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HOW RENGOKU BECAME A HASHIRA! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyojuro Rengoku Gaiden


All right guys yet again we are here with even more demon slayer content to enjoy if you were a fan of the yu tomiyoka guidance storyline that we covered in a previous video then you are absolutely going to love this one this is kyojiro rengoku gaiden the story of how rengoku became the flame hashira to begin this story we find ourselves.

With a rather disturbing situation as a figure contemplated how long he had been talking about a mysterious individual all the while gripping onto a pistol as a young demon slayer laid quaking in fear with severed limbs surrounded by several canine monstrosities the figure would then go on to describe the man haunting his memories to be someone who.

Possesses ominous eyes like that of a rooster the one person they refused to ever forgive as they very much intended on getting their revenge the haunting memories were driving them mad as they could feel the person's presence clinging to the back of their very mind the tension and pressure continued to ramp up in their head until suddenly.

They'd fire off a shot directly into their own skull the young demon slayer was of course startled by this but certainly had more pressing issues at hand as you ravenous canines would inch closer and closer before eating him alive as he figure rose back to their feet clutching onto their head with the blood spilling from the cranium the.

Demon would express relief as they nearly died from the utter rage of it all as again they would recenter and wonder just how much they talked about this plaguing figure in their mind as you would then see their irish reveal the designation of their status this was lower moon 2 of the 12 demon moons the eighth strongest demon in existence.

Aside from kibitsuji muzon himself elsewhere we find a rather passionate if not one-sided sparring match between kyojiro and goku and matsuri kanroji he'd urge her to try harder as she struggled to defend against his onslaught and would instead continue to complain about her hunger despite recently having lunch run goku would.

Insist on another thousand strikes however to interrupt this training would be kyojiro's younger brother senjiro who had prepared snacks for the both of them mitsuri would immediately smother the young boy for being her savior yet rengoku was not done with her just yet although his brother's mention of having made japanese sweet potatoes was enough.

To convince a young flame that a break was indeed a pretty good idea mitsuri and her crazy appetite were absolutely loving the sakura mochi as ron goku was rather impressed by the sweet potato which mitsuri had only just taught the young boy how to make and of course it wouldn't be a rangoku meal without a declaration of just how delicious the.

Food is but during this rengoku would urge his little brother to bring something he had previously prepared as the boy would then return with a haori apparently it had taken some time to complete but it was run goku's gift to mitsuri in celebration of her officially joining the demon slayers you see with this being a time prior to rengoku being.

A hashira it was also a time before mitsuri became the love ashira as well rengoku was very proud of maturi as apparently she had passed final selection with only six months of demonstrator training under her belt what was pretty much half the time it typically took someone to prepare and succeed and so no longer would their.

Relationship be that of master and student or rather as comrades a sentiment that brought tears of joy to the young maiden's eyes with that she would change into her uniform as well and it was a pretty interesting fit to say the least red and goku was horrified by the state of her uniform and so his brother would question if such a thing.

Wasn't the normal demon slayer attire which as far as rangoku is concerned it absolutely was not mitsuri was becoming pretty concerned herself at this point but would tell her former master that the kakushi had assigned it to her and said it was perfect what was more than likely an active perversion but seeing as both of these characters aren't.

Exactly the brightest rangoku was convinced the moment he heard it was officially sanctioned that there must be some reasoning behind it but at this point given maturity's exposure even the young senjiro would have to wonder if it was in fact normal however to interrupt this leisurely talk would be a messenger crow summoning the flame hashira to an.

Immediate pillar meeting the flame hashira at the time of course being run goku senior in recognition of this rangoku would make his way to his father's chambers his father however refused to go he would furthermore express that if kyojiro wanted to go then he could go on ahead however none of that stuff mattered to him anymore.

Now rengoku would begin to try and speak and convince his father as suddenly an empty alcohol gourd would be thrown in his direction and crash into the wall he would yell at his son refusing any sort of conversation and furthermore state that the breath of flames and the ashira position was all worthless nonsense and as his father's haori hung on the rack.

Rengoku would recall the words of his late mother that only the flame pillar was allowed to wear the hawri and that he would one day become an exceptional flame pillar just like his father from there we would be taken to the meeting of the hashira as at that point it had been about six months since the last time they had all convened like this and.

