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How Boruto Becomes Otsutsuki God! Boruto Ending Explained


Hidden deep within board to his maki is a mysterious power that could change the ninja world forever this power could be the key to permanently defeating the ultimate threat that is plaguing the ninja world youtube clan the power locked away within boruto is called the jogan directly meaning pure eye he dojutsu.

Shrouded in secret only those from the otsuki clan have ever been able to recognize his special eye and each one has mentioned how important it is there is only one person who can help boruto unlock this incredible power toneri unfortunately teneri is currently frozen in time on the moon the next couple of.

Thousand years but hey this is the world of anime we're talking about here nothing but death lasts forever and plenty of characters have already come back from that one if toneri was meant to never be involved in the story again he would have been killed off instead of frozen it's clear that eventually he is going to be freed and play a major role.

How tanery is going to be freed and how he could impact the story is what we are going to be talking about today todary's knowledge of boruto's hidden ke kagenkai the jogon could reveal a lot of information that so far has been hidden a lot of obstacles stay in the way of toneri's freedom at the moment not too many people are even aware of toneri's.

Existence let alone the fact that he is trapped on the moon despite the difficulty borzo has a couple of abilities at his disposal that could help but before we dive into this interstellar prison break be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on and never miss an upload and smash that like button for.

Some polymer today toneri and the jogon so far toneri and the jogon have really only been important in the boruto anime in the manga cenarius yet to appear and the jogon has only shown up in the flash forward at the very beginning of the series and so for that reason let's do a quick recap on teneriotsuki and how he's connected to the jogon for those who.

Haven't seen the anime or made need a refresher taneri first appeared as a primary antagonist in the last naruto movie he was in the setting of hamura ozuski the brother of the sage's six paths and lived on the moon a thousand years after hamada's death toneri was the last survivor of his family in his isolation daenery misinterpreted hama's.

Decree and planned on destroying the earth by crashing the moon into it after the destruction taneri plans to remake the world free of corruption as part of his plan teneri attempted to marry hinata a pureblooded princess of the hugo clan and make her his queen through the combined efforts of hinata and naruto.

They managed to defeat taneri and convince him that hamura did not want the destruction of earth as punishment for his crimes taneri chose to exile himself on the moon and for the next couple of years daenerys stood watch over earth from the moon he attempted to fix distortions in space time to avoid drawing the attention of the ot's clan.

In the anime while boruto was in the academy tener became aware of the existence of a dangerous experiment called nue in the novels it is mentioned that because scenario is afraid that his personal involvement with allergies tanari instead chose to contact boruto while dreaming boruto metoneri who told him that he held a special power in his.

Right eye and he carried the fate of the world after this dream borussia temporarily had access to the jogon in his right eye this eye worked very similarly to the yak gun boruto could sense a person's chakra paths detect when someone was under the influence of nua's power and track a person's chakra the jogon holds.

More powers than that though with it boruto can see through the barriers between dimensions and interdimensional portals using the jogon our hero was able to defeat nue and save the village after this event the jogon became dormant for a time from the novelization of the anime we know for a fact that the jogon was not given to boruto by toneri.

There was a power inside him that taneri temporarily unlocked unique from any other dojutsu previously shown the otsuki did eventually come to earth a low ranking clan member named uroshiki found toneri because canary had chosen to side with the humans of earth he was deemed a traitor to the yotowski because roshiki wasn't permitted to kill fellow.

Clan members he trapped a neri in a jutsu that froze him in time according to uroshiki teneri will be petrified for the next ten thousand years and they will twist his borotel any further later on boruto would briefly activate the jogon while fighting incredibly powerful enemies limo moshiki and urshiki when he battle rashiki moroso used jogon to.

Predict where he would open his portals ahead of time there is very little information out there about the jogon or how it relates to tanari but there is enough info that we can create some pretty solid theories on how we'll play into the story why is the jogon important the most important thing that we know about the jogon is that it is a.

Power that exclusively belongs to otsuki no other person should have access to this ability and even beyond that criteria it is also exceedingly rare as well close to a dozen different ososki clan members have been introduced so far and none of them have even possessing jogon strangely boruto had the jogon before he received momoshiki's karma.

