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HUGE BOUNTY TWIST REVEALED! How Buggy The Clown Became a Yonko – One Piece Chapter 1056


The departure from wado is finally underway at the 146 chapters luffy and the crew are loading up the sunny and are about to set sail onto the next phase of their adventure we've got some news on one of the yonko the aftermath of an admiral fight the three worst generation captains deciding their routes and a tease of what is to come in.

The next chapter let's get into it we open up a wano castle a short time after yokugu's attack rizo and shinobu have both been heavily injured and the other scabbards are worried about them we pan across our desiccated bodies as one of the scabbards amidst the unfortunate truth ryokiyu might have lost the fight but what he said was still true kaido.

Was a deterrent his presence really did keep other threats at bay kianman bursts in at that clearly upset he bows low to his companions apologizing for missing the battle apparently he was in kuri when this all went down it makes sense that he would head back to check on okabore town as soon as he could he rams his head to the floor deeply upset and.

Yet of course the entire room barely acknowledges the heartfelt apology it's a little heartwarming that none of his friends are holding this against old fox fire for even a moment neko mamushi the only one to speak weighs their leader's absence away he points out that there were minimal casualties thanks to momonosuke before asking about kianman's.

Wife suru kianman and mr okabore was burned down and suru suffered a nasty burn but she is alive and he is grateful for that we got to okabore where suru is talking to an old lady she had heard that kian man had come home but suru confirms before admitting that he had returned to the capitol the old lady asked if sooner plans to head back to.

The capitol herself to join him she confirms as much stating that she will always want to be by her husband's side we get a better look at her burn scar here and looks to mostly cover her eye the bandage makes her seem almost fine kian mom makes this clear drifting into a lovey-dovey manner as he talks about how gorgeous suru still is even after 20.

Years you know arashi snatched this over this hot puppy love but nekomamushi and kiku are happy to see their leader this way kiku called these feelings outright wonderful and on his bed the dried out figure of rhizo wishes that he was this popular with the opposite gender hearing this makes nekomamushi snap at him ordering the ninja to focus on his.

Recovery rather than pine for romance the next page comes with a bit of a time cut we see carrie's still stuffing her face with street vendor food she has been summoned away from the festival by neko mamushi and inurashi who've decided this is the right time to tell the carefree mink some big news namely that she is a.

New ruler of the mokomodutum carrie takes the idea in stride for a full five seconds declaring that being a ruler of an entire country is no big deal then she manages to actually process what those words mean as soon as she understands what the two old minks are asking of her tara immediately objects yelling that she couldn't possibly take.

Charge the former rulers are entirely unfazed by this you know harashi explains that the two have decided to stay in wano for now serving as retainers and bodyguards from uminosuke this is pretty logical especially after yukuku's attack truly the kingdom is going to need all the defenders it can get for a while nakamushi is happy to.

Talk up his faith in carrot saying that she has grown very dependable on her adventures with luffy and others as far as the two old rulers are concerned carrots absolutely got what it takes to lead the next generation that said carrot herself isn't buying it just yet she points out that there are other minks who are far stronger than she is.

He musketeers then chime in to confirm that yes they are stronger and that doesn't change its decision they will protect zou for carrot wanda says that she will be there for her too agreeing that the old dukes made the right decision and she gives a final reason for this decision the fact that carrot carries pedro's will forward more than.

Any other mink and there is definitely truth to this pedro died with the belief that luffy and his friends would usher in a new world carrot was the one mink who heard those words and witnessed his sacrifice firsthand she would be the best choice to try and help make that new world a reality and listen while some carrot fans have been hoping for.

Her to become a straw hat this is a strong end for her travels with luffy and the gang she leaves the straw hat side to take up a position of responsibility and importance this is a big responsibility and certainly reminds me of bibi's dedication to the people of arabasta and quite honestly i'm probably more excited for what carrick can do for.

Her people as opposed to being a straw hat but maybe that's just me either way they could have both been cool but i like this outcome nakamushi is left with the final words for the scene proudly proclaiming that they are leaving zou to the youth from there we move to a kozuki clan reunion tsukiyaki despite his prior sentiments has revealed himself to.

Monosukey hiyori and the red scabbards off panel momo and hiyori are naturally overjoyed to learn that their grandfather is still alive sukiyaki apologizes for having kept this from them for so long but neither one of the siblings cares about that both are just so overjoyed to find out they still have living family noticing the lack of.

Surprise from the retainers sukiyaki guesses that the red scabbards had induced his identity in advance none of them deny it kawamatu points out that he's wearing a tangle mask away from a festival was more than a little suspicious so they knew he was no ordinary swordsman it can't have been hard for the scabbers to guess his deal.

