All right guys yet again my hero academia continues to impress each and every new chapter seems to provide us with something to be excited about and this one was no different we also have some exciting news to share with all of you so be sure to stick around until the end of the video with the previous chapter.

We had hawks for warning deku about his former superior turned villain whose capture was of his utmost priorities the ever powerful lady nagan with no means of communication and the words of hawks in mind when faced with this threat deku did all that he could to run away.

However lady nagan would not make it easy for him as she would fire shot after shot at him with her quirk rifle what makes her one of if not the deadliest long range quirk wielder in the country but it was thanks to these shots that deku was able to properly surmise.

Her current location and in knowing that this was only a third of her maximum range he figured the best course of action was to go for her directly now just as hawks had suspected lady nagan was hired by all for one to capture deku and in order to put an end to hero society once and for all.

She agreed and would be provided a second quirk for her service air walk with this latest chapter we would open up elsewhere to properly address the situation of all might whose car had previously been bombed but just as expected his vehicle dubbed hercules.

Was especially reinforced and so he was still alive just then two assailants with what looked to be like thunder spears from attack on titan would jump out ahead of the car it was all too clear that they were here to kill him and were not holding back.

At all from there all might would call on the top three heroes telling them that deku is being targeted by assassins what is likely the beeping we saw best genius react to previously but the moment these words were uttered the villains would fire off at hercules as.

All might leapt out just in the nick of time the villains would recognize him immediately seeming to be unaware that it was him to begin with however one would urge the other not to back down now just looking at him he was far from his former glory because of this they were able to find the resolve and.

Prepare to kill but just then all might would tell them to get out of the way with a conviction that shook them all might had made a solemn vow to protect his successor even at the cost of his very life he'd speak of how deku had gone through more than he.

Ever did as a hero and yet he still admires him his voice now booming with passion was enough to floor the villains and strike fear into their hearts a scene reminiscent of stains addressed the heroes oh so long ago all might would then conclude his proclamation.

By saying that so long as he lives nothing will harm his pupil and i am very very impressed by this we love to see it all might was not afraid to run the fade quirk or not this is a top five all my moment for sure past this we would shift back to deku as he was leaping from building to building.

At an impressive pace he was doing his absolute best to be unpredictable as to throw off lady nagan shots and avoid her line of sight this was his best chance at finding shigaraki after all but with danger sense he was able to detect a shot from behind that he would swiftly kick with a spin.

But just as the momentum of that bullet was repelled another shot would be let off grazing across his stomach this completely caught him off guard as he'd begin to wonder if she had help of some sort but no he couldn't sense any hostility beyond her own.

But it was just then that he would recognize the reality of the situation this is a hired gun sent by all for one himself how could he possibly rule out the prospect of her possessing another quirk and now using her two quirks in tandem lady nagan was able to propel herself.

Forward at an alarming speed on account of the recoil provided by her gun arm as it currently stands leona gone has been made to consider trajectory and such but in the event that she manages to close the distance even further she will be able to hit him at point-blank range.

And properly take him out deku was running out of options and so after hurtling downwards he would finally make use of his smokescreen quirk the earlier absence of which we were made to question with the last chapter however this time he would purposefully go all.

Out and this did the trick as she could not see him at all but now it was also clear to her that deku also possesses multiple quirks now as expected and wasn't too happy about this usage as he had previously advised against such a thing on account of deku pretty.

Much trapping himself but again deku now had no intentions of running and just then we'd begin to see him do some strange motions a sight that alarmed n even further and just then the third would appear as well he would tell deku that he wasn't ready for this.

One that he's never even tested this quirk out just yet but deku's mind was made up taking lady nagan down would mean sugar rocky and all for one come next so he needed to do this no matter what and to do that he needed to learn how to.

Use the quirk of the third possessor right here right now as he would then activate his new quirk what is the release of internal power akin to the likes of say kaio-ken what is my absolute favorite technique in all of dragon ball history now coupled with the imagery of smoke emissions like gear second from one.

Piece which was a visual that got me into one piece in the first place i am living for this having now risen above for an aerial view of the smoke in its entirety lady nagan was in the optimal position to get the better of deku as a reticle was formed from her weapon.

And over her eye for pristine accuracy just then the cape of gran torino would emerge from the smoke and lady nagan would immediately fire a shot at it however this was just a decoy thrown by black whip just then several such decoys would be.

Released across multiple locations lady nagan now being annoyed by this would shift to rapid fire and let off a precise shot for each and every location she would say that there is nowhere to hide but deku deku wasn't hiding as he would jettison right through the center of a skyscraper.

Into the air as he'd grip onto the arm of lady nagan with incredible force and that was the chapter how very exciting so something to notice about this chapter is how in the dark these villains seem to be about this whole situation i mean first we had the villains.

Attacking almight's car with the intent to kill despite not knowing that it was all might that they were up against then we have lady nagan who is completely unaware that deku also possesses multiple quirks why keep them in the dark about all this particularly lady nagan more than the.

Rest she was indeed once a hero so is there a possibility that she could pull a stain and actually shift to deku's aid in some capacity again we're betting on a deku and overhaul reunion of sorts so somehow these two need to converge despite him currently being separated from lady nagan.

And in hiding now the knowledge of what hiro laid in a gun killed and why has yet to be revealed to us so there is plenty more to learn about this character hulk spoke for being a top priority target for him but i question if he could even take her forget his current state.

I don't know if he could handle her at his best especially with that airwalk quirk being a factor sher hawks is fast but if tokoyami can keep up with him deku sure can which then prompts me to believe that even with his speed she would still be able to litter him with bullet holes.

But anyways with deku now holding onto her he pretty much has her right where he wants her and she can't do much about it as far as we've seen perhaps she may use that recoil to her benefit but being this close and holding on to her it'll be hard to lose such a hell-bent spirit for sure.

Now there is plenty to be said about this new quirk of deku's coming from the third possessor but i feel like that'll be better suited to a video of its own so stay tuned for that but with all that excitement aside we are also very happy to present to you all the very first.

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