Jujutsu kai sen's yuji itadori has terrible luck a perfectly nice kid whose life completely went to hell after becoming a protagonist he witnessed both his friends almost dying was sentenced to death himself has already died at least twice and you know we don't need to keep on going if ever any shonen protagonist deserved a cool power-up it.

Is yuji and yet he has gone through the entire run of the manga without any kind of unique power set the first fingers he's eaten give him strength yet he's still working on using it safely the one new move he has picked up is something many introduced to sorcerers can do could that change going forward should it change in this video we'll be.

Breaking down every possibility of how yuji's powers might developed as jiu jitsu kaisen continues how he might end up with his own technique or how that may never happen and how yugi not getting that final power up might just be the best possible outcome let's get into it his own technique let's start with the.

Biggest problem in yuji's way the vast majority of jiu-jitsu comes from innate curse techniques almost all of these sorcerers we have met were born with one some passed down through many generations but the source for a dna technique is how they start learning jujutsu various tricks methods and refinements of that core ability make up.

80 of a normal sorcerer's power set not having an innate technique limits yuji's options severely no cool moves or flashy tricks no flash step or kamehameha just the same punches and kicks every sorcerer can do and gojo tells him flat out that it will always be that way but let's think this through for a second could gojo be wrong on that while a.

Majority of curse techniques are esoteric arcane powers we have seen a few that are highly tailored to that individual now beto zainan's frame projection speed technique seems based on his love of traditional animation hiromi hikaruma's curse technique and shikigami judge man echo his career as a lawyer these are traits they would not.

Have had as children yuji isn't a normal jiu jitsu sorcerer he didn't have a chance to grow up and develop his technique naturally gojo might have been jumping the gun but from what we have seen he has been on the money while nabito's firm projections seem highly personal to him it was passed down to his son now yeah higuruma was also.

Granted curse energy as an adult but learned to wield his innate technique very quickly if yuji was going to develop his own technique we would have seen the signs by this point unless the nature of his technique requires very specific circumstances to activate it is likely yuji will never have his own fancy superpower if he's getting a power.

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Out on this one thanks again to private internet access for sponsoring the video but now back to what we were saying before takuna's technique gojo predicted that yuji would learn to master sakuna's curse technique over time this makes sense yuji is drawing upon sakuna's curse energy he's able to keep sukuna's.

Spirit mostly in check he should be able to control his technique and bring out the full power of the king of curses however that hasn't happened yet we have seen the basics of cicuna's curse technique back in shibuya it seems to be focused largely on cutting what's a mysterious ability to utilize flames the latter surprise even jogo who is.

Familiar with sakuna there is clearly something odd about this curse technique but we've seen no signs of either ability from yuji why not he has been in tons of intense fights where a new power like that could have come in handy he has outright lost several notably against choso and utah what's the holdup it can't simply be unlocked through.

Eating more fingers takuno is already able to use his technique and domain while in yuji's body the most likely answer is perhaps he's simplest yuji is not sakuna that same amazing control he has largely managed to wield over his other half keeps a distinction between them clear-cut and stops his body adapting in the way gojo anticipated.

Sukuna thinks differently to yuji feels differently to yuji and these things shape his curse technique into something specific that yuji cannot use no matter how many fingers he consumes yuji won't lose himself to sakuna by accident and thus his technique will stay locked off although he might be able to gain sekuna's technique regardless through.

Emulation jutsu is a spiritual discipline all about the manipulation of cursed energy yuji has proven himself skilled at that through black flash and divergent fist with more experience he might be able to mirror has akuna fights even incorporating aspects of his emotional state this would likely allow him to begin using sakuna's curse.

Technique but there is a problem with that path it would require yuji to act more like sakuna while he would likely make that sacrifice if the need was great enough whatever mental defenses he still has are going to crumble if he keeps that up this runs the risk of bringing back the king of curses and leaving yuji just a shell being able to.

Fight like sucuna while not losing his sense of self will require prodigious willpower but hey if anyone in this story can pull that off it is yuji itadori 10 shadow style so yeah there's a way yuji could get to use a cursed technique but there's no justice in jiu jitsu well yeah except for that guy but you.

Know what i mean this isn't a story where the good guys are owed a power up yuji's gone this long without a fancy curse technique and there's no guarantee he is ever going to get one what happens if he doesn't surprisingly this doesn't form a cap on yuji's power his innate curse energy will still be high the problem is that taking full advantage of.

That energy without any technique will be difficult and requires specialized training gojo might have discounted that option for yuji but gojo has limitless and sick sides he never needed to learn moves like these it makes sense that he would underestimate them we have seen a handful of the general sorcery techniques in the series yuji himself.

Has already mastered one black flash it is an impressive move but ultimately just an outgrowth of the natural physical enhancement all juices and sorcerers use for hand-to-hand combat there is a much wider arsenal of techniques out there though low-grade sorcerers use barriers and veils to keep the jiu-jitsu world secret prior to the.

Shibuya incident grade 1 sorcerers use moves like falling blossom emotion in combat focusing their curse energy to enable rapid counter attacks against their foes the most prominent and very source of master techniques is the 10 shadow style while best known for its ei drew to focus sorcery it includes more broadly applicable moves such as simple.

Domain a technique that even non-sword wielding sorcerers employ the styles created in the heian era by saratouna ashia to enable weaker sorcerers to defend themselves against predatory curses and curse users during the golden age of jujutsu these would have been plentiful and powerful the fact that new shadow style survived through the heian.

Era and is still widely used by modern jutsu sorcerers proves just how useful it can be if yushi was able to learn it this would give him the defensive abilities he currently lacks simple domain will let him engage in domain battle and an adapted version of baso's sword drawing could give him the speed to encounter and dodge big attacks yuji.

