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Any of it but anyways with the previous chapter we began with a phone call from endeavor to deku with this endeavor would let it be known that foreign aid in the form of heroic reinforcements were in fact on the way with that being said they would have more manpower at their disposal in the coming times.

And so they needed to switch up their approach as deku was clearly deteriorating over the course of their pursuits and efforts something they absolutely could not afford considering how vital he is to everything however deku would refuse to stop as he.

Couldn't afford to give the villains a moment to prepare and would hang up beyond this it wouldn't only be endeavour who would advise as such as he many vestages of one for all would emerge as well and urge him to slow down to no avail because of this they would hold a.

Meeting within the power in regards to the current state of things ultimately this was just the sort of person deku was a truly selfless hero to the utmost extreme a path that the second possessor would corroborate to be the correct one as inactivity was not an option available to deku.

As it was not an option for any of them as former possessors of the very same power however he would allude to something that could turn things around for the better as he looked to his former comrades in life in the real world deku was going from location to location stopping conflicts and taking down.

Villains all the while he himself looked more and more unsettling but he did not care so long as by doing so he would be able to smile with everyone once again someday he was willing to endure it all and shoulder the burden by his lonesome but at last deku would encounter a villain.

By the name of dictator another hired gun of all for one and this was an enemy that deku would easily recognize quirk included however he was exhausted and unmoving as dictator in turn took advantage by having the people he'd mind controlled begin to swarm deku something that deku.

Would not be able to resist as he was just that tired but when all seemed to be lost bakugou suddenly emerged putting an end to dictator in one shot as he confirmed with the others that deku had been found to begin this latest chapter we first of all had a beautiful color page to commemorate.

Seven years of my hero academia serialization let us know how long you've been with the series in the comments i for one have been here for all seven years and it has been an amazing ride and i'm only looking forward to more and more but yeah this would take us back to ua.

A few days after deku's departure here a conversation would be had in regards to deku as uraka would question if bakugou was certain which he was he was in the process of ripping up the letter left for him as was shoto and tokuyami behind him he would double down on his belief that.

Deku was currently with endeavour's group with this we would be shown that this was a gathering of everyone in class 1a ito would firstly question if the three could contact their mentors and confirm their suspicions to which shokoyami would admit that they had tried to do so several times over at.

This point but none of them were responding and as shoto would express sure they're all busy people especially with all that's going on in the world but for them to all be avoiding them like this is not normal and so they are more than likely hiding something and truly for even.

Endeavor to ignore shoto's calls which we actually saw him do after the explosion at all for once forced manor is the biggest red flag possible and in response to this jiro would mention that all might had not returned as well and as it turns out all classes have now.

Been suspended and their progression onto class 2a had been halted as well and all hero core students have been placed on standby in order to secure the perimeter and so getting any sort of information on the matter has been pretty difficult and i guess.

He's silver lining to be had here is that deku's classmates have not progressed onwards to the next grade without him with this bakugo would additionally note that best genus and hawks had visited deku in the hospital along with almight so it only makes sense now holding on to.

What little of his letter remains bakugou would continue by saying that if deku is too afraid to even get near the school there is no way that he would be willing to deliver all these letters to them it must have been almight working with him and oyama 2 would pipe up now questioning if.

Their concerns should be alleviated in knowing that he was with the adult instead of being completely by his lonesome as kaminari furthermore added that the media declared that the top three heroes would be teaming up with no mention of all might at all and because of this bakugou would retort.

That when it comes to deku or all might nobody knows them better than him not even endeavour which i find to be such an interesting claim truly the only person i could bring up to argue this would be gran torino at this point but as he gripped onto this shred of paper.

He would admit that this was the worst case scenario as the ever passionate kiroshima would then pronounce that they will just have to find a way to contact them and go from there as uraca would leave her seat with an especially serious look on her face she would mention how endeavour.

Went to ua back in the day and how they would not be taking no for an answer and i for one really do appreciate araka leading the charge here in a sense as with this being her utmost purpose in the series being there for heroes when they themselves are in need as far as i'm concerned this is also her.

Time to truly shine but anyways a few more days would pass before principal nezu would have a meeting with endeavour what was in reality a trick as all of class 1a would enter as well as it turns out principal nezu heard them all out and believed that there was.

Room for a discussion to be had and so he organized his current situation and furthermore he has apparently been receiving status updates on the situation as well with that shoutout would pipe up now questioning why his father had been ignoring his calls and boy oh boy had the roles been reversed here.

But yeah shoto would continue by bringing up his father's prior declaration of cooperation towards the whole toyah situation which caused him never to admit that that sentiment was what saved him when he needed it the most yet shoto did not feel the same at all as his friend was out there.

