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Hisoka Kills All of The Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter


Things Are Gonna Get Crazy in Hunter Hunter right now the title is pretty literal the Phantom troop are hunting hisoka eager to avenge shellmark and cartopi and kill the clown once and for all we're gonna see one hell of a nen-powered brawl when hisoka finally crosses paths with the spiders so what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets.

An immovable object let's get to it set the scene crowlo and the spiders have entered the black whale with hisoka as their primary objective they first came aboard intending to steal cocky and family treasure but that's been derailed by their colleagues deaths now the fun voyage Enchanted a big score have been all but forgotten the spiders have taken.

This hard and just like with uvajin blood calls for blood they're set to take down hisoka no matter what it takes unfortunately for the Phantom Troupe they made a crucial mistake they entered through access point 37564 in Japanese those numbers can be read as me Nago roshi or Massacre whatever happens next is going to be bloody we could be seeing.

A harsh loss for the meteor city grew as more of them go down trying to fight hisoka pitting yourselves against one of the strongest hunters in the world usually ends very badly still we shouldn't underestimate the spiders they're United right now working towards a single purpose that tends to be when the Phantom troop is at its strongest.

Numbers and strong coordination are the two points that give crolo's friends an advantage here perhaps they'll cut a bloody swath through the black whale on this Vengeance Quest a reprise of their winning performance back in York new that's far from guaranteed however they've ultimately split up to look for isoka while they're mostly working in.

Subgroups the troop can't bring their full strength to Bear against the clown Machi and crolo inadvertently Hit Upon a significant issue in their earlier conversation around the hunt crolo pointed out that the entire troop once he soak his head if they end up competing for the death blow the teamwork of the Phantom troop may suffer.

For it as such we almost certainly won't get a full-on brawl between hisoka and the remaining spiders it's much more likely that the card-carrying hunter will face off with one of the subgroups of the Phantom troop the spiders have split into three main groups while trying to locate hisoka ideally they should share his location once they know.

It and reunite but in practice they'll probably try to kill the traitor then and there so to work out how this final go we have to look at what group finds hisoka and how well they'll be able to work together do any of them have a real shot here we'll see but before we get into that be sure you're subscribed to the channel have rung the notification.

Bell and hit the like button for your regular dose of plot armor and maybe loan some of that plot armor to the Phantom troop because they're gonna need it Group 1 Fink's fight and Franklin and Nobunaga the largest group of spiders are the most pedestrian when it comes to combat most of the Phantom troops Heavy Hitters have stuck together all the.

People who specialize in pure violence are right here Franklin is hanging back in the dining hall but he's stuck it out on a lower decks with the other three this may be the most dangerous group in a straight up fight at least on paper they not only have numbers on their side but also a powerful set of net abilities fightan is a transmuter with a wide.

Ability pool Franklin is an extremely potent emitter meanwhile thinks a no bunaga are both enhancers fully capable of fighting back to back seeing Nobunaga on the largest team is interesting The Swordsman might not like it but he's got experience backing up his fellow spiders even though his skills are more suited to one-on-one combat if hisoka wanted to.

Eliminate the members of this group as efficiently as possible he tried to take out Nobunaga before the end to avoid the most challenging individual matchup but yeah hisoka we're talking about so he's absolutely not doing that he'll probably intentionally save Nobunaga for last trying to provoke him into providing the.

Most difficult fight possible we can of course expect some taunting too pushing Hasma to do all he can to eviscerate his foe we saw how badly he took the loss of uvajin this could get 10 times worse for the samurai the biggest issue for the Phantom troop with this lineup is the lack of clear Synergy the two enhancers are great at melee but Franklin's double.

Machine guns aren't well suited for an environment where you have to worry about hitting allies fightan's Rising Sun might be even worse the last time it was used the rest of the troop had to run like hell to avoid the massive explosion the Phantoms don't worry about civilian casualties but space is limited on the black whale if they try to.

Unleash this ultimate move in the wrong spot they could be left with no way to escape this group might come out ahead if they're able to form a strong plan use Franklin to engage ysoka at range while the remaining three hang back to protect him it's noted that Franklin's net bullets have extremely strong penetrative power they have a shot at.

Doing some significant damage to isoka if he's able to use them the other Fighters just have to keep the clown at a decent range intercepting any attacks on Franklin and letting the big guy keep the fire up if vitan can take some damage in the ensuing fight it would help him get ready for Rising Sun as one final big finisher to bring hisoka down.

