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Hisoka’s Deadly Return is Finally Here! Deadly Reveal in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 392


After the intense battle between the Hialeah family and henrig this chapter had a high bar to pass and in many ways it surpassed all of our expectations with the awaited reappearance of hisoka as well as the Phantom troop members out for his blood but before we get into all that let's start from the beginning of chapter 392 Intel after chapter 391's.

Deadly battle between henrig and padui we were left wondering how he could cover up the murder he had committed after all there's many guards around to protect civilians and as expected the attack and gunshots from the other two highly members drew a large crowd of frightened and curious onlookers so of course the guards struggled to keep them.

Back when we start this new chapter many people accuse them of being two lacks which yes that's true while someone else shouts I thought you already caught the culprit because the guards just keep pushing them back and telling them to return to their rooms they leave people with more questions than answers and they begin to question everything among.

Themselves some know it's gang-related violence others can't tell how many people escaped but one person jumps sin and says no there were two of them it's hard to get the facts straight when you're left in the dark with tight-lipped guards and then users who can do unimaginable things interestingly someone points out isn't there a string.

Of murders happening in the lower tiers too and because something like that could cause a lot more Panic than they're already experiencing the guard with a mustache finally tells them enough gossip this is unrelated the perpetrator of those incidents has already been arrested it's unclear whether even the guards know the whole.

Story or not but anyway with the crowd finally calming down one of the people notices that the man who was lying dead a few minutes ago is now standing up and alive but alive isn't quite the right word but he's definitely standing a side text tells us a chaotic gunfight in broad daylight but it would be more accurate to say that it's because it.

Took place on a ship and not because it's during the day that the chaos started from there we get a close-up shot of hinrig looking at the previously dead pad we blood still running down his face the armed guards approached them finally doing their actual job dealing with the criminals one of them asks about what happened and whether they.

Were injured in the fight they just had meanwhile henrig's pigeons continue to hang out between the two men in question waiting for his commands surprisingly pad wee is the one to respond although he looks confused and unhappy he says that it's all good and that it was just a heated fight which started with them bumping into each other at this point.

Every reader must be really confused as to how padui is even alive let alone speaking and lying about what happened but if you're a knowledgeable fan of Hunter Hunter like we are you know there's going to be a good explanation shortly the guards continue to question pad we now about the gunshots and he continues to lie saying that he heard.

Them too implying that it wasn't related to them but an outside situation at that Henrik speaks up and says I think they were gunning for me which I'm not sure if the pun was intended but it works well here as he announces that the guards realize henrig is the underboss of shiyu and he masterably guides their attention back to padui who's just a.

Civilian well according to their records is sure but in actuality he works for a mafia family too at the same time this allows padwi to leave so that whatever is causing him to be alive doesn't break down under their scrutiny we wouldn't want them to know that Henrik actually killed a dude now would we but it's shocking that they just let a man.

Covered in blood and I mean a lot of blood to leave like that it's probably because they aren't in the medical field that they don't care about how extensive badwise wounds are the crowd on the other hand certainly notices and immediately parts to let him through the mustachioed guard brings henrig aside letting him know that he can't cause any.

More disturbances like this because they can only cover it for so long and then it gets even more interesting when he says how much are you willing to Fork over for the location of the high elite boss for someone like Henrik who has been on high alert for a while trying to at least find the mystery woman that kind of Intel must be extremely valuable.

And we get confirmation of that when Henrik says he'd pay up to 50 mil as long as it's reliable info the guard gives him a slimy grin at that probably pleased with the amount then it's time for bargaining as much as two people who don't trust each other can the guard points out that Hialeah and shiyu are basically mortal enemies and Henry.

Confirms that but the guard won't tell him a thing until he gets the money just as we said though they don't trust each other so Henry counters by saying he won't give a dime until the information is confirmed to be true it definitely feels like a stalemate is coming until the guard decides that he'll take 30 mil up front because he's risking a lot just.

Offering the information henrig seems to contemplate this for a bit then decides to ask what's your Source the info better be worth it we get a whole explanation as to how the crew of the ship likes to talk with some of the more gossipy members being disposed of but the man in charge of the ship's wiring apparently noticed a room that doesn't.

