foreign lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be attempting to make homemade Sprite soda using pine needles from my backyard now many of you got in touch with me via social.

Media make sure you follow me because I love hearing from you because I get great suggestions like this one many of you want me to make this and when I saw it I said this sounds absolutely wonderful so we're just going to use three ingredients pine needles water and sugar Now the recipe I'm going to be adapting comes from Ms she and Mr he on.

Tick tocks also Alexis Nicole the black forger also talks about making this as well it is a really really simple thing to make fermented fizzy drinks and if it tastes like Sprite does it taste like Sprite will it taste like Sprite now that my taste buds are coming back post covered I'm so if you didn't see those videos where I.

Couldn't taste and smell I will put those links down below now Alexa says you can use different kinds of conifers Pines Hemlock fur but today I'm going to be using white pine and also if you are pregnant it is not recommended that you consume pine needles or anything made with them and regardless make sure you identify your plants properly before.

Ingesting them or making things with them right so let me show you how to identify the white pine it is pretty fascinating these needles are separated into bundles now each bundle has a certain number of needles and that's one of the ways to identify the tree it's not fascinating for white pine there are five needles so it's very very simple to.

Identify so break off one of the bundles and simply count the number of needles and there should be five once you've done that you'll know that this is a white pine so what makes the bubbles in the drink well the naturally occurring yeast that lives right on these needles is what's going to consume the sugar that we're going to add and create CO2.

Carbon dioxide gas and make our drink fizzy it's going to have sugar in it so it'll be a little bit sweet and also the pine needles are going to give it a nice kind of resinous flavor to the drink making it a bit like soda now this is not the first time I've made homemade fizzy drinks before a long long time ago before I had YouTube and any of the.

Stuff I made my own Ginger Brew ginger bug both with naturally clearing yeast it's on the outside of the Ginger and also with store-bought yeast to make sure I got the fizziness I picked up this book a while back it's called Fizz the beginner's guide to making natural non-alcoholic fermented drinks and I love the illustrations in this and it.

Has all kinds of things to make including Ginger Brews and kombuchas and to Pache so great so I thought I'd share that with you just in case you want to learn more about naturally fermenting drinks so what we're going to need is a clean stopper jar filtered water and I think filtered water is important because.

We've removed the chlorine which is in tap water here Stateside and that may interfere with our yeast because we want our yeast to grow also sugar I can smell the pine I'm so happy it smells so good this is a funnel that I picked up actually from Daiso and I like it because it smooshes down.

Nice and flat so it stores in my drawer and then when I need it I just pop it out it is a little bit flimsy but I did get this at Daiso for 1.75 if you missed the Daiso videos my Japanese dollar store shopping sprees I'll put links down below to those videos as well you should also click that Bell for notifications I never say that but I.

Should so best practices YouTuber okay back to this and this is regular uh granulated sugar four tablespoons this is a two tablespoon measuring spoon this whole set is kind of strange measuring amounts like one and a half tablespoons two teaspoons but two tablespoons but I use this quite a bit thanks Christina for giving it to me now.

For the fun part we're going to fill our jar with pine needles and it has been raining here and I'm not even going to bother to wash my pine needles because again we've got going to get the naturally occurring yeast from the needles right on the needles and it's been raining non-stop for a couple of days so we're.

Going to use Nature's water and Nature's sink and we're going to fill up our jar see that it's like a little terrarium I believe you can do this with your leftover Christmas tree as well big soda with your tree that is no longer serving its Christmas purpose and then we're just going to top this.

With water and if it's cold where you are like it is here in New England and put it in a windowsill for three days if it is warm do not put it in direct sun just leave it at room temperature and again for three days we're gonna let this sit and the yeast will have an opportunity to eat the sugar and create Bubbles and.

Then we'll come back and give our homemade Pine Sprite a taste all right in my lovelies I will see you in three days alrighty my lovelies I am back it has been three days since I placed the combination of sugar pine needles and water into this bottle I also made a second batch because after I bottled.

