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How Did He Miss This!? ASTA BREAKS HIS LIMIT AND LEARNS THE TRUTH! – Black Clover Chapter 326


Yuno just took a direct hit from the king of devils pharaoh in protection of asta while simultaneously placing his bet that yami would be the ones who take down the devil as he wielded the sword of his captain with his spirit eye force shattered you know what sadly this sent from consciousness and the fight as well but not before using his star magic one.

Last time lucifer was unsure of which direction the attack would come from but it did not matter as by way of trifecta combo magic between star dark and shadow magic knocked with a shadowy mimic of yami's new sword would simultaneously attempt to harm the devil from behind in tandem with captain yami a dramalack would continue to observe the efforts of.

These two opposing sides and truly with each preceding chapter making sure to somehow include him my suspicions and fascination levels increase tremendously the combination spells within this story have been really off the hook lately and i am absolutely loving it if only they could be used against anyone besides of sofero as he would pierce through both.

Would-be assailants with his extra arms and have them both suspended in the air on full display this was quite the unsettling depiction as asta was at a loss for words and at that he was the only one left standing now these are some pretty staggering blows for both knock and yammy so how exactly they will manage to recover is a big question i.

Mean if they can get back up after being pierced straight through the abdomen surely asta and yuno could be healed back up to full capability but so much for yuno's bet on yami huh this was the end as the fist of lucifero would now hurtle towards asta black clover is now celebrating its 7th anniversary this year and so disregarding the likes of.

Hunter hunter which hasn't appeared in the magazine for 152 weeks once my hero academia concludes this year black clover will be the second oldest currently running series in jump just behind the virtually unending one piece black clover magazine covers are always legendary and this issue is no exception we also received a color page to.

Commemorate this momentous occasion here we have the likes of yuno asta yami and knox each of these guys looks really cool here however something to perhaps take note of would be that they're not exactly alone at least not for the most part as you know has silf asa has libre and noct has his four devils gimmedello slotos plumede and waldner yami however.

Lacks such companionship yet of course we know that he does in fact possess the physicality of a devil currently and so in a sense he may very well be a companion to himself yami's progression on this front is one of the most fascinating aspects of black clover that we can look forward to right now so every bit is really exciting and who.

Knows maybe this ends up being how he heals up after being attacked by lucifero but aside from him i'm really curious what you guys may think about yuno right now this man got folded so quickly it is embarrassing mind you his star magic based teleportation serves to be really useful in protecting his allies as well as affording them some.

Pretty major opportunities but given the way the previous chapter concluded i did not expect him to go down like he did at all but you can expect that when it comes to bringing some of the best black over content on the platform plot armor has you covered so be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on now in recognition of their impending defeat.

Lee bae's regrets would become overbearing as he will subconsciously begin to apologize to the cheetah his late mother an occurrence which would subsequently manage to affect asta as well and this actually isn't anything all too new as when dante alidar triad boasted the gravitational magic bestowed onto him by lucifero a newfound.

Aggression rose from liebe and was felt by asta allowing the two to push beyond their boundaries and obtain even greater power and something very similar yet far greater would happen later on with this one too asta would then receive an absolute flood of memories from libe previously the associated emotions and feelings were all that he was able to.

Perceive but now with the two being closer than ever on account of their shared bond and contract osta would receive libe's entire life story this would take him from liby's time in the underworld where his fellow devils mercilessly belittled and tortured him on account of him being magic-less effectively placing him at the absolute.

Bottom of their fiendish hierarchy to his accidental expulsion into the mortal world where he will be feared loathed and persecuted by all the humans he encountered his time with a cheetah and her incredibly kind treatment of him as her child all the way to lucifero's attempt to possess him which resulted in the sacrifice of his mother's life in.

Exchange for his and his ceiling in the grimoire asta was completely and utterly blown away and would begin to question his newfound understanding now based on the very same frame of reference libre was able to deduce that asta was in fact the biological child of legita so there is a chance that asta may be aware of that now as well asta would furthermore.

