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Hero Costume Changes in My Hero Academia Explained!


When it comes to making a first impression there is no more important tool in a hero's arsenal than their costume but in the world of my hero academia a hero costume is much more than a fashion statement it's almost like an extension of a hero's quirk designed to let them get the most mileage out of their abilities so what.

Does that look like when it comes to class 1a in this video we will be taking a look at everyone a student's hero costume and how it evolved over the course of the series number one yuga oyama also known by his hero name can't stop twinkling yugo oyama is best known nowadays as a ua traitor born quirkless oyama obtained his quirk naval laser.

From all for one but the quirk does not suit his body so his hero costume is designed to make up for that evidently trying to evoke a knight in shining armor persona oyama wears a suit of armor a winged mask and a purple cape but the most important part of his costume is a belt which allows him to control the output of his quirk so it.

Won't leak out he has worn this belt since he was a very young child due to the incompatibility of his body and his quirk and he hasn't made any major changes to the costume yet and since we now know he has been acting as a mole for all for one all this time i doubt hero costume upgrades are going to be on the radar anytime soon for him number 2.

Mina ashido the upbeat and sociable mina ashiro hero named pinky loves to stand out and both our quirk and hero costume reflect that impossible to miss in a teal and purple camel bodysuit purple boots and a furry jacket mina never upgrades your costume but it sort of covers all the bases already since both the suit and the boots are acid proof.

She also has a winter variation on the same costume which is identical except for the longer jacket though the costume is a little short on protection it won't get corroded by her acid quirk and it gives her the full range of motion that our combat style requires some might say it is an eyesore but it does the trick number three tsuyuhazui a.

Lot of class 1a members lean really hard into the hero themes when designing their costumes were probably none more than tsuyuasui also known as the rainy season hero fropie her green wetsuit webb water shoes and binocular-like headgear all point to her frog work and her accompanying aptitude in water it is even capable of changing colors with her.

Body when suyu camouflages herself she also has a winter costume that counteracts one of her quark's major weaknesses her difficulty to regulate her body temperature by insulating her suit and adding temperature regulation devices she increases the extent to which she is able to use her quirk when it would otherwise be too cold some of.

The more heavily thematic costumes kind of miss the mark in terms of accentuating a hero's quirk but this one definitely does not number four tatsuki bakugo up next we have the fan favorite character bakugou who goes by the hero name great explosion murder god dynamite i have to say i'm kind of surprised that he's never changed his hero costume but.

No other than a winter version in a stealth costume he wears in one of the movies he has always had the same one bunkuco's normal hero costume consists of a black tank top with an orange x across a chest a neck brace grenade shaped gauntlets a belt containing a couple of actual grenades a mask shaped like an explosion knee protectors and.

Combat boots while a lot of the costumes design seems to focus on aesthetics the reoccurring grenade motif actually serves a purpose both the gauntlets and hand grenades in his belt store his nitroglycerin sweat for detonation later though it's not much different from his normal costume vaga also has a winter version with long sleeves instead of his.

Usual tank top number 5 toru hagakure it's both incredibly easy and incredibly hard to design a hero costume when your quirk is invisibility on the one hand aesthetics don't matter if you can't see the costume but on the other how do you make invisible fabric invisible girl has a very simple answer to that question you don't probably to minimize the.

Surface area that is visible on her body invisible girl's costume is nothing but gloves and a pair of shoes i don't know whether she has invisible clothes on or what but i kind of hope she does because if she didn't well that would have some pretty uncomfortable implications in the winter she wears a variation on the same costume with heavier gloves and boots i.

Have like a million questions about this hero costume but hey if it works it works number six tenyaida another character whose costume has a bit of a knife theme going on class president eda his quirk engine uses engines and his calves to give him superhuman speed so edi's costume is built for speed he wears a suit of lightweight silver armor.

With a decorative wing-shaped muffler in the back a helmet that cuts down on wind resistance and boots that double as both a power boost and a cooling system for his legs the armor's primary purpose is not protection but efficiency cutting down on wind resistance to help eda run faster i personally have a hard time seeing how carrying a cooling system on.

