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How Endeavor Broke Everyone’s Heart – My Hero Academia


Name me a more polarizing character might hear academia then endeavor i'll wait the current number one hero tends to inspire strong feelings fans usually either love his complex characterization or understandably hate the guy one thing nobody can deny is that ng todoroki has had one of the most dynamic character arcs in the entire series in light of.

That this video is going to look at how endeavor has changed and where he might be headed next beginnings for someone whose motivations later on in life were less and noble anji todoroki's journey to becoming a hero actually started out in a pretty altruistic place after all this was the man whose hero was improved to be so inspiring to one unfortunate.

Young boy that he grew up to be the number two hero it never became determined to be a hero at a young age when he saw his father die intended to save a child from a villain a result to do whatever it took to become the number one hero as a student at ua he chose the hero name endeavor to reflect the unflinching diligence to which he would.

Work towards his goal it is a fitting name for the hero with the most resolved cases of anyone on the scene but it also spoke to a deep sense of inferiority that would become very important later in ng's life by the time he turned 20 endeavor had already become the number two hero but he was keenly aware that the gulf and skill and power between.

Himself and all might was gaping knowing he could never surpass him endeavour's goal changed he would now focus his attention on having a child who could do what he couldn't since his weakness was his tendency to overheat he essentially bought out the appearance of a woman with an ice quirk rehimura to coerce her into marrying him so they could have.

Children with even more powerful quirks than his own while rey did agree to the marriage she did so for her family's sake and i don't really think that made the whole thing much less underhanded to me at least this is where angie's motivations turn from noble to entirely self-serving it's understandable that any pro hero at that time would have.

Compared themselves unfavorably to all might i wondered how they could improve but literally every part of a solution to that problem was unethical at best at worst it's honestly hard to put out chilling this entire plan was into words and things really didn't get any better from there though he had high hopes for his oldest son toya endeavour continues.

To be played by the fact that he hadn't yet had a child with a combination fire a nice quirk he was aiming for his solution continue having more until he finally succeeded with his fourth child shoto and to add insult to injury he probably lost interest in his other children after that he isolated shoto from his siblings putting him through.

Physically abusive hero training even though it was done out of a desire to protect it from his own quirk his abandonment of his ambitions for toyah pushed him to the point of training until he was thought to have died and as time went on he became progressively more abusive towards his wife causing her to become so mentally unstable that.

She had to be hospitalized after throwing boiling water at their youngest son endeavors obsession with surpassing all might destroyed his family in just about every way it could when we first meet endeavor in the present day at the ua sports festival it doesn't seem like this has changed he recently tells all might that he created shoto to surpass.

Him which makes it seem as if his mindset was pretty much the same as it was all those years ago and yet most of ng's character arc is about seeing the error of his ways so how did he get there and how do you even begin to make amends for all that those are the questions that the rest of endeavour's story seeks to answer.

Speaking of questions i have one that you can answer if you haven't subscribed to plural notifications on to never miss an upload or hit that like button with a flash fire fist what are you waiting for reaching the top i'm willing to bet that a large part of the event will change in his mindset starts with endeavor assuming the rank of number one hero.

After all might retirement he's not happy that he was only able to attain that rank with all might out of the picture but suddenly the towering figure he'd been trying to surpass his entire career is gone it's shortly after that that we see endeavour expresses pride at show to success in the remedial license exam course and that he wants to change.

For the better understandably shoutout is equipped to buy that but the fact that never is expressing a desire to change points to a huge shift in his mindset after all the first step is admitting that you have a problem and up to this point it doesn't really seem like he thinks he's done anything wrong however we can't definitively say that.

His rise in the ranks caused that shift it's likely that becoming the number one hero greatly affected him but is that really why he's finally realized he weighted his mistakes i would think that having the one man who spurred him on all those years how the picture would make him rethink some things but there's just no way to know i really wish we'd.

Gotten more clarification on that since his declaration that he wants to be better would have been a lot more impactful if we had known what made him decide to do so but this is really where endeavour's redemption arc kicks off now before we get into it one caveat this is probably more of an atonement arc than a proper redemption arc as.

Endeavour isn't trying to write the wrongs of the past but instead change for the better going into the future i use redemption arc loosely and only because it is probably a more familiar term but endeavour's journey is actually anything but looking outwards that conversation with shoto proves to be a turning point revealing that endeavor.

Has begun to desire to reconnect with his family and even with his fans though some of them don't like the nicer version of the number one hero grant said that nice persona doesn't apply to everyone as he still becomes pissed off when the number two hero hawks makes a flipping comment about him at the hero billboard ranking ceremony commenting.

Just watch me that impresses hawks but not everyone and among the people who aren't really fond of endeavour's change of heart are his two surviving sons with shoutout having already made his destructive his father clear and not well refusing to congratulate him after his battle with the high-end nomu natsuo expresses that while his mother and.

Sister fuyumi might be ready to forgive ng he isn't and he doesn't believe that his change of heart is genuine endeavour replies that he's doing his best to mend bridges an answer that not to well resent and shoutout for his part states that endeavors heroism might be impressive but it isn't enough to make him forgive the way he treated his.