Uncover the source of liberty's anti-magic to be on account of his prior cursing of devils as they all viciously tormented him which certainly checks out as levy hates all devils and after being sealed liber was forced to endure these feelings of shame sorrow and failure all alone for years within the grimoire libya would even now continue to think.

That in the end he was no match for lucifero he'd admit that he hated the devilish royal but it was deeper than that beyond just him libya could never forgive himself if only he had magic that could have saved her if only he had never left the underworld in the first place libre would lament that if he had never met her to begin with she would.

Have never died as he recalled her ever warm smile from which point we'd receive such an incredible panel as libe apologetically cried for his mother this was horrendously sad and although there is plenty of hype to come later in the chapter this panel in particular was absolutely master class to me asta's devil went from this mysterious yet.

Presumably nefarious devilish deviant with an unknown agenda and incredible power to a regretful child that only wanted his mother back and i think that that is incredibly brilliant now libya was visibly younger as he cried but he would not be the only one as from behind it would be a younger asta who would admit that he had no idea liby was.

Enduring so much pain libe would not say anything in response but asta would continue asta could actually relate to libe as he was the only person in his own world that lacked magic which in a similarly magic obsessed society created numerous hardships for him as well however despite their turbulent past it was because of these difficulties that.

They were able to meet at all ultimately liebe's pain sadness and anger congealed and became the very strength that asta calls upon today anti-magic and so he would thank him for that and now as he too visibly grew asta would let it be known that he was incredibly grateful to have met him which would have liba's eyes widen as the tears continued to.

Stream down and he paused without a word asa would admit that alone he could not do anything but with libe he could fight together they could do this they could take down lucifero now on account of all the years libre spent in solitude left to his own emotions he began to think and plan by his lonesome and only ever imagined the fulfillment of his revenge.

Again by his lonesome but here asta would warm liby's heart as he would remember their contract rather than domination this was a partnership and with that he was no longer alone and so now charging forward side by side would be asta and libe were ready to take things to the next level and achieve victory together this time referring to.

One another as brothers in the present the fist of lucifero in his final form would be completely halted by the blade of asta the king of devils was surely surprised as aston would make it clear that he did not care who or what lucifera was as now knowing what the devil had done he would instead begin to punish zafero for killing his partner's.

Mother and guys this is major it is subtle but finally asta and limey have taken their double union mode to the next level first and foremost asta has a brand new horn one that jettisons out of the center of his forehead and in doing so pushed his headband out of the way and onto his neck next we have his eyes no longer are they stars but rather.

Fiendish slits and then perhaps most exciting of all we have the insignia on osta's chest now if you recall this symbol has in the past been representative of how many minutes asta has remaining in this form with an utmos limitation of five minutes which lined up pretty perfectly with the five-leaf clover of his grimoire with that being.

Said it's not as if the symbol has changed or anything like that from what we have seen before however despite asa's prior declaration of them having only two minutes of doubling union mode remaining here we have at least three that are completely intact the evolution of asta's power and the removal of his time limit are here and he is intent on.

Punishing lucifero for what he had done and with even more power at their disposal asta and libe absolutely should be able to as previously it wasn't as if asta could not harm the devil in fact it was quite the contrary he was one of only a few who was capable of doing so i was captain yami presumably being out of the fight for the time being is the only.

One who could even hope to and hopefully yami does get back up at some point if this is not going to just straight-up be a one-on-one fight between asta and lucifero from this point onwards as there is no way that that sword provided to him by william is just for show and does not have some crazy world tree magical properties to it after all dark.

And world tree magic were the powers required for the growth of the tree of clifford to begin with so who knows how powerful they might be when used in tandem truly the biggest issue to be found with asta and leigh bay's efforts against us of pharaoh before was their inability to actually land an attack on the devil repelling the attack of.

Lucifero in this way is something we have seen from yami previously but remember that that particular instance was prior to lucifero's acknowledgement of his mortal opposition from which point he has undergone a transformation and boasts even greater magical power than before the second time around yami certainly could not hold it back much at.

All but here asta does so with ease making it clear just how far they have progressed with this step forward asta and libe are now perfectly in sync and there are absolutely no secrets between them remaining they have the very same agenda in mind it was time for a counter-attack thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love.