At this time rather than having the nine hashira there were only five the master would inquire about how his ashira were faring but they had no complaints and were more so interested in the master's health situation with that ubayashiki would express an increased sense of loneliness and the fact that kimitsuji moves on strength continues to grow and.

As such he would ask for their forgiveness in asking more of them in the coming times as they would need to work even harder going forwards tsunami would humbly agree to this before asking a question of the master inquiring why exactly a non-hashira swordsman was among them and what exactly happened to the flame pillar shinjuro rengoku who.

Given their collectively young ages would have been the oldest among them by far now rengoku would attempt to explain the situation but tsunemi would interrupt him immediately questioning if he was truly fit to be a hashira as a jolt would be felt by rengoku as this was the pressuring aura of the hashira that these were the ever loyal people.

Who'd sacrificed themselves to support the entirety of the demon slayers in a battle against the absolute strongest of demons noticing that they were even distinct in appearance and with that what he felt for all of them was an overwhelming sense of respect now the master would then tell tsunemi not to pick on rangoku all too much as he had.

Actually called him over to explain the situation personally and with that tsunami immediately lowered his head the sensation rangoku felt from the master was entirely different as he was incredibly mysterious yet calming like a soft spring breeze the master would then request that rangoku speak and so he would he would express that ever since.

His mother ruka passed away his father had lost all will to fight that he had begun drinking while on duty and continues to shut himself away in his room even drinking endlessly before his missions the stone ashira yo mahimejima was saddened by this considering how long shinjuro had served the pillars but given the situation they were currently.

In there was no time for such weakness the sound hashira tengen uzui would add to this by saying that shinjuro was setting a bad example for the forces beneath him and was negatively impacting their morale and so a retirement was in order as far as he was concerned tsunami would express that he was bothered by the fact that they were lacking in their.

Number of pillars but regardless a drunkard wouldn't be of any use to them either way with that rengoku would very boldly pipe up by saying that there wasn't anything to worry about because if he were to become a hashira then surely his father would regain his motivation to fight a prospect that unsettled most of them.

Tsunemi would recognize ringoku's confidence and explain that being a hashira wasn't as sweet as he was making it out to be rengoku would respond by saying that he knew the promotion requirements for becoming a hashira rather well in fact and so tsunemi would rise to his feet the stonehashira would try to dissuade him but tsunami would.

Ask for his and the master's forgiveness as he would swiftly rush over and kick rengoku in the side of the head gyoume and tengen were concerned but tsunami just kept on going blow after blow he would urge goku to become a hashira already and start running around hunting demons he'd mockingly say that they had plenty of seats available and would.

Question when rangoku planned on sitting amongst them rangoku would keep his guard up but tsunemi would tell him to hit back already as frankoku would catch the wind hashira's elbow and fiercely proclaim that he would never hit him that swordsmen are forbidden from hitting one another and that he would never harm another human being now this.

Sentiment served to take sanemi completely off guard as rengoku would begin patting him on the back and commend his seriousness and the burning passion he could sense from within believing this to all be in good faith he would even thanks anemi and tell him that he planned on doing his best this exchange was enough for shinobu to.

Conclude that rangoku was yet another weirdo as tengen was pretty amused by rango who's extravagance and would decide that he liked him meanwhile sanemi was really flustered but with that the master would softly call to tsunemi and in response the winter would quickly drop down to his hands and knees and beg for the master's forgiveness.

Admitting that he got a bit too heated and so from the master this was a taming feat of words the likes of which when goku had never seen before rengoku too would then drop to his knees as the master would address him directly given that rangoku was aware of the conditions required to become a hashira the master would express that they have information.

About a demon near the capital that they believed to be one of the 12 demon moons a demon whose extermination he had decided to entrust ringoku with which was no minor declaration as the 12 demon moons are the direct subordinates of kibatsujimuzan and capable of slaughtering even hashira by themselves yet the master chose to entrust him with.

This task at this point shinobu would interject by saying that if the target was to be one of the 12 moons that one of them should be entrusted with a task instead however the master would refuse as to do so would be to give them a mission outside of their designated patrol region that this occurrence was within the region of rengoku's father.