Show up on the ship's plans and that man had to do a lot of wiring for that specific spot in other words by process of elimination the guard believes that the secret room is morenas if it doesn't belong to the shiyu as a secret hideout that is considering that Henrik takes a moment and then offers to get the money it's safe for us to assume that the room.

Doesn't belong to the shiyu family the only catch is that the guard has to bring Henrik directly to the secret room himself at that the guard agrees even even offering to bring him to their doorstep with that settled the crowd is broken up and told to be on their way but the guards will stay on their post to ensure their safety and probably to.

Make sure they feel safe it seems to have the intended effect we get back to the undead pad we walking through the crowd zombie-like and being stared at in disbelief people around him can't understand what's going on and Whisper to each other probably meant to reflect how we readers feel about the situation as well and finally we find out how this.

Situation is even possible Misha Howe who Hinrich mentioned at the end of the last chapter is using a post-mortem net ability okay let's get into what that means so not only is Misha not the camcorder cat like some people thought but she's a dead member of the XI Yu family from the looks of her she was shot in the head and died instantly but.

That's yet to be confirmed all that matters is that her after death net ability allows her to dispose of bodies that her family members leave behind she also used to be the family's Undertaker so it makes sense that she'd want to take care of corpses even after her own death interestingly she only he shows up if there's a mess to clean and then.

Disappears when she isn't needed anymore how responsible of her oh and not to mention her ability seems to be called zombie girl what's most creepy is how Misha a dead person clings to another dead person's body leading them to be disposed of as if everything is normal then we switch views and get back to hinrig's people zakuro and Lynch who.

Still need to find hisoka for that we get a close-up of the googly eye drop of blood rolling across the ceiling even though Lynch thinks they're creepy we don't really mind how it looks especially compared to Misha's technique right anyway the little droplets begin to make little peep noises clearly trying to communicate something with a.

Closer shot the peep turns into a question as it looks at a man with dark hair and skin why the droplet single Batman out isn't clear at first but we get that information later when zakura says Ah found another one it makes us think there have likely been a few mistakes already and innocent people have probably been hurt while we were.

Busy seeing hinrich's fight last time all Lynch says is which way this time further confirming that they've been going through this a lot when he points out the man with dark skin Lynch and zakuro make their way to him the first thing they ask is are you hisoka and the man looks visibly confused by the question his huh makes it even more.

Obvious Lynch doesn't elaborate she just asks him again but more aggressively this time when he nervously says that he doesn't know what they're talking about he gets a punch to the gut for his lack of an answer poor dude thankfully Lynch's ability pushes out you've got the wrong guy and as he's folded in half his friends come to help him up angry on.

His behalf he seems to be so hurt that he can't even talk one of his friends mentions his name is hanaru and that's really interesting for us seeing as most of the ship passengers have been nameless so far unless they are important for some reason now or later on maybe we'll be seeing more of the scenaru maybe he even has something to.

Do with their rival family Hialeah back to Lynch she doesn't even apologize for the sudden attack and announces they should keep searching zakuru at least seems somewhat remorseful for what she did but he goes along with her as the two men seem to want to start a fight with her Lynch lets them know right away that they're part of the shiyu family.

And looking for someone in particular on the plus side she also says they can have compensation if they go to the shiyu base on tier 4. as zakuro finds another potential hisoka Lynch wonders why they don't just ignore the weaker looking people to avoid more problems but zakura says they can't do that probably because of the different ways.

Nen can be used to hide your presence and your power if needed pointing out that they don't even know what hisoka's powers are Lynch realizes that hisoka could be changing his shape and height so apparently they've been looking for people of his height the entire time and nothing else interesting now deep in the sea of people near a fountain in some.

Elevators a man stands among the crowd as we zoom in on the man in question an ominous Aura surrounds him more or less confirming it's isoka but at the same time it's not often he has his hair down like that except when it's wet dressed all in black with a heart design on the back of his shirt the duo go up to him and outright ask yuhi Soka maybe Lynch.

Is tired of it never being him and can't be bothered to be polite if it isn't anymore instead of responding he asks her who she is instead surprisingly she answers with her name but she also throws a punch to get the answer she needs out of him the punch however doesn't reach its goal and instead he watches as she.

Slowly collapses to the ground having not moved an inch the terror in zakuro's eyes couldn't be more obvious and considering Henrik told them not to engage it's clear he knows they've messed up they got complacent since they found so many Duds before this funnily enough hisoka says oops my bad admitting he couldn't help but do a counter-attack.