Mother he's a lot more concerned about his character as a father than as a hero and that thought seems to stick in endeavor's head finally reflecting on his actions after the exchange never realizes that his power is meant to allow him to protect not destroy and that he was not using it that way he accepts that it's too late to make.

Things right or to ask for forgiveness that the only path forward for him is one of atonement while this isn't the first time he has said something like this i think he has a much fuller understanding of what he actually needs to do than he did last time and he's finally feeling true remorse for his actions becoming the number one hero.

Might have started him on that path but it is only when he is forced to face the extent of the damage he has done to his family that he truly starts to get it one thing i'm not a huge fan about this section of endeavour's atonement arc is that his dysfunctional family dynamic is something played for laughs as when he becomes frustrated with choto's refusal.

To answer his messages after realizing he wants to be a better father for his youngest son this sequence is obviously meant to be comedic as illustrated when it ever shouts his son's name as flames overtake his body something that became a meme in the mighty academia fandom we see a lot of similar gags throughout the endeavor agency arc as well so it is.

Definitely not an isolated incident sure i may have laughed it is a funny sequence and there is a reason it is popular but i feel like playing on childhood's torment's relationship with his father for comedy may not have been the most tasteful choice when addressing a heavy situation getting back to it though endeavor's growth doesn't happen.

Overnight as we see when bakugou neku and shoto all intern at his agency he bluntly tells bakugo and deku that he's only interested in training shoto that seems like a classically endeavor response even though he decides to change his ways he still tends to focus only on what he has a vested interest in the detriment of everything else however.

Upon realizing that it is necessary to train dependable heroes in light of recent revelations about the paranormal liberation front he changes his mind and devotes himself to training all three of them you could take that as simple pragmatism or as endeavor make a genuine commitment to heroism rather than just using it for his own gain given his.

Fight with the high-end nomu though i'm inclined to think it is more indicative of him finally realizing that being a true hero doesn't line up with his self-interest and choosing to prioritize the former however as endeavor is acutely aware of the need to be a better father to shoto he still spares attention to devote to mending bridges.

With him his personal goals aren't totally assert by his heroic responsibilities so he is still disappointed when he realizes that shoto only accepted his internship offer to become a more effective hero endeavorhead thought his son was finally coming around and struggles to accept that he actually hasn't one of the.

Interesting things about endeavour's development to me is that he seems to understand how difficult it will be and yet he often tends to be surprised at or at least disappointed by his lack of progress there's a little bit of a disconnect between his awareness that he can't demand anyone's forgiveness and his desire to get it anyways it doesn't.

Seem like he always has a realistic idea of what it will take to earn shelter's forgiveness and i'm pretty sure the only thing that could would be a rejection of the toxic ideals that led him down this dark path for all that is changing endeavour has never fully given up on those ideals and i would really like to see that elaborated on at some point.

Following the internship it never gets another chance to reflect on his changing family dynamic when fuyumi invites his three interns to dinner it never has begun to focus so much on how he can make things right that he has reoccurring dreams about his wife and children happily sharing a meal and expresses gratitude to fuyumi for her.

Role in helping them reunite as a family his actions towards his family at this point seem to be characterized both by remorse and by a genuine desire to be with them again which probably says more about his growth than anything else he expresses he is even able to admit he is aware of and sorry for his neglect of natsuo and fuyumi something we have seen.

To be true but that endeavor has never openly acknowledged however natsuwa reflects negatively to that exchange and as he observes his children never realizes that the best thing he can do for them is to not try to force his way into their lives he tells them that he'll build a new house for rey and their children to live in without him.

And finally accepts that he can't mend their relationships at this point up to this point he doesn't seem to have considered that keeping his distance from his children might actually be better for them so him realizing that is significant however the relatively linear progress of endeavour's growth is about to get thrown for a massive loop.

When during the paranormal liberation war the infamous fire wielding villain dobby is none other than his long-lost son toya todoroki having thought his oldest son was dead for nearly a decade endeavour is shocked to learn that not only is he alive but he has since become a notorious killer toya reveals endeavour's shameful secrets to the.

Stunned public in an attempt to crush his reputation and career eternal events that he never admits he brought on himself he states that while ng todoroki is still alive never died the moment dobby revealed what he had done to the world that quote is pivotal because depending on your interpretation it could be read as ng finally rejecting.

His harmful ideals by saying that endeavour is dead he may very well have been implying that the hero who would do anything and hurt anyone to overcome his own feelings of inadequacy is gone and subsequent scenes make me think that he has as he begins to cry upon seeing his family and realizing the full weight of his sins thinking back on the events.

That led to toyota supposed to death ray tells endeavor that the family will support him but that he has to take on dobby himself irresponsibility that shoto says he wants to share all of this leads to a heightened sense of his own responsibility to make things right when an angry civilian asks him at a press conference how the top heroes plan to.

