve done is maintained the price although during a visit the price goes even down.

Further so the price today is less expensive than when I introduced the product 15 years ago and when I did so 15 years ago there was 20% or today we have 500 percent more biotin and biotin is incredibly expensive if you wonder why if you read your multivitamin label if it’s not one of mine if you read your multivitamin label.

You’ll see 30 micrograms of biotin 30 micrograms of biotin my multivitamins will give you 500 micrograms of biotin this product will literally give you 100 times more biotin than the leading brands so it’s it’s a product that delivers biotin in a way that is just entirely different than the leading multivitamins and that’s why you see.

Such a profound difference when you use it and in terms of your hair skin and nails that’s an operation that goes on 24/7 your body’s growing your hair skin and nails 24/7 if you’re stressed if you’re not stressed if you’re eating well if you’re not eating well if you’re exercising you’re not exercising no.

Matter what’s going on your hair skin and nails never stop growing so it reflects what’s going on in your body nutritionally and the way we typically eat in this country unfortunately it’s a struggle to give our body what it needs if we ate perfectly and when it comes to biotin it’s impossible to get the levels of biotin you find in this product.

Impossible and I say that without any equivocation without any hesitation it is impossible to get the levels of biotin present in this time in this product from even the healthiest possible diet and that’s why this delivers it no matter how you eat it delivers it absolutely does I will tell you it is the highest rated beauty.

Product we sell I think I mean I’ve never seen anything like this no that was many reviews you get over 2,000 women giving some a beauty product it’s a beauty product a perfect five-star I do not believe that’s ever happened and the the point is we’re all different you know we all are different it’s very.

Subjective what a beauty cream that works for me may not work for you and vice versa I could we all have different skin types different needs but with healthy hair skin and nails it is non-discriminatory it does not matter your race your nationality doesn’t matter your age it doesn’t matter what type of hair you.

Have or what type of skin you have or what your nails are all about this is a product that will help every single one of us men and women alike the young the young at heart everybody gets to benefit from this beauty product and that’s why it’s brilliant because when you think of the money we spend on our hair on our skin and on our nails this is a drop in.

The bucket this is pennies a day for something that delivers such huge results and I’m I probably shouldn’t admit this I’m I’m really bad about skincare and things like that I eat I tend to I tend to hydrate I drink green tea throughout the day I take my healthy hairs gonna know we use Beauty creams or anything I used to make one for myself.

Yeah but I haven’t done that for a while so no so what do you what do you wash your face with don’t tell me so whatever whatever’s handy and they don’t put a night cream on or anything no really cream that would require I actually do that no no no I I tend to be I wear sunscreen I know I still wear zinc oxide sunscreen.

Now when I’m outside I’ll tend to wear a hat okay because I tend to find most I used to make a zinc oxide sunscreen but most a zinc oxide sunscreens are sort of comedogenic you’re just naturally beautiful I’m not naturally beautiful but but my point work at this my point is that’s infuriating oh no no I kind of have to force him because I think we.

Women are much more you know in tune with our skin and our hair we work harder but my real point was okay that hydration begins on the inside that protecting your skin from the Sun begins on the inside just as lutein and zeaxanthin protect your eyes from the sky Sun they also protect your skin from the sky and you do take this beauty.

Product absolutely oh absolutely a guy I’ve taken well that’s what I was saying you’re ahead of the game five seconds a day so I give my body what it needs to grow the healthiest hair skin and nails and then I eat in a fashion I make sure I take my omega-3s we’ll talk about briefly because if you want the key ingredient for radiant skin.

And radiant hair you need to make sure your body has the essential fatty acids but at the same time you need to make sure your body has the raw materials to grow that healthy hair so between the healthy hair skin and nails and omega-3s the number of reviews from a response from the two of them together has been absolutely not surprising but dramatic.

Phenomenal and I think when you give your body what it needs and this is what I’ve said for 34 years when you give your body what it needs it’s amazing what your body can do on your behalf when you don’t give your body what it needs it’s amazing how well it does under the circumstances but the difference is visible and tangible when.

I was talking before about biotin that this is these are the best sources of biotin we can find in the diet and this is not the equivalent to a bottle of my product this is the equivalent to two capsules of my product so you’d have to have seven pounds of beef liver eight pounds of yeast over 200 cups of mushrooms that was my point that the key.

Ingredient that has been recognized as being the most important ingredient for nail growth hair growth skin growth if you’re going to be having difficulty say in the winter with dry brittle cracked skin or prematurely dry brittle cracked nails your dermatologist or doctor will recommend biotin without a doubt but again not all biotin is created equal.

Biotin also requires other nutrients to deliver its benefits but even if our skin hair and nails are doing well I guarantee you and this product again comes with a ninety hundred day guarantee get this product home I guarantee they could do even better when you give your body truly what it needs because even the best diet is not.

Delivering the levels of biotin that we all require for our hair skin and nails to be their very best and and you wouldn’t have a product where almost 3000 reviews are not almost 90% unanimously positive if it didn’t deliver on that exactly right it is really really amazing I literally had to cut back on taking in the healthy hair.

Skin nails cuz my hair grows like a weed I do not wear a wig contrary to popular people think I wear a wig or have hair extensions I don’t I just have a lot of hair and it grows so fast and I have my hair has been in better shape than ever and at my age that’s pretty remarkable and the same thing that is not a wig that is his hair I’ve tried pulling it.

It does just come off wearing wigs albeit not way I’ve three before were this was a number of years ago I came back from doing the shows and my mom calls me up and she’s like well and I’m like what do you mean well well and I felt like I was a teenager again like what did I do and she was talking to my sister but I must have gotten some kind.

Of cosmetic surgery because I looked so youthful and rested you see when your own mom thinks things out then you know it’s working so yes right that’s sorry but it’s I think I was just well rested but because I tend to work too much but but again I think in terms of beauty we spend extravagance amounts of money on the outside of our body and on the.

Outside of our body and I think we all know this from a common-sense standpoint but we don’t connect the dots that the outside of our body our hair skin and nails they’re dead tissues you could exfoliate your skin you don’t need anesthesia you don’t need an anesthesiologist there when you get a manicure or pedicure or a.

Haircut because those tissues are dead the only opportunity you have to make a difference in the quality the nature the appearance of those tissues is when your body makes them and that means from the inside of your body what you put on will not change what’s going on inside it’s only dressing up these dead tissues so if you really want a chance to make a.

Difference and we all I think hope to have that chance but we just didn’t connect the dots if you really want to have that chance you do so with a product that’s going to deliver the key nutrients inside your body there’s no other product I don’t think there’s a product in the world that’s as well reviewed as this as heavily reviewed as.

This I would imagine this is probably the number one Beauty ingestible and the most well reviewed Beauty ingestible in the world it delivers and what’s great this time a viewer comes with literally a three plus month guarantee that’s it and I want to remind you all this is the only scheduled presentation of the.

Entire weekend so if you are planning on in fact it’s funny I picked this for host pick day I hope I get it for my host pick coming up in October I love this product I try to pick it every time if I can because it is my favorite beauty product that says a lot cuz I love beauty beauty but it does deliver it really does it’s worth your money to.

Make the investment because you will see that that’s terrific results less than twenty cents a day I would imagine that most of us spend more on shampoo and conditioner don’t spend much less cuts up I tend to I’m I have to be reminded to brush my hair before I come out here cuz I just and I don’t I just got a haircut I hadn’t gotten a haircut for.

Five months I’ll be bad about those things so he’s a shower though anywhere do you recognize we on this and this note will go talked about omega-3 what did my father say when I was a child he would always say yeah he showers once

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