Victory or defeat in this matchup will ultimately come down to the environment kisoka needs to Reign to maneuver through if he's going to take full advantage of Bungee gum's mobility and find cover from double machine guns with a sufficiently confined space say a movie theater this approach may have a shot fight hands umbrella and thinks.

Explosive blows should have the force to block any card attack hisoka makes unfortunately it's unlikely anyone in this group is thought that far ahead the spiders tend to just do their own thing each member of the group engaging the enemy as they see fit remember according to crolo each individual member badly wants to be the one to kill hisoka.

They'll all be going for kill shots rather than forming a proper plan to fight the magician as a group without a strong attack plan that unites their strengths this group's disunity all but hands hisoka and easy win he's got clear experience taking out multiple opponents alone and while individually formidable there's nothing in this group that will.

Prove insurmountable to the magician in a one-on-one fight but what about someone stronger someone who is matched up with isoka as an equal partner in the past group two illumi and colludo zoldik the Assassins have a wonderfully direct approach to finding hisoka just standing around and waiting for him to come to them it's hardly what you'd expect from.

Subtle specialists in the art of killing but really has the zeldick clan ever been subtle we might think of Assassins as stealthy Killers but every member of the zoldx who can fight tense toward over-the-top attacks Silva's massive energy sphere xeno's reign of dragons and galudo's papercraft are all extremely flashy abilities even by nen.

Standards by comparison ilumi is capable of extreme subtlety he's one of the greatest manipulator type nen users we've seen able to transform his body control his opponent's actions and create an army of minions for himself illumi is extremely skilled at infiltration and trickery so his complete refusal to do any of that.

Aboard the black whale is curious is this a sign of respect for his one-time partner in crime or has illumi already said some kind of trap in place for hisoka his insistence on not leaving tier 3 suggests he wants to confront hisoka there oh openly standing in the outer deck completely undisguised may have simply been an attempt to lure the.

Clown in illumi zoldik is probably the strongest Phantom troop member Still Standing even hisoka acknowledged him as a powerful threat rating him at 95 out of 100 in terms of raw net the Assassin himself believes he's up for the task of killing his one-time partner threatening him with a murderous glare the suggestion he soakeda might kill Kalua.

He's also one of the few people who could replicate a good portion of krollo's plan to take down hisoka using his pins to create a legion of minions there's no shortage of candidates on the black whale the ship has a massive civilian crew for the Assassin to work with but he has one key weakness his arrogance illumi is extremely set in his.

Ways convinced he knows best and has everything under control he thought he'd figured out the iluka situation entirely and had Kalua cornered he figured that making his brother run away and refrain from fighting head-on would force Kalua to return home and both times illumi was proven very wrong the Assassin is a skilled combatant but he's terrible at.

Understanding people hisoka knows that for the matter the magician knows illumi in general they've been working together for a while if there's any member of the Phantom Troop that hisoka absolutely has a plan to fight it's his one-time partner in crime it'll be tough for the zolic to do anything that'll really surprise his old friend the same holds.

True for illumi somewhat he's got to be pretty familiar with hisoka too so these two will be pretty evenly matched but in isolation the zeldick's tendency to misjudge his enemies suggests hisoka will have the edge in their conflict colludo may have a significantly better shot at the clown the younger zodik is largely unknown to both hisoka and the.

Rest of the Phantom troop having only recently joined the spiders his origami is versatile enough to present trouble for hisoka it's hard for cards or fists to get close enough through the razor-sharp storm of confetti he also has one of the strongest means of tracking hisoka down thanks to his paper dolls his one weakness is his.

Inexperience kaludo himself notes that he ranks behind the rest of the Phantom Troupe in terms of power he's still new after all he's not been out in the world as long as his older brothers if galudo and illumi can cooperate their strengths will cover each other's weaknesses hisoka would be in real trouble facing both zoldig brothers as a United Team.

Still given illumi's controlling nature towards Kahlua and kaluto's focus on his Rogue brother there's a distance between them colludo likely has some issues with his brother for pushing Kalua away from the family even if that wasn't illumi's plan a cutting remark from hisoka about the iluka hunt could spell the death of the zolic Duo's teamwork sometimes words.