Each leg would increase your speed at all but hero tech is pretty advanced so i'm willing to buy that they might be able to make something like that super lightweight in this world and it must work because eda has never made any notable changes to his costume unless you count removing his engine mufflers to improve his quirk use before the.

Joint training arc number 7 yoyuka jiro the hearing hero earphone jack known to her classmates as jiro has a pretty simple approach to a costume design with a lot more emphasis on function than form opting for a simple ensemble of a t-shirt jacket choker and pants jiro's first hero costume might easily be mistaken for civilian attire if not for.

A pair of boots with a built-in stereo later amplifier bracelets attached to a pair of headphones were made to allow her to more effectively use her quirk while the headphones and amplifiers do allow her to greatly extend the range of her quirk i personally think this costume is still a little lacking and that is because it gives her pretty much.

No protection like i'm pretty sure she's charging into battle in a regular old pair of black skinny jeans especially after the event of chapter 355 which sees giro lose an ear an earphone jack to all for one i question whether or not a costume with no protective capabilities whatsoever was the best design for her.

Number 8 denki kaminari much like his close friend jiro electricity quirk user denki kaminari who goes by chargebold starts off with a very simple costume consisting of a white t-shirt black pants and a jacket with a lightning bolt design the only part of kaminary's original hero costume that looks like a costume is a single headphone and.

Antenna however he gets a significant tech upgrade in the second version which gives him what he calls sharp shooting gear a wristband which lets him shoot projectiles that allow him to focus his quirk these pointers function by drawing kaminar's electricity to whatever they hit allowing him to discharge energy with more precision he also now has a.

Visor that lets him track the placement of his pointers all of this was meant to correct one of the biggest problems with denki's quirk it's hard to control where the electricity discharges actually go one of the biggest leaps in combinary's quark evolution was gaining the ability to discharge electricity without massive collateral these design changes were a.

Big part of why he was able to do that the costume also gets a couple of aesthetic upgrades which light changes the design of his pants and jackets and the additions of a belt and a choker though these changes probably had less to do with his work number nine eijiro kiroshima fittingly for a student who goes by the name of sturdy hero red riot.

Hiroshima's hero costume isn't really meant to protect him that's his hardening quark's job i still can't say that i fully understand why he likes to do battle with villain shirtless but when your core can make you near invulnerable to injury i guess it's a risk you can afford to take aside from his notable lack of a shirt hiroshima.

Wears headgear whose purpose is unclear a cape around his waist with an arc class that likely references his hero name and red shoulder pads it's really not clear how if at all any of this helps him use his quirk more effectively but his is a hardcore to assist with support items so i'll give them a pass on that hiroshima later gets a small.

Update in the addition of sleeves to his costume which are meant to protect people from his quirk during rescues i think it's pretty interesting that the evolution of hiroshima's costume has little to do with supporting his work instead focusing on the safety and maybe even comfort of civilians and i feel like that says a whole lot about.

Hiroshima's priorities as a hero and as a person number 10 koji koda koda or the petting hero anima whose quirk allows him to talk to animals is another hero trainee i imagine would be hard to make a hero costume for how do you design gear that makes someone better at literally communicating with nature i have no idea and i'm not really sure if.

The in-world designers who made this costume did either because at first all he wears is a yellow bodysuit and matching shoes he did get an upgrade though and when we see him take the provisional license exam he's wearing a new pair of straps around his shoulders different shoes and a mask that lets people hear his voice when he is using.

His quirk it's hard to say especially since koji has probably the least screen time of any class 1a student but i would guess that that is a quirk related upgrade somehow number 11 zuku midoriya as both the protagonist and student whose quirk has evolved in most over the course of the series it makes sense that deca would have the.

