thank you greetings to my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back to another International ration taste test if you've missed my previous ration taste test international and domestic I will direct you to the link below where I've.

Tasted many many many rations but today I'm going to be tasting another International one it is this gigantic one based on its size I'm guessing this is a 24 hour ration and this is an Arctic Dutch ration Arctic meaning this food has been freeze-dried we need to add some hot water to it to reconstitute things and because it's made for cold.

Weather the ration itself contains more calories alrighty let's go ahead and see what's inside this one this is the ration and it is code number 12. and this is the chicken masala with rice all right beef with mashed potatoes both of those sound delicious one of my favorite parts of these rations of course besides tasting them is unboxing them and to see.

What is considered important to put in a field of action so we open this and take everything out ah so this is a theme we have another resealable plastic bag great again so we can reuse it so this looks like it might be snacks and Sundries oh my gosh so many things in here peanuts peanut butter.

Jelly beans antibacterial wipes oh this is cool I've never seen this before this is a vitamin D3 tablet we have a spoon a very rigid good quality spoon fruit biscuits dark chocolate bar packet of tissues uh we have three packets of biscuits chewing gum cereal bar apricot jam looks like another chewing gum so two.

Pieces of gum looks like one is spearmint and one is peppermint oh this is cool toothpicks wrapped up and what is this hazel nut spread with chocolate flavor so this looks like a Nutella kind of packet oh my gosh already so many things to try and these are just the snacks Oh look The toothpicks actually are clear.

On one side I didn't notice that so you can see the actual stick in there okay great so we've got some dental hygiene as well so that was just the accessories pack snacks I don't see a ration heater so far but we still have a lot more to unbox next we have another little bag here and this looks like it has more snacks in it cashew nuts uh dried.

Cranberries this is a drink this is iced tea powder more snacks digestive biscuits this is the last kind of bundled package so here we have another drink instant cocoa powder look at that that's beefy two packets of soup we have beef soup and tomato ooh this is fun spicy sauce they don't call it hot sauce it's.

Called spicy sauce a couple tubes of instant coffee four tubes of sugar pepper salt another iced tea powder one coffee creamer another coffee so three coffees total and then we've got a selection of teas oh very nice we have lemon tea green tea and just a plain breakfast black tea very nice super comprehensive oh my gosh.

I don't even know where to put everything all right distributed all of that now let's get to the main dishes themselves okay okay so now for the remaining ration we have chicken masala with rice in a very compact bag everything is dry there we go whoa this one is not dry this is rice pudding with vanilla very squishy.

This one is fruit muesli with raspberries like an oatmeal there breakfast and this is mashed potatoes with beef dry packet as well oh my gosh oh my goodness look at all these look at this oh so this is away powder drink like a.

Protein drink I've never seen that before in a ration so this is an orange electrolyte drink another electrolyte drink an exotic flavor oh this one's gonna be good this is another isotonic drink in grapefruit flavor Apple flavor in this red one and the last one is this and this is the cinnamon bun all righty let me sort this all out and then we're.

Going to give everything a taste alrighty my lovelies I have to say right off the bat before I even tasted anything yet this is one of the most comprehensive MREs I've ever tasted so many things packed into this ration and this is I mean goodness so loosely this is going to be my breakfast so the first thing I'm going to taste is.

The Riff brand Voyager fruit muesli with raspberries right here so we'll open this up so this one has a very pink powdery look to it smells like raspberries but not artificial it smells like freeze-dried raspberries so the lime is right where my finger is and I'm just going to pour.

Hot water to that line get everything boiling or get everything wet I should say bloop I'm gonna give it a little bit of a stir to make sure I get stuff in the corner and then close that up and we're supposed to let this sit for five minutes and there is our meal okay let that sit oh I forgot to wash my.

Hands gotta do that my little antibacterial wipe oh very typical this thin paper and then let's make tea with lemon flavoring so just a tea bag here let that sit and then we will make a cup of coffee as well and this is instant coffee so this is coffee granules at the bottom there now this is nothing fancy I happen to love this type of.

Coffee because it reminds me of camping it's no frills it's hot but it does the job okay is there anything else we need to reconstitute with hot water for this one no okay so I think we're good for hot water and let's try the other things oh we should make our isotonic beverage this has ADD 250 milliliters of water and this does not have a water line so I.