Kill more easily than a razor sharp card strength alone isn't enough to give you the edge over hisoka but the Phantom Troupe has more than that there's one Squad that has a real shot at taking down the magician and it includes two members who should be highly vulnerable to him group 3 crolo shizuku but nolanov we haven't seen this group since the.

Phantom troop first assembled aboard the black whale however they are the only members of the group we know how to plan to deal with hisoka shizuku and banolanov discusses much with crolo if anyone has a shot at taking out the man with cards it's this unlikely Trio she shizuku in particular is in a curious position for this matchup.

On one hand she's the weakest member of The Troop when it comes to facing hisoka one-on-one she's outright admitted that his abilities will be tough for her to deal with part of this comes from her focus on conjuration limiting her abilities in enhancement or a mission more so however it's the particular nature of shizaku's net ability Blinky.

Is unable to vacuum up anything made of net it won't Target anything that's alive and Nan is the energy of life this makes shizuku downright useless against bungee gum and a humble texture surprise would be like armor for hisoka she's almost incapable of attacking him directly short of just hitting him over the head with her vacuum and that won't.

Do much however Blinky is one of the few options the Phantom troop have to permanently kill hisoka with a single attack shizuku has already shown us her ability to use the vacuum to remove all the blood from a target's body hisoka's bungee gum-powered Resurrection was based on restarting his vital processes through stimulating his heart and lungs.

Complete exsanguination would render that power useless there's no blood to flow nothing to carry the air around hisoka's body any member of The Troop could kill in theory incapacitating him and severing his head would work but that's far from easy to accomplish In the Heat of battle if her fellow spiders can provide the right setup shizuku can.

Deliver the quickest and most reliable death blow of the group even if she ends the drain prematurely draining most of hisoka's blood would help weaken him for another member's final blow but nolanov could be the key to that Phantom number 10 has a tendency to fade into the background we still don't know why he joined the troop in the first place.

However his combat abilities are both strong and versatile it seems clear we haven't seen the full extent of his cantabile abilities each one is linked to a different song Jupiter alone is a strong ability though its blunt force nature renders it vulnerable to a bungee gun-based redirection but nolanov may goes straight to a different attack in a.

Fight with hisoka likely one that gives him some range getting covered with gum would remove his ability to create music and thus shut down his abilities his biggest Advantage however may be his choice of partner unlike illumi but nolanov and shizuku are both smart enough to understand their own weaknesses that's why they've decided to.

Work with crolo directly during the hisoka hunt both agreeing to follow his orders and allow the leader of the group the honor of the final blow that alone upgrades their odds substantially these are the one set of combatants we know for a fact have some kind of strategy to fight hisoka that inherently gives them the best odds of any subset of spiders.

Right now and the one forming that plan of course is crolo himself the head of the spiders has beaten hisoka before but a second Victory isn't guaranteed he can't repeat the same set of Tricks he used in Heaven's Arena without using gallery fake to replicate his corpse puppets that limits his ability to make any use of order stamp he can't pull off.

The same bystander group swarm attack he managed last time any follow-up plan from Corolla would have to be very different so what does he still have to work with group 3.5 prolo's full power set it's impossible to make a full list of crawless potential abilities given his Mastery as a skill Hunter he's always able to acquire more we shouldn't.

Be surprised if he has a few new tricks for his next fight but let's look at what power we know for a fact remains in Pro book that hasn't been written out just yet that should give us a starting point for whatever he's planning as well as an idea about how a follow-up one-on-one between hisoka and the troop leader would go pair destruction was.

Extremely useful as a powerful attack during crolo's last bout with hisoka the troop leader will likely be looking for a new way to deliver it now that he's running without an easy source of Puppets who can simply slam one Mark into the other still it just crawlow a way to damage hisoka that doesn't rely on physical strength it remains an.

Important tool in his Arsenal while he doesn't have the easy source of Puppets crolo hasn't lost the ability to use order stamp the power itself is still intact he simply needs to find a new source of minions if given time and sufficient resources crolo could unleash another Legion of attackers against hisoka border stamps demonstrably able.

To animate hundreds of Puppets in a short period of time he also has the nenfish these aren't something he brings out too often they're vicious creatures and are limited to indoor environments however they're devastating in practice devouring their target and taking the consumed flesh with them when dismissed he also retains covert hands which will.

Make him Troublesome to find in a crowd crolo can turn bystanders into him and make himself look like any bystander he feels like and while it's easy to forget Chromo also has a teleportation ability he can reposition his enemies without apparent effort yusoka has witnessed this in the past so it won't be a total surprise to the magician but with a.