Likely reflexively with more boredom in his expression than any one human needs hisoka asks zakuro what he wants fear stricken but still brave enough to ask if it's hisoka zakuro is clearly way out of his league in terms of power not only can he not understand how Lynch was taken down in one hit but he suddenly feels the oppressive nature of hisoka's.

Aura how would he not noticed it sooner ignoring him hisoka lets him know that he is the one asking questions now and I can't help but be reminded of the scene with a guy saying I'm the captain now more Brave than we would ever expect zakuro first looks at his partner Lynch on the ground before finally responding to hisoka he's so terrified that even.

His speech bubbles seem to tremble showing the fear in his voice and body to us clearly and either as a means of keeping himself alive or ensuring that he has backup zakura suggests that hisoka follow him since he doesn't know the specifics himself at that A sly smile great as he soak his face danger spewing from his eyes zakuro just.

Continues to look on the verge of passing out we don't know how that goes because we instead switch to the cha R family who were also told by their boss Rocco Lee to find hisoka a member of the family named tsudonke questions a Goods owner about the fight between Hinrich and Pad wee but without knowing the full details that is he just knows shots were.

Fired and one of the members of the shiyu was involved sudoki asked them are any of your military sources saying anything the older person with a flower in their hair seems discouraged saying their sources have likely been been given a gag order then she continues by explaining that the lower level guards would likely give information but if.

They're not being silenced it's because they don't know much anyway this makes us think that perhaps henrig is being fooled and won't be given any proper information like he was promised but who knows suddenly Sudoku switches topics asking if they have autographed papers seeming almost off put by the question she says that there's nothing like that.

In their shop I don't stock useless stuff like that and it's true that most people wouldn't really want that so there'd be no demand for it continuing on she says she only keeps things that can be sold for 10 times the price or more tsudonke admits he would be willing to pay 100 times the price if they had it but she continues on annoyed at his.

Request she's focused on Goods like alcohol cigarettes drugs gambling Etc you know all the sinful stuff realizing there's no way he can get any from the shop so you don't get wonders if it might be better for him to just use regular paper taking this very seriously he Ponders the ways he can go about this if he had just bumped into them it would.

Make sense to use something on hand like his clothing but since he's been around them for a while and there's advanced notice there's no excuse not to be repaired considering these details I think it's safe to assume tsudanke is trying to get autographs from The Troop members right who else would he be working with currently that he might.

Consider worthy of a signature from otherwise the storekeeper sees his dilemma and suggests he goes to tier one's General store since they're likely to have some even if they don't she admits they can just order some items and have them directly delivered to the ship not only that but if the order is specific enough they'll drop it off at.

Your doorstep that sounds a lot like Amazon but for a ship that's pretty cool on the other hand because it's so convenient it's only reserved for the higher classes of which Sudoku is not a part so we need to find someone willing to place the order for him without going into too much detail about the delivery service it's evident there's a lot of.

Rules surrounding how it can be used for one no orders can be made after the 14th day of the trip and for express delivery you have to order by the 11th day of the trip but if you have the money and the means there's my ways to get stuff even after the deadline like through drone usage which could work for something like autograph paper since it's not very.

Big or heavy Sudoku thanks her for all the information and continues to follow the Char R underboss Kenny Wang and an unnamed member with a flower tattoo on his face while the members of CHA r with tsunoke are concerned about what happened with hinrig and the Hialeah all he can think about is getting the paper within four days since that's the.

Deadline for delivery Kenny orders them to keep searching for isoka or any clue as to where he is and then to report back to the Phantom Troupe anything they find finally getting a moment to see the underboss's thoughts it's clear he's struggling to hide their group's goal while also cooperating with a troop the spiders have been given the freedom to.

Check all of tier 4 but instead they're staying in the cha R office together let's back up for a second previously an assassin named luini of the Hialeah family killed some cha R family members one of which was a guide for troop members Nobunaga Vince and faitan but he also has the power to teleport in and away as needed back to the current champ.

Chapter we find out that luini has placed a mark on the cha R office so that he can teleport in whenever he likes for that reason the true members don't want to move and would rather wait for him to show up instead little do they know he's a big fan of theirs and even said he wanted to destroy the world with him maybe their interaction might.