Suppose you're supposed to just know what 250 maybe your canteen size is 250 milliliters so add that to here all right so now we're supposed to do is fold this over as instructed and shake it so it gives you instructions to mix.

All right let's see if this is an effective means of mixing the powder to the water oh no I still have some powder in the corners yeah see let's give that a taste cheers hey that's pretty good it's like orange Tang almost exactly that artificial orange flavor nice bit of acidity but.

What I really like is that it has that kind of Gatorade texture to it mm-hmm it doesn't burn your throat you know what I mean I like it got my electrolytes in next let's open up our cereal bar it says caramel flavor okay the cereal bar looks very much like a granola bar here we go I like that it's very reminiscent of the.

Soft kind of chewy granola bars you can find Stateside very strong caramel flavor a little bit like brown sugar but it's got some oatmeal grains in it but it also has some puffed rice cereal so there's a nice crunch to it even though it's pretty dense and caramelized a nice little crunch great little portable handy sweet snack.

Oh let's wash that down with some instant coffee that's good it's kind of like what I imagine hot Kahlua would be like without the alcohol it's like a coffee Essence that's hot and slightly burned I love it okay with that let's have a biscuit.

Wow I wasn't expecting it to be square for some reason let's see let's see whole grain oh so I don't think this is sweet let's give this a taste no um very dry and crumbly biscuit but it's not sweet at all in fact it's more like a cracker in its flavor.

Very coarse and crumbly but not really crisp definitely could go either Savory or sweet I could see myself dipping this in some kind of sauce or spreading some apricot jam on it let's try that okay let's squeeze some of that onto here oh yeah looks like apricot jam that I'm dripping into my tea okay here we go mm-hmm.

I don't have apricot John ever no it's delicious it's kind of got a peachy flavor to it sweet and it goes really nicely on this cracker or biscuit let's try it with our tea this is our black tea infused with lemon that's a good combination it's cracker apricot jam lemon tea yo warm hot beverage just lightly scented.

With lemon I don't usually put lemon in my tea but I like it wow so far this ration has been very impressive very well considered and everything is pretty tasty alrighty now let's taste our muesli that's been sitting here so after five minutes of sitting in there everything has reconstituted and I'm.

Going to use my spoon to show you what it looks like that looks like the right consistency of oatmeal you could certainly add more water if you wanted it Superior the corners are actually rounded so nothing has gotten stuck in terms of powder in the corners because there aren't any Corners so.

There are any Corners you just get cuts off right here so the food can't get trapped in there look at that see there you can see it it's sealed like a round Bowl all right let's give this a taste here we go it definitely has some substance to it and some texture some toothlessness there's nice dried pieces of Apple that.

Have reconstituted nicely it gives it a little bit of crunch big grains of oat mm-hmm it was a nice raspberry flavor in there that doesn't taste like artificial raspberry tastes like freeze-dried raspberry great and there's some dairy in there too a little bit of milk powder that makes everything taste richer creamier a little bit of sugar not too.

Sweet great breakfast winner alrighty let's have lunch alrighty next tray we have lunch and the first thing I'm going to do is make the entree which is the chicken masala with rice whoo right on top you can see some big chunks of chicken pinch and add the water.

Oh this one smells good give that a stir and seal that one up for six to eight minutes oh my gosh we have four drinks oh we have a soup too oh boy I'm gonna have to make some extra okay let's make our soup okay green tea just a tea bag and we'll add some hot water to that all right let that Steep and then here.

We have instant cocoa beverage powder big fat tube ooh this looks like a little bit darker chocolate than what we find here in the U.S this is sort of standard issue hot cocoa stir that up oh yes look that's nice and dark color it's more of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate I cannot resist cheers.

Foreign ER right here childhood in a cup but where are the marshmallows okay while the other stuff's cooking we can taste the snacks dried cranberries those look very familiar like Craisins you can find here Stateside dried cranberries cranberries themselves are.

Quite sour so I imagine these are going to contain some sugar mm-hmm equations delicious and these definitely have some sugar in them they have a texture kind of similar to raisins but not as sticky a little bit crystalline but I think that's due to the added sugar to them.

But sweet and tangy and full of cranberry flavor gray snack love it dry cranberries next we have roasted unsalted peanuts it's kind of difficult to see the packaging wow look at that very generous sized peanuts let's pour them out really big size peanuts roasted and.