In need of saving too as he would be the one to question if deku and almight were out in the field together a question that endeavor would not respond to which was enough of an answer on its own for bakugou and to this he would say that endeavour and the others probably made the right.

Call here or at least as close as they could get to it but what they failed to take into consideration was the sort of person deku is at his core you see deku is insane i mean he is just so selfless that he never stops to take himself.

Into consideration it is the very same ideology that brought all might to symbol of peace status and as we have seen time and time again this is a failing business model bakugou now with more passion behind his words would then tell endeavor that dekku.

Cannot be left to his own devices which immediately made endeavour think about how hawks had conveyed deku's departure from almight that they need to keep up with him and provide support from the sidelines from here endeavor would pull out a phone and just as he began to speak sarah.

Would question if that thing had gps as endeavour looking forwards plainly would have his phone snatched just like that as a bunch of these kids would die for it and i mean endeavour was just letting it happen at this point as sarah would then ask for permission as he proceeded to use the device.

And outside of bakago they would admit that perhaps they have only known deku for about a year at this point and are just his classmates but they couldn't help themselves keeping the nature of his quirk a secret was one thing but to expect them to be convinced by a single letter was unreasonable.

Class 1a intended to follow him wherever he decides to go that regardless of the responsibility associated with his power they were his friends that they could not possibly smile towards the future knowing that he was out there by his lonesome and at this point you could tell.

Endeavour was tired as he expressed no signs of resistance with his face but would say that the outside world is incredibly dangerous at this point just as principal nezu would make note of how much they have all grown and matured furthermore with deku being the primary target of the villains he figured it would be best if they all.

Work together since he is so adamant about returning to school but not only was he allowed to return but principal nezu wanted him to return from his perspective the very moment they were all sent their acceptance letters they had become precious students of the school.

That must be protected as we would additionally receive a very nice visual of araka crying with her mother upon her acceptance but of course his sentiment was concerned to endeavor as such a thing would stand to put plenty civilian evacuees in harm's way however principal nezu would respond by.

Saying that the designated evacuation areas were not only decided based on size and that furthermore he'd tell them all back when they'd further reinforced the school prior to the sports festival they also constructed what is known as the ua security barrier preparations that they.

Have yet to truly make use of as he would ask his precious students to bring deku back as even almight went to school here so it should be pretty secure and i must say principal nezu must be very confident in these reinforcements considering all for one was able to break into tartarus.

The most secure prison state in the country while piloting a terribly injured sugar rocky so at that i am very curious what these enhancements might look like but now getting back to the present all of class 1a was on the scene they were able to secure dictator rather quickly.

Following bakuo's attack as expressed by momo who would then be yelled at by bakugou to instead use his hero name great explosion murder god dynamite a little touch of comedy in the midst of these ever serious events but with dictator having been taken down.

His hold over the nearby civilians was broken and they would in turn flee to safety thanks to our young heroes on the scene deku would look over his shoulder as they ran and then turned back to ask his friends why they were here as oraka would be the one to express their concern.

For his well-being which deku would of course dismiss by saying that he was just fine with the contrary being abundantly clear he would then don the mask once more and tell them that they should not worry about him and should get back to ua to this bakugou would mock this whole.

Chosen one nonsense as the successor of one for all but would ask a question of deku after all this could he keep on smiling something that we have brought up since the beginning of our coverage of the series the fallacy that is almight's mantra of being a hero that smiles.

As when the going truly gets tough neither character would do anything of the sort so thank you to bakugo for bringing this up deku would remain silent for a moment but then as he began to stumble his way upwards would respond that in order for people to smile again in order for peace to be restored he.

Needed to keep moving forwards as now on his feet once more he would tell them all to get out of his way as bakugo now calling him and all might wanna be would tell him to make them as ita was prepared for this expecting beku to not change his mind and urge them all.

To take him down which uraca would agree to and that was the chapter oh my goodness it is deku versus everyone this is absolutely insane and really and truly just goes to show just how formidable deku really is forget deku vs bakugo part 3 the sheer fact that the entire class is needed to take this man down.

When he is sleep deprived hungry wounded all over it is just nonsensical on one hand it is really exciting and cool as a fan of this character's progression but on the other the power divide to be found here is just so vast that it is a little bit off-putting but even still i am really curious how this.

Is going to go i mean if deku wasn't in his current state and was instead a top form i mean i am sorry class 1a you are going out like a light this would be more vicious than when muriel took them down and that is including shoto and bakugo mind you.

But even still you know what they say about cornering a wild animal this was a pretty straightforward chapter but one that has me oh so excited for the next one so if you enjoyed the video and want to be here for further coverage be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on and to take our.

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