so you found your monkey good job oh.

okay let's go get more ingredients buddy hey guys i'm sorry for the long wait but my house and kitchen are finally done i named this channel like this 10 years ago and now i can cook in my own kitchen thank you so much.

this time i'm making traditional japanese sweets called sansokudango and mitarashitango sansokudango is three different colored dumplings and mitanasudango is grilled dumplings with sweet soy sauce syrup the three colors are usually pink white and green.

One of the theories suggests that the color pink stands for sakura and spring white for snow and winter and green for grass and summer i'm using sakura and yomogi for sanshoku dango but you don't have to use them you can just use food coloring.

First i'm going to make yomogi paste this will be used for green dango you can use matcha green tea powder instead of green food coloring if you like this is his third of fourth break nikki such healthy boy.

Next i'm going to make dango dough mix rice flour sugar and hot water in a bowl until it becomes as soft as capped beans can i touch your beans soft eyes cat beans it's soft but somewhat like bounces back it's a very pleasant feeling i would say.

Thank you thank you so so this one is for mitanashi tango boil them for about five minutes until.

They all float and then continue boiling for one more minute put them in cold water secure them on a bamboo stick and done sanskodango you can make them any color or size you like i made some pastel blue and yellow from my wife since it's her favorite.

Colors next i'm going to make the syrup for meetanasundango mix potato starch sugar and soy sauce in a pot on a medium low heat for about a minute until it becomes thick next i'm going to chaco grill the dango you can use a toaster oven or frying pan.

Instead foreign smells good sounds good do looks so good smells good.

it's a taste of japanese festival i'm gonna add more syrup right i'm gonna take my time to eat more okay oh maggie's his i don't even know how many times his fifth or sixth or seventh.

Cat will break exercise time such healthy boy okay ow okay pokey there's no sauce on my finger anymore why are you still licking thank you guys so much for watching see.

You guys later bye you