Is not going to be throwing fireballs or leveling buildings but he will be able to go toe-to-toe with those who can doubly so if he manages to pick up powerful secret arts like falling blossom emotion the only thing standing in the way of this outcome these techniques aren't something a sorcerer can just learn by trial and error after.

All they are not innate yuji would likely need significant training if he went down this path either to learn the basics of swordplay or to work out how to adapt new shadow style to work barehanded if yuji is going to pick up these moves he's going to need a master with experience in using them and that is going to be much harder to find with.

His reinstated death sentence following blossom which i mentioned earlier is a secret of the big three families and the only two users we have met are now dead yuki tsukimo taught toto's simple domain and master tengen likely knows something of new shadow style but both have innate techniques neither likely knows the style too well as a result the most.

Experienced sorcerer who could train yuji in new shadow style is atsuya kusakabe he's an ideal candidate on paper a grade one sorcerer with no curse technique who already serves as a teacher at jiu jitsu high we have seen his power first hand blocking kanjaku's maximum uzumaki at shibuya unfortunately kasakabe is understandably aboard the.

Ugg should be executed train after his last encounter with zakuna and so it is going to be an uphill battle to get him to teach yuji how to better defend himself after that that leaves one option one character was both proficient in new shadow style has spent years studying it and is likely willing to help yugi learn it that's right the key.

To yuji's power growth as a sorcerer with no curse technique is kasumi miwa yes learning from the sorceress who calls herself useless that is not exactly something i'd call a safe bet when it comes to growing more powerful so is there any way for yugi to get a power up that looks a bit more likely symbiosis yuji is not an ordinary human.

Who happens to be sakuna's vessel from the very first finger he has been shown to have more control over the king of curses than anyone expected kanjaku himself seemingly conceived yuji while inhabiting his mother's body suggesting this is all part of some long-term plan on his part that plan may not be in secunda's best interest and the king of.

Curses puts himself above all others so what if sakuna and his vessel actually came to some kind of understanding sakuna acts is part of a figure of pure chaos and violence relishing in the possibility of slaughter and death yet his actions don't entirely match with that goal he enjoys death and violence but clearly has a long-term plan of some.

Sort in mind collaborating with uraume and defending megumifusiguro he even teaches yuji appoints explaining the concept of a binding vow to him and pointedly relinquishing control to him at shibuya to demonstrate the violence he is capable of this isn't to say sakuna is secretly a good guy at best he is an apathetic natural disaster but he.

Is working towards something beyond pure bloodshed and slaughter all we know about his history is that he was feared and hunted down by jiu jitsu's sorcery that's enough to make him suspicious but very non-specific wouldn't today's high of sorcerers call a powerful uncontrollable man like saturday gojo a natural disaster there might be enough.

Common ground to allow yuji and sakuna to work together depending on sukuna's final goal if that ever happens well good luck to kenjaku and his supporters with gojo sealed there is no jujitsu sorcerer left possessing the brute force akuno is able to deploy a shibuya against maharaga the only feather on him is yuji with the two working together.

There is no power in this world that can stand in their way but should sukuna not be willing to give ground to his host there is one last alternative that is worth thinking about the brother non-traditional brotherhood keeps coming up in jiu jitsu kaisen cho so and toto both consider yucci their brother the latter turning against the.

Cursed spirits and siding with the man who murdered his kin purely because that's high of brotherhood while later we'd learned that yuji and choso do have some blood connection let's go back to that initial moment when chozo first discovered this connection right before the cursed painting is about to finish off his hated foe he receives a vision.

Of yuji as his brother and just before that happens we have a panel of sakuna observing the scene when the vision does come the narration is exactly the same as a similar earlier incident with toto at this moment a memory was born inside blank's brain of a past event that never happened at first fan speculation was that sucuna had messed with chozo's head.

Here giving him this vision to protect his vessel and while that's possible it doesn't fit with what we've seen of sekuna's technique at other points of the story his domain expansion malevolent shrine is far more direct than any kind of illusion or mind power while in iran chosen rationalizes its effect as due to a distant blood.

Relation to itadore via kanjaku it doesn't explain why we got this very particular panel of sukuna right before a moment where yuji could have died and none of these explained why toto triggered such a similar effect what would sakuna care about yuji getting pounded by this muscle head something caused these two to identify yuji as.

Their brother to the point of experiencing false memories and in some depictions of mythology tikun's two-faced epithet comes from the idea that he himself once had a brother or was a pair of brothers with this being the origin of his two-faced presentation osuno mikoto and osunomikoto while gege has confirmed yoma sakuna is not.

Literally figure of legend his resemblance makes comparison fair game could something about sakuna be causing people to identify yuji as a brother tsukuna has just one face but has displayed signs of a second technique during his battle with jogo we can spin her whatever we want but there is no way to read cut and fire as analogous you.

Could potentially justify it through a hefty leap of logic like sakuna's curse technique is ultimate chef but there is another option kanjaku has been able to hijack her techniques by stealing bodies what if sekuna was able to do something similar by incorporating his brother into his original body four arms 20 fingers and two curse techniques why.

Does this matter to yuji well something that has been forced together can in turn be ripped apart if sukuni was able to fuse a curse technique to himself couldn't usually take it back and use it that stolen technique is within yuji just like sakuna is he should be able to rip it away from the old curse taking it as his own like utah games techniques.

Through copy this would be the brightest timeline it would give yuji a measure of personal autonomy and a powerful technique to take into battle against kenjaku it might even be the first step to finding some way to exercise sakuna without yuji having to die but that is a topic for another video but maybe you have another idea on how yugi's powers.

Might develop let us know in the comments down below as always i'm celeste otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you