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HIS SECRETS! Hawks’ SAD Backstory REVEALED! – My Hero Academia


Alright so this latest chapter of my hero academia was really something else it may not have revelations on par with some of the recent ones to come before but the depth to which it stands to provide in relation to one of our most elusive characters was really special with the previous.

Chapter we saw the clone of redestro deal some major blows to the public safety commission which was followed up by the unbelievable liberation of several prisons across the country helmed by the recently freed all for one as his consciousness that currently resides.

Within shigaraki would have the man rest in pursuit of perfection two days after all this madness we'd have the current situation of our heroes in training presented with them in central hospital with this bakugou arose following the puncturing of his stomach.

Shoto decided to take on dapi himself as his mother seemingly came to visit along with his siblings and finally deku has yet to wake up and has shown no indication of doing so with this latest chapter we opened up with the sentiment of an adolescent hawks who'd expressed that to him at the time.

Heroes existed within the confines of television screens they came across as fictional characters more than anything else now hawks and his family lived a good distance away from the city in what was a rather dingy looking enclosure within was an even more unsavory.

Household as his father would berate him with insults as he questioned the boy's reasoning for going into the city his father's paranoia was apparent as he would immediately question if his son had given him up to the authorities meanwhile the mother of hawks sat around giving little care to the situation from.

Here hawks would respond by saying that his wings were reacting to something and so he checked to see if something was going on but nothing was and so he left and did so without catching anyone's attention his father.

Did not believe him in the slightest and continued to yell forbidding him from leaving their home again and although hawks's mother wasn't concerned with their conversation she was concerned by the fact that the tv wasn't working which would cause hawks's father to begin to yell at her.

Then demanding that she find him his next target you see the father of hawks was a hitman a villain and his mother was an accomplice that helped him avoid being captured and the two would go on to sire hawks unintentionally hawks's father was a wicked man that was physically abusive.

Kicking his son out of the way and irrationally yelling at him for having his back turned aloud he would then express his regret in depending on hawks's mother and her quirk as to him hawks was nothing but an inconvenience meanwhile hawks's mother would just ask the man not to leave.

And here we'd get a clear look at some eyeballs floating around her and considering what hawks's father has said it's safe to assume that she possesses some sort of observation quirk which would account for the sensory aspect of hawks's feathers now hawks was a rather docile child that simply endured everything thrown his way.

But one day his mother would casually inform him that his father was captured while trying to steal a car that of all people endeavour was the one to stop him and in that moment the world of fiction came to life for hawks as endeavour had saved him but whereas.

Hawks was getting excited his mother was getting panicked and decided that the two should flee as to avoid being caught however his mother wasn't able to keep the two financially stable until they became homeless living on the streets.

And with the now disheveled state of their lives a young hawks would advise his mother to go to the police however she would tell her child to get them some money not caring how he'd go about it now there's a certain passivity or indifference tied to this.

That just makes me sick to my stomach this adult not only shifts the responsibility of their predicament onto her young child but she also encourages him to live an unsavory life akin to his father she'd further question his existence just as his father had before.

Questioning what his wings were good for as hawks would just clutch onto his endeavour doll hoping to be saved yet again eventually some men from the public safety commission would approach it too speaking to hawks as if he were the guardian saying that his family will be taken.

Care of that in exchange for such comforts he'll need to abandon his current life and live under their guidance from here we'd flash the current day where a thoroughly injured hawks would awaken to the call of best genius who couldn't exactly tell if the man had passed out.

Or passed on and mind you best genus was whipping it in a beautiful vehicle hawks would then respond to best genius but do so with text-to-speech through his phone and as it turns out central hospital was responsible for preserving his life again this is where the students are.

Right now genius would then further elaborate that it was thanks to their surgical expertise that he was able to be put in a state of suspended animation which was inspired by the nomu and because of this hawk would then apologize for the circumstance but ultimately he couldn't afford a lack.

