thank you foreign air feels nice yeah it smells great doesn't it.

Yeah oh there's a neighbor say hi to him foreign enjoy the breeze what's up okay sounds good okay okay that's fine.

foreign foreign foreign let's get home foreign.

foreign food made from soybeans it is fermented very sticky smelly and super healthy origins of when natto was invented are not clear but one of the stories is that a Samurai's troops were attacked while.

Boiling soybeans for their horses so the beans were packed away quickly in straw and only opened several days later when they had fermented thank you so means first reinste soybeans well.

next soak the beans for several hours so can time changes depending on your room temperature one tip for soaking time is when you combine your room temperature in celsius and the soaking time you want it to equal 30. for example if your room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius the soaking time is.

About 10 hours next boil the beans on low heat for about an hour if you have a pressure cooker you can shorten the time an impressive iron foreign foreign the beans I'm going to prepare basilis.

Nut to water first boil some water for sanitizing then wait for it to cool down natto bacteria wanna join too there we go okay Maggie how's the water it's just so hot okay water has cooldown.

Then mix bustless nacho in the water not top bacteria water is ready that's a bacteria mix the bacteria water in the beans up this part it doesn't taste like an apple at all let's see what happens in a day I'm going to use a yogurt maker to.

Ferment the beans the bacteria needs air so do not close the lid completely so it can breathe foreign wow and dry sniffing it.

How'd you like it well how did you not like it I guess it doesn't really scare you guys away okay yes stay well sounds this oh not do this not to the.

War so good I thought you wanna try some you wanna try not to move oh he's licking it.

Oh he's eating it Boogie wanna try not to oh Pokey oh you want more wow rice we just got from my neighbor.

foreign doesn't look great but seriously though whoever decided to eat this first and human history thank you so much it's.

So healthy and I like it all I know you used to hate it but I love it now hold me NATO with rice from our farmer neighbor is done yay with Maple Street pickled plants Maybe and so I'm going to use this salty soy sauce I got from my friend.

Thank you Hugo and um ass right you want to sum that tattoo right this part is absolutely sauce on it foreign.

don't really eat it such healthy boy Pokey I'm impressed yeah I don't want to give him too much but Maggie like to like he likes licking it he had enough I think.

Okay excuse me can I sit and eat hmm that's good isn't it okay yeah thank you coffee pot that was good we saw some of this shot I hope you like it too thank you so much for watching see you guys later bye.

Really out okay that's a gentle look thank it doesn't hurt okay good you really like it that much huh okay I can give you one more