The master would make it clearer and goku that if he desired to become a pillar of the demon slayers he shouldn't just tell him but show him with his actions as by doing so they would all accept him with open arms it was up to him to show them his power as run goku would happily agree now as rangoku marched onwards leaving this place gyome.

Would ask the master if he actually saw victory in the boy's future or merely intuition however the master would instead to notice to be more similar to confirmation confirmation that kyogre ran goku would eventually become someone who would change the destiny of the demon slayers in the near future overall this exchange during a hashira meeting.

Was pretty similar to tonjiro's presence during one which i think is pretty cool from there however our story would take us to the streets of tokyo here rengoku would have his troops split up into groups of two in search of the demon and if they were to find him they would need to summon rengoku himself via messenger crow all the while prioritizing the.

Evacuation of the citizens they were here to not only take down this demon but to protect the peace of the capital and as he proclaimed this mitsuri would fawn over a commanding run goku and was just as happy about their matching coyotes but to interrupt this thought rangoku would express how happy he was to be working with her in the field for.

The very first time and so now flustered by her inappropriate thoughts somewhat aligning with reality she would scramble before a young boy would accidentally run into her she would immediately rush to the little boy's aid as he would begin sobbing but his mother would be quick to enter the fray and assume maturity to be endangering her child.

She'd be quick to jump to conclusions about mitsuru being a kidnapper on account of her odd hair color and sword and as such would threaten to call the police but to settle down the situation rengoku would lift the young boy onto his shoulder and express that the kid just tripped and fell which the mother would actually listen to and that is a.

Bit strange considering goku also had odd hair and a sword but whatever the kid would actually point out rangoku's hair which rengoku was very proud of as it had been in his family for generations in fact he would explain that the color was due to his ancestors eating way too much from tempura and as silly as this is hair color in the.

Demonstrator world does change in a kind of weird things like this and hair color is something maturity is really self-conscious about and so she was a bit ashamed but in noticing this rangoku would do his best to comfort her but as he too continued the patrol a nearby explosion would suddenly go off when goku would clutch onto mitsuri but soon.

After yet another explosion would go off and unfortunately kill some of the demon slayers that come along with them now before rengoku could stop her misuri would insist on running off to help as he would only just barely manage to pull on her audi enough for a long distance shot to miss her face at the top a nearby building there was an active.

Shooter with a rifle aimed in the direction the shooter who was absolutely shaking with excitement would attempt to calm himself down as he had eagerly awaited the fruition of his revenge for oh so very long but as he re-centered his aim suddenly his target was nowhere to be found as in a flash run goku would unleash flame breathing first form.

Unknowing fire and a rake across the demon's flesh rengoku was here and as he approached the demon remembered that all of his efforts were for the sake of this day as we would now see him totally he was here for revenge against rengoku again this was lower moon 2. now the conditions for ascending to the seat of.

Ashira were simple on paper firstly you need to be of at least kinorank what is one of the 10 demonstrator ranks aside from ashira and the highest demon slayer rank aside from ashira now to be frank these ranks were established within the first 10 chapters of the series and would seem that at least in regards to story gotoge threw them out entirely as.

We have absolutely no mention of anyone being anything besides the beginner rank of mizunoto and the exceptional rank of hashira that is with the exception of anyone who ultimately became a hashira but i digress the second stipulation being that one must either exterminate over 50 demons or defeat one of the 12 demon moons and so with the confirmation.

That this was one of the 12 rengoku's graduation of sorts stood before him and he was furious that this demon would so indiscriminately attack even civilians the demon would mostly disregard this but would instead make it clear that he would never forget the shame when goku had given him that he had sworn his revenge and spent several years.

Bolstering his strength to the point where he is now one of the 12 demon moons he would then declare this to be his hated enemies final night and raise his pistol as rengoku would look him dead in his eyes and ask who are you the demon was speechless he'd begun to stutter and ask the demon slayer if he'd actually forgotten but rangoku would.

Make it clear that he never forgets and furthermore has never met the demon a day in his life that this was their very first and only encounter the demon was now shaking without words as ringoku would continue to verbally reprimand him saying that he should use his common sense that a swordsman would never associate with a demon the demon was.

Absolutely losing it at this point and would then suddenly place his pistol inside of his mouth and fire rongoku is now confused by this and the guy's motive as a demon did so to calm himself down and after doing so would decide that if rengoku had forgotten then until he was able to remember boom another explosion would go off.

