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HIS SAD PAST! Hawks Tragic Backstory – My Hero Academia


Here on plot armor we've covered the backgrounds of numerous characters it's something we've enjoyed doing and something that well from the comments we can tell you've enjoyed as well it's been a while since we've made an origin video and so we're back in a big way discussing a man who is not only the.

Number two hero in the story but a fan favorite as well the man who flies too fast for his own good keigo tamaki hawks as always if you enjoyed this video and want more like it drop a like and let us know in the comments we're always reading them and seeing what you guys have to say.

So speak up lastly before we get into this be sure to subscribe to plumber with notifications on terms and upload we upload almost daily and we'll have to have you join in on our discussions now let's get into this the story of hawks begins with his parents his father was a criminal and more than that he was a murderer who once killed.

Someone over pocket change this information was obtained by dobby who attempted to use this to ruin hawks's reputation as a hero but more on that later the father of hawks did in fact kill someone and the woman who would become his mother tomie tamaki harbored him while he was.

On the run she was a real one although unfortunately a real one involved with a madman it was during this time that she became pregnant with hawks and his story would begin as a child he was isolated from society and denied the typical joys of childhood.

Hawks's childhood home was dirty and not like dusty but littered with literal garbage and alcohol bottles among other pieces of trash and don't get it twisted this wasn't just an unkept home if you could even call it that but it was an abusive one as well while it definitely wasn't the first time.

Something like this happened there was a specific incident where hawks's father would go off on him claiming that hawks had snuck into town and thought he'd get away with it he'd then pry and ask if fox had sold him out and if you think that's bad here we would also see hawks with bruises on his face.

So it's safe to say his father did more than just verbally abuse him here and while all of this was going on his mother was just in the background basically minding her own business as if hawks wasn't supposed to be her business but anyway hawks would explain that his feathers were tingly he thought something was happening in town.

And so he went on his way but stopped and went back because the tingling stopped the kid had the nature of a hero from the beginning he'd finish his response by saying that no one saw him it wasn't possible for him to have sold out his father but his delusional father wasn't having it.

Hawk's words were all taken as lies just then his mother tomiye would now enter the picture finally his mother would speak up but really she would only speak up to mention to her criminal man that the tv wasn't working and he wouldn't care and begin to get into it with her at.

Which point hawks would take the opportunity and try to exit the situation but his father wasn't finished with him and would kick at hawks reminding him how many times he told him not to turn his back when being spoken to an ugly scene but hawks would keep that blank expression.

He usually wears and simply apologize his father would then speak aloud to himself saying that it was a mistake to rely on tomiye's quirk and even worse she got herself knocked up making sure to then add that if only hawks were never born he'd still be as free as a bird.

Hawks's mother would speak up now asking him not to leave a lot to say about all this i won't get into it too much but for him to say tomiye got herself knocked up just exposes him as a person and as someone that doesn't take responsibility for their actions and hawks's mother here just asking him.

Not to leave is interesting because despite him not showing much care for them at all she still wants him to stay she didn't want to be alone tragic stuff all around and hawks even at this young age knew his parents were broken inside he sat there and endured.

Hoping to avoid their faith time went on until one day with a look of shock his mother tomiye would inform him that his father had been arrested he stole a car and was caught by endeavor right then and there heroes were suddenly real to hawks before this they were a fantasy to him.

Due to her fear of being charged with harboring a fugitive hawk's mother tomier opted to run away from their home with hawks i mean if you could even call it a home however she lacked the ability to survive in society under these circumstances and the two were basically homeless this went on until one day hawks finally.

Suggested that they go to the police his mom would respond that fine whatever it takes to get some money she'd then press him reminding him that he is his father's son asking why he was born and lastly why does he even have those wings and hawks would do something for sure.

He would save a ton of people from a major accident and be dubbed a wonder child he'd be tracked down and found two officials would approach him and his mother offering to provide comprehensive support for her and the entire family tomier was shook because they said the.

Entire family when it's just her and hawks they'd respond to this by adding that part of the support would be erasing a connection between them and the name tamaki allowing them a fresh start hawks and his mom would start fresh and hawks would be trained by the hero commission.

He was a golden child a natural hero that landed on the doorstep of society hawks's mother tomiye was far from a good mother to him but she was less cruel than his father and that gap is what allowed for the day when he became to an extent linked to endeavor behind his father's back she took him into town and they.

Ended up at a store where she got him an endeavor toy endeavor because his toy was cheaper than that of all mites she'd give it to him and say let's hope you grow up as strong as this guy and you know what he hasn't disappointed she probably simply hoped he'd be able.

To support her and the family and he'd grow up strong enough to protect them but he grew up to be greatly admired by society in his own words erasing the tamaki family name severed any ties between them and he was fine with that not saving her and also turning his back on her.

And while you can tell he doesn't feel good about this inside he was a child and one with no real support system or safety what he did was best for him and his family in the long run today his secret is out thanks to dobby threatening tomier for information and the hero commission isn't active so.

Hawks is now really no longer caged he is a free bird no longer under the orders of the hero commission and no longer tied up by his own secrets it also seems like his mother is much better nowadays from a letter she wrote to him apologizing for leaking the information.

And we also even know that she's proud of who he's become i'm not sure i'd go as far as to say the hero commission took advantage of his circumstances as a child but you could say that after all they could have just provided him and his mother some type of welfare check or.

Or taken him to a foster home for example but instead they essentially turned him into a weapon a weapon to be deployed with little to no choice in the matter he would have ended up a hero under normal circumstances anyway but it just feels a little sad that his past caused him to be so chained up.

But yeah guys that is the origin of the man that goes too fast for his own good keigo tamaki hawks i hope you guys enjoyed the video in the comments let us know what you guys think of hawks's backstory how does it rank among the other tragic stories in the series let's discuss if you haven't already be.

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