Make up for their failures and mockingly asks him if he's going to take down every single villain he never states that that is exactly what he plans to do to atone going one step further he even tells the public to direct all of his anger pain and doubt at him alone telling them to watch me doing so to hold him solely responsible for their.

Present suffering here he is echoing his comment at the hero billboard ranking ceremony month before but with a completely different meaning and motivation now obviously pinning all of the blame for an entire war on one man is deeply reductive but as a symbolic gesture its impact is striking it's emblematic of how deeply he feels his.

Responsibility for his role in the chaos society he's been thrown into and a glaring example of the lengths of which he desires to go to to atone he never knows that there is no salvaging his reputation and instead of railing against the hits he has taken he uses the public's lack of trust in him to take the heat off of other heroes by.

Directing it towards himself while i'm sure there was some element in this of him wanting to feel like he was doing something concrete it's still easily the strongest evidence we've ever had of endeavor becoming a different and better kind of hero that desire to take sole responsibility upon himself as seen again when the heroes are playing their.

Final assault on all for one and shigaraki learning that they are planning for shots to be the ones that go after dobby never questions the choice wondering why they're not sending him instead of his son feeling that it is his duty since his actions drove dobby to villainy he only reluctantly concedes had he insisted upon taking on.

Dobby he would have shown that he was still more focused on feeling like he did the right thing than actually doing it so this actually shows a lot of growth given all that it's not surprising that when endeavour is sent to battle offer one he quickly realizes that the flame hero's family history is an easy way to.

Get inside his head all for one taunts endeavor with reminders of his abuse of his sons as they pray luke to his reveal that he was the one who found toyah's body and made him into what he is today this enrages endeavor but after being injured he realizes that he shouldn't have let offer one get in his head since everything he is facing right now is his.

Own fault reminded of his origins as a hero he declares that it is his duty to put an end to all for one to clear a path for future generations he then seemingly defeats all for one only to then realize when he begins to regenerate that he hasn't succeeded as of the current chapter that is the last we have seen in endeavor who is alive.

But badly wounded so after all that development where is ng todoroki going next looking forward it's pretty obvious at the ending of chapter 356 that endeavour is in hot water he lost an arm and essentially bled himself dry trying to defeat over one but all for one is regenerating and there's another wrinkle even though shoto soundly defeated dobby.

At the end of chapter 353 he is shown with a mysterious circle of light in the middle of his chest that some have taken to mean he is still a threat and if that theory ends up being true i can see endeavour being presented with a choice that would serve as a final test of his self-improvement would he stay to try to finish the fight with all for one or try.

To assist and already exhausted choto against dobby i'd like to think that the odds of a dilemma like that popping up in the near future are pretty high and seeing what it never chose would be a fitting way to end his arc either you could choose to do what he feels is his duty to his family by protecting shoto and defeating dobby or he could honor.

His position as the number one hero by staying to finish a fight against all for one according to the plan while neither of these would be a morally wrong decision i think endeavour would feel duty bound to intervene in the fight between his sons think about it nearly every mistake he wants with tone for someone relates to making his family.

Secondary to his desperate need to feel adequate considering things like that paints a dilemma in a whole new light because in a way a big part of his motivation to its own has always been a desire to feel like he is doing enough to make up for these sins of his past he says that he feels it is his duty to finish that fight because that's what he.

Promised he public he would do but if he were to choose that he would once again be giving in to his fear of inadequacy whereas choosing to deal with his family conflict for once would be much more characteristic of the person endeavor has been trying to become i think that he will likely be forced to make a choice and end up picking his sons over.

His heroic duty taking on dobby alongside shoto like he promised he would it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if he didn't survive that battle given how all in he has been lately when it comes to following his duty as far as it will take him as an act of penance since he and shoto are both worse for wear it's plausible but.

Honestly that's a crapshoot since there are different narrative advantages to each side if you were to die protecting his son he would probably redeem himself somewhat in the eyes of the public he'd finally be able to prove what he'd been trying to say all along that he has made heinous mistakes but he is capable of changing but if he survived he would.

Likely be so damaged that he would finally be disavowed of his toxic ideology completing his atonement by letting go of the ideas even he no longer can live up to they're both compelling ideas and i honestly don't really want to make a guess one way or another since it's hard to say as of now what horikoshi wants to do with him i.

Don't think anyone out there is claiming that endeavour doesn't have some awful skeletons in his closet and whether or not those things are ever going to be forgivable is up to the reader but when it comes down to it he is changed immensely from the selfish hero and tyrannical father he was at the beginning of the series whatever his.

Story's ending looks like that is the tragedy of enji todoroki he can do everything possible to change atone and express his remorse but he will never undo the damage he did not the people he hurt or in the eyes of the public to me that is the most fascinating aspect of endeavor he knows he is most likely fighting a losing battle one that won't.

End any forgiveness he desperately desires but he still fights it like his life is on the line and frankly there are many story lines that might hear academia more compelling than that and in the comments let us know what you think about endeavor right now and where you think he is headed in the future as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all.

So much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.