Well-chosen bookmark this could serve as crolo's Ace in the Hole taken together it seems clear that crolo will likely adopt a similar defensive strategy to the one he used in Heaven's Arena evadeshoka threw covered hands hide in a crowd and keep him distracted by a puppet while he sets up some big attacks that's going to be where Crowell has to.

Get creative it'll be a tough matchup but with all other things being equal The Troop leader still has the edge here he's the one member of the spiders that we can be sure has a decent chance of fighting hisoka alone though one of his subordinates seems set to try and do the same thing anyway and she's got better odds than you might think group 4 Machi.

What's better to stop the Joker than a wild card seriously Machi is the chaos variable in any of these matchups she's the one member of the Phantom Troupe who has refused to team up with anyone the last we saw of her she was sitting in her room alone with her thoughts for all me no she may not even be pursuing the hunt for hisoka the clown is extremely.

Intimidating perhaps she's still trying to work up the courage to join her friends in looking for him however more likely Machi is simply unwilling to share the kill with the other spiders it's clear she took hisoka's return and the deaths of Sherlock gortopi extremely personally she's likely going to try an unorthodox approach to hisoka hunting.

Between her stealth acrobatics and then strings Maji is the member of the Phantom true best place to infiltrate the top tiers of the black whale she's going to be the first to search the prince's quarters for signs of hisoka if he's moved to the upper deck by that point she may be the first spider to encounter him if she does encounter.

Hisoka early on Machi is going to be at a serious disadvantage in the fight she does not have the raw power of someone like faitan the breath of illumi's abilities or the mind and versatility of crolo she's out of her league in any kind of one-on-one brawl hisoka has proved himself just as fast and likely significantly tougher we haven't seen.

Her in many fights yet when faced with an opponent like this machi's defeat and death seem all but inevitable but there's one curious point that we should keep in mind here these two fought once before right after hisoka's resurrection and more importantly he willingly let Machi go even when the magician had rendered her completely helpless hisoka.

Is not known for his mercy and could have easily found another way to deliver delivery's message to the Phantom troop shalmark and cortobi's dead bodies would be enough to make his intent clear hell killing Machi would just up the stakes even more for the remaining members of The Troop driving them to fight with all their Fury so why didn't he take her.

Down here there's only one reason hisoka Show's Mercy In Hope of a better fight to come he let Gohan off the hook during this election exam with that in mind odds are good that he's doing the same thing here he's likely banking on Machi being able to develop hernand further eventually growing strong enough to face him on more even terms there wasn't much.

About their last encounter that gave that impression though hisoka was able to incapacitate Machi with a very simple use of gun bindings the ninja didn't have the raw strength to get out of them but it did make her mad as hell kisoka couldn't have done a better job of getting her to grow stronger if he tried plus raw strength has never been machi's.

Primary value as a combatant she's more of a ninja quick Elusive and deadly she's a few steps behind illumi at the moment lacking the breadth of his manipulator abilities but with a push she could absolutely develop into a devastating threat hisoka might finally see a real Challenge from a member of the Phantom Troop that doesn't rely on.

Cunning plans but rather on raw power and technique but it could be too soon for that it's not like she's had time for a training Arc we'd sure love to see her pull some kind of crazy thread-based attack it'd be cool to see a hunter hunter version of 16 holy assassins bullets but the odds are just as good that Maji goes down trying to avenge her.

Friends or even that the battle ultimately ends at a stalemate that's the Curious thing about this matchup it seemed it seems unlikely that either the troop or east they're just too evenly matched at the moment we could see an upset in early death for hisoka or the Phantom troop produced to a mere one or two members.

More likely though the succession game will interrupt The Hunt The Phantom Troupe has already gotten mixed up in it thanks to their involvement with the mafia families the eventual battle with hisoka may be interrupted by the princes and their bodyguards waging their own then-powered brawl resulting in a chaotic free-for-all with no one able to.

Follow who is on what side it had likely lead to hisoka and the spiders being separated either by shipwreck or teleportation-focused net ability denying crolo and Friends their Vengeance yet again either way the fight between the two groups is going to be one for the ages but what's your take on this who do you think could take down.

Hisoka will any of the spiders make it through this Arc let us know your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Jack Stansbury and have an awesome day