Unsalted well I like them though I like peanut salted um peanuts are such a great snack these are beautifully roasted fresh they don't taste rancid they kind of remind me of blistered peanuts a little bit in terms of their texture they've got kind of a firm bite to them.

Impressive ration wow so we have another kind of cookie thing biscuits this is a fruit biscuit or biscuit fruit so this is similar to the wheat biscuits and how they look kind of dried looks very much whole grain and this looks has a little bit of fruit in it it's good that go.

Mmm oh yeah it says fruit but to me I taste more cinnamon love the crunch kind of reminds me of a graham cracker a little bit denser than a graham cracker same level of sweetness though and familiar kind of crunch a little bit different but delicious okay oh yeah peanut butter see that here we.

Go ah foreign again another childhood flavor peanut butter and something that's like a graham cracker but let's give this Lily by adding chocolate you know what I'm gonna do here right oh yes I'm eating my dessert before I'm eating my meal so this is not mold or.

Anything this is just blooming this is what happens when the chocolate gets too hot and then it re-solidifies and then crystallizes like that and we're gonna have that chocolate with a little bit of peanut butter yeah like that foreign what's there to say it's so delicious any chocolate peanut butter such a great combination let's have that with some.

Green tea not bad now what else do we taste I blame the custody the non-gusseted bag or maybe I just wasn't holding on to it well enough okay it's all good right it's all good adding our water we're gonna fold this forward and give it a shake there's not a lot of.

Room to shake I have to say oh this one's a yellow color all right cheers hey that's pretty good too like it like it I would drink that again let us taste the main dish which should be cooked by now the chicken masala with.

Rice that's what it looks like it looks great moistened nicely it doesn't look mushy there is a big chunk of chicken alrighty here we go pretty good the rice is tender and fluffy not mushy there's some vegetables in there I think some red pepper it's not very spicy it tastes more of.

Like a curry kind of gingery flavors it could use a little bit more salt I think the chicken kind of has an unusual texture it's a little bit dry and in the middle is a little bit firm maybe I could have cooked it longer but not bad here we go let's try that I'm just gonna put it all in.

Let's see if that improves things there you go very vinegary oh salty oh yeah that improves things tremendously lots of salt vinegar not that much heat but more flavor oh yeah all right let's try the rice pudding with vanilla next this is a monster serving whoa that I have to say does not look.

Appetizing at all yeah see here we go very very very very vanilla but the flavors are good dairied rich and dessert-like this is sweetened as well almost forgot to make the tomato soup has a little pasta in it sweet.

And look at that we have tomato soup I'm gonna give that a stir and then I also forgot to make this protein drink the Whey 100 okay it's a 250 milliliters it's almost like milk or something smells very vanilly like a vanilla shake it's a little bit thicker all right cheers.

Mmm no no in terms of flavor this one's not my favorite but this is way 100 and it's 74 protein so for an active Soldier protein is pretty important ah yes indeed no sugar added our soup has had some time to sit around and thicken up look at that thickens up beautifully let's give that a taste.

Foreign croutons and they're crunchy how do they stay crunchy when they've been soaked in water wow nice little hot snack tomato soup with crunchy croutons never in my life amazing oh let's plot that off with a piece of spitter mint gum I wonder if this is Xylitol gum.

Oh yes it is the xylitol is a type of sweetener that doesn't allow bacteria to bind to your teeth so this is great for dental hygiene as well the outside of the gum is crunchy and the inside softens up to a nice piece of gum already nice way to polish off lunch next dinner guys I'm already.

Okay I'm not stuffed but I'm getting there so for the main of the dinner meal we're going to have mashed potatoes with beef look at that and I'm gonna give this a stir to make sure everything gets some moisture to it there we go this too needs to sit for six to eight minutes.

In the meanwhile let us try some nuts cashews love these these are my mom's favorite mm-hmm delicious love cashews okay do you think these are gonna be like Jelly Belly Beans like the gourmet jelly beans.

No they're kind of not these are Dutch jelly beans they're like kind of like a hybrid between the Gourmet little small Jelly Belly beans that we can find here in the U.S and the big giant ones that we get at Easter time all right here we go in terms of texture exactly the same as the U.S a little bit jelly and sticky in.

