Ok ratatouille is that great French classic,and what I wanna do is take the essence of that do it really quickly, and lighter, withsome new little ideas you're gonna love this. This gorgeous take on a ratatouille has loadsof tasty griddled veg in a rich tomato sauce, all made much faster and with much less oilthan the traditional version. And I'm serving that with beautiful juicyherb-dressed steak, and a fragrant lemon and saffron rice. The perfect Mediterranean dish for four injust 15 minutes. Time to crack on with my ratatouille. First thing's up we've got aubergine and courgette.

The first job is quite simply just take theends off the stalks and I'm gonna halve the courgette, literally straight down the middlejust like that, dead simple. That goes straight on to a chargrille. As usual with 15 minute meals y'know, I'vegot me kettle boiled, I've got me pans out for me veggies and me rice and my griddlepan as well, make sure you push the veggies down so they're getting full contact. Slice the aubergine just over a centimetrethink, like that. Sometimes you see people putting oil on veggieson the grill. I personally never ever ever do it, in anysituation, because what I want to do is sort.

Of bring out the natural flavour of the veg,and then when it comes off then kiss it with beautiful oils and herbs, y'know, things likethat. That'll be fine, squeeze him in there. Make sure they're all sort of touching thebars, and we forget about that for a couple of minutes until they're charred on both sides. Ok so we've got veggies on. Next job I need my kettle of boiling waterand some rice, so that classic fluffy rice recipe that I'm doing. I've got some nice basmati rice and I justwanna do one full builder's cup of basmati.

And then fill it up with two cups of boilingwater. So there's one… there's two… and thenthere's a key flavour that I wanna get in there to make it really really exciting. And I've got some saffron here, y'know itis expensive and you only need a little bit like that, and look at that. Still by weight, one of the most expensivethings on the planet, but we only need a little bit thank the lord. And when you put that into the water thisincredible flavour comes out, it's amazing. Of course a pinch of salt so it's got someseasoning, and just gonna quite crudely cut.

A lemon in half, and I'm just gonna plop onehalf of a lemon in there, give it a shake, lid on top on a medium heat. 10 minutes, that's gonna be light, fluffy,perfect, kind of golden and perfumed and lovely. Leave the saffron to work its magic. Now let's get some bold flavours going onwith this ratatouille. But before stirring, we're gonna concentrateon turning to bring out the delicious nutty flavour of the veg. Nice and dark… you want the colour, don't be scared of it,it brings out a completely different flavour.

A ratatouille is a really heavily guardedy'know, sacred recipe, and it's delicious and it's stodgy and it's heavenly, classicProvence dish, right? But like what I'm tryna do is take the essenceof those combinations and do it in a light, quick, contemporary way. So we got charred elements. Now the other veggies of course are thingslike onion, i've got peppers, I've got some garlic. So very simply I wanna just peel the onion,halve it and remove the skin. And we'll slice these red onions up any oldhow, it really doesn't matter.

So just a little bit of olive oil in here. And the way of doing it has got way less oliveoil than the traditional version. With the peppers just push these seeds, andthen you can just tear it open and remove the seeds in one which is a nice little fasttip. So push it in, tear it open, and there itis ready and raring to go. And then just clank up the peppers y'knowcut them up into any size, I'm looking for absolutely no precision. Y'know the worst thing in the world is pickingup a recipe and it says cut it into exactly a certain size and it's like oh god, got betterthings to do with me life.

That's two lots of veg from our ratatouille. Next I'm gonna crank up the flavour quicklywith some of my favourite taste enhancers: anchovies, and harissa. So the anchovies again are gonna give… youwon't taste it, it'll just become a blur of wonderful seasoning. So just a couple of anchovy fillets will disappearinto that dish. Harissa – Moroccan, it's basically like anoil, a flavoured oil of wonderful different chilis, so a nice little heaped teaspoon ofthat in there is gonna give a wonderful hum of spice.