Seal and technically became an otsuki despite not being a member of the clan borotoku still use the jogon the reason might be because boruto is spiritually and genetically connected to so many asus key members his father naruto was a reincarnation of ashrae otsutsuki and also also received chakra from hagaroma otsuki the stage of six bats during the.

Fourth grade shinobi war morza's mother nata also see chakra from homura while on the moon both yuzumaki and yuka clans are descendants of the otsuki 2. bortow's connection to numerous otsuki members might have been enough to activate the jogon within him another interesting aspect about the jogon is that the few times that boruto's body.

Was taken over by momoshiki he wasn't able to activate it every time momoshiki is in control only a biake gun appears in his right eye it seems that even if momoshiki somehow took permanent possession of boruto the jogon would still be out of his reach the ayah appears to be spiritually connected to boruto instead of biologically another.

Important aspect of the jogon is the prophecy surrounding it every otsuki that borato has encountered has mentioned how important his jogon is and how it will decide the fate of the world toneri said that his eye was the star of hope and will shoulder the fate of this world when washiki toborto that his blue eye shall eventually take everything.

From him somehow the presence of the jogon makes boruto a serious threat to the youtube clan as a whole at the moment there are just too many questions to round the jogon to know for sure how it will impact the future sonery may be the one person who can get bored to those answers how abortsofritoneri tener is currently thousands of miles away.

From boruto and not even on the same planet none of the heroes are even aware that tanari is frozen so how borzo even begin the quest to free him in the manga boruto was recently killed by kawaki to prevent momoshiki's resurrection to save his own spirit momoshiki wrote the remaining eighteen percent of vorzo's karma seal to revive him now boruto is.

Genetically in otsuki and has access to all of mashik's abilities and battle experience it is even possible that boruto could access momishiki's memories borussia will likely want to learn more about the otsuki clan and his powers this investigation might prompt naruto or hinata to remember toneri from there boruto could draw the connection between.

His dream and the jogon alternatively boruto could access momoshiki's memories and recall rashika's attack on taneri hiroshiki was momoshiki's underling so he would likely be aware of toneri's imprisonment on the moon regardless of how borisov learns about taneri he would realize that he would be the person to give him answers about the otsuki clan.

And the jogan the difficult part would be reaching toneri with sasuke's renight destroyed their ability to travel through space-time has been hampered luckily boruto has learned to open dimensional portals called karma riffs like momoshiki did and as such he would be able to travel to the moon and reach tonari once he's in contact with teneri.

Freeing him shouldn't be too difficult as a high-ranking member of the otsuki momoshiki should know how to undo urashiki's time freeze due to boruto could either directly search for momoshiki's memories with the answer or strike a deal with him for the solution once he has the info he needs boruto can finally free tanarry from his time.

Prison his 10 000 year sentence would end a couple thousand years early what will tanery do today's freedom will open a lot of doors in the series he clearly knows about the jogon and how it works daenery could finally reveal what destiny borto is supposed to fulfill he'd be able to answer how boratoo will affect the fate of the world and why he.

Was chosen to do so we could also get concrete answers on how boruto was able to activate the jogon in the first place teneri could possibly provide a new lore dump on the osusuki clan he could provide important information about their society and how their caste system works we already know that kagiya and uroshiki were apparently reiki members.

Of the clan mamoshi and ishiki were above them in status but is there another rank above those two clearly there is someone in charge telling miyazewski what to do and what plans to harvest just how far does your sushi hierarchy go the clan may be led by some kind of matriarch or patriarch that acts as their monarch this leader could be.

Thousands of times stronger than any of those zeuski we've seen before if that leader were to personally come to earth the ninja world would be in serious trouble so nary may also know about the asus homeworld the clan would have had to originate somewhere in the multiverse they may very well still use that starting planet as a kind of home base.

We could get info about this plant's history and how it differs from earth this would be the point where borisov goes full sci-fi the most vital piece of information that tenerife could possibly give would be any weaknesses that the osusuki have the clan is so incredibly powerful and god-like but they must have some kind of flock the ninja world could.

Exploit so what could be their kryptonite that secret vulnerability might just be the jogon mortos dojutsu has definitely caused problems for the yotivski in the past momoshiki called it troublesome and with it boruto was able to counter urshiki's teleporting ability the jogon might be the key to taking down the otius clan for good taneri's.