Kiku agrees with the smile admitting that the group just felt it wasn't their place to expose the old lord sukayaki apologizes for having put these scammers in such a position but kiaman doesn't hear it the samurai secretly in shock at the revelation once again even though the other members of the red scabbards had worked it out he had no idea of his.

Tattoo's real identity at this point kinman's poker face must be stronger than his sword arm thus far no one has managed to work out how oblivious he can be tsukiyaki meanwhile continues to explain his plans he's going to offer some advice to the clan while when manosuke is getting his bearings as shogun having someone experienced with a.

Position on hand to help will be great for wano once that's done though the old lord wants to live anonymously among the people he and man agrees enthusiastically with that idea happy that odin's father is still alive and totally not surprised or anything from there we turn to the straw hats we're discussing robin's discoveries from the.

Last chapter frankie is taken up back at the presence of pluton nearby robin confirms that it is indeed beneath wano which is enough to hush frankie the cyborg a little dumbfounded by the reality of it he has seen pluton's blueprints he knows what it is capable of doing and how destructive it could be the first time he looked him over he.

Wasn't even sure the ship could be built it must be strange to know that something so powerful is so close to them maybe even a little awe-inspiring luffy remembers frankie burning the blueprints of pluton frankie confirms that he did before asking luffy if he wants to claim the original of course luffy turns the idea down which is no.

Surprise to robin and man luffy is a different breed imagine being a pirate and just saying nah i don't want an ancient weapon that could level the world oh my goodness like do you know the wars that would be waged over this information alone like i'm sure immediately the world government would drop everything and.

Just send everyone to go claim pluton which is funny when you think about it because we had cp zero agents like rob lucci reappear during this wanna arc who were previously in pursuit of pluton or at least the blueprints of it the real deal is right there and nobody knows but anyways our favorite archaeologist meanwhile is still a bit confused as to.

Why odin would want to unleash pluton onto the world it feels a bit like the cast has forgotten that pluton was supposed to be a warship rather than a bomb or something setting it free shouldn't be inherently dangerous unless there's missing key information about how it works a reclaimed pluton might even help momentosuke's efforts to.

Protect wano that said it could also draw in new threats trying to take it for themselves even knowing pluton is a warship odin's plan remains unclear not caring about any of that however is shinobu who joins these straw hats with a crack about mature ladies being alluring ancient weapons and here we get into one of the more bizarre twists in.

This chapter somehow haramaki's attack is her sword genova's youth i guess her weight and stature were just mostly liquid and hey maybe rhizo got a globe too he might just get that popularity with the ladies he was craving for earlier shinobu is accompanied by tama who's become her apprentice tama is of course over the moon about this the.

Young girl is already practicing her ninjutsu and hoping to join the straw hats next time they meet and luffy seems agreeable if by that time her ninjutsu has gotten stronger as like always he's happy to encourage people to chase their dreams tama cheers at that and the whole crew are happy and relaxed so who should show up to ruin the mood but kairobu the.

Swamp swamp man has been spying on the crew in mud form all too happy to learn that the ancient weapon pluton is in wano he grins while thinking of a certain someone who would love to hear this news who he might report this to is unclear like we just touched upon the world government was seeking pluton back during the water 7 arc sending cp9 after.

The blueprints but the blackbeard pirates are also likely to show an interest given its presence in the new world neither option is great for wanna or the straw hats and swamp boy is loyal to whoever pays his bills both are all too plausible after that ominous note we jump ahead to a few days later the flower capital is merry and peaceful.

Everyone is still in good spirits from the celebration momonosuke's retainers are working out plans for sort of the ruined villages even having funds allocated and ready to be spent the young shogun however seems lost in thought not really paying any attention to his advisor he turns around walking through the palace before coming to the.

Straw hat's room with a wide grin he walks in asking zoro if he can teach him some new sword moves it's a great idea for momo learn from the straw hat so he can become a stronger fighter and be better able to protect wano only he's too late these straw hats have already left the castle shocked momodosuke starts to run around the entire state.

Calling out for his pirate friends one by one none of them are present even yamato is gone and don't think we don't see that you went to the hot springs momonosuke yeah i think you had too much fun last time finally minowski finds hiyori and toko playing the shamans in together asking them what's happened to luffy and the gang he already confirms.

That the straw hats had left much earlier everyone apparently said farewell to them that morning toko mentions the castle feels lonely without them momo is shocked no one seemingly told him that these straw hats were leaving he and mine enters the room then looking for momonosuke the young shogun tries to explain the situation but the.

Samurai preempts him he is seemingly in the same boat the other red scabbers were told about these triads leaving but he was left out luffy's crew a boy telling the two of them specifically that they were leaving which is a move from the straw hats that again reminds me about herbasta they did the same thing to bibi goodbyes can be really.