So it smells fantastic. I'm just gonna crush some garlic here. Two or four garlic depending on how fruityyou feel. I don't bother peeling the garlic when I'vegot one of these crushers 'cos quite frankly all I do is just gun it straight in, likethat. Let's put a fifth one in come on, let's geta bit of France in there… wosh. Really exciting flavours going on. The garlic and the harissa and the anchoviesare all sort of cooking into each other which.

Is beautiful. If you look at these two pans it's real opposites,you got brightness and sweetness and all that perfume of the ingredients. Then you got the courgette and the auberginethat have kinda been charred, and they kinda go more savoury and nutty, and I love thatsort of mixing of it up. So all I'm gonna do is just grab a pair oftongs and then literally hack through it like that in no particular fashion, and get thatin there. So there's a charred and that fresh element,really really nice. Don't worry about the size or the shape, I'llprobably leave those whole.

As they cook they're gonna fall apart anyway. So let's just sort of finish this story andget this kind of put to bed. Another little cheat I'm using balsamic vinegarjust to sort of work – about a tablespoon – just work with that sweet and sourness,ok? And then passata, 700 millilitres, you canuse tinned tomatoes if you want. Pour that in, and then I'll finish that byseasoning it, and a bit of basil, and we'll be really, really in a good place. Leave the ratatouille bubbling on a mediumheat. Now for the next key element of the dish – gorgeous,juicy, succulent steaks.

Obviously when you're buying sirloin steaky'know look for a nice bit of meat, nice marbling like that. So first of all I'm just gonna whip that fatoff. That's reduced the fat immediately by morethan 50%, and it's made it easier to cook as well. I'm gonna season this with salt and pepper. And then I've got some lovely smoked paprika,you can use sweet or smoked look at the colour of that, so nice. Just want a little teaspoon.

And just again, pat that, use the actual boardto season the other side. So look no oil in this pan again, straighton the griddle pan, turn it every minute until it's cooked to your liking. Two steaks there will easily be enough inthis style of cooking for four people, it really will 'cos we're gonna slice them upnice and thin, it's gonna be gorgeous. So everything's on the go, the saffron riceis infusing and the ratatouille is becoming richer by the minute. Oh, heavenly. And as my steaks sizzle, I've got a tastytrick to enhance them even more with big flavours,.

Fast. So what I'm gonna do is a board dressing,really really simple I'm gonna use some parsley, just tear some off. And just roll it all up, just chop it up soit's kind of fine. As soon as that meat has come off the grill,if you don't sort of give it a little lick of something oily it starts to dry, and thenit starts to get tough. So what I wanna do is create like a littlewelcoming party for our steaks, ok? So parsley is really nice just distributethat around the board, right? I'm just gonna turn this steak, 'cos likeI said every minute you wanna be able to turn.

This. Look at that, nice bar marks, really good,and I'm gonna turn it the other way. So, back to the dressing. I want a heaped teaspoon of mustard. And then just a little drizzle of good qualityoil, just a tablespoon is enough to do the trick, and the juice of one half of a lemonthat we got left over. So it's a kind of dressing. All we do now is get a fork or a spoon orsomething, and just mess this all around. And as soon as that lovely steak comes offthe grill, we got something nice to roll it.

Around in. Beautiful. So one thing I gotta do to the ratatouille,y'know I can have a little taste just to double-check that seasoning's in a beautiful place, absolutelygorgeous. Mm… I'm alright in seasoning. Be quite brave with basil, take big hunksof it and just tear it up. Give it a nice little mix. These are all turned off now.

Get your steaks, go straight over to thisbeautiful dressing, and just move them around and it's gonna be so tasty. Slice that beautiful juicy steak, dish outthat fluffy flavoursome rice, get dollopping with some fat-free natural yoghurt, and finallyscatter some more basil for a great fresh flavour. So there you go guys a beautiful grilled ratatouillewith fluffy saffron rice, incredible steak in its own sort of dressing, all in under15 minutes, brilliant. It's amazing the flavour that you can getfrom that grilled ratatouille really quickly. Such big flavours, so quick.



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