Turn out differently than a violent fight Kenny continues to praise them for being able to avoid fights with the families and even putting priority on the Hitman before going off to catching kilisoka with that in mind Kenny wonders if it's best to let hyli with her overt violence go after the troops so that cha R can focus on getting to hisoka before.

Them on the other hand even if they manage to kill hisoka like they want Kenny can't figure out what their next goal would be probably looting Tier 1 for all it's worth they are thieves after all which is easy to forget in moments like this we also get reminded that itoku the consigliere of the chaar family is wary of the troop and since.

He's the mafia advisor his opinion means a lot wrongly Ken e thinks that the civilian who attacked the shiyu group was hisoka but as We Know it was the members of hailee it's honestly getting so messy with these three families and it might do them good to be more open with each other considering they want the troop and hisoka dead or gone for.

The most part regardless Kenny thinks that the shiyu family is taking the same approach to the problems with non-mafia members and this is when he Reveals His True plan use hisoka to crush hiale and the troop wow okay not what was expected considering they're meant to kill hisoka because he and the troop are unknown factors it's odd they'd want to employ.

Him instead that aside Kenny tells his members the plan and to be careful as they search not only do they know little about hiale and their members but hisoka is extremely powerful and deadly to them similar to what hinrig said to Lynch and zakuro Kenny tells them not to approach hisoka until he arrives himself if all goes well the plan is to negotiate with.

Hisoka to do their dirty work and sit back while Hailey and the troop are taken out by each other what he doesn't tell the cha are members is just how unpredictable hisoki is and how he enjoys making fights more difficult for himself he could easily take down a number of true members for sure but he prefers to let them have the upper hand.

First so he can struggle and enjoy the fight more not unlike how hisoka is patiently waiting for gon and Kalua to get stronger our view switches to that of a lower class Hall with people sitting on floors and using canes further we see the troop members still in the cha R office biting their time fightan reads a book while Sphinx and.

Nobunaga play cards the cha R members do similar things just trying to pass the time a security guard looks at the hall leading to the office noting nothing out of the ordinary Nobunaga finally speaks up wondering if they should go get Franklin so they can travel in teams of two not only is it safer but they can take shifts that way as well Fink says.

Franklin would refuse because he hates cramped spaces meaning he wouldn't want to do a shift in the office Nobunaga clearly feeling restless says he'll go out and look around with Franklin while they stay here then but faitan from the top bunk bed says it's better if they stay there and wait because it would make it more difficult for the Assassin.

To strike against three of them suddenly there's a knock at the door the cha R members stand up thinking it's the search team coming to report something as biku begins to make his way to the door the security members tell him not to answer the door he calls The Troop members to come see the footage instead luini has teleported just his arm.

Through using that to knock the door while the rest of him is inside the wall Finks is surprised by the behavior knowing that luini could have easily gotten the jump on them with that kind of power but instead he's doing these parlor tricks toying with them even on the next camera they noticed the search team is actually coming back way way.

Down the hall as they open the security room door to see the men in the Next Room they see absolutely no one scratching his head thinks questions how they vanish like that but Nobunaga barely reacts saying it's obvious things like this would happen if the grunts can't use nen as the man from the security room questions where they went.

And what happened Nobunaga tells him to go back in the room and Bolt the door his job is to watch the search team coming down the hall and Report anything that might happen luini likely tired of waiting for the them to come play with him start speaking through the door hey he says and then this isn't like you as if disappointed that they're being so.

Cautious but instead he points out that they should be betraying the cha R and killing off all the higher classes in fact he even accuses them of being too nice with them Finks takes offense to that pointing out that they don't just kill everyone looking bored fight tan questions what he knows about them pushing a bigger hole in the door luini.

Grins menacingly while saying I suppose the wiki pay entry about you being a band of brutal thieves was inaccurate should I edit it for you still unbothered Nobunaga draws his sword and tells him to go right ahead oh and also to add how they don't show Mercy to anyone who pisses them off go troop go the final text says a request so sharp.

It could cut which is funny considering it ends with Nobunaga and his blade out wow what a chapter we found out so much in so little time do you think one of the mafia families will come out on top or will he so good destroy everyone maybe the troop will get their Revenge after all let us know in the comments below what you think will come next as.

Always I'm Jack Stansbury and have a great day