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How Naruto Will Die Was Just Revealed… Boruto’s Betrayal and Otsutsuki God EXPLAINED


The more recent chapters of the boruto manga have managed to flip the power Dynamic once more with the newly introduced Ada and Diamond they're two powerful experimental beings who were enlisted by code The ishiki otutsuki Fanatic and edgelord to assist him in crushing those who stopped his master from coming back in all his glory.

Unfortunately for code Ada and Daimon decided to leave him due to their interests no longer being aligned this new reveal has opened up the question of who the final villain of the boruto series will be and so today we'll be looking at all the possible people who could end up getting that title in the end boruto's story so far the manga.

Began with the series protagonist boruto Uzumaki ready to start his journey as a ninja he wanted to set himself apart from his Hokage father Naruto who leads the hidden Leaf Village and has the command and respect of all its people boruto unlike his father doesn't have a tailed beast so he never had to deal with hate or being segregated from the.

People and living in an era of Peace the Shinobi world is now generally more welcoming the general love and attention his father got and reciprocated to the people made Barto despise him because he wasn't giving the same amount of attention to his own family now let's skip forward a bit boruto somehow found himself in a battle against an otutsuki.

Celestial being alongside his father and Mentor Sasuke which made him truly appreciate and respect the abilities of his father and the need for him to be the kage the aftermath of this battle would lead to boruto getting cursed with Karma a special power boost which basically sets up its users to become vessels for the osutsuki clan when the.

Time for their Resurgence comes boruto would then meet a boy named kawaki who was given Karma to become a vessel for ishiki otutsuki this clan member Fell From Grace and required a mean to regain his full strength thankfully Naruto Sasuke and boruto were able to free kawaki from this burden defeating ishiki's current vessel jegan and.

Brought kawaki to the hidden Leaf to offer him protection and a chance at a better life looming in the background however was code a very dedicated but failed test subject who was trained to become ishiki's vessel like kawaki ishiki would appear to code after he was defeated entrusting him with a new mission of continuing his legacy so code.

Would go find Ada in Daimon the secret weapons to help him carry out his plan for Revenge we will analyze the possible final villains but before that make sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today code as the final villain code was brought up just like kawaki to.

Become the vessel for ishiki otutsuki but unfortunately for him he would not meet their requirements needed to be suitable for the experiments like kawaki did and this would lead him to him hating kawaki because giving his life and body to ishiki who he saw as a God was an honor to him this hatred for kawaki and his friends plus his undying.

Loyalty to ishiki in the otutsuki clan makes him more than suitable to end up being the series's final villain code is extremely dangerous simply because he's fully aware of the otutsuki's goal of draining the world's energy for the Divine tree to Bear the chakra fruit yet he still wants to fulfill their goal because of how much he idolizes and.

Worships them code might not be the smartest person but he has considerable battle skills and he's shown Ingenuity by placing his claw marks around the great Shinobi villages to keep their forces constantly guessing when and where he'll attack this messes with his opponents and offers him the advantage as he possesses the the elements of.

Surprise which could prove vital if or when push comes to shove code's claw marks are a combination of chakra and the iron from his blood to create bands that allow him and one other person to transport through any location regardless of whatever Place planets or Dimension the Mark is I can't lie this sounds like a very worrying technique.

For an opponent's and is worthy of a final villain this is important because while under jegan these claw marks were subdued with limiters to be less effective but now that the limiters being removed code in his full strength is able to fractionalize the new ten-tailed beasts essentially meaning he has an army of powerful beings at his.

Disposal this ability could play a huge role in the end game because we see in the future that konoha gets destroyed and the black band's ability could help code transport his army and allies to konoha to then swiftly make light work of the village reducing it to the state we saw at the beginning of the series among these possible allies of his could.

Be kawaki because if anything is to go by the first scene in the borta series infers that kaki's relationship with boruto might go to flames towards the end of the series so what if when their friendship is ruined code becomes partners with kawaki and the two of them end up being the ones to go around destroying konoha it's a probable Theory.

But we'll have to wait and see how that turns out this might also explain the mystery behind kawuki telling boruto I'll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage because it could be that Naruto is literally trapped in another dimension thanks to code's technique cankawaki be the series's ultimate villain time to discuss the elephant in.

The room possibly the future destroyer of konoha and a strong strong Contender for the final villain kawaki he was shown in the very first scene of the series when he faced off against boruto in a destroyed version of konoha since then a question most fans have asked about him is will kalaki kill Naruto this has been very important because.