Taking time bombs had been scattered all over the capital but these explosions weren't the only thing to worry about as suddenly rengoku would be assailed by rapid gunfire as extending from the demon there was an absolute surplus of firearms the demon would continuously fire as rongoku fled for cover but this time extending from beneath him the.

Shadows had eyes and teeth with guns now extending from them as well and they would fire rengoku would now use the fourth form blooming flame undulation to destroy the billboard he was previously hiding behind and suddenly close the gap between him and the devil as in retaliation the feed would fire off but as he bullet grazed the demon slayer he.

Would slam his blade into the demon's neck however much to his surprise his blade had been repelled by the very same shadowy substance the demon was now cackling as the man before him wasn't on par with the one he remembered now expressing that you should always stay calm during a battle what is a rather hypocritical bit of advice indeed now.

Within the demon shadows was a bottomless pit on account of his blood demon art and from that void would suddenly drop several sticks of dynamite as boom the roof of the building they were on would be utterly destroyed maturity would be worried for a former master but would then see the lower half of a demon and rush in to combat it as.

From behind a regenerating top half would grip onto her hair and recognize her to be when goku's subordinate and proclaimed her hair to be disgraceful just as his was he'd slammed her to the ground before placing his rifle directly over her forehead he would urge her to settle down as rengoku was in fact alive albeit on the verge of death but he.

Refused to let his target die so easily as he wanted his revenge to be as excruciatingly painful as possible and so he planned on torturing rangoku's family and friends right in front of his eyes then knowing just how long someone has left before a mental breakdown was his specialty back when he was still human he planned on pushing her to the.

Farthest limitations of human pain so that she would never forget him and be plagued by thoughts of revenge just as he was that the demon slayers were utterly pathetic nobodies that would never be known or accepted and would all die pathetic deaths maturity would then think about her past and begin to cry as to her rescue it would be rengoku.

With the fifth form flame tiger he would repel the demon and let meturi know that even if nobody accepts them they fight to protect humans from demons and that's what it means to be a demon slayer he would remember his father for a moment and now for himself expressed that no matter how pathetic he was he would carry out his duties he would then from.

There order maturity to go disarm the bombs all over the capital along with the other swordsmen that for whatever reason the demon was fixated on him and so he would be the one to defeat it a notion the demon found to be preposterous as his neck was virtually uncuttable and even more than that a sword would never beat a gun same.

As how the demon slayers would never beat the demons run goku would then recall the words of his late mother the iran goku family had been hunting demons for generations and we are talking about before elemental breath styles were even a thing the status of flame pillar was the pride of their family and so she would urge her son to set his sights on.

Becoming an amazing ashira like his father that he had a flame in his soul one strong enough to burn evil demons to a crisp and so he should kindly shine his light on people and keep the sun-like flame in his heart ablaze by becoming a hashira with this bren goku would express that he wasn't sure who the demon was.

Mistaking him for but his name was kyojo ringoku and he would cut down the demon's grudge here and now the demon would then make use of his blood demon art plunder cavity shallow wolf as several of these canine shadows would emerge and rush rengoku who'd leap above and opt to use the fourth form blooming flame undulation to deal with them as.

From above several molotov cocktails would rain down and set the area ablaze now at this point in seeing the flames the demon would recall his own trauma as he flame hashira stood before him several years ago at the time he'd be questioned as to why someone's life had been taken to the afterlife while a worthless piece of filth like a demon.

Managed to survive the flame hashira rengoku's father was of course referring to how his beloved wife's life had ended the demon who was backed into a corner would beg to stop being cut up and hurt but it was no use the ashira would continue to cut off his limbs endlessly as he would beg for mercy the ashira would express how tired he.

Was and how utterly pointless his efforts were as well he'd eventually questioned if the demon was going to flee like a coward despite being a demon wondering if he planned on escaping like this until he finally met his end what this demon remembered was a terrifying man that shared the very same visage as kyojiro while holding a gourd.

Of alcohol as he slashed him to pieces repeatedly that despite his wounds now having healed his fear and rage had never truly settled since as in his panic of recalling all this he'd have to again shoot himself in the head to settle down he simply could not bear to live constantly in fear like this and seeing an opportunity here rengoku would.

