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HER SAD PAST! Tatsumaki ‘Tornado of Terror’ Backstory – One Punch Man


So in the world of one punch man there are a number of truly powerful entities and when speaking of heroes specifically the likes of saitama is of course the first person to come to mind and although saitama is very clearly in a league all his own even if the divide between them is virtually endless.

There are a number of individuals specifically s-class heroes whose strength is worth taking note of and in regards to currently active heroes perhaps chief among them would be none other than s-class rank 2 tornado of terror tatsumaki now she may not look like much given her small.

Stature and such but if this series teaches nothing else it is that looks can be deceiving tatsumaki is actually 28 years old and in regards to why she looks so young despite her age there isn't necessarily an in-canon answer to that at least not as far as we are currently.

Aware although flashy flash seems to be under the impression that overuse of her psychic powers stunted her physical and mental growth but like many of the other characters in the series this is likely for emphasis and or comedic effect and although her looks may be a bit.

Deceiving in regards to her power they are all too telling of her childish personality tatsumaki is by far the strongest esper we currently know of in fact it's not even worth thinking about the rest of them when compared to what she is capable of considered to be the hero.

Association's ultimate weapon the general consensus is that no being in the world could ever defeat her with conventional means and boy does she know it this is one of the cockiest characters in the series who is fully aware of the depths of her own power.

Flaunting it at pretty much all times without a single care and it is this sort of behavior that may at times put her at odds with her fellow heroes and by heroes i really mean s-class heroes because tatsumaki gives no care for anyone below that.

Threshold as to her with the exception of perhaps two her fellow s-class heroes are all beneath her and weakling so to cooperate with anyone even less than that would be like speaking to ants now i did mention two exceptions however the first being s-class rank one blast the man believed to be.

The hero association is the most powerful member the second being s-class rank seven the strongest man on earth and the hero's hero king suffice to say tatsumaki will only ever recognize who she believes to be the strongest of the strong in fact tatsumaki doesn't believe in cooperation.

At all as to her those that are truly strong have no need for any assistance and this also serves to amplify her respect for the aforementioned two as heroes who can do things by themselves however for as great as she herself may be things were not always this way and with.

That let us discuss the tragic past of this oh so powerful and confident character you see tatsumaki's confidence and strong beliefs in individualism were once in fact severe vulnerability and extreme solitude and that's because 18 years ago when she was only a 10 year old girl.

Tatsumaki was a test subject and on a particular day a creature they had in their possession known as a synthetic beast escaped from its confines and began a murderous rampage and it is for this reason that a sudden evacuation of the facility was in order and in response to this.

Tatsumaki from behind the chilled iron bars of her cell would call out for help begging them not to abandon her however the director of this facility would tell them to leave her behind as her results had been trailing off as of late that.

Instead they should prioritize the safety of subjects with actual potential and at that tatsumaki was left to die and truly what a contrast this is to the present for tatsumaki of all people to be regarded as someone with lacking potential.

Is pretty unbelievable and it wouldn't take long for this behemoth of a creature to draw close to her cell not recognizing her presence its malice would only surmount as it salivated in anticipation meanwhile despite this overwhelming state of dread and this ever-present threat of her own.

Demise tatsumaki remained still in fact she would close her eyes to it all seemingly accepting her fate to be that of death and to follow this non-resistance the monstrosity would make its aggression known with a blood-curdling outcry.

Which was swiftly accompanied by the meeting of its hulking fist to the very door she was holding onto very easily breaking through and interestingly enough considering tatsumaki's size it is quite possible that she may have actually used her powers to at least get up to the bars here but.

Yeah tatsumaki would be flung backwards into the back of her cell where she remained with her eyes closed in acceptance of her unfortunate fate however nothing nothing happened but just then a voice would emerge one that would confidently tell her that she could come out now and in doing.

As she was told she would exit to see the once ravenous behemoth now dead with a massive crater of a wound through the side of it as a single man in a cape stood beside its corpse a sight that would be difficult for tatsumaki to.

Understand i mean the incredible power before her was just mind-blowing and so she would ask him who exactly he was as he would answer that he is blast and that he is a hero although he would furthermore go on to admit that despite this.

He does still have a regular job so the whole hero thing is more or less a hobby as he held onto a rather peculiar cube blast again being one of the few people tatamaki in the present respects and the strongest hero in the association and to this tatsumaki still completely dumbfounded.

Would question the concept of a hero but this wasn't something that blast would respond to as instead he would ask a question of his own he would ask her why she didn't use her power and in response to this tatsumaki would grip onto her dress and look down at her feet.

She would stammer for a bit before saying that she couldn't use it anymore to which blast would say that she's lying that it was her belief that by suppressing her power they would let her free and that was quite clearly the truth but tatsumaki would exclaim that it didn't matter anymore that.

Nobody in the world whether in the facility or out there needed her that even her parents sold her off as the tears streaming down from her eyes would now overtake the blood on her face and blast would then put a hand on her head and correct her that someone does in.

Fact need her her precious little sister he tell her that she needs to protect her family as her tears would now cease and she would look up at her savior he would then leave her with one final piece of advice that those who possess great power must never expect someone.

To save them a philosophy that would forever change the outlook of tatsumaki now honestly if blast had not intervened here and tatsumaki was able to survive even still it is quite possible that she might have become a horribly powerful monster or at the very least pretty damn messed.

Up but now how exactly or why did blast know all these things about her still remains a mystery for him to have had a better idea of what she was truly capable of than the very researchers testing on her despite having seemingly never met her before.

Is pretty odd and seeing as he was not able to truly perceive just how strong saitama is unless it's a situation where the vastness of his strength is so grand that is unperceivable i doubt this was based on his instinct furthermore he also knew about her younger sister.

And it's not as if either were ever revered to be especially powerful or anything like that at the time blast yet remains an incredibly mysterious person but even still his impact on tatsumaki is undeniable and from here tatsumaki's protection of her sister.

Would be rather extreme she pretty much would not let anyone near her effectively isolating her by way of overwhelming power tatsumaki no doubt loves her sister more than anyone but like most people she ultimately sees blizzard as weak thus making her someone to be.

Protected and sheltered forever and although as a tornado of terror tatsumaki isn't exactly a chivalrous hero opting to for the most part only face the strongest of opponents she does feel rather strongly towards the safety of captive children on account of her own experiences.

Tatsumaki believes that she must never expect help from anyone and so even in the most dire of situations when her very life is on the line she can never accept such a thing and it is because of this very mentality that her sister blizzard believes that despite having saved her sister's life blast placed a curse on her heart.

One that she someday hopes to alleviate with the formation of a group made up of people that even her sister could trust but yeah guys that about does it for tatsumaki's backstory this is a character that i have only come to appreciate more and more as the story progresses and i for one.

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