Most fans of the boruto manga started with Naruto before finally transitioning so they have a strong emotional connection to the seventh and would be deeply hurt if he died this very idea as controversial as it is was able to not only attract them to start reading the new story but also keep them curious about the following kawaki's.

Introduction to the story his relationship with Naruto and his reason to grow into that person who's powerful enough to declare the end of Shinobi oh boy how strong do you have to be to declare the end of an era I know anime characters cap a lot but kawaki did seem like he was competent enough in that short opening scene in his very first.

Appearance as we discussed kawaki tells boruto he's going to send him away just like he did to his father and this could be interpreted in several ways the very panel before that heavily hints at kawaki meaning he had killed Naruto this is primarily because the panel shows the seventh section of Hokage Rock destroyed and although most of konoha seems to be.

Demolished as well this particular focus on the seventh could be a hint at his death kawaki is one of the strongest contenders to be the final villain of the series and there are many ways in which he could become the final villain the least probable but still very possible way would be if he was being controlled by Amado the scientific.

Genius a man who created powerful beings like Ada and Diamond this is because in the latest chapter of the series kawuki confirmed that Amado the ex-kara member who now seeks asylum in konaha gave him the karma back when he fixed his arm the reasoning behind this is that while he seems redeemable everything Amado has done so far has always been suspicious.

And he had issues with ishiki while he worked under him too so it is safe to say that the scientist is a man with his own Ambitions and as such a motto controlling kawaki and using him to destroy konoha is still a very big possibility the next likely option is the most logical in my opinion and that's Naruto unintentionally betraying.

Or hurting kalaki sometime between where the story currently is and the eventual battle between him and boruto that we saw at the very beginning thanks to his heroic and selfless nature Naruto has left quite an impression on kawuki making him want to live to protect the Hokage and all he cares for we've known Naruto for quite a long time now and it.

Is clear that he will not unintentionally try to hurt or betray kawaki however what if he's left with an impossible Choice like having to choose between the village and kawaki or choosing between himawari and kawaki a situation like that might not end well and we know that kalki is going to go on a destruction spree later and possibly.

Kill Naruto but what we don't know is why so the question is why would he do that considering how good a relationship they have now well it's clear that kawaki respects the Seventh Hokage so Naruto probably does something that damages kalki's image of him and the most likely option is that Naruto will get to a point where he chooses his.

Family and or konoha over his newly adopted son head to the comment section guys and let me know what your thoughts are on this Theory the otutsuki clan as the final boss ever since their first introduction during the latter half of Naruto Shippuden the otutsuki clan have been set up as big players who are not only responsible for the creation of.

Shinobi as we know it but also the most powerful chakra users we've seen in the series these guys are basically Gods compared to the regular humans we've been used to up till then kaguya otutsuki was the clan member who was meant to come to Earth alongside ishiki who was of a higher rank than her but she betrayed him she ruins the original.

Plan to sacrifice herself leaving ishiki in a low-level State looking for a chance to get back his strength kaguya plans to rule the world but she would later bear two children hagaromo and hamura would grow unite together and defeat her foiling her plans and restoring safety to the world kaguya the rabbit goddess was the first member of.

The clan we were introduced to in the series later towards the end of Shippuden she would come back to the world thanks to her child black zetsu tricking and using Uchiha Madara our legendary turned out to be a pawn sad times the idea of the otutsuki manipulating or using someone also ties very well into.

Boruto with momoshiki giving boruto his karma and ishiki marking kalaki and other subjects like code to become the next vessels for his body if they were to become the final villains of boruto it could happen in one of the following ways the first would be through Karma the Mark or seal that gives its users extraordinary abilities and essentially.

Acts as a storage unit where ulti clan members as a form of contingency save their DNA in case they need to be reborn later kawaki destroying konoha in the future could very well be due to ishiki finally overpowering him and using his body to destroy the village this could be just like when momoshiki overpowered and used boruto's body to cause problems.

For his allies even stabbing Sasuke in the eye Kishimoto has nerfed my boy badly we lost our renagon in such a controversial way but we'll be back or maybe not anyways back to what we were saying before a momoshiki controlled boruto stabbed Sasuke in the eye that contained his renagon ishiki as we all know has a vendetta against Naruto.

Seeing that he was instrumental in foiling his rebirth plans so him using kalki's body to destroy and end the ninja way of life would be very much on brand with his character Amado told kawaki and Shikamaru that in otsutsuki's sacrifice is the final ingredient needed to grow a Divine tree and get its chakra fruit this means ishiki could also be.