This one I thought how in the world am I going to get these pine needles out this seems like a much more practical solution to the whole pine needle thing getting them out because it's actually wide enough to stick my hand and take the needles out this one I'm not really sure are probably going to have to use some long tweezers or something to pull.

Out these needles but certainly this is a beautiful presentation I happen to have a Meyer lemon they have such a beautiful scent to them and now I can smell again it's wonderful a Meyer lemon smells a little bit different than say Eureka lemon it has more of a tangerine-like smell in my opinion and it's because it's been crossbred so it.

Has a brighter color a little bit sweeter flavor brighter color meaning a little bit more saturated and the pith I've noticed is much thinner they're juicier and they're not as sour love them I always try to get Meyer lemons if I see them in the supermarket so I'm going to cut a couple of slices here I'm gonna add two of.

Those to the glass alrighty let's go ahead and see if we've got any CO2 bubbles in this and give our pine needle soda or homemade Sprite a taste oh please be there bubbles come on come on I didn't hear much did you no it certainly didn't do that.

Overflowing bubbly thing that it did in Mrs she and Mr he's video oh it smells lovely though but let's see if we got any fizzy sounds with this attempt that definitely had some funk to it now this was sitting in the window and here in New England it has been pretty chilly it's probably been about in the upper.

30s so perhaps that had a difference that made a difference in terms of the fermenting process the yeast were a little bit happier in a warmer temperature rather than being in the window it doesn't smell quite like Sprite it smells a lot better it smells like Meyer.

Lemon and pine combined together alrighty let's give that a taste cheers hmm first off it doesn't taste like Sprite it's bright-ish because it's ever so tiny little bit fizzy I think because it's been so cold I could have.

Let this sit for another three days which I think I will and once I start seeing bubbles then I would give this a taste but I just wanted to follow the recipe as instructed and tastes after three days but in my experience of fermenting this needed to go longer The Taste is lovely though the pine flavor is there.

Not nearly as strong as I thought it was going to be in fact I smell and taste the lemon more maybe because that's right on the very very top the level of sweetness is quite nice I thought it would be a little bit too syrupy but as you know if you've had soda soda is very very sweet this is a.

Little less sweet than soda which like blows my mind that means there's a ton of sugar in soda which I already knew but I also really really love Coke don't drink it a lot but I love it and and that amount of sugar is really essential to it but very nice let's try this version alrighty cheers.

Yes a little bit of bubblage a little bit of fizzy this too could have gone longer but that Pine flavor is lovely does it taste like Sprite not exactly because Sprite tastes like artificial lemon lime flavor very distinctive and very sweet and very signature kind of sprite combination.

Having said that this is akin to it it's delightful so easy to make and it's delightful and easy to make perhaps that might be a reason enough for you to try it too but this is so beautifully perfumed I think is a great way to describe it and the lemon I think is really essential and it is a perfect combination perfect foil to go with the.

Pine needles this little bit of citrus mm-hmm it's really nice but I would say ferment it longer so you get more bubblage alrighty lovelies I had these sitting on the windowsill here for another week so I just opened this because there was not much liquid in here so I just opened it.

Out of curiosity and it was totally carpeted and it shot up and the pine needles everywhere I didn't get it on camera this one shows all indications of being carbonated as well there are little tiny bubbles in here the lid here is very tight and taut and firm so let's listen and see if we get a fizz oh my gosh.

Yes oh see that that release oh yes we do have carbonation excellent that is natural bubulation cheers and indeed.

It's fizzy little little bubbles naturally carbonated from the yeast that was wildly occurring and just living on those pine needles so stinking cool so there you have it that's how you can make homemade Sprite out of pine needles some water and sugar and a slice of lemon Pretty stinking fantastic really.

Really easy and pretty magical all right my lovely thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media I love hearing from you love hearing your suggestions like this video subscribe ring that Bell and I shall see you in.

The next video take care bye foreign