This is called a foil cutter you want to cut on the second lip so no wine actually comes in contact with the foil traditionally these foils contain lead and you didn't want to have any lead in your wine since the rules of change out of tradition we still cut on the second lip so you make two cuts that's one.

Underneath that's two and then we will make what we call the C-section up the side and twist and turn off we're going to open the lever pull out your Helix I always like to go off centered and then press in and then turn we just want to turn you want to turn the corkscrew not the bottle and then the first lever is the highest lever and.

You just want to press so now this is caught on the first lip and then you just pull up and then you go back down to the second lever as you guys can see here and then press and then it's really almost out now and then you just take your key and just turn and twist and.


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