Most costume changes when deku starts out his costume is homemade and a gift from his mother consisting of a jumpsuit mask knee and elbow pads belt gloves and a hood made of a ski mask all of these parts were purchased in ordinary civilian stores so it is very different from a professionally made hero costume and very reflective of deku's humble.

Beginnings however he soon requires a costume that is built to withstand his powerful quirk so he upgrades to a sturdier green body suit with protective leg braces a utility belt a mask and gauntlets that wasn't the last of his upgrades though when deku transitioned to a fighting style they used his legs more than his previous one had he added.

Iron souls to his boots as well as arm braces and better knee pads he also receives support gloves from mehatsume for long range attacks which completes his hero gamma design though costume gamma retains much of the aesthetic of his original costumes its differences from the original are symbolically important as it is representative of.

Deku finally realizing that he can be his own kind of hero instead of imitating all might previously his fighting style was punching based since that was what all mike did but after realizing that he could much more effectively use his legs becca develops his shoot style and the corresponding costume which is a huge step towards.

Coming into his own as a hero following the war arc he adds gran torino's cape a mask and conflicts for support and after his return to ua he now sports a rebuilt costume gamma number 12 minoru minera let me just start this one by saying that if you thought that minetta's hero costume was supposed to look like a diaper when you first saw it then that.

Makes two of us seriously i know it's not really about aesthetics but i can't unsee it which you might argue is a weird kink for a weird character however i have since been informed that it is a bowl as in grape brush is a bowl of grapes clever if you're inclined to believe it unfortunate associations aside though minette's costume is quite.

Basic a purple bodysuit and mask yellow boots and cape and of course the bowl shaped shorts this is another costume that seems to be more about portraying the student's hero persona in this case the grape theme than about enhancing the use of his quirk even as his quirk skills improve the only change moneta ever makes with his costume is adding a.

Stem to his mohawk to make his head look even more like a bunch of grapes not sure how practical it is but at least you can't fault the guy for failing to stay on theme number 13. mashirao ojiro more than once ojiro or tailboy is referred to as ordinary so it makes sense that he would have a pretty plain costume since his combat style relies.

Primarily on martial arts using his tail quirk he wears a typical karate uniform and that's it in the winter though he does add a furry overcoat for warmth i know i harp a lot on costumes that don't provide any protection but in this case i think it works it's harder to design a quirk enhancing costume when your quirk is part of your body so wearing.

Something designed for martial arts is pretty much the only way odro's costume can capitalize on his skills number 14 rikuro sato the sweet hero sugar man or sato is another hero whose quirk is sort of hard to design for which is probably why we have never seen his costume change from its base form sato's basic costume is a yellow bodysuit that covers.

Everything but his mouth and eyes his quirk sugar rush gives him a power-up when he eats sugar so he carries small amounts of sugar in his belt in case he burns through whatever sugar he ate before a fight it's not a very elaborate costume but honestly it serves his purpose and that's probably why he has never changed it number 15 meso shoji.

It's always interesting to look at hero costumes for heteromorphic works because unlike in a middle court user's costume they really can't be used to enhance the hero's quirk use at all shoji or tentacol has one such quirk dupli arms and his costume yet another side character costume that hasn't changed as far as we know seems to be trying to.

Increase his range of motion since his quirk relies on the use of his arms shoji's costume doesn't cover them so he wears a blue bodysuit with what looks like an eye design on the torso and belt a face mask and boots i think the eye motif is supposed to resemble the eyes he can create at the end of his tentacle arms but i'm not totally sure it's.

Pretty straightforward since all he can do for core purposes with a costume is leave his arms bare i think he was just going for a recognizable design number 16 hantasero human tape dispenser cerro also known by his hero named cellophane leans into the theme of his quirk pretty heavily with shoulder pads and a helmet that looked like tape dispensers it.

Wouldn't be that hard to guess what his quark was which is a plus it's always good to stay on brand and recognizable aside from those he wears a black and white bodysuit a metal belt and boots so while his costume doesn't really help him use his quirk it definitely looks apart and offers what i would think would be pretty decent protection all in.