Taking over kalki's body in order to sacrifice and join it with the ten Tales to produce a new Divine tree pure otsutsuki members are usually what are required but their vessels are also suitable with the only issue being that the potency of the tree fruit depends on how far the vessel has adapted to the otitsuki DNA stored within them I know.

That the new Karma given to kalki is a weapon only type and as such right now there's no chance of ishiki taking him over but what if a motto is lying at the end of the day we know the suspicious scientists cannot be trusted and while tweaking the karma he might have found a way to add and keep ishiki's DNA dormant until the time he saw fit what purpose.

Will that serve for him time will tell momoshiki is one of the key otsutsuki who's a strong Contender for the final villain in the series because boruto might once again lose control over his body this would be the perfect time for momoshiki to resurface and this might happen during or after borjo's big fight with kawaki momoshiki unlike kaguya has.

No plans to rule the planet but instead wants to continuously use the tree to drain all the energy from the planet until there's nothing left of it as stated earlier in otsutsuki or vessel sacrifice is required so it would be in momoshiki's best interest to use boruto to take down kawaki and sacrifice his body to the tree for it to create chakra.

Fruits and destroy the world another possible option regarding them is that rather than coming in twos like they've previously done an entire Army from their Clan would leave their realm to attack the planet and drain it off all its life force this is an unlikely possibility but so far the story has been centered around boruto and kalaki.

Who unfortunately inherited otsutsuki Powers so seeing newer members of the clan appear as the story progresses is more likely than not to happen and with the history of how their kind have been treated so far by Shinobi they probably won't be coming to make friends boruto possessing the jogun can also be a reason for the feared tsuki to storm the.

Earth in numbers remember that the said I has links to the otitsukis it seems they are quite aware of the impending doom that the eye is said to bring so will that trigger a team of otutsuki to wage war as the final villains there's also a theory about an osutsuki God while we do not think there is one it could be the result of an otutsuki being.

That has devoured the chakra fruits of uncountable planets and has now surpassed the heights of their regular clan members do you think that the jogun is that important to entice an enemy like that to come to Earth Ada and Diamond The Sibling Duo during his time at Cara Amado would carry out several experiments using Shinobi wear.

Which are bionic based scientific ninja tools Ada and Daimon were two of his experiments and jigan grew jealous of their power and ordered Boro to destroy them unfortunately Boro was enticed by Ada's powers and instead put them in a secure remote location to hide them away from jegan imagine how strong you have to be for a Celestial being to be scared.

Or even jealous of your powers Ada is a special-powered being who has the ability to enchant anybody that sets their eyes on her and this was how she was able to get Boro to relocate her and her brother Daimon instead of killing them this ability of hers was embedded into her by a motto and while she continually uses it she resents him for.

Giving its work because she believes it greatly restricts her chances of finding true love the only reason she has the possibility of finding true love is because the ability does not attract otsutsugi clan members or otutsuki vessels which is why she wants to try and get boruto or kawaki as powerful as such an ability is she also possesses.

The scenerygon a special eye that allows her to see and listen to events whenever they happen with the added bonus of her being able to see and hear events that happened throughout time from the moment she was born to the present this is as op as op could get this specific power is quite dangerous and allows her to easily spy on her enemies and learn.

About any piece of information or secret that she wants to at any given time Ada can be quite cold and has shown killing intent towards the likes of Amado so if boruto or even kawaki end up hurting her they might be triggering one of their most dangerous enemies Ada's power is incredible and with the right group fighting alongside her she can easily.

Eavesdrop on her enemies strategies and counter them speaking of strategies encountering them Ada's little brother and fellow Amato experiments Diamond has what could potentially be the greatest ability in the Naruto World diamond is able to return opponents attacks back at them and he's able to do this even when he isn't thinking because it also occurs.

Involuntarily the ability however requires that he have physical contact with a person regardless of whether the person is the enemy he's facing or not he has a strong need to protect his sister so anybody who hurts her in any way is automatically his enemy the two siblings are extremely dangerous and if their current alliance with konoha ends.

Badly they may become one of The Village's greatest enemies and a possible final threats these siblings have already humiliated and defeated code so it is clear that the Shinobi world will do well not to underestimate their powers alright guys that's it for our theory on who the final villain in boruto could be do you agree with our.

Picks do you think we missed anyone let us know in the comment section down below thanks for watching I'm Anthony fan have a great day goodbye