Hard and those two were definitely with the crew for a very long time before the pair can work out why they were excluded we cut over to tokage porch where the now dissolved pirate alliance are debating how to leave law suggests luffy simply pick a different day to head out since they are now all rivals again luffy turns this down flat insisting.

That they decided to leave today kids suggest that at least they should each pick a different course if they are all leaving at the same time and that makes total sense no risk of running into one another and you give everyone some breathing room rather than just being at each other's throats right away kid holds out the pose it shows three routes.

East south east and northeast he asked his fellow captains to each pick one law goes with northeast while kid and luffy both opt for the middle one snickering at his rivals law points out that the northeast route is the most direct course down the grand line kid and luffy draw a lot over who gets to use the east route with kid victorious thanks to this.

Drawing luffy's next voyage will not take him further down the grand line the southeast course will technically take him in the direction of the comm belt instead with the road opponent glyphs that is a bit less of a concern than before but it is still easy to feel luffy's frustration the straw hat crew are now literally moving sideways and.

Hey man the easiest route is not always the best route or the most fruitful so you never know what might happen luffy angrily declares that as an emperor he should be the best at drawing lots this questionable logic is enough to annoy a kid who complains about the arrogance of the yonko that said the one that annoys him most is apparently not luffy instead.

He shares a flyer with the other two captains introducing us the strangest one-piece reveal we have seen in a while they cross guild and a lies between buggy the bombastic clown sir crocodile and dracula mihawk and apparently they have put out flyers to celebrate luffy is pretty surprised to see this zorro is openly skeptical about hawkeye's.

Involvement pointing out that it doesn't fit with what he's seen of him mihawk has never been motivated by normal pirate concerns law remarks that if he's capable of commanding such powerful figures buggy is clearly a worthy new emperor luffy surprisingly grounded stands by the fact that buggy is just a [__] he's got no idea what the heck.

Could have happened to bring this group together kid offers something of an explanation however apparently the cross guild has begun issuing bounties on marines turning the tables on the navy makes it clear why buggy is now considered a major power though it's anyone's guess how the cross guild was able to fund that and man you gotta love.

That boy buggy he really flipped the script on these marine dogs and is hunting them like wild animals crazy because i mean if you just flip that to real life you can see easily how badass of a move that is that is crazy dangerous there is a lot to look forward to seeing in one piece right now but i need that cutaway to buggy and the crew.

I need to see this new gang this cross guild in action but bringing the crew back to their preparations kid checks that they are all ready to go he is not down for any more complaints from luffy before the three crews go their separate ways however law throws some paper on the ground next to killer when asked he confirms that it is a copy of kaido's.

Road poneglyph claiming it wouldn't be sporting to hold it back from the kid pirates killer studies it confirming the copy is just like the one they took from a big mom commander and man someone really should have told brooke that a random big mom commander was holding a copy of the ponoglyph that would have saved him some serious trouble anyway.

That [__] kid pirates at two out of four rogue ponoglyphs they may in fact be even with law at this point it's unclear if he got the information on the whole capone a glitch from luffy's crew that would leave him with zou and wano placing both the kid and her pirates behind these straw hats either way killer is happy with how well they're.

Doing though that may be the smile through talking he notes that if they want to stay ahead in the hunt for the one piece they should start getting serious about that guy kids seem surprised that killer wants to go after this person identifying him as the man marked by flames and claiming they've got no leads on how to find him this is.

A very strange description could this man be someone with a burn scar or might kid be referring to something more metaphorical about them it's hard to think of someone more clearly marked by flames than saba or luffy who still bears a prominent scar in his chest luffy however has no idea what kid is talking about this topic gets a.

Surprisingly dark look from law which robin seems to notice kid meanwhile is overjoyed that he is ahead of luffy on something else proceeds to rub the other captain's ignorance in his face in no time he is laughing at the top of his lungs about it and so yeah there is no chance these straw hats getting a straight answer out of either of these.

Two or oda for that matter this man just continues to add question marks on everything we get an answer and we get 10 more questions but yeah while kid is still chuckling away we head back to the flower capital where kiaman and momentosuke are continuing to search the palace having given up on the straw hats this time they started calling out to.

Yamato surprisingly kaido's son responds confirming that they are still here simply out on the roof the viewpoint pulls out to see yamato standing proud on the highest roof of the palace right above the flower capital yamato declares loudly that they are about to head off to join luffy and the gang and it is finally time for them.

To live like odin did our favorite bruiser will have some serious ground to cover if they want to reach the sunny before it leaves after all the flower capital is an entire province away from tokake port but hey if anyone can do it it would be yamato right now we are gearing up for a dramatic departure from wano with three ships leaving at the.

Same time as well as yamato making a desperate run to finally ask to join these straw hats will yamato make it in time will ki and man and momo get their own chance to say goodbye feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below as always i'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

Love you