Go in for an attack but would quickly be propelled backwards as for the demon would be even more heavy fire as he would unveil a gatling gun from miss abdomen crying out for his revenge rengoku would furthermore remember the words of his younger brother that ever since their mother passed away their father had been hiding away in his bed.

And so senjiro would wonder if his father was set to die like their mother kirojo would urge his brother not to think of such things as certainly their father would pick himself back up one day but in seeing this he felt an even greater need as the firstborn son of the rengoku family to become stronger he didn't want his little brother to cry.

Nobody can stay in the world forever but the sadness that they feel for the departed was to become their strength as well and so as he clashed with the demon he again thought back to his promise to protect the weak that he had made to his mother the promise to become a hashira now elsewhere while we're in goku bought them all time the other demon slayers.

Were battling against several of the shadow wolves and searching for the bombs misuri had discovered one but had never seen one before and would need to be instructed by the crow on how to disarm it but before that could happen several wolves would begin to attack mitsuri would panic before striking one of them however she could not manage to.

Cut them as her blade got stuck on their body she tried not to panic and simply breathe as she had been taught but during this time one of the wolves would bite into her thigh pulling her down for the others to attack try as she might mitsuri could not unleash the breath of flames that rengoku had taught her in truth all that she could do was use her.

Brute strength to slash around she'd wonder if she was even cut out to be a demon slayer and she'd begin to cry and hope for her and goku to save her as just then she would hear a scream and look over to see a young boy defending his mother while they were both being attacked as well.

The same two that had previously bumped into her and in seeing this she would suddenly tear herself from the pack of wolves and rush in their direction quickly destroying one of the attacking wolves in a single strike as she defended the two of them her body had moved faster than her mind and so she was amazed that she actually managed to.

Cut one of them but thanks to this display the ones remaining would begin to howl and call for even more to enter the fray again missouri would get a bit scared but begin to get a hold of herself as she recalled the strong back of rengoku previously defending her mitsuri would commend the little boy for defending his.

Mother like he did and tell him just to hold on for a little while longer as she would be sure to make the bad puppies go away and so now rushing towards them she would throw the bomb in the air grip onto her blade and recall the words ring goku had shared with her during their training that she tends to rashly use her muscles and can even cut down lester.

Demons as she was but swords weren't meant to be swung with just a person's arms but with their entire bodies as in a single jaunt mitsuri was able to destroy several of the wolves and even catch a bomb before fell as she used a sword like an extension of her own body she now finally understood what rangoku was trying to tell her back then and.

Once more at the time she did not feel like she was cut out to be a demon slayer but rengoku kept her going he taught her that the duty of those born strong is to help the weak a lesson his late mother taught him and he even believed that one day she would be an even greater swordsman than him and not just in terms of her brute strength and.

Flexible body he believed that her unique hair color was a special trait all by itself as it would be able to draw in demons and brighten people's days and that above all else she possesses a heart that loves people and that he is the luckiest man alive to have been her master and is quite proud of that fact and as she sliced apart.

These wolves mitsuri would remember that just like how she was looking for a husband she was also looking for a place where she could truly be herself more flexible more graceful more like her now feeling as though the palpitations of her heart would never cease she would turn her burning love into her sword and it was at this moment that mitsuri had.

Truly mastered the sword and created the love breathing style as she took out the final beast and managed to catch a bomb between her legs she'd swiftly check up on the mother and child who were just fine mitsuri would now share a smile and explain that her hair ended up the way it is because she ate too much sakura mochi it wouldn't be too long before the.

Kakushi came to help out but she had things she needed to do so she needed to leave and as she left the child would thank her much to her surprise the kid then got his mother to do the very same as they'd both thank her for saving their lives which brought tears to mathuri's eyes as finally she was accepted but getting back to the.

Overheated battle between rengoku and lower moon 2 the demon would push rangoku back and then notice that there wasn't an explosion at the time of expected detonation that he could sense a loss in some wolves and so he seriously needed to finish things up before the situation became any more precarious as again rengoku would go for.

The demon's neck this time he would instead break the demon's gun but even still it was remarkable to the demon that a human possessed this degree of resilience after so many bullets and explosions it was unbelievable that rengoku could still stand let alone attack the demon would continue to fire and.