The inside kind of crystalline and crumbly texture on the outside that was like a mysterious tropically fruit flavor is yellow gonna be lemon I hope it was um that tastes just like a Lemon Jelly Bean great we have two isotonic drinks we have apple and grapefruit oh I'm gonna make a cup of.

Tea as well to make an English breakfast tea I love black tea it's so good all right while these are doing their thing let us make our electrolyte drinks this is one that I'm most excited about this is grapefruit love grapefruit I'm gonna put it down like this so I don't drop it shake shake shake shake shake bloop oh.

This one's kind of got like a white color to it cheers oh yes this one tastes like squirt ever had that sort of Squirt that's what this tastes like squirt nice and tangy grapefruit flavor that's kind of artificial but just lovely I love it so much and same level of sweetness but.

It has a little bit bitterness to it just a tiny bit Apple another flavor that I do not associate at least here in the U.S with sport drinks yeah and I also like that there's not a lot of dies in these as well yep not in the alarming color all right cheers hey like that one too great viscosity of electrolyte drink a.

Little bit thick but not not like significantly thick just a little bit of substance like that a little bit more like cider not even like clear apple juice not like that I mean like cider they're good I like it this is beef bouillon so I think it's just going to be like a beef broth oh and I think there's little bits of.

Beef in there tiny little bits this is kind of worrisome to me though the size of these beef pieces see them floating there that little piece of beef right there can you see that they kind of look like mouse droppings if you want my opinion right all right let's go taste if very very salty you need to add some.

More water to that and those little pieces of beef I think need to hydrate a little bit longer because a little bit crunchy right now okay let's try our tea nothing surprising there just a nice cup of black tea let's try that with a biscuit so we've got a packet of digestive biscuits so here's a digestive biscuit and there are.

Five of them inside which is a lightly sweetened and again reminiscent of graham crackers a little drier and a little bit coarser texture but similar flavor and similar level of sweetness but what I think will make this a million times better is this a little bit of hazelnut chocolate spread I.E Nutella.

Oh yes the best snack here we go um so good Nutella is a bit sweet for me but on a digestive biscuit that doesn't have much sweetness to it sort of the perfect little delivery mechanism a little bit of crunch milky sweet.

Hazelnutty chocolateness hot tea great let's try this one this is a bridge furred cinnamon bun this does not look like a cinnamon bun I've said this before and once again I'll say it again if we cut it in half though we will see a cross section of the cinnamon inside in a U.S ration you could put this in your.

Flemish ration heater and get it warmed up it is a little bit better that way but in my experience these are pretty dense let's see if anything strange they are still pretty dense but bread like very strong cinnamony punch to them not really my favorite they're not really buttery or rich in that way they are just dense but it's the texture and.

Kind of just general appearance of them that don't look all that welcoming friendly delightful or appealing on that note let us try our main our mashed potatoes and beef wow these mashed potatoes are impressively mashed look at this now let's give this a taste.

Here we go at the hockey balls nah this one too is kind of light it's not too salty in fact I think it needs more salt the potatoes are very soft and creamy but for me they're missing a little richness some buttery that buttery flavor and the beef as opposed to the chicken has hydrated well there are no hard Parts the beef pieces.

Are much smaller I think it needs some gravy or something with it too in terms of meat portions I find some of the canned or tinned meat stews to be tastier the meats that I've really enjoyed in previous rations in terms of international rations are the rations that include the meats or stews in tins those ones tend to be very very meaty.

Super super hearty and delicious alrighty my lovelies my gut is officially busted I just tasted the Arctic Dutch 24-hour ration and it was huge comprehensive and pretty tasty I think this is probably one of the most comprehensive rations I've ever tasted in terms of sheer volume and variety of items that were included in this all.

Around pretty tasty they meals themselves the rehydrated meals were sort of in the middle for me in terms of deliciousness but in terms of design right up there design was just very very very thoroughly well designed in terms of packaging water line usage stand-up quality all that stuff I think was really really well engineered third and.

I really appreciate the variety that is included in here I think I would imagine being a soldier day to day eating these same rations every day with the maddening and being able to have some variety is really important and be able to mix and match how you wish having some autonomy I think is a really great thing all righty my lovelies thanks so.

Much for watching I hope you enjoy that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends check out the ration playlist to learn more about International and domestic rations like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye bye.

alrighty now it's time to take a little break