All i can see why cerro never upgraded his costume number 17 shoto todoroki now i have to hand it to shoto for what has to be the best costume glow up in the entire series when he starts out he's not making much of a fashion statement in what looks like a white formal suit with his right side covered in ice it's about as image conscious as you'd expect.

From someone whose hero name shoto is literally just his legal name i get that it's probably somewhat out of spite towards his fire quark using father as the ice side of his costume is the fire side of his quirk but is still not very practical or really very stylish so when shoto upgrades to a much more sensible costume at the sports festival it is a.

Welcome change since shoto's new costume which is a much more basic blue body suit with a vest and belt is designed to make use of both his fire nice quirks it's got gear to help regulate his body temperature there are devices in his jacket and vest that can warm him up or cool him off his boots are spiked so he won't slip on his own ice and his.

Utility belt contains useful rescue supplies it isn't flashy but it gets the job done it is also very reflective of his changing outlook since his first costume was designed only to use his ice quirk it is a fitting symbol of his growth when todoroki's biggest barriers to improvement have always been more psychological than physical later on we.

Learned that shoutout has made a few more hero upgrades to better withstand his growing firepower his jacket is more heat resistant he's added gauntlets to help him store up his quirk and his utility belt has a greater storage capacity so while his changing attitude necessitated the first upgrade he got the second was a result of his.

Increasing skill with his quirk and the need not to burn his costume to a crisp number 18 fumikage tokoyami how do you put a costume on an intangible entity tokoyami's dark shadow quirk begs that question but also offers an answer you don't dark shadow is probably the hardest quirk in the series to enhance with a costume so it seems like jet.

Black hero sukuyomi is going for utility instead with a plain all-black hero costume and a long black cloak i can't really say that this costume helps him use his quirk or would have evolved with it but aesthetically it's very tokoyami number 19 ochako uraraka uraka also known as rabbity has a costume fine tuned for her gravity quirk in addition.

To a black and pink bodysuit she wears a helmet that alleviates inner ear stress for better orientation wristlets that help her stabilize her blood pressure and prevent nausea a neck brace to prevent headaches and large pink boots and cushion her landings since most of this gear is supposed to combat the many disadvantages of operating in zero.

Gravity her original costume's major weakness was a lack of combat utility so she later gets an upgrade to correct that problem she can now shoot grappling hooks from her armbands and the glass visor which could have been seriously problematic if a broken battle is gone one of ochaku's biggest goals has been to improve her combat skills as well as.

Her quirk as we see when she chooses to do her work study with gun head to learn martial arts so it makes sense in not only her quirk evolution but her expanding skill set would influence he changed the design of her costume number 20 momoya yoruzu i find it a little ironic that within the fandom everything hiro create is best known for wearing.

Almost nothing momo's costume which is designed to maximize the use of a creation quirk is easily the most controversial in class 1a whether you think that momo's costume makes total sense for a quirk or that it is way too provocative for a high schooler pretty much everyone has an opinion on it so it's likely you're asking why is a.

Design like this well horikoshi has given his reason for the choice whether you believe they're legit or not since momo's quirk uses her body fat to create objects her leotard is open at the front to give her access to her body's major fat stores that would be the stated reason for the lack of coverage it provides korikoshi is also a.

Self-professed pervert so that may be a consideration as well but anyways momo also wears a thick belt which holds her yoyo riccionary a book containing the information she needs to recall the chemical formulas of anything she wants to make this design hasn't changed throughout the series though in the winter she does add a long tape over.

Leotard for warmth we know why this design looks like it does from acork's standpoint but isn't really well designed well at least in canon i'd argue that it could use some work from the cumbersome belt and the encyclopedia she carries around everywhere to the risk of wardrobe malfunctions in such a minimal costume which she has had by the.

Way suffice to say this is one of the costumes i am interested to see any future changes to for sure but that is a wrap on class 1a's hero costumes what do you think we'd love to hear your hottest hero costume takes in the comments as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.