Endlessly wonder how vern goku could possibly stand up to him with only a sword but as a bloodied and passionate rengoku approached him the demon would have to wonder if the man before him was really the same man he had met that dreaded day the demon would fire again but nothing.

He was out of bullets he couldn't believe that a single man was responsible for him cleaning out his entire arsenal as rengoku would approach like a monster questioning if the demon was done already which drove the creature insane he would raise his gun to his head yet again in.

Attempt to remain calm but again he was out of bullets and so in our fit of rage he would slam the blasted thing onto the ground now desperate he'd search the entirety of his void for something he could still use he'd needed to deny this man the satisfaction as otherwise he would die from his own rage the demon would search for a while before.

Clattering out from within was but a single poorly kept and weathered katana at the sight of it the demon would remember his human past he remembered being ridiculed for using a sword as it was believed to be a dying art of the past he would be told by the men to defeat them and their bullets with his precious art of bushido as he men.

Laughed littering him with bullets he'd remember his comrades who believed that their swords would never lose to guns but in the present as a demon just stood there unmoving ran goku seized the opportunity and rushed in as suddenly these shadows would cause a rush of power run goku would skid back as now clutching onto this old blade was a.

Demon using his ultimate technique plunder cavity ravaged war formation wolf an absolutely terrifying sight indeed he had gathered all of his remaining shadows and cloaked himself in them and so if rengoku touched them for even a single second he'd be cut apart instantly the demon would now formally introduce himself recognizing rangoku.

Not to be the man from his past his name was hairo and he would request that rangoku allow him to slay him as a warrior of the sword rengoku in turn would agree to a duel as it was just what he wanted now mind you the suction and defenses edema now boasted were far superior to that of his wolves and what he had previously.

Employed to protect his neck and so rangoku determined that the only thing for him to do was to wield his sword better than the demon could they would both prepare themselves and remain like this for a chilling moment before rushing towards one another in a flash as their blades collided the demon believed that his blood demon art could.

Never be broken as a moment later his shadows would begin to be burned away this technique was the ninth form the ultimate technique of the flame breathing art and the basis of his family's name a slash that pours one's body soul and even life into its power that can burn away at anything.

Rangoku would set his heart ablaze and use the ninth form rengoku to defeat lower moon two it was over and as he demon vanished he would commend his opponent swordsmanship rengoku was exhausted and on the verge of collapse but he refused to just yet as he needed to keep moving in order to.

Defuse the bombs but before he could take even one more step matsuri would grab hold of him as she cried they had defused all the bombs and he had done it rengoku had defeated one of the 12 demon moons and was now set to become a hashira the flame hashira at that the others would yell at mituri to get out of the.

Way so they could patch him up but she refused to let him go and was way too strong for them to pry away from him which now takes us to the aftermath of this mission where we would have a bandage ringoku return home with mitsuri as they both hugged his brother as his father listened in from afar and after rengoku had fully healed up the master.

Would acknowledge him and commend him for his amazing feat then asking him if he would support the demon slayers as one of the pillars which ringoku would very happily accept as tsunemi was looking pretty foolish at the moment unfortunately despite his best hopes rangoku's father would never return to the fray of the demon slayers but at the.

Very least keojiro had fulfilled the promise he made to his mother and could now proudly wear the hari of the flame hashira and during his time as a hashira he was there to welcome his former student maturity among their ranks and even muichiro and obanai as well formulate plans with his comrades and even keep sanemi out of trouble he truly.

Did live a meaningful life till the bitter end but now skipping ahead to after his passing both matsuri and tanjiro would suddenly smell the scent of cherry blossoms in the air despite the spring season having passed quite some time ago which enosuke thought was ridiculous tanjiro would admit that perhaps it wasn't exactly cherry.

Blossoms but enosuke would mock him all the same for being dumb but then again tangero's sense of smell is impeccable so zenitsu was willing to vouch for him which would lead to an argument between him and inosuke as tanjiro would take ourangoku's handguard which had previously been given to him by syndro and you could say that the scent or.

Feeling was run goku watching over their shoulders and the end of kyojiro ringoku gaiden oh my goodness this story is just way too good for those of us who really wanted to see more rengoku content besides the train this is just amazing so we've received this along with the details of his very first mission which we previously made a video on is just.

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