Of commitment to the act as they were able to deceive dobby by doing so now interestingly enough hawks brought up the possibility of the villains attempting to use genus body in the creation of a nomu which is just insane and what's crazier is that we theorized such a possibility.

Early last year but suddenly genus would swerve as he'd spotted some trouble several villains were attacking and making a scene and in an instant genus would extend his fibers from his car and capture all the assailants now genus would then ask the former captive where the police or local heroes were as.

A man would sadly say that they wouldn't come you see the police had their hands full dealing with all the jailbreaks across the country and with the recent criticism many heroes closed down their agencies and went into retirement that is really.

Really bad now this next scene just goes to show how bad things really are it seems like the illegal support items manufactured by the villains have become far more accessible to the masses and are now being possessed by the disillusioned and at that the brewing.

Animosity towards so-called heroes and the current situation at large is coming to a boil and it is pretty terrifying but these two heroes would then leave and arrive in front of a particular house here there was apparently something hawks needed to check up on.

Before approaching the public again they then entered the house as hawks would call out for his mother he would then discover a letter as it turns out some scary men came to the house and threatened her while demanding that she tell them everything about their family.

To which she would comply she then apologized to hawks for this and as to no longer be a burden to him would leave hawks would then wonder how dobby managed to get this far as hawks's mother was indeed the one to leak his information so the notion of hawks and dobby being.

Childhood friends or related to each other in childhood is out the window but now in knowing that genus would hit hawks with the prince zuko line that's rough buddy hawks then expressed that when he gave up his name the relationship between him and his mother was severed he always.

Believed he was alright with that but in the end what he once thought of as being saved was just him turning his back on everything and without going into too much detail about my own personal experiences this hit close to home and so these words they.

Really resonated with me a guy who helps people in the end that sentiment has finally returned to hawks and it is refreshing and sure maybe it's a little bit cold and insensitive but with the current state of the public safety commission there is no one left to give him orders.

And with that there are no chains left to keep him down we would then cut back to hawks's childhood as his mother held his hand and brought him to a store at the time he was being a bit difficult as kids can be and desperately wanted to go.

Outside so she'd tell him to keep this a secret from his father she would then buy him a toy but considering all might was too expensive he would get endeavour from the bargain bin as his mother would tell him to be strong like endeavour getting back to the present.

Hawks would remove the covering from his mouth and shakily speak saying that when people are backed into corners they may find a liberation that exposes their true nature and it's for that reason that even now he admires twice as when faced with death he was still desperate to help those he.

Cared about and hawks wants to be more like that a sentiment that was expressed with his very first act of heroism the act that got the attention of the commission in the first place you see hawks even without knowing heroes to be a real thing.

Despite being raised in an emotionally and physically abusive household with no human interaction outside of his parents possessed a chivalrously heroic spirit but one that was compromised by the commission's exploitation hawkes would then say that even if everything dobby said about the todoroki.

Household is true he is certain that it is not the same now and as a product of abuse himself his perspective is just so fascinating to me genius would then ask what hawks intends to do from here as hawks would respond by saying.

That he has to settle things even if it kills him and that the first step is his beginning as endeavor is in trouble and that was the chapter now leading up to the war enduring it it was very clear to me that hawks as a character.

Was created to fulfill a very specific purpose in this story but now that we're past that point and the man is still alive i am pretty curious what role he'll play to validate horikoshi keeping him alive right now he might as well be quirkless as his wings have yet to grow back and.

Worst case have been cauterized by dobby's flames to where they'll never grow back but with the notion of things leading back to his beginnings in relation to endeavor i can't help but think of a situation relating to his father considering the recent prison breaks.

Dobby for now has eased up on his assault and doesn't have anything to do with hawks's origins but you know what i don't imagine that that would be a riveting story to tell right now and so i feel like this is more metaphoric and.

Relating to the simple desire to help people that was expressed before and right now he wants to help save the man who saved him oh so long ago but what do you guys think i for one really enjoyed this chapter and i hope you did too little hawks is easily the most.

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