Knowledge of the jogon would be extremely useful he was able to temporarily activate it for more so before now that borto has gotten stronger canary may be able to fully unlock it for him and even if he could immediately unlock it for boruto he could still train him on how to use it this would explain how boards have his.

Mastery over the jogon in the flash forward information about the otsuki clan and the jogon wouldn't be the only thing that toneri could do for boruto though at the end of the last movie teneri lost access to a tentagon these eyes gave him the power to compete with six past stage mode naruto and even cut the moon in half without them tanari is.

Blind and much weaker than he was before this is how urajiki was able to beat him easily in their fight in his current state taneri is in no condition to fight any of tuskegee members let alone enemies like code or the remaining members of kara despite his diminished power taneri can still boost borato's strength even further every otsuki can.

Place a karma seal on a suitable vessel this seal grants the vessel all of the o2c members abilities and skills while slowly turning them into a nozooski normally this is done so the yosewski can reincarnate through the vessel but they have the option of giving them a white karma seal instead the white karma gives the host almost all l2c powers but.

Without the possibility of reincarnation code received a white karma seal for mashiki when he failed to be a suitable vessel we already know that boruto is compatible with the karma steel that momoshiki gave him so why wouldn't he be compatible with another so there he could get bored to his white karma seal this would give boards to the powers of.

Two otsuki members more than the power to help boruto deal with code and potentially any new otsuki that came to earth how will the jogan defeat the otsutsuki we've covered how bordeaux could potentially free toneri and what taneri can do for boruto but how will all these new powers and information play into the story what could the end.

Of borto possibly look like at the moment borzo's biggest problem is code and his goal of fulfilling a shiki's dream of godhood but there is another issue waiting in the background even if warzone can defeat code there are still possibly dozens or hundreds of asus members out there somewhere all of them jumping from planet to planet consuming.

Chakra fruits and getting stronger eventually other members will come to earth again for fruit and destroy the world when that time comes there may not be someone like naruto or boruto ready to stop them to ensure they plant safety permanently they have to deal with yosuzi clan soon when the full abilities of the jogon are unlocked it could be.

The exact solution they need we know so little about the jogon that we can only speculate on his full capabilities but we have some pretty strong evidence for our theories we know for a fact the jogon is connected in some way to the yosewski teleportation jutsu morocho could predict where and when a portal would open using the jogon we also know.

That the jokong can track a person's chakra through dimensions using these abilities boruto could hunt down every otsuski member across the mentions kinda like what sasuke was doing at the beginning of the series but more successful boruto could beat an otsuki assassin killing each clan member until there are none left but you know what as.

Cool as it would be to see boruto pulling hitachi a full massacre doesn't seem like his style alternatively boruto could use his connections to the dimensional portals to his advantage maybe the jokong could become strong enough to take their teleportation jutsu away from them it's possible that boruto could lock the otsuki out of earth's.

Dimension making it impossible for them to travel to the earth ever again he could even take it a step further and trap all the yosewski in their home world stopping them from destroying any other planets forever another option is to do something similar to kaguya and teleport the entire dimension outside the range of the clan's teleporting.

Powers boruto could also strip the otsuki at the ability to harvest choco fruits altogether in order to create a god tree that bears a chocolate fruit yosewski must first plant the ten-tail seed inside the plant's core these ten-tail seeds must come from a specific place boruto could use his jogon to find that location and destroy the source of.

The seeds no more seeds means no more planet harvesting saving the multiverse our last theory for this video is admittedly the most extreme we've mentioned before that the manifestation the jogon seems to be connected to some kind of prophecy based on how momoshiki and taneri talked about it what if the jogon is an omen for the birth of a.

Powerful obsouski an asus key that is powerful enough to challenge their leader and potentially replace them what the prophecy that borussia is fulfilling is about him becoming the new god of the associate clan as in deity borzo could agree that earth is off limits for the clan saving his own the downside to this would be that boruto might have to leave.

Earth forever the price for earth's safety would be that boruto would have to live and leave with the otsuski abandoning his friends and family forever it would be a bittersweet ending to the series that would definitely set it apart from the happy resolution and naruto but ultimately those are just some of our theories and we want to know.

Some of yours do you think that borisov is going to become an actual god let us know down in the comments what you think the jokon means and how